General’s Gown Chapter 93

Chapter 93 The north wind sweeps the earth Part 6

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Yan Changqing gently touched the little chubby girl’s face: “Big brother is not hungry.” 

“If you are not hungry, you still have to eat. Big brother, you are much thinner than before.” The little chubby girl blinked and looked at Yan Changqing. She took out a few small plates from the box, pinched a soft white yam and jujube cake with her little fingers, and held it in front of Yan Changqing: “Big brother eat this! My aunt said, this is delicious!” 

The so-called aunt was the female master who adopted this little chubby girl. The family was said to be very nice to the little chubby girl, but they had to hide the truth of her mother’s death, and only say that they were going to recuperate. 

Yan Changqing looked at the little chubby girl secretly swallowing her saliva, and a bitter smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “You like to eat, right? Then I’ll give it to you.” 

The little chubby girl didn’t expect to have her share, so she took a bite of the cake with a smile, feeling sweetness in her heart. But she hadn’t forgotten the mission that had been told thousands of times. She devoured it, moved her chubby feet, carefully poured a glass of water, and handed it to Yan Changqing’s lips: “Big brother, drink water.” 

Yan Changqing smiled lightly and shook his head. 

The little chubby girl was a little anxious: “I heard that big brother will not drink water or eat for three days. If you continue like this, you will die. Big brother, why are you not being good at all?” 


Yan Changqing was silent. Children’s words carry no harm, but the word “good” pierced into his heart. As a child, he and the other princes and nobles listened to the teachings of their master. Those who did not obey the rules were always reprimanded, and he was always praised by the master as the most obedient one. Later, when others grew up, the word “good” gradually evolved into the word “loyal”. Carrying the heavy word “loyalty” on his back, he became the most powerful general of the Yan Kingdom. He would leave no stone unturned and risk his life and limbs.

Until now. 

The piles of bones in Qixia Village and Qinchuan City made him feel the weight of the word “loyalty”. It turned out that in order to be a loyal minister, his own efforts and sacrifices were not enough, and he also needed to take the lives of countless people. Once you have succeeded, your bones will wither. So it can be understood in this way.

But there are loyal ministers, what about the bright Monarch? 

For him, Murong Xiu brutally killed so many innocent people, just to fulfill his “loyalty” character. 

Yan Changqing clearly remembered that Murong Xiu had been working diligently since he ascended the throne. But since the case of the temper snow stones, since he was suspected of “treason”, Murong Xiu had changed. He clearly had the ability to prove his innocence, but Murong Xiu always went one step ahead of him and used the most tragic way to defend his “loyalty”. 

His loyalty has never changed, but Murong Xiu’s heart for him had completely changed. 

Yan Changqing knew that in Murong Xiu’s eyes, he was no longer an ordinary courtier or older brother.

Is there still room for a turnaround in all of this? 

What else can he do? 

Seeing that Yan Changqing didn’t speak for a long time, the little chubby girl couldn’t help but panic a little, and her voice became a little timid: “…Big brother?” The little hand was still holding water. 

“I’ll put it down. Big brother, drink it later, okay?” 

Yan Changqing recovered from his thoughts, responded casually, led the little chubby girl to the door, and carefully tidied up her furry cloak collar to prevent the cold wind from blowing into the neck. The little chubby girl smiled simply: “Big brother, I’ll come to accompany you tomorrow.” 

Before she finished speaking, he heard someone smiling softly: “Brother, you used to help me tuck my collar like this before, do you remember?” 

Yan Changqing dismissed the chubby girl without saying a word, turned around coldly and left without raising his eyes. Murong Xiu’s eyes slowly swept over the unmoved food on the table, and said, “No one can persuade you it seems. Are you starving yourself to show your conviction? Brother, you still won’t forgive me, huh?” 

Yan Changqing said nothing. He stood quietly like a porcelain sculpture in front of the closed window.

The icy silence made Murong Xiu clench his hands slowly. But he tried his best to maintain a gentle tone: “Drink some water, okay? Your lips are chapped.” 

The clear water was held in front of him, and coincidentally, Murong Xiu stretched out his finger to touch the corner of Yan Changqing’s pale and beautiful lips, but just as soon as the fingertip touched it, Yan Changqing took a step back and looked at him without saying a word. 

This subconscious action angered Murong Xiu. He suddenly drank a large mouthful of water, stepped forward and pressed the back of Yan Changqing’s head, wanting to pour the water in mouth to mouth. 

“Mmm!” Yan Changqing immediately struggled hard, but for some reason, the more he struggled, the less strength he had in his body. His icy fingers vainly grasped Murong Xiu’s clothes, and finally slowly slipped down. 

Murong Xiu looked at him with deep eyes, lowered his head, fed the water little by little, then pressed his chin and kissed deeply. 

There was no more resistance, the kiss was violent and fierce at first, but slowly became lingering and gentle. After a long time, Murong Xiu reluctantly ended it.

Yan Changqing lay slumped on the ground. He glanced at the incense curling in the silver cloud dragon pattern censer from the corner of his eyes, and closed his eyes sadly. The incense that smelled of bitter medicine pervaded all the corners of the hall, and it was specially developed by a person Murong Xiu found for his physique. It was burned day and night in this hall just to sap off all the strength in his muscles and bones, so that he couldn’t hold a sword and was powerless to resist. All the sharp tools were also put away, and there were even thick cotton pads wrapped around the hard wall pillars. 

“Does that Dongyun person often treat you like this? You like it a lot, don’t you? But why do you not want me to do it?” 


Still no response.

Murong Xiu lowered his eyes and stroked his fingers fondly across Yan Changqing’s pale face. This face was so handsome and so cold, in his memory, this face had always had a bright smile facing him. A smile that can warm him all spring. 

When did this face stop smiling at him? 

Murong Xiu’s fingers slowly touched Yan Changqing’s slender neck and stopped. 

It was after the Dongyun man appeared. 

It was the Dongyun man who stole the smile that belonged to him. 

And the heart that belonged to him. 

“Why is it that that Dongyun man can lie to you and deceive you, but you can easily forgive him. Why can’t I do that? That Dongyun man did it for himself. But I did it for you.” 


“I am your brother, your monarch, you swore at my mother’s tomb that you would always accompany me and assist me to be the emperor. Yan Changqing, have you forgotten?” 

Silence. Still silent. 

No matter what Murong Xiu said, whether he shouted loudly or begged in a low voice, all his words were like fine sand slipping into water, just silent. 

At Yan Changqing’s neck, the hand with the white jade dragon pattern thumb ring finally tightened unbearably again. 

Yan Changqing frowned, but closed his eyes and did not struggle at all, only subconsciously breathed harder and harder. The air gradually thinned, and the blood flow almost stopped. Gradually, he felt a little blurry. In the darkness, the screaming blood shadow that always lingered in his mind was gone. Only a bright shadow spread out to him. Arms that were trying to hug him. 

The increasingly clear figure had a pair of light brown pupils, slightly curly hair, and a handsome and uninhibited smile. 

Is it you? 

Helian Rongchuan? 

Is it you? 

Cough cough cough! 

Cough cough cough! 

Murong Xiu suddenly released the hand that was pinching Yan Changqing’s neck, but then pressed his jaw hard again, ignoring Yan Changqing’s violent coughing and breathing, he forced him to look directly into his eyes. However, in these black and white, incomparably clear eyes, there was no longer trace of waves. There was no trace of his own shadow.

“Helian Rongchuan?!!! You are still thinking about him when you’re dying? You gave everything to him, but nothing to me, is that right?” Murong Xiu gave a despairing smile, and suddenly turned to look at Yan Changqing: “But do you know that now only I can protect you. Your life can only be given to me.” 

He clapped his hands, and Qilinwei led a group of people into the hall. There were men and women, old and young, a total of forty-five mouths, all of them looking at Yan Changqing with panic. Yan Changqing froze after only one glance, a terrible premonition seeping into his marrow like frost. 

These forty-five men, women and children were the clan members of his Yan family. 

“Brother, do you know what the old ministers who support Taishi Pang and always opposed me say in court today?” Murong Xiu quietly looked into Yan Changqing’s eyes, and recited word by word what he heard in the court today. “They said that although you have been successful in saving the emperor, you have secretly sneaked into Dongyun and wandered for several months, receiving preferential treatment from the Dongyun royal family. There were even rumors that you are training Dongyun soldiers. Although there is no intent for treason at the moment, but they are afraid that you have become a spy of Dongyun, and it is inevitable that you will be treasonous in the future.” 

Murong Xiu said: “They all forced me to punish your sins, and force me to kill you. And I have only one way to protect you forever.” 

Murong Xiu paused for a while, then suddenly laughed to himself: “Brother, do you remember Empress Zhao from our previous dynasty?” 

Yan Changqing looked at Murong Xiu in disbelief, motionless like an ice sculpture. 

Empress Zhao was a famous male empress of the previous dynasty. Although homosexuality was regarded as a normal thing in Yan and other countries, and it was not degrading, after all, men cannot create descendants of the royal family. Thus, they were always pampered pets. The only exception was Empress Zhao. 

“As long as you become my empress and accompany me in this deep palace forever, no one in the world will doubt your loyalty, and no one will dare to hurt you.” Murong Xiu smiled brightly, but his long Ruifeng eyes were clearly filled with unwillingness and sadness: “In fact, I wanted to do this even without them forcing it. You know why no matter how the ministers push for it, why I still haven’t established an empress? It is because I am waiting for you. I have been waiting for you since I ascended the throne at the age of fourteen.” 

“In my heart, you have never been just my subject, nor just my brother.”

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