General’s Gown Chapter 40

Chapter 40 The Desert Kiss Part 5

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Helian Rongchuan’s hands were neither light nor heavy, when he stroked the shallow depression of Yan Changqing’s back through his clothes. It was rather ambiguous. His palm clearly felt that the line of Yan Changqing’s back waist was extremely smooth and beautiful. It had the lean strength that can only be obtained through long-term exercise, and the narrowness and flexibility of a young boy who had not yet fully matured. 

Helian Rongchuan even discovered that Yan Changqing had two shallow dimples in his back. He once heard Dongyun’s most romantic dude with a look of envy saying that there are thousands of beautiful bodies in the world, but those with shallow dimples were hard to find. Anyone who had a shallow dimple in the back was a great beauty who is hard to find.

Helian Rongchuan had always sneered at the countless romantic affairs of other people, but now suddenly he felt that what the player said was true. The corner of his mouth couldn’t help but have a fascinating smile. 

Seeing Helian Rongchuan’s face with a smirk, Yan Changqing couldn’t bear it again, not knowing what he was thinking. The coffin was narrow, and with his arms folded, he finally pulled Helian Rongchuan’s dishonest hand off his body. 

“What the h*ll do you mean?” Yan Changqing frowned. 

“It doesn’t mean anything.” Helian Rongchuan bent his two fingers and “toughly” knocked on the half-opened cover of the heavy coffin: “It’s red and gold gilded, isn’t it festive? A gift for you.” 

Yan Changqing:… 

Gift? Who would give a coffin as a gift? And such a weird and festive color scheme?! 

Yan Changqing couldn’t figure out what Helian Rongchuan’s mysterious gift meant, and he couldn’t stand the strange atmosphere of being face-to-face. Their breaths overlapped in the coffin, so he immediately got up and went out. 

Helian Rongchuan grabbed him. “Don’t rush, you have to take a closer look before talking.” 

He pointed to the side of the coffin behind Yan Changqing. Yan Changqing turned over, and by the candlelight in the camp, he discovered that a very fine pattern was carved on the side wall of the coffin. 

It was a picture. Each one was as big as two palms. 

The top one was engraved with a black army on the hillside under a full moon. The flags were flying. There was a man in armor and a mask who was riding on a horse and shooting a bow and arrow. Following the direction of the arrow shot, Yan Changqing saw a person standing alone under the hillside, looking at the person on the mountain with a smile on his face. 

This is… the scene when they first met.

Yan Changqing felt that his heart was beating fast. He tilted his head slightly and continued to look back curiously. 

The second picture was a narrow stone staircase. A man with messy clothes and blindfolded eyes was a little confused and at a loss. The other person was holding him cautiously from behind, fingers interlocked. His expression seemed very guilty and sad. 

Yan Changqing frowned. This was not a very pleasant experience. But after all, it was the past and he was a man, he would not bother bickering about it. But why does the expression of Helian Rongchuan seem to be so painful? 

As he was thinking, Helian Rongchuan gently took his waist from behind, and said softly, “In fact, I always wanted to tell you that I owe you an apology for what happened.” 

Yan Changqing understood what Helian Rongchuan was referring to. He pulled Helian Rongchuan’s hand uncomfortably, and said calmly, “It’s all over.” 

Looking back, there was an extremely lush big elm tree with a canopy that seemed to cover the sky. The big umbrella covering the sun shaded a dozen cheerful and frolicking children under the tree, either bending over to pick up elm money, or looking up. He saw a person holding another person, falling from the elm tree, his clothes fluttering, like an immortal. 

Yan Changqing’s fingers lightly traced the outline of the big elm tree, shaking uncontrollably. For an instant, he seemed to have returned to the scene where the blood was dripping from the ground on the day when Qixia Village was slaughtered. 

In fact, Yan Changqing would have long or short nightmares almost every night. In his dreams, he returned to Qixia Village, again and again, watching the innocent villagers being slaughtered again and again. Seeing Helian Rongchuan falling from the cliff with a sad expression, he could only stand still and be at a loss.

That’s why he fought more desperately with the enemy on the battlefield, and came to the plague-ridden city of Qinchuan without any second thoughts. He wanted to use his own power to save people and redeem his sins. 

“Actually, when I think about Qixia Village, I also owe you, and all the people in the village an apology.” Yan Changqing slowly said, “They, they are all because of me…” 

Yan Changqing couldn’t continue. 

“It’s already the past, isn’t it?” Helian Rongchuan said softly, “This is not your fault. If we need to blame someone, you can blame me or the dog emperor. I think if the villagers in the heavens have their spirit, they will not blame you.” 

Helian Rongchuan stretched out his hand and stroked Yan Changqing’s handsome profile, as if comforting a child, and patted softly. 

“I know you have done your best.” 

Yan Changqing turned over and looked quietly at Helian Rongchuan’s face. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say anything when the words came to his lips, and his heart was mixed. 

“Let’s make atonement in Qinchuan together. Okay?” 

There seemed to be faint light trembling in the black mercury-like eyes. In an instant, Yan Changqing suddenly understood why Helian Rongchuan gave himself such a coffin. 

He raised his head slightly and looked at the heavy coffin lid. However, the light at this angle was too dim. He couldn’t see clearly and was about to worry, but Helian Rongchuan seemed to see through Yan Changqing’s thoughts. He grabbed his hand, clasped his fingers involuntarily, and fumbled with the coffin lid. 

Sure enough, there were words on the coffin lid. 

Yan Changqing’s fingers traced the indentation of the engraving and identified it. 

Not seeking to be born the same day.

The vertical line on the left. 

Yan Changqing was taken aback for a moment, as if a stream of warm spring water poured into his heart, swaying slowly. He suddenly didn’t dare to touch what was engraved on the other line. However, Helian Rongchuan stubbornly clasped his hand and continued to explore the vertical line on the right.

But begging.

When Yan Changqing touched this, his fingers trembled. 

Every time Helian Rongchuan simply touched out a word, he whispered it in his ear. 








Helian Rongchuan’s voice was low and soft, with seven or eight points of magnetism, and pressed against Yan Changqing’s ears, it made his cold, desireless heart to feel inexplicably flustered. 

It turned out that Helian Rongchuan had already known about the plague in Qinchuan, and he still traveled thousands of miles to accompany him to live and die together, and atone for hundreds of lives in Qixia Village. 

That’s why he prepared such a two-person coffin, thinking, if he accidentally fell, he would want to embrace and sleep together? 

Helian Rongchuan looked at Yan Changqing’s blushing face and whispered, “Now you know, why I made this coffin into a festive style with red lacquer and gold?” As he said this, he moved closer. He could almost hear Yan Changqing’s hurried, flustered heartbeat. 

“For me, if I can be buried with you when I die, it is no longer a funeral, but a joyous event, a happy event.” 

Yan Changqing opened his eyes wide, a little surprised by Helian Rongchuan’s hot words. Embarrassed, he watched Helian Rongchuan approach, wanting to lower his head to kiss him. 

He has been confessed repeatedly by Helian Rongchuan tonight, and he had been a little blinded, so for a while, he did not know how to refuse. 

This coffin was too small. He shouldn’t have come in! 

With the warm breath at hand, Helian Rongchuan pressed Yan Changqing’s chin, and was about to turn his head to kiss him and taste the sweetness when he heard Yan Changqing’s soft “Huh?” 

At the moment Helian Rongchuan turned his head, Yan Changqing suddenly discovered that there seemed to be a painting carved on the side wall of the coffin behind Helian Rongchuan.

With the mind of dodging if he was able to, Yan Changqing immediately pretended to be very curious, and logically pulled Helian Rongchuan’s shoulders and looked behind him. 

Helian Rongchuan cried out “not good”, regretfully wishing to chop off his own hand immediately. He hurriedly leaned back to block Yan Changqing’s sight. “What are you looking at? Don’t look at it!” 

In his dark brown eyes, it was an unexpectedly rare show of panic. 

But the more he panicked, the more Yan Changqing felt something was wrong. Immediately, he said, “Get out of the way.” 


Yan Changqing frowned even more tightly. There must be something there! 

“Get out of the way.” Yan Changqing’s tone was threatening. 

Helian Rongchuan knew he couldn’t hide it any longer, and had his eyes closed. “You need to swear to not chop me with your sword after seeing it!” 

Yan Changqing frowned. “I swear.” 

Helian Rongchuan, finally revealed the painting behind him. The light was dim, and Yan Changqing leaned closer before finally seeing clearly—this was actually an erotic picture! 

On the vast grassland full of wildflowers, there were countless brilliant petals flying in the wind. In the sea of ​​flowers, there were two naked and tangled little people, doing indescribable things. Although the depiction of their faces and expressions was not clear, with the horses engraved on the edge of the picture, and the clothes scattered on one side, it was not difficult to see who those two small people were. It was a painting of him and Helian Rongchuan! 

What’s even more annoying was that there was a small line next to this painting, which was engraved “My Dream”. 

Signed by Helian Rongchuan.

Yan Changqing was so angry that he almost spewed a mouthful of blood, and his handsome face instantly turned red. He gritted his teeth. “You!” 

Where’s his sword?

When Helian Rongchuan saw that Yan Changqing wanted to draw his sword to cut him, he quickly explained. “Hey, look, this is just my dream, can’t I think about it? Look, you and I have no practical experience. So I didn’t even paint the details of your face. It can’t be considered true.” 

It didn’t matter if he didn’t say it, but now that he did, Yan Changqing was even more angry. He wanted to come out of the coffin immediately so to draw his sword and chop him. 

However, as soon as he stood up from the coffin, he saw a crooked figure outside the camp, raising a tent curtain and cautiously stepping in. 

Little imperial physician Wei Jin arrived at the camp and was caught off guard. He stared at Yan Changqing who had just gotten up from the coffin. 

The air was silent for a moment. 

Wei Jin’s face turned pale, and he suddenly screamed, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” 

Before Yan Changqing spoke, the camp’s flag was lifted up, and Lieutenant General Xiang Yu was holding a stack of yellow paper. He rushed in a panic, “Fake corpse? Where? There really is a ghost in this coffin?!” 

Before he could say anything, Xiang Yu glanced at Yan Changqing in the coffin and his eyes widened in surprise. “You…what are you…” 

Helian Rongchuan looked unsure, so he was about to climb out of the coffin to see what was going on, but he was suddenly slapped down by Yan Changqing’s, and he was not allowed to come out. 

The strength of Yan Changqing’s palm was strong and Helian Rongchuan was caught off guard. His head hit the corner of the coffin with a “boom”, and he blurted out with pain: 


The little doctor took a deep breath, and his voice trembled: 

“There…Is there still another…one?”

He stepped back and groped for the small medicine chest that never left him with one hand. 

Helian Rongchuan had tears in his eyes with pain, rubbing the back of his head dazedly and poking his head out of the coffin. 

Yan Changqing: … 

Helian Rongchuan :??? 

The little doctor was stunned and watched his prince and a great beauty who he had never been seen with their clothes disheveled crawl out of the coffin. Their brains were unable to function, and suddenly they went blank. Shaking, he placed the black donkey hoof in the small medicine box into Xiang Yu’s wide open mouth. 

Xiang Yu watched his general flush red, and Helian Rongchuan crawled out of the coffin disheveled. He was also astonished as a wooden chicken. His hands shook, and the piles of yellow ghost talismans scattered out. Then, it just happened to land on Yan Changqing’s face and all over his body. 


Back dimple refers to the two recessed fossa between the back of the waist, which are the upper part of the hip sacral vertebrae and the two sides of the joint of the lumbar vertebrae. It is one of the symbols of an ideal mannequin. The back dimple also has a name called “Venus’s Dimple”, which is regarded as the sexy eye of the human body. 


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