General’s Gown Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Snow Wolves Without Tears Part 7

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With Yan Changqing’s instructions, Wei Jin returned to his tent with a heavy heart.

Wei Jin realized that what Yan Changqing said was indeed very possible. If there was really a problem with the holy medicine, it would be troublesome. 

But how can they analyze the specific ingredients of this holy medicine? Steal the medicine dregs? A cold shiver ran down Wei Jin’s spine, he didn’t want to be bitten by those dogs anymore. 

Seeing Yan Changqing’s worries, Wei Jin felt very uncomfortable. In fact, when he came to Qinchuan, he was completely forced by Helian Rongchuan. But after staying here for a few days, seeing the tragic situation of the people in Qinchuan, them being tortured by natural disasters and the plague, the little doctor also couldn’t bear it. 

A doctor is benevolent.

Although Wei Jin learned from the cold-hearted genius doctor Yun Bugui from his childhood, since he sneaked down the mountain at the age of fifteen, he had encountered a lot of troubles and misery in the world and he always wanted to do his part. 

But did he try his best? 

He didn’t want to trouble Yan Changqing and Helian Rongchuan because of his timidity. 

The more Wei Jin thought about it, the more of a headache he got. He rolled around on the couch bed, the brocade quilt all piled up on his upper body. His head was covered and he started to worry. This was his habitual movement when he encountered difficulties. 

He didn’t know how long it took for the curtain to be lifted and someone to come in. 

When it was time for lunch, Wei Jin didn’t raise his head, and said in a dull voice, “I don’t want to eat now, so take it out first –” 

Before he finished speaking, a familiar voice suddenly sounded above his head. “But today is your favorite pumpkin milk bread, don’t you…?” 

Wei Jin’s eyes lit up in the dark.

Hey, how did he forget this person! 

Wei Jin suddenly opened the quilt with a “swish” and jumped up. He moved too fast, and Xiang Yu was caught off guard and happened to be caught by Wei Jin’s head to his chin. “Ouch” With a crash, a plate of steamed buns in his hands fell on the ground, rolling around. 

Xiang Yu rubbed his chin, tears of pain in his eyes. He looked at Wei Jin’s excited face, puzzled. 

“General Xiang! Do you run fast?” Wei Jin asked. 

Xiang Yu had a confused face. “Of course, I’m fast. When I trained in the army, I often got first place.” 

“Faster than a wolf dog?” 

Xiang Yu felt even more confuse.: “Our black armoured troops always compete with leopards to run.” 

A big smile bloomed on Wei Jin’s face. “Then General Xiang, are you afraid of dogs?” 

Xiang Yu: “???”


Nine hundred and eighteen. 

Nine hundred sixty seven. 

One thousand and twelve. 

One thousand one hundred and thirteen. 


Under the flickering candlelight, Chang Yanqing quietly listened to the newly appointed county government chief report the number of people infected with the plague in the past ten days. The more he listened, the closer his handsome eyebrows became. 

Ten days have passed since he entered Qinchuan City. Since he entered Qinchuan City, why has the number of infected people in Qinchuan City increased instead of decreased?

He had obviously taken all necessary isolation measures, burned the corpses, remedied medicine and porridge, and investigated and dealt with the witch doctor. 

Where is the problem? 

“My lord?” 

The name of the newly appointed chief was He Li, a talented person who had failed many attempts at the imperial exam. Now, at thirty, apart from the few examiners he met during the imperial examination, it was the first time he saw such a high official. 

Therefore, even though he felt that Yan Changqing was too young and had a faint distrust in his heart, he was still cautious and respectful in appearance. 

“My lord, the report is over.” Seeing Yan Changqing’s silence, He Li spoke cautiously. 

Yan Changqing recovered from his thoughts and nodded slightly. 

He Li backed up holding the account book. When he turned to close the door, he saw Yan Changqing’s head down and standing silently behind the window from the corner of his eyes. 

Inexplicably, He Li suddenly felt that the figure looked a little hesitant and tired from his back. 

In He Li’s opinion, General Yan was still too young. He was a young man who had just turned 20. At his age, taking on such a responsibility, isn’t it too much? 

He Li suddenly couldn’t help but say, “My lord, you don’t have to blame yourself.” 

He was stunned as soon as he said the words. Studying hard for so many years, he finally got a small official position in this special period and he knew the importance of being careful in words and deeds, so what happened just now? 

Yan Changqing was taken aback. He turned his head slowly, and said, “You have also heard of it, haven’t you?” 

He Li felt inexplicably ill at ease when stared at by such a pair of clear black eyes. It wasn’t right to nod or not nod and his heart became more anxious. 

He knew in his heart that the people had high hopes for Yan Changqing at first, and they all thought that their savior was coming. But they didn’t expect that when their savior came, not only did he not get rid of the plague, but instead made the people in the city die faster. The only way for them to save their lives, the holy medicine, was also cut off after the great witch doctor was caught. 

The people of Qinchuan changed their complexions, filled with righteous indignation, and gnashed their teeth. If it were not for the medicine being cut off causing these people to not last for half a day with their weakened limbs, without the fighting spirit and strength to even raise a pole, this Qinchuan government office would have been long overturned by them. 

But on the surface, these people couldn’t fight, but the verbal abuse, full of dissatisfaction and malice, against Yan Changqing in private was spread everywhere. He Li frowned. 

Many people in Qinchuan believed that Yan Changqing was on the battlefield too long, and had too heavy of a killing aura which clashed with the great White Wolf King and brought misfortune to Qinchuan City. 

There were even more filthy rumors, and He Li was frightened just hearing them. He didn’t know which sentence would float into Yan Changqing’s ears. 

Although He Li was timid, he was still sensible. Since Yan Changqing entered the city, he had seen everything he had done for the people of Qinchuan without rest. If this matter was put on himself, He Li felt that he would have vomited blood in anger long ago.

Young people were all impulsive and lively. He Li was worried that Yan Changqing would get too heated and decide to quit his responsibilities and leave, however, he also sympathized and understood Yan Changqing’s situation, so he picked up the courage to say, “It’s all stupid nonsense from the ignorant masses, Lord should by no means take it to heart.”

“Ignorant masses?” Yan Changqing shook his head. “No matter if they are ignorant or wise, they were all born from their parents and raised by grain. In my opinion, they are all the same lives regardless of status.”     

It was because they were all human lives that Yan Changqing should have the responsibility to save them.     

These few words completely stunned He Li . He never expected that Yan Changqing would be so compassionate and open-minded at his young age. He couldn’t help feeling ashamed of himself. He opened his mouth, but saw Yan Changqing lower his eyes and turn his back.    

He Li wanted to speak, but stopped. He could only withdraw.     

Yan Changqing stood at the window, feeling the cold breeze for a while. No matter how much he thought, he couldn’t get his train of thought straight. He simply got out of the tent and walked towards the temporary disaster prevention set up by the people of Qinchuan.     

The White Wolf River passed through the city, and most of Qinchuan people’s tents were built along the White Wolf River for the convenience of fetching water.

A seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl in green, with a pole on her shoulders, carried two wooden buckets and came to the river to fetch water. Perhaps she was inexperienced and lacking strength, but when the girl squatted by the river and finally filled the bucket with water, she couldn’t lift it. She pulled with her arms for a long time, but she almost fell into the river.     

With an “Ouch”, the girl in green slipped and a bucket came flying out of her hand. She immediately stomped her feet with anger.     

Unexpectedly, the bucket only floated a few steps down the river when it was firmly stopped by a hand.     

This hand had slender fingers, beautiful but not obtrusive joints. Yet, it was clearly a man’s hand. 

The girl in the green dress opened her eyes wide. Having grown up to this age, she had never seen a man with such a beautiful hand. She couldn’t help but look at it. However, with only one glance, she quickly lowered her eyes and her cheeks were burnt. 

D*mn it, why did she come out in such old clothes today! 

Yan Changqing walked over, brought the bucket full of water to the girl in green, and said indifferently, “Where’s the other one?” 

The girl in green was completely dumbfounded. She only felt that the man in front of her was like a painting, calling her and emptying her mind. It took a long time for her to realize that the other party was going to help her fetch water. She hurriedly handed over the other bucket. 

Yan Changqing helped her fill the buckets again. The girl in green had blushing cheeks. Her hands were a little ill at ease and she wiped it on her skirt. She wanted to thank him, but she was a bit embarrassed. Then it just so happened that her fingers touched the water scoop hanging on her waist. She took it, scooped up some water, then stood up. “Please drink some water!”

Yan Changqing was taken aback for a moment. 

He had heard before he entered the city that the people of Qinchuan were simple and honest, and because they were located in the desert, they cherished their water sources. Thus, Qinchuan people often treated guests with clean water as their etiquette. But… 

Yan Changqing frowned slightly. “Do you usually drink the river water directly like this?” 

“How else?” 

The girl in green asked in a puzzled manner. She thought that Yan Changqing disliked the uncleanness of the river, and quickly explained with a blushing face. “You came from the outside? We all drink water like this in the summer. You don’t know this, but the water from the White Wolf River is the holy water that the great witch doctor personally excavated from the snow mountain. It is cool and sweet, drinking it at this time would be perfect to relieve the heat!” 

Afraid that Yan Changqing would not believe her, the girl in green took a big sip herself first, wiped the corners of her mouth, and smiled. “Really sweet!” 

Yan Changqing frowned even more. Before he could speak, his arm was pulled back firmly. 

Helian Rongchuan grabbed Yan Changqing’s arm, and said coldly to the girl in green. “My darling has just drunk at home and is not thirsty.” 

The girl in green didn’t understand: Who is your darling? What does his thirst have to do with me? 

Before the girl in green could react, Helian Rongchuan dragged Yan Changqing away.

Pulling him all the way to a secluded place with no one, Yan Changqing finally couldn’t bear it and pulled Helian Rongchuan’s hand off. “Have you had enough?” 

Helian Rongchuan turned around, then looked at him with a smile that wasn’t a smile. There was something in his tone of voice that seemed dissatisfied. “General Yan, is the water in the girl’s hand sweet?”

He was unfathomable! 

Yan Changqing didn’t want to bother with him, so he turned and left. 

What sweet? You don’t even need to drink it, you can just smell it to know that it’s sour! 

Helian Rongchuan thought he was going to the river andhis expression immediately became a little serious. He grabbed him, and said sternly, “You really can’t drink that water!” 

Yan Changqing was still upset at Helian Rongchuan for calling him “darling” in front of others and immediately said without thinking. “Why can’t I drink it? Don’t mind me.” 

Helian Rongchuan was anxious. “I just learned that many of my men and horses have also been infected with the plague. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that they have been recently desiring cold water and drank the unboiled water from the White Wolf River.” 

Yan Changqing was taken aback. Knowing that he had misinterpreted the meaning of Helian Rongchuan, he suddenly understood something in a flash. 

Didn’t the girl in the green dress say that the White Wolf River was excavated by the great witch doctor? 

It’s the great witch doctor again! 

The two looked at each other and ran to the tent where the great witch doctor was imprisoned. 

Yan Changqing’s heart sank before reaching the tent. He saw bursts of black smoke rising into the sky, and the burning tongue had almost swallowed the tent. 

Wei Jin’s face was black and gray. He wanted to rush in, so Xiang Yu had to hold on to his waist. The little imperial doctor’s graceful demeanor was lost. His feet were in the air, and he kicked unwillingly, shouting. “Let go of me! Let me kill him! Let me kill him!”

Seeing Yan Changqing and Helian Rongchuan, Xiang Yu immediately froze. The burly man who was eight feet tall at this time looked like a kid who had done something wrong. He immediately put down Wei Jin who was still struggling and bowed his head. “General.” 

Wei Jin’s waist without any support caused him to fall to the ground with a plop. He got up without thinking about it, and wanted to rush out with his teeth and claws. However, as soon as he raised his head and saw the two of them head-on, he immediately became obedient.     

Helian Rongchuan stretched out his hand at him and said nothing.     

Wei Jin looked at him and took a step back.     

Helian Rongchuan still stretched out his hands and said nothing.     

Wei Jin finally understood that at this time, sticking his head out was bad and shrinking his head back was bad, so he could only grit his teeth, close his eyes, and surrender what he was holding.     

In the fire, the lifelike wolf head mask shone with a gloomy silver light. Even if he knew it was just a mask, Yan Changqing still shuddered for a moment, as if there were still a pair of green eyes in the wolf head mask looking at him.     

As soon as Helian Rongchuan saw the mask, he immediately lost his anger. He placed his hands on his waist, pointed at Wei Jin and said, “Where is the person?!” 

Wei Jin shrank. As if asking for help, he looked at Xiang Yu pitifully.     

Xiang Yu choked, his heart thinking: a man can enter the battlefield to kill the enemy, and a man can also be the scapegoat. So he said.     

“The person… I let him go!”   

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