Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 39

Chapter 39

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Lin Yuyan listened to him in a daze. The corners of his shirt were wrinkled because he pulled and twisted them as he listened to Gu Yaoyang. Gu Yaoyang stubbed out his cigarette and abruptly said, “Okay, let’s get started.” 

“Get- Get started?” 

‘Start what?’

“You want to back off now?” Gu Yaoyang raised the corners of his mouth as he leaned forward and continued, “You’re dangling like this on my bed, dressed like that, do you think I’m dead and unfeeling?” 

Lin Yuyan was then squeezed into the corner of the bed. His Adam’s apple rolled up and down a few times as his hands kept covering his key parts in embarrassment. He blinked his big clear eyes, making him look very nervous. 

Gu Yaoyang thought he would back off when he figured it out, but who would’ve thought he would take the initiative and hook his arms around his neck after staying silent for a while, and ask in a low voice, “What? Why aren’t you starting?” 


Lin Yuyan seemed to know that he wanted to ask something, so he rushed to speak first, “Our relationship is that of lovers, so isn’t it normal for us to do this kind of thing? I admit that my initial intention just then wasn’t good, but since I could think of this method, it means that I really want to do this with you. I like you… I’m willing to go to bed with you… To sleep with you.” He stammered as he explained himself. “I didn’t do this to tie you to me, or to threaten you to take responsibility. I just want to be your most intimate person through it…” 

“Because, I thought that if I do this, you won’t get stolen away by other people. But when I think about it carefully, you are right.” Lin Yuyan continued to mutter, “You can’t really guarantee anything just by doing intimate things together. The most important thing is to trust each other.”

He leaned against Gu Yaoyang’s forehead and sincerely apologized, “I’m sorry I didn’t trust you enough, and that I couldn’t even trust myself enough-?”

Before his words fell, the world seemed to spin around for a while, and before he even realized it, Gu Yaoyang had already pressed him down and blocked his mouth. He was so sudden every time he did this, and Lin Yuyan would be so shocked he couldn’t respond in time. Additionally, his clothes today were a bit special. He was almost naked, with his shirt barely covering his private parts. A flick of the wrist was all it took to see nearly all his private parts. He wondered how Gu Yaoyang’s hand looks now. They’re thick and rough, and they’re currently rubbing his waistline back and forth. 

Lin Yuyan had delicate skin and tender muscles, he couldn’t stand this stimulation at all, and he was afraid of pain and getting tickled, so he hid as he laughed with tears in his eyes. He tried to crawl away but got dragged back before Gu Yaoyang continued to bully him. He giggled as he begged for mercy and grabbed onto Gu Yaoyang’s shoulders. Before he could stop laughing, Gu Yaoyang kissed the corners of his mouth, and he responded eagerly to the kiss. 

This was all planned. Lin Yuyan seemed to have forgotten what he was there for until he slowly raised his head from Gu Yaoyang’s sports pajamas and widened his eyes as if he was facing a dangerous enemy as he came to a realization. 

He wasn’t ready at all. He only climbed his boyfriend’s bed on impulse. 

Gu Yaoyang knew this would be the result. He had a belly full of evil tricks, and now, it was getting worse. He bit his neck in retaliation, and the movement of his hands was getting bolder. It slid all the way down to his waistline, sometimes grazing lightly, and other times it purposely rubbed him heavily and tickled his itch. 

Lin Yuyan was like a fish on a chopping board. He couldn’t hide, but he couldn’t give a proper response. His eyes were red, and his voice was trembling. He wanted to reach his hand out and cover his face, but Gu Yaoyang was a step further than him and took the lead.

“You…” Lin Yuyan immediately flinched. Gu Yaoyang raised his head from his red-stained neck and looked at him with half-lidded eyes. He asked with the corners of his mouth curled up, “What? Am I doing something wrong?” 

His tone wasn’t any different from the one he would usually use when he talks, except this time, his voice was hoarse and rough. It was like he was lazily playing with something in his hands. 

Lin Yuyan usually couldn’t even bear a kiss, let alone being held in his warm hands that also roamed freely on his body. 

He felt like he had become the lighter lying on the cabinet. Trapped in Gu Yaoyang’s hands, allowing him to open and close him up, slowly rolling the pulley at will, but wouldn’t light him up. All his thoughts were forcefully pulled away from him, and he kept on ‘whimpering’ without knowing exactly what he was talking about. Gu Yaoyang ignored him and kept placing pressure on him. His body was like a closed box. He felt his airflow constantly expanding and rolling inside him, and when it was about to rush to the peak and burst, there was a ‘click’.

It came to an abrupt end. 

Lin Yuyan slowly opened his eyes. Gu Yaoyang had already stood up with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, and he had just finished lighting it up. 

He was smoking a bit frequently tonight, it was as if he was deliberately suppressing something. 

“You… Where are you going?” Lin Yuyan asked. He looked embarrassed. The shirt hanging onto his body was a mess, and a certain place was still holding on. 

Gu Yaoyang admired him condescendingly for a while before answering with a smile, “To the bathroom.”

Lin Yuyan was at a loss, “What are you going to do in the bathroom?”

Gu Yaoyang raised his eyebrows and held up his five fingers as he answered, “I will solve this myself, obviously.”

“Then what about me?” Lin Yuyan hadn’t come yet, he was still stuck in the middle. 

Gu Yaoyang chuckled and said, “You’re holding back.”

Lin Yuyan was shocked, “What? Why?!” 

Gu Yaoyang answered, “You came here to seduce me before you were even ready.”


“You dare to deny that?” 

“But… This…” Lin Yuyan didn’t expect Gu Yaoyang to wait for him. He immediately felt himself getting dizzy with anger and said, “Even if I’m not ready, you could still f*ck me!” After saying that, he threw a pillow at him to express his vexation. 

Gu Yaoyang easily dodged the pillow. He waved his hands with a smile and politely said, “Not today, come back another day.” 

“There’s no other day, you big b*stard!” Lin Yuyan jumped out of bed and went back to his room. He was secretly complaining inside his heart, they had already reached this point, but he had pissed him off again. It was just too much! He looked down at the wimpy little thing and suddenly remembered what he had just said earlier. His face flushed as he collapsed onto his bed. 

He wanted to close his eyes and sleep, but he couldn’t fall asleep immediately. He idly flipped through his phone and softly sighed when he saw the date written on his screen. 

Ten minutes later, Gu Yaoyang came out of the bathroom. He glanced at the door opposite to his, thinking that a certain idiot is probably feeling very angry right now. 

Although his behavior just now was a bit outrageous, if he didn’t stop in time, he would probably be unable to control himself. They say that the first time would be very painful, especially between men, and there would be a risk of tearing since they don’t have any lube. 

Lin Yuyan was afraid of pain, and Gu Yaoyang was afraid of him being in pain. 

He casually closed the door and thought that he would make him happy tomorrow when he heard Lin Yuyan knocking on his door again. 

He changed into a neat set of pajamas that covered himself tightly. His hair was still disheveled though, and the blush on his face hadn’t faded. 

Gu Yaoyang asked, “What’s wrong?” 

Lin Yuyan hugged his pillow and seriously said, “Shouldn’t you apologize to me?”

Gu Yaoyang asked, “Why?” 

“You’re asking why? Don’t you think your behavior just now was too much? Although I know you’re probably afraid… Afraid that I won’t be able to bear it until the end, but- You shouldn’t have left me hanging! What if it doesn’t work in the future?!”


“You’re still laughing?!”

“Okay, okay. Won’t laugh.” Gu Yaoyang noticed that there was something wrong with his expression. He stretched his hands to hold him in his arms and apologized in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I was wrong. Won’t you forgive me?” 

Lin Yuyan was silent for a few seconds before answering, “Okay.” He hugged him tightly as he lay on his arms and sullenly said, “I- I want to sleep with you tonight.” 


“I’m starting school soon.” 


“I… I don’t want to go.” 

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