Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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With the cup of water in his hand, Gu Yaoyang returned to his room in a happy mood. 

Lin Yuyan peeked his eyes out after he heard the door closing. He wanted to turn off the TV to sleep, but there was still a few minutes until it ended. Lin Yuyan wanted to finish the movie but was afraid of Gu Yaoyang coming out of the room and laughing at him, so he had to cover his head and be alert until the ending song played. 

The movie was still great. 

It’s just that the panties… were really a bit too big for him. 

Lin Yuyan was jealous, but after thinking that he was only seventeen years old and that there was still some room for growth, he became hopeful for the future. 

He turned his mobile phone on and opened the memo he edited last night. The memo had no title to it and they were just records of what he had experienced these past few days. 

In fact, merely one or two things were enough to change one’s opinion of a person. Although he still couldn’t understand why Gu Yaoyang would always use him as some form of amusement for himself, at least he knew that he wasn’t an idle uncultured street gangster. 

He could draw, understand western movies without reading subtitles, live alone, and maintain good hygiene at home. He should be working at the bar since he’s very skilled, so he was a staff member who helped maintain order in the black market arena? When he teased him, he would always laugh, but when he didn’t want to talk, his deep eyes looked as if they didn’t contain any light in them. 

He harbored something deep inside his heart that he wasn’t willing to share with anyone. 

Lin Yuyan stopped guessing and placed down his phone. He remembered the image of Gu Yaoyang sitting on a tree and bandaging the yellow cat’s wound. He didn’t hesitate to get up from the sofa while he grabbed the panties hidden under his shirt tightly, and sat in front of the simple drawing board. 

He thought to himself to try harder. After all, he’s only seventeen years old. Even if he couldn’t be a widely renowned painter, he could still be a small painter with some reputation. 

He painted all night and didn’t lie down and sleep until the early hours of the morning. A sketch was already drawn on the drawing paper, outlining a bright blue sky, green trees, and a handsome boy holding a cat as he sat on a tree. 

The drawing wasn’t bad this time. He wanted to let Gu Yaoyang take a look at it and show it off to him, but after he thought about it, something came to mind and he hid the sketch again. 

Forget it, it’s better not to let him see it. 

The relationship between the two wasn’t that good so he was embarrassed that he secretly drew the other. 

The next day, Lin Yuyan got awakened by the continuous ringing of his mobile phone. He was still half asleep. Thinking that he was sleeping at home, Lin Yuyan turned over and ended up falling to the ground with a thud. The pain caused him to instantly wake up. He wasn’t happy when he answered the phone and said, “What are you doing? It’s still early in the morning.”

Zhuo Hang replied with a shout, “It’s still early? It’s already eleven o clock!”

Lin Yuyan’s upper body slumped into the sofa. 

Zhuo Hang asked him, “Where have you been?” 


“Huh, Huh, what? I’m asking you where you went to fool around.”

Lin Yuyan sat upright as he stammered up a response, “Wh- who’s fooling around.” 

“Um-humph.” Zhuo Hang then said in a tone as if he already knew all about it, “I called you today and auntie picked up.” 

Back when they were small, during the holidays, they would usually use their home phone to communicate with each other and they still retained this childhood habit until now. 

Lin Yuyan blinked and thought about it. 

He didn’t return these days and lied to his auntie about going to Zhuo Hang’s house, yet he didn’t care to hide his head and tail during the time he was out. he neglected to tell Zhuo Hang to cover for him, and he frantically asked the other,  “Then, what did you say?”

“Without me saying anything she immediately opened her mouth and asked if you needed something and also if you wanted the driver to help bring it here.” Zhuo Hang replied with loyalty, “Who do you think am I? I instantly found out that something was wrong and helped clean up your mess.”

Lin Yuyan instantly breathed a sigh of relief, it shouldn’t be a problem if he went to a friend’s house to have a sleepover, but if his parents found out that he was living with Gu Yaoyang, then things would get a little difficult for him. 

His mother is okay, but his father has always been strict when it comes to the friends he makes. 

He gratefully said thank you to Zhuo Hang. 

Zhuo Hang asked him again, “Won’t you tell me where you run off to?” 

Lin Yuyan was about to say something when he remembered that the other didn’t seem to like Gu Yaoyang either. After a moment, he vaguely said that he was with a friend. 

Zhuo Hang obviously didn’t believe him, “Which friend do you have that I don’t know about?” He then smiled mysteriously as he said, “Lin Yuyan.” 


“Are you dating?” 

“How’s that possible? Don’t go around making random guesses.” Lin Yuyan breathed a sigh of relief as he went to the balcony to get his clothes. 

Zhuo Hang became sure about it and said, “That must be it! Otherwise, where are you living now? Are you living in your girlfriend’s house?” 

“Of course not!” Lin Yuyan got a little shy and said, “I- I haven’t gone to college yet, ho- how could I be dating?”

Zhuo Hang turned a deaf ear to his reply, he was sure that the other had a partner and earnestly reminded him to use protective measures. Before ending the call he said, “D*mn, the condoms he stored three years ago still haven’t been used yet.” 

Lin Yuyan couldn’t completely wash his clothes clean this time. He changed his clothes and laid down on the sofa for a while when he heard some movement in the kitchen. Hearing the noise inside, he stood by the door and peeked inside. 

Gu Yaoyang was cooking. He was following the instructions written in the recipe and the fragrant smell of the food he was making had already wafted out of the kitchen. 

Lin Yuyan gulped. Before he was even ordered, he took the initiative to run inside and help the other with the dishes. 

Half an hour later, the food arrived at the table. One meat and one vegetable dish accompanied with some moderately soft and hard fragrant rice. 

The two had nothing to talk about. Lin Yuyan thought about something for a while before deciding to tell him about Zhuo Hang’s misunderstanding. Humiliating himself to the other, he said, “I’m definitely not in a relationship, I’ve never even liked anyone.”

It was strange to say, but the people that Zhuo Hang has had a crush on could form a long queue starting back in kindergarten. Today he would like Xiao Mei sitting next to his table, and tomorrow he would like Xiao Ying at the front. Besides being interested in drawing, Lin Yuyan didn’t seem to be interested in any girls. Although they’re cute and beautiful, at most, they could only be ordinary friends. 

He had been very passive in making friends for many years because of how strict his father was, and only Zhuo Hang had a good relationship with him. Zhuo Hang knew a few people that had some collaborative business relations with his family, so they weren’t out of the circle. 

The first friend he wanted to make behind his father’s back was Gu Yaoyang. 

But in the end, he was still a bad guy, always bullying people around. 

Lin Yuyan secretly pouted. He took a piece of braised pork and tasted it. His eyes lit up and he took another piece, praising the delicious taste of the meal inside his heart, then he curiously asked, “Have you ever dated?” 

Gu Yaoyang sat opposite him and only ate a few bites of the braised pork, he didn’t seem to like meat. Gu Yaoyang casually replied, “No.” 

Lin Yuyan calmed down, it turns out that both of them were the same. He then asked the other, “Then do you have anyone you like?” 

Gu Yaoyang placed his chopsticks down before he leaned back on his chair and deeply looked at him. 

This deep look… He obviously has someone he likes! 

Lin Yuyan looked forward to it a little. Although he might not know who Gu Yaoyang likes at all, it couldn’t stop him from being curious! 

“I like you.”


Gu Yaoyang lightly said, “I like you.”

Time seemed to stand still for a moment. 

Lin Yuyan was stunned, the lump of rice he held at the tip of his chopsticks fell back into his bowl. 

“You…”  He seemed as if he believed the other. Blankly meeting Gu Yaoyang’s eyes, he remained silent, unable to say a word. 

The two fell silent at the same time, it went on until Gu Yaoyang’s fingers slightly moved when Lin Yuyan suddenly grinned at him. Imitating the other, he lifted his chin and briskly said, “Do you think you’ll fool me?!” 

After saying that, he laughed “Hahaha”. Showing a silly expression, it was as if he finally seized the opportunity to get his revenge on him. 

Gu Yaoyang waited for him to finish laughing before he stood up and raised his hand to rub Lin Yuyan’s soft hair and said, “Idiot.” 

Then he went out.

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