General’s Gown Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Snow Wolves Without Tears Part 6

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Wei Jin had a terrible expression, thinking: your general being strong, is this the first day you found out about this? After thinking about it carefully, it didn’t seem right. He seemed to feel that the “strength” referred to by Xiang Yu seemed to have a different meaning. 

Tsk tsk tsk, it seems that something really intense is happening inside the tent. 

Xiang Yu couldn’t help but look at Helian Rongchuan with admiration. Unexpectedly, his Second Royal Highness didn’t seem to be serious usually, but when he made a move, he actually was able to tame the famous silver-masked King of H*ll. He really admired him! 

But looking at Xiang Yu’s indifferent face again, Wei Jin couldn’t help but feel bewildered. Why did he see his high-ranking general being crushed and still be so calm? This is not the response of an honest person at all. 

Wei Jin suddenly felt that the judgment he made just now might be wrong. 

Maybe, his Second Royal Highness was the one who was suppressed and pushed down? After all, in terms of force alone, Helian Rongchuan couldn’t beat Yan Changqing, and it was not impossible that he could reversely take liberties with him. Some men, the more upright on the surface, the more abstinent and cold, the more of a hungry beast they would be on the inside. 

Well, it must be so! 

When Wei Jin thought that the lawless Helian Rongchuan finally had a day of being restrained by others, his heart was suddenly refreshed. The more he thought about it, the happier he was, and the more he thought about it, the more relieved he was and he could not help but laugh out loud.

Xiang Yu looked at Wei Jin with a smirk and scratched the touch hair on the back of his head. 

In the tent, Helian Rongchuan was kicked by the enraged Yan Changqing and fell on his buttocks. Dissatisfied, he said, “Ai Ai, you obviously said yes, how can you suddenly become hostile?” 

While miserable saying a few “Ouch” sounds, he deliberately called out for Yan Changqing to hear. 

Yan Changqing had already put on his coat and short boots neatly. Seeing Helian Rongchuan scream, his heart was very relieved, and he gave a cold snort and said, “You deserve it!” 

He gave Helian Rongchuan a hard look, then turned his head and left. 

However, when he walked to the door, he suddenly turned around fiercely, and put the white porcelain small medicine bottle that had just been used up on the case table with a bang. 

Helian Rongchuan smiled triumphantly at the corner of his mouth. “Changqing, you still care for me.” 

Yan Changqing said viciously, “I hope it pains you to death!” 

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately realized that his words seemed to be ambiguous. He raised his eyes and saw Helian Rongchuan smirk. 

“Come, come, come and hurt me!” Helian Rongchuan opened his arms and laid flat on the couch bed with a grin. He patted the space next to him a few times. “Come, quick!” 

Yan Changqing was speechless. 

This person’s skin was too thick to be saved! 

Once the curtain was lifted, without looking back, he left angrily.

In the open space outside the camp, the great witch doctor was being tied up with a five-stranded hemp rope. Xiang Yu scratched the back of his head in annoyance. Not knowing what to do, he saw Yan Changqing walking over and his eyes lit up and said, “General, you have to think of a way! I have been asking for a long time, but this person is not willing to explain where those virgin boys were going!” 

Yan Changqing coldly glanced at the witch doctor, and said, “Won’t speak?” 

The witch doctor was not afraid. Staring at Yan Changqing’s face, under the mask, the eyes flashed with bright green light, like a sinister skinny wolf. “Unexpectedly, the Chunyi Shengzi actually turns out to be such a great beauty.” 

Xiang Yu glanced sideways. Knowing that Yan Changqing was halfway close to exploding, he stepped back silently, in case the pond fish would get harmed. 

Yan Changqing looked at the great witch doctor silently. 

“It’s weird,” the great witch doctor laughed. “Are there blind eunuchs all over the court? With such great beauty, how can they not enjoy it, but still be willing to–ah!” 

The great witch doctor screamed and was punched. He staggered a few steps and lost his balance, and fell to his knees with a plop. The wolf mask on his face was also knocked to the ground. 

Yan Changqing retracted his fist blankly and said, “It is not up to you to mind whether the court is blind or not. Right now, what you need to worry about is whether you are blind or not.” 

The great witch doctor slowly raised his head, revealing a bloodless, skinny face. 

From the neck, the bridge of the nose to the forehead, there were large and small scars, which seemed to have been left by some sharp blade. And because his complexion was extremely pale, it made those brown old scars even more terrifying. His whole face seemed to be pieced together by some fragments of skin. 

Both Yan Changqing and Xiang Yu were taken aback. 

With blood on the corners of his mouth, the great witch doctor smiled and revealed a miserable smile: “It’s just a few virgins, what if I don’t want to speak? What about it? Anyways, it’s not like you can’t hurt me!” 

As soon as the voice fell, Wei Jin suddenly ran over from a distance: “Oh no! It’s not good! Many victims came to the relief shed, and they all knelt down on the ground crying and begging for the great witch doctor!” 

The great witch doctor looked at Yan Changqing quite triumphantly, and his meaning couldn’t be more clear: What? No matter how powerful you are, do you dare to go against the will of the people? 

Yan Changqing frowned, and had to tell Xiang Yu to interrogate the great witch doctor strictly, then he went to the relief shed. 

The chaos here had become a pot of porridge. The last few days had been difficult to maintain order, but it was now all in chaos. Hundreds of people unkempt had tears and were kneeling down, crying for the release of the great witch doctor and begging the great witch doctor to continue to distribute holy medicine. 

Among the victims in ragged clothes, there were even wealthy businessmen, who were quite conspicuous in the crowd because of their gorgeous clothes. However, the expressions of these wealthy businessmen were even crazier than those of the victims. They tore their clothes one by one, their hair was messy, and their eyes were red, all without the grace and wealth that Yan Changqing had seen before in the ghost market. 

Especially the few who rushed to the front, they were all wealthy businessmen. All of them gritted their teeth and looked crazy; crazy dogs that could bite people at any time! 

“Release the person! Give the medicine! Release the person! Give the medicine!” 

The angry slogan was shouted out loudly. 

Yan Changqing’s gaze swept across the maddening crowd, and slowly fell to the relief medicine shed that was charged at by the crazy victims. The medicine shed had been completely destroyed. The white coarse cloth roof collapsed to the ground and was covered with black footprints. Broken medicine pot fragments were scattered everywhere.

Yan Changqing’s brows frowned tighter, feeling a little strange. 

He knew that although Wei Jin’s medicine could not completely cure the plague for the time being, it could alleviate the condition of the victims and save their lives. But why is it that few victims come to receive this free life-saving medicine? Why would they choose to go bankrupt and chase the so-called “holy medicine”? 

The great witch doctor was only captured for one night, that is to say, even if these victims had no reserves, at most they would not take the so-called “holy medicine” for one night. Why are they being like this? It seemed that they would go crazy without the holy medicine of the great witch doctor? 

Yan Changqing looked at Wei Jin: “Have you seen the holy medicine before?” 

Wei Jin shook his head, aggrieved: “Those holy medicines, the victims all stare at them as if they were treasures, and they won’t let me touch them. I just took advantage of them being off guard to sneak up to the medicine jar that was about to boil and sniffed it. Who knew that when I smelled a few common medicinal materials, I was discovered by those fierce victims. They were determined to call me a medicine thief and wanted to release a dog on me!” 

Yan Changqing said, “I want to ask you, is there a medicine in the world that once you take it, you will be unable to stop taking it, and become crazy?” 

Wei Jin blurted out, “Of course there—” He blinked.  He immediately understood what Yan Changqing meant: “The general means…” 

“Yes.” Yan Changqing looked at the mad victims, his clear black eyes full of solemn worry: 

“There must be a problem with the holy medicine. If I didn’t guess wrong, there are addictive ingredients in this holy medicine. If you don’t eat it for a day, you will die.”

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