Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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Shao Zheng sent them downstairs and left. Fang Jie’s car was also parked there when he came back last night. 

When Gu Yaoyang went upstairs, he glanced at the door of his house but said nothing. Walking up to another floor, he took out a key and opened the door. 

When Lin Yuyan wore his shoes, he felt like he had a strange smell on his body. He had been wearing these clothes for three days. Although he borrowed Gu Yaoyang’s bathroom to take a shower, he never changed his clothes during his stay. 

The light-colored T-shirt was wrinkled, and there were oil spots on the shirt that got accidentally spilled while he was cooking. Lin Yuyan lifted his shirt and smelled it before moving away in disgust. This was the first time he got so dirty, he couldn’t wait to go back and change his clothes. 

So, he stood in front of Gu Yaoyang’s room and flatteringly said, “Could you lend me your clothes? I’m about to stink…”

Gu Yaoyang looked at him and took out a thin shirt from his closet, it’s color was also black. Lin Yuyan said, “Thank you.” and just as he was about to leave, Gu Yaoyang asked him, “Do you want underwear?” 

“A… Ah?” Lin Yuyan’s eyes opened wide as his face became a little red. 

“Don’t need it?”

“Um…” No. 

“Or do you want to leave your lower body naked while waiting for your underwear to dry before wearing it?” Gu Yaoyang said with an expressionless face. He didn’t look at Lin Yuyan when he said this, but was rummaging in the closet instead and handed him an unopened pair of underwear. 

Lin Yuyan hesitated for a while before saying “thank you” and hurrying into the bathroom. 

Lunch was brought by Hu Dongdong who was running errands. Grandma Hu made two dishes and one soup, she also made some dumplings. 

The child wanted to chat with Lin Yuyan, but unfortunately, he had to leave again.

Just as he was about to close the door, Shao Zheng returned. Listening to the sound of showering inside the bathroom, he asked Gu Yaoyang, “He… He has been living in your house these past few days?” 

He received no answer to his question. 

Gu Yaoyang sat on the floor mat on the balcony. Shao Zheng followed him in, patted the sandbag before sitting down, and asked him, “Did Sister Ling look for you again?” 

“Yeah.” Gu Yaoyang took a lighter, turning it on and off.

“You’re not going to consider her words?” 

Gu Yaoyang raised his eyes and said, “She told you to be a lobbyist?” 

Shao Zheng smirked and replied, “I can’t say anything to move you. I just think it’s better to play the game than being in the black market.” He and Gu Yaoyang met at Sister Ling’s bar. Sister Ling wasn’t an ordinary person. She opened an inconspicuous bar on the surface, when in reality, she was doing some bigger business transactions. This black market arena was the only one in this city. It was rumored to not exist, but practically everyone in the circle knew about it. Every once in a while, there would be many professional players, who had received special training in the past, appearing in this arena. It didn’t matter if they were disabled or ruined, they just needed to win. 

But unfortunately, ever since Gu Yaoyang joined, no one had been able to win.

They didn’t know where the other learned his self-defense skills. Even if he found himself in a disadvantaged situation, no one could win against him in these past few years. He struck, elbowed, kicked, and was especially ruthless.  

Gradually, some agents from pro leagues wanted to recruit him. But for some reason, Gu Yaoyang never agreed. 

Shao Zheng said, “I’ve always wanted to ask and don’t think I’m talking nonsense, but did you and Sister Ling know each other long ago?” Otherwise, why would she let him go to school, keep on nagging him to get a job, and to grow well. 

Gu Yaoyang didn’t plan to tell him and had him leave. 

The boxing gloves lying on the floor were now covered in dust, it looked like they had not been used for a long time. Gu Yaoyang glanced at it before closing his eyes again, leaning against the wall to sleep. 

It had nearly been half an hour, but Lin Yuyan still hadn’t come out yet. After taking a shower, he also washed his clothes. 

This was the first time he washes his clothes himself. He didn’t use the proper amount of laundry detergent, and nearly flooded Gu Yaoyang’s old house into ruins. The other walked over with a cigarette in his mouth and slipped. In the end, he helped him clean up the mess he made for a while. 

Lin Yuyan’s trousers were also washed. He was only wearing a shirt, leaving his thin white legs bare. 

The shirt was a bit too big for him, just enough to cover the base of his thighs. His face was red, and he looked a little awkward. When he sat down to eat, Lin Yuyan buried his head down and stayed silent. 

Gu Yaoyang ignored him and didn’t go straight to bed after eating. Instead, he sat on the sofa and turned the TV on, which he rarely did. 

Lin Yuyan chewed on the green vegetables for four or five minutes, wanting to wait for the other to return to his room before standing up, but when he waited, he found that the other had found a three-hour soundtrack movie and was watching it in relish.

‘No way, I couldn’t sit at the dining table for the whole movie.’

Lin Yuyan pursed his lips and thought for a while before slowly standing up and walking to the kitchen door. Step by step, his legs were tense as he got out of the kitchen and sat on the sofa. 

A classic romance movie was playing on the TV screen. The male and female protagonists grew up together. After endless conflicts and separation, they reunited once again. Lin Yuyan accompanied his mother to watch this movie a long time ago, but he didn’t understand it at that time. After sitting for a while, he ran off to go painting. He didn’t even know what it was talking about. 

Now that he had the opportunity to watch it again, he accompanied Gu Yaoyang to watch the movie. When he saw the part where they separated and reunite, his eyes went red secretly, and when he saw the bold and explicit sex scene after the reunion, he immediately lowered his head in a panic. 

He didn’t expect the volume of this movie to be so loud. The living room got filled with the sound of the male protagonist’s low panting accompanied by the female protagonist’s moaning. 

What should he do while he waited for this scene to pass?

Lin Yuyan casually picked up the blanket lying on the sofa. The blanket he had been using these past two days was a diamond-patterned blanket with gray-blue coloring. 

Ah, great! There’s a thread here, let’s pull it off first. 

“Are you trying to remove my blanket?”


Gu Yaoyang abruptly said. 

The male protagonist on the screen was still embracing the female protagonist.

Lin Yuyan’s wandering eyes focused. Seeing how the thin thread on the edge of the blanket was about to get pulled off by him, he hurriedly stopped his actions and smiled embarrassedly. 

Gu Yaoyang sighed helplessly, took a cup, and handed it to him, “Pour me some water.”

He immediately threw the blanket away and stood up, walking to the kitchen to help the other get a warm cup of water. He waited in the kitchen for a while until the shameful sounds outside stopped. After it stopped, he walked outside, handed the cup to Gu Yaoyang with a grin on his face, nearly thanking the other. 

Gu Yaoyang took the water glass and stood up as he smiled at him. 

Lin Yuyan didn’t notice that something was wrong at first, but Gu Yaoyang’s smile was so dazzling that he instantly became vigilant. He wanted to prevent chaos from happening in advance when he abruptly remembered something. He hurriedly squatted on the ground and grabbed the loose panties slipping down his legs. 

The underwear that Gu Yaoyang kindly gave him was a bit too big for him. His waist was too thin and it couldn’t hold the underwear at all. 


Gu Yaoyang took a sip of the warm water before lowering his gaze to see the other’s blushing face. He held back, but couldn’t help himself and ended up laughing with a “poo-“. He loudly laughed as he squatted down and poked the tip of the other’s nose and thoughtfully said, “Well, should I buy you a smaller one?” 

Lin Yuyan tugged his underwear before hurdling himself up on the sofa. He quickly covered his head with the blanket and said in a low voice, “No, I don’t need it!”

“This, this size, I can wear it too!”

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