Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 17

Chapter 17

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Lin Yuyan’s answer didn’t seem to affect Gu Yaoyang’s mood. His reply to the other’s question seemed very casual. 

Just like how they would usually chat, he asked and the other would answer. 

But whether this was true or not, nobody would know except for Gu Yaoyang himself. He didn’t care how Lin Yuyan would perceive it and he also didn’t care if he would get a response. 

The two of them didn’t even come from the same world and that was fine by him. 

Gu Yaoyang’s phone rang a dozen times in a row as he stood under the tree downstairs. He didn’t take a look at his phone even after he finished his last cigarette. 

A few days later, Lin Yuyan hadn’t gone back home yet. Gu Yaoyang’s black T-shirt was worn by the other as he washed his own clothes. He also wore the large underwear casually, stretching the excess fabric and tying it into a knot so that it wouldn’t fall off his waist. 

He didn’t leave and Gu Yaoyang didn’t chase him away. He just switched the romance movie with a  horror movie, allowing the ghosts and the wolves inside the movie to wail all day long, making the atmosphere seem a little gloomy. 

Lin Yuyan actually hated his small courage. Sometimes he was even more of a scaredy cat than a girl; it’s no wonder why Gu Yaoyang would call him a pampered delicate Young Master. Seeing how he was huddling himself on the sofa as he shivered in fear, even he thought that Gu Yaoyang did have some truth in his insults. 

Gu Yaoyang didn’t let him watch the movie. Before the movie started, he thoughtfully handed him a pair of earplugs and told him to close his eyes and sleep. 

But Lin Yuyan wanted to work on his courage, so he decisively refused the other’s thoughtful offer. 

One could already imagine the result, Young Master Lin’s howl’s were louder than the ghosts inside the movie. 

Gu Yaoyang laughed at him while he held the remote control and increased the TV’s volume. Plugging his ears with the earplugs he offered Lin Yuyan earlier, he started to play the next episode of the series. 

The plot of this movie was tense, exciting and also slightly suspenseful. Lin Yuyan wanted to give up and go out to play with Hu Dongdong instead, but he couldn’t walk away after sneaking two glances at the movie. He hugged his legs as he rubbed Gu Yaoyang’s side, indicating to the other that he wanted to hide behind him. 

There was only so much space on the sofa. Lin Yuyan squeezed around, but couldn’t find a suitable place, so he simply laid himself on Gu Yaoyang’s back and grabbed the other’s clothes with both of his hands. 

All human beings have a common trait, they keep away from danger when they sense it, but if it is gone, they would relax their guards, even letting it all go. 

In the past few days, Gu Yaoyang’s image had already changed inside Lin Yuyan’s heart. Which was why at this moment, the safest place in this room for him was behind Gu Yaoyang. 


“Ah, ah, what’s the matter?” 

Gu Yaoyang abruptly shouted. Lin Yuyan was so scared he broke out into a cold sweat. Tugging at the other’s arms tightly, he watched the movie that had just ended, and the source of the shout, blinked, ready to flee at any given moment. 

Gu Yaoyang raised his hand, turned the TV off, got up and lightly said, “It’s alright, clear your throat.”

Lin Yuyan was stunned for a few seconds before reacting so angrily that he completely forgot his fear of the other party. He pulled Gu Yaoyang back into the sofa as if he was floundering about and started to wrestle him. 

Well, at least he thought it was a wrestle. If he ignored his pinned hands and his trapped feet, he could’ve won. 

Originally, he didn’t want to talk to Gu Yaoyang anymore, but later at night, he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. The room was dark, and there wasn’t any moonlight outside the window. When he closed his eyes, he could see those ghostly images and bloody scenes. In the end, he got up, turned the light on, ran to the bedroom door and knocked on it. 

Gu Yaoyang hadn’t slept yet, so he quickly opened the door before leaning on it and asked, “What?” 

Lin Yuyan didn’t want to admit that he was afraid, so he randomly came up with an excuse and said, “Your shout today has seriously traumatized me, making me very timid. You- you have to take responsibility for this!”

“Oh?” said Gu Yaoyang before asking him, “And how should I be responsible for this?” 

Lin Yuyan answered him, “My heart is applying to sleep in the bedroom.” 

Gu Yaoyang generously nodded, “Sure, I’ll sleep in the living room.” 

Just as he was about to leave, Lin Yuyan hurriedly grabbed his arm and said, “No, no, no, no, you have to sleep in the bedroom too.”

After thinking for a while, Lin Yuyan returned to the bedroom. He was still sleeping on the ground this time, but now he didn’t care about how hard the ground was as long as he had someone to accompany him. 

After turning the lights off, he couldn’t fall asleep. When he realized that Gu Yaoyang wasn’t sleeping either, he started a chat with him.

“Mrs. Li’s letter, have you read it?” 

Gu Yaoyang replied with a short, “No.”

Lin Yuyan said, “Didn’t you take it?”

Gu Yaoyang said, “Taking it doesn’t mean I’ll read it.” 

“Then… You aren’t going to class this semester?” 

Gu Yaoyang answered his question, “Not going to class. Aren’t you happy with this?” 

Lin Yuyan frankly said, “I’d thought so a few days ago, but now, i think you’re not that annoying anymore.”


“Yeah, but it would be better if you could tease me less. Maybe then, we can even be friends.”

Gu Yaoyang chuckled: “Then let’s not be friends.”

“You…” Lin Yuyan propped his elbows up. Pouting after hearing the other’s answer, he laid back and whispered, “You’re really..”



Lin Yuyan didn’t know which word to use to describe him. Saying all that, isn’t it obvious what he means? Sighing heavily, he turned around, letting his back face the bed. 

He really wanted to be friends with Gu Yaoyang. 

That’s what he first thought when he saw him for the first time. 

The next morning, Lin Yuyan woke up on the bed again. Gu Yaoyang wasn’t at home. At around seven eight o clock, it seemed that he received a call to go to work. 

He was doing nothing by himself, just sitting in front of the drawing board and continuing to draw the unfinished piece.

At this moment, his phone suddenly rang; it was the auntie at home who was calling him. 

She asked Lin Yuyan when he would go home because tomorrow his father had a day off and would go home for dinner. 

It seems that it’ll be impossible for him to continue living here. Lin Yuyan stood up and looked around. Except for the few pieces of drawing paper, he didn’t seem to have anything to pack. He flipped through the memo on his phone, took Gu Yaoyang’s house key and walked to the street, stopped a taxi, and went to the Bar Street.

During the day, the bar street was almost empty. Lin Yuyan went to Sister Ling’s shop based on his memories from that day. The bartender was dozing off behind the bar. Lin Yuyan was thinking about how to wake him up when the familiar elder brother woke up first.

“Yo, isn’t this the little child Fang Jie brought?”

Lin Yuyan politely greeted the other, “Hello.” Then he asked, “Is Gu Yaoyang here?” 

The bartender seemed to know that he knew Gu Yaoyang, so he picked up the phone and said, “Wait a minute, I’ll call him for you.”

Lin Yuyan nodded, found a vacant seat and sat down. The bar was so quiet, it was impossible to imagine that there would be a hidden arena below. He thought that if Gu Yaoyang stayed to work here , he might get himself in danger…

But there was no relationship between them and he couldn’t unreasonably tell him to stop working here.

A few minutes later, Gu Yaoyang came out of the elevator, still wearing professional protective bandages on his hands. He asked him what he was doing here.

Lin Yuyan smiled at him and said that he was going home before handing him his  keys.

Gu Yaoyang nodded, without any intention of holding him back. His attitude was still cold and indifferent, he didn’t even say goodbye to him. 

On the other hand, Lin Yuyan was carrying a small delicate box in his hand. When he came over, he asked the driver to go around and go to the largest shopping mall nearby. The driver said that it was the largest mall around, but it wasn’t that big. Fortunately the item he wanted to buy wasn’t anything special, and was also easy to find. 

He handed it to Gu Yaoyang and said, “This is for you.” 

Gu Yaoyang didn’t answer him, instead, he looked at him suspiciously. 

Lin Yuyan had no choice but to open it for him and asked, “Is it your birthday today?” 

Gu Yaoyang was stunned and remained silent. 

Lin Yuyan was used to this and said, “If it’s early, I’ll give this in advance, and if it’s late, then count it as me making it up.”

He took out a dark blue diamond earring from the box. Afraid that Gu Yaoyang didn’t know how he knew, he explained, “When you asked me to go back with Fang Jie that day, I accidently heard Sister Ling mention it.” 

“She didn’t say the specific date, so I’ll just give it to you today.” It should be a few days before or after. Lin Yuyan held the earring up, but Gu Yaoyang frowned and didn’t receive it.

“You, don’t think that it’s too valuable.” Lin Yuyan said before continuing, “This isn’t expensive, it should be made out of artificial diamonds and I earned the money to buy this myself.”

Gu Yaoyang looked down at him: “You earned the money?”

Lin Yuyan answered him, “Don’t underestimate me, many competitions organized in school have prize money and I’m not particularly bad at them, okay?” Gu Yaoyang had no intention of accepting it, so Lin Yuyan tentatively raised his hands and touched his left ear.

Seeing how the other didn’t evade him, he took off the pin sticking in his ear and stood on his tiptoes slightly, helping the other wear the new earring he bought. 

“Why give me a gift?” 

Lin Yuyan stared at him, thinking to himself how it’s really suitable for him; it was shining in the sun and was very dazzling.

He grinned again: “Do you need a reason?”

“Why don’t you need a reason? You aren’t…”

Before he finished speaking, Lin Yuyan took the lead and triumphantly said, “I don’t think you need one.”

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