General’s Gown Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Feng Qi Yun Yong* Part 1

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* Turbulent times result in great changes

Hearing this, Wei Jin felt a burst of sadness in his heart. Since Helian Rongchuan insisted on doing so, he could only bite his lower lip and nod. 

Helian Rongchuan stepped forward and lifted the small round cover on the iron plate. Under the lid was a small black hole, and light was projected into it for a few minutes, then the sounds inside grew louder.

Helian Rongchuan held a red candle in his hand and looked into the hole. He saw that there were countless large and small long snakes entangled within. The black and shiny snakes were intertwined with each other, and only the tail of the snakes had a reddish-brown colour as if it was scorched. Seeing the light coming in, all the snakes raised their pointed, inverted-triangular flat heads one after another, spitting out bright red snake tongues. Their yellow-brown eyes revealed a ferocious and greedy light. 

This was the scorched-tail snake unique to Dongyun. It was poisonous, but it was the only cure for rabies known to Wei Jin, called “Blood Contract”. 

The blood contract method, recorded in the ancient prescriptions found by Wei Jin’s Master, was extremely dangerous. According to the ancient book, this method required a person with a strong physique and extremely strong endurance, who would suffer the severe pain of being bitten by a hundred snakes, then let the venom of the scorched-tail snake travel throughout their body for ten sticks of incense. If that person could support it and let the snake venom go throughout their body, the deadly toxin would be removed, and the person’s blood will become the only life-saving medicine for the treatment of rabies. 

However, in the past hundred years, only a few people have been able to complete the blood contract. More people had gone down to the yellow springs together with the victims. There was no other reason, it was just because the venom of the scorched-tail snake was extremely domineering. The process of the snake venom spreading throughout the whole body was ten thousand times more painful than that of Ling Chi (death of a thousand cuts), and skinning. If one can’t stand two or three incense sticks, they would give up. And once they give up, the snake venom that had not gone all the way around the body will quickly attack the heart, causing the poisoned person to die. 

In this world, there are very few people who can endure the most tragic pain in the world for the sake of their loved ones without hesitation.

That’s why, after Wei Jin told him about the method of treating the illness with snake venom, Yan Changqing immediately sent Helian Rongchuan away and he went to Hu Mubo alone to wait for his death. Of course he knew that life was precious, but he never wanted to implicate Helian Rongchuan’s life, nor did he want Helian Rongchuan to suffer the most extreme pain of the world for him. 

In order to protect him, Helian Rongchuan had done too many life-threatening things. Every time he thought about it, Yan Changqing would be shocked, distressed, and guilty. There were even hidden points of joy and being moved that he would never admit.     

But even more of his feelings was what would happen afterwards. Yan Changqing knew that if Helian Rongchuan knew about his condition, he would definitely come to his rescue. Yan Changqing saw Helian Rongchuan die for him countless times in his dreams. When he woke up from the dream, Yan Changqing kept telling himself that he must not implicate Helian Rongchuan.     

It’s a pity that even though Yan Changqing made all the calculations, God still allowed Helian Rongchuan to find him.     

Helian Rongchuan looked back at Yan Changqing and ordered Wei Jin to close the door. He was afraid that he would not be able to bear the severe pain for a while, and the sounds he made would disturb Yan Changqing’s dream.     

Looking at the densely packed, eyeing poisonous snakes, it would be a lie to say that he was not afraid at all. Helian Rongchuan only felt a slight numbness on the top of his head, and a thin cold sweat appeared on his forehead. But he did not hesitate in his actions. Biting the cotton cloth tightly in his mouth, holding the candle in his left hand, he slowly extended his arm into the round hole in the mouth of the tank.     

Wei Jin couldn’t bear to look anymore, so he looked away.     


Helian Rongchuan groaned, his arm that stretched into the snake tank trembled suddenly, only to hear the sound of the thin cords getting louder, mixed with the excited “hissing” of the snakes and the bite of flesh and blood.    

Helian Rongchuan’s face instantly turned as pale as paper, and beads of sweat dripped from his cheeks.     

Pain! ! !     

It hurts! ! ! ! ! !     

Heart-piercing pain spread from his wrist inch by inch. Helian Rongchuan only felt that his body was being roasted on the fire, tied to a thorn stick, bit by bit. He swayed and nearly fell, but he steadied himself immediately.     

“Your Highness!”

Wei Jin couldn’t help exclaiming out loud. Wei Jin knew that the scorched-tail snakes would only attack when there was light. So at this time, Helian Rongchuan simply threw the candle to the bottom of the tank to divert the attention of the scorched-tail snakes, so he could withdraw and avoid the snake’s attack. At this time, if the snake’s venom had not traversed deep, he could still be saved. 

However, he didn’t need it. 

The arm in the snake jar kept holding the candlestick firmly. In the darkness, the only candle was bouncing slightly, and countless scorched-tail snakes were twisting their cold and smooth snake bodies, wrapping around Helian Rongchuan’s left arm, and piercing their fangs full of venom into this brave man. 

Not enough. 

Helian Rongchuan silently sensed and counted the number of bites on his arm. According to the ancient book, the more venom he had on his body, the better the effect of treating rabies. 

So, not enough! 

Using the incense for timing, the thin incense stick seemed to burn so slowly, and the rising white smoke seemed to solidify at this moment. On the other hand, Helian Rongchuan’s face turned from pale white to blue and black. Black and red blood slowly flowed from the corners of his mouth, soaking the white cloth in his mouth that prevented him from biting his tongue. 

The venom began to spread throughout his body.


Give up. Give up. 

A raspy, hoarse voice resounded in his head. The voice was getting louder and stronger. Accompanied by his heartbeat, it kept hitting the most painful nerve of Helian Rongchuan. 

Every heartbeat, every breath, became an unbearable torture for Helian Rongchuan. One drop, two drops, the cold sweat quickly wetted the hair on his forehead. His front chest and back were all wet with cold sweat.     

Colors suddenly spun in front of him, and in the darkness, Helian Rongchuan realized that he had come to the cave where he used to excavate the temper snow stones when he was a child. A dirty little boy wearing a ragged linen shirt with bare feet was hopping towards the only light at the entrance of the hole. And in the dark, far behind him, was the corpse of his mother, who was gradually overwhelmed by heavy stones and spitting out blood. 

His mother’s eyes were still opened unwillingly, looking at the direction where the little boy was going, stretching out her arms. 

Helian Rongchuan only felt a buzzing sound in his head and shouted: 


Quickly turn around, turn around to save her, save her! Quick……! 

Come back, please! ! ! 

But the little boy still didn’t look back. 

The picture changed again. Dongyun’s gorgeous deep palace. The gorgeously dressed prince, princess, and nobles surrounded a dirty, skinny little boy and kept laughing at him: 

“It is said that he was born from a cheap peasant outside, tsk tsk.” 

“No wonder his body is so dirty, he shouldn’t have lice, right?” 

“Cheap peasants are really cheap! Look at that ghost appearance, it’s uglier than dead piglets!” 

“Nonsense, our piglets are much cleaner than him and much prettier!” 


The little boy raised his head suddenly. Although his little face was smeared with black and gray, his amber eyes were surprisingly bright. The little boy suddenly clenched his teeth and rushed towards them like a wolf. He grabbed the boy who was laughing the most, and punched him hard. 

The young man in the glamorous clothing was stunned for a moment, then immediately counterattacked. Everyone surrounded the little boy, and fists like hailstones kept hitting the little boy… 

Ahhhh ! ! 

Wei Jin saw Helian Rongchuan trembling all over, the corners of his eyes looked like they were going to crack, and his heart was tightly entangled. He knew that the venom of this scorched-tail snake would not only bring severe physical pain, but also evoke the most painful and unwilling memories in the person’s heart. 

Attack on the heart. 

At this time, they had to rely on Helian Rongchuan’s own perseverance and belief to overcome this. No one else can help. 

The tempting, hoarse voice resounded in Helian Rongchuan’s mind again. 

Give it up… Give it up…

As long as you give up, everything can end… 

Helian Rongchuan shook his head, trying to break free from the hallucination caused by the snake venom. 

It hurts so much. It hurts so much. 

He wants to – give up? 

But in his heart, a louder voice sounded immediately. 

No! He can’t! 

Helian Rongchuan raised his pale face, and through the narrow door in front of him, he happened to be able to see Yan Changqing’s sleeping profile. 

In just a few days, the disease devastated Yan Changqing so severely that he lost a whole radius. His cheeks were as pale as ice and snow, and they seemed to disappear with just a touch. His long eyelashes drooped weakly, like the wings of a dying bird. 

No, he shouldn’t be like this. 

He should be as proud, cold, noble and powerful as when they first met. Always standing so tall and straight, with his head raised high, like the straightest green pine tree in the cold fog on the top of the mountain. It did not matter whether there was wind, sword, frost, or heavy rain and snow. Nothing in the world can make him succumb. 

He should be invincible on the battlefield, he should ride on a high horse and enjoy all the glory he deserves. He should never die silently on a sickbed after dedicating everything he had, after being wronged, humiliated and cursed. 

He should be alive! 

Even if this “living” required him to pay the ultimate price and exchange his life for Yan Chanqing’s life, he was willing to do so. 

Yan Changqing was waiting for him! 

Helian Rongchuan clenched his fists silently, his knuckles rattling with excessive force. The pain all over his body made him sweat like rain, but he tried his best to make himself stand firm, like a bronze sculpture made of iron. 

Hiss – Hiss – Hiss – 

The group of snakes continued to bite frantically. 

The hallucinations subsided, and the pain came in wave after wave, more violently. 

Helian Rongchuan’s forehead and neck burst out with blue veins. His eyes had begun to show terrifying black-red veins, and the trembling all over his body was getting bigger and bigger. Wei Jin stood aside, very anxious, for fear that Helian Rongchuan would not be able to hold on. He wanted to help him, but Helian Rongchuan just shook his head silently. 

He must fight alone, no one can help him. 

The thin, silky white smoke slowly rose, and the slight charcoal red at the top of the last stick of incense finally went out. 

The incense burnt out! 

With a thud, Helian Rongchuan dropped the candlestick, staggered a step, and fell to the ground. 

His arms and muscles had been bitten by the scorched-tail snake. Dripping with blood, it was badly mangled, a spectacle too horrible to look at.

Wei Jin suppressed the huge shock in his heart, and moved the needles with both hands like the wind. Swish, swish, and swish. Several silver needles landed on the large acupoints around Helian Rongchuan’s body to protect the heart, only then did Helian Rongchuan slowly open his eyes. 

“I made it through, didn’t I?” 

Wei Jin nodded, trying to bandage Helian Rongchuan’s left arm as he did. 

After receiving an affirmative answer, Helian Rongchuan’s originally pale face showed a hint of brilliance. He staggered to his feet, opened the door, and walked to Yan Changqing’s sickbed. With his intact right hand, he carefully pushed away a strand of black hair wet with cold sweat from the corner of Yan Changqing’s lips. 

Wei Jin took the palm of Yan Changqing’s left hand, which spasmed unconsciously, and cut a long wound on his palm. 

Helian Rongchuan also slashed a line in the palm of his left hand. Black and red blood suddenly appeared. He knelt in front of Yan Changqing, grabbed Yan Changqing’s hand, and carefully interlocked his fingers between his fingers, the blood on their palms making contact.

The blood contract was done.

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