General’s Gown Chapter 75

Chapter 75 The Storm Puts a Strong Grass To The Test part 12 

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Helian Rongchuan probed Yan Changqing’s forehead. There was cold sweat as far as he could reach and his temperature was still low. 

Helian Rongchuan frowned. He knew that during the process of falling asleep, the body temperature would drop even lower… If Yan Changqing just fell asleep like this, would he never be able to wake up again? 

Helian Rongchuan’s heart sank heavily. He lowered his head and stroked Yan Changqing’s long, drooping eyelashes with his thumb, and the sickly blushing under his eyelashes, and said carefully, “Changqing? Don’t sleep, just talk to me for a while, okay?” 

After calling out a few words in such a low voice, Yan Changqing frowned and opened his eyes slightly. His dark eyes had lost focus. Staring at the man in front of him, who was full of dust, he did not lose his handsomeness in the slightest. 

However, with just such a glance, Helian Rongchuan felt like he gained the world’s most precious treasure. His lips trembled slightly, and he placed a light kiss on Yan Changqing’s forehead. 

Reverently like a butterfly about to freeze to death, he finally found a red rose that was still blooming in the vast snow. 

“Changqing, let me tell you how good our Dongyun is? Our Dongyun is beautiful, with high mountains, big rivers, and a sea of ​​flowers. In autumn, the trees all over the mountains and plains are covered with red and yellow fruits. One sweeter than the other.”

“And our river water is clear and cool, and the bottom is full of beautiful big carps. On the riverside, there are old ladies washing laundry and children playing in the water. If you look further, there are leisurely old men fishing with a bamboo pole. When the old women are tired from work, they like to sing. But the old men who were fishing would stop them. They would angrily raise their beard and say that the singing of these old women scared away the fish, so everyone starts arguing. Isn’t that funny? Mm, but the song is really nice. When you wake up, let’s go to the river and listen to it, okay?” 

“…Changqing, you’re always so busy. I’ve always wanted to take you to see a lot of beautiful scenery, but I never had the chance…I want to take you to see the biggest and most beautiful waterfall in the world. It is said that water mist rises and there would be a long-lasting rainbow. I also want to taste the best wine in the world with you, enjoy the most magnificent and splendid sunrise on the top of the mountains, and visit the busiest market…Changqing, the road of the future is still long and beautiful, you still have so many beautiful sceneries that you haven’t seen yet. Please, keep going, you must keep going…” 

“Please give me a chance to make it up to you, okay……” 


Each sentence murmured was a sincere and gentle prayer to the gods. But the more he talked, the more bitter Helian Rongchuan felt in his heart. He had imagined countless times that Yan Changqing could be held in his arms obediently. But every time, the man struggled inexplicably to escape. 

There had never been a day when this person would curl up in his arms like today, being held by him for so long, quiet and docile. However, Helian Rongchuan hoped more than ever that Yan Changqing would be able to get out of his arms immediately, whether to point at him with his sword, or stare at him angrily with his eyes, or call him shameless and a rascal… 

As long as he can live healthy.

The pain and remorse in his heart made Helian Rongchuan unable to speak any longer. But as soon as the words stopped, Yan Changqing closed his eyes again and looked like he wanted to fall asleep. Helian Rongchuan thought about it and pulled out a simple bamboo flute. 

This was a small gift that he chiseled when he was digging for whip bamboo shoots and wanted to give it to Yan Changqing. Unexpectedly, it came in handy at this time. Helian Rongchuan put the bamboo flute to his lips, facing the vast distance, and closed his eyes.     

The ethereal and quiet sound of the flute that came from Helian Rongchuan was like a long-frozen river finally breaking through the ice and surging out, like the moonlight on the top of a mountain shrouded in gray rain and fog, and like a thousand wild lilies blooming in the valley at the same time. His fingertips flowed, as if transformed into a long-tailed blue bird with gorgeous feathers. The bird spread its wings and flew over the silent and solemn forest, over the endless black sand sea, and into the night sky. Constantly circling, rising… 

On the other side of the desert, a horse team suddenly stopped. Wei Jin clenched the horse’s reins tightly, quietly listening to the distant sound of the flute, trembling with excitement. 

“Listen!” Wei Jin’s voice was trembling, carefully discerning the direction of the sound: “It’s the flute of the Second Highness!” 

The guards behind him were so excited that they were about to cry. They kept kneeling on the ground and kowtowing: “Yes yes yes! It is the flute of the Second Highness, there is no one in the world who can play better than him! Thank heavens!” 

The group of people did not dally and sped along towards the sound of the flute.

The thick cloudy sky that seemed to be inseparable, finally dispersed it’s layers of clouds. Then, a few shimmers flickered, like low-hanging stars, like crystal teardrops. 


Dongyun Country. 

In a gorgeous vermillion gate courtyard on the outskirts of the city, the servants were very busy. It was the height of summer, but they closed all the doors and windows, and even the gaps in the window lattices were carefully glued shut. One by one, holding the steaming medicine, they carefully passed them into the inner room.

A little maid with pretty brows was busy for most of the day, and finally came out of the inner room. She took a long sigh, raised her handkerchief and wiped the sweat from her brow. 

“Hey, you’ve come out.” A young guard waited in the corner for a long time. When he saw the little maid come out, he finally smiled and took out a bag of candied fruit that had been hidden in his arms for a long time: “For you, do you like it?” 

The maid took it. It was obviously her favorite food usually, but she just glanced at it, put it aside, and couldn’t help sighing, brows knitted together. 

“What’s wrong, why so unhappy?” the guard said, “Did His Second Highness make things difficult for you?” 

The little maid sighed again and shook her head: “I have never seen His Highness so sad. You know, he’s always just laughing and laughing with our servants, but this time he’s like a different person.” 

The guard thought about it and said, “Is it because of that person?” 

The little maid nodded: “You haven’t seen that person, but that person is really good-looking. With those eyes and nose, he’s just like a fairy that descended down to earth. But…” The little maid pursed her lips, and her eyes filled with tears: “But he is clearly dying… When I saw the look in our Highness’s eyes… Sigh…” 

The guard said thoughtfully, “It’s a pity… But I also heard from a few buddies in the imperial Hospital, it seems that there is a way to save…” 

“What way!” The little maid widened her eyes. 

The little guard leaned into her ear and said a few words. 

“Ah! That might kill the person!” The little maid was stunned.

“But our Highness is determined to try. Did you see the big tank that was carried into the house just now? Do you know what’s in the tank?” 

The little maid opened her mouth in astonishment. No wonder she saw the two guards who carried the big tank just now were wearing thick cotton gloves, and their arms were tightly wrapped with many loops of hard cloth. 


When the little maid thought about the contents of the tank, she felt that all the hairs on her body were standing up. 

There was a slightly bitter medicinal fragrance diffused in the room. The extremely expensive soothing incense was constantly burned in the incense burner like it was cheap charcoal. In the smoke, Yan Changqing, who was lying on the bed, slept extremely unsteadily, constantly tossing and turning. His limbs twitched from time to time. His chapped lips, pale cheeks, and the morbid redness of his eye sockets made the person looking at it, more frightened the longer they gazed upon it. 

Wei Jin put away the last silver needle that was placed on Yan Changqing. After hesitating for a while, he finally turned to look at the man behind him. 

From beginning to end, Helian Rongchuan’s eyes never left Yan Changqing’s body. Helian Rongchuan’s heart seemed to be suspended every moment a silver needle was pierced into Yan Changqing’s acupoints. He felt the pain with him. It was not until all the silver needles were put away that Helian Rongchuan breathed a sigh of relief. 

“This first step is completed?” He asked. 

Wei Jin hesitated for a moment: “En.” 

“Okay, then the next step.” Helian Rongchuan took off his shirt and walked towards the black porcelain tank that he had just moved into the house. This tank was more than half the height of a person. The walls of the tank were thick and strong, and a heavy iron plate was pressed on it. One couldn’t see what was inside, but only hear a screeching sound from inside the tank, which was bone chilling.

“Your Royal Highness!” Wei Jin couldn’t help but stop Helian Rongchuan: “You really…really thought it through? This method, even if my master came himself, at most, there would be less than a 20% chance of success. If it doesn’t work……”     

Helian Rongchuan smiled nonchalantly: “If it doesn’t work, I’ll go with him, wouldn’t that be good? The yellow springs (underworld) is cold, and the demons are crafty. You know, Changqing’s temper is stubborn and old-fashioned. What should I do if he is bullied? With me there, I can stand up for him and make him less lonely…”

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