Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 40

Chapter 40

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Even though he said he didn’t want to go, when the day comes, he still has to leave eventually. 

On the day of his departure, Gu Yaoyang wanted to go to the airport to see him off, but Lin Yuyan pushed him out of the door as soon as he opened his eyes, telling him to train hard and not waste time because of trivial things. He also assured him that he was only going back to school and would come over during winter vacation, so there was no need to make his departure so grand. 

Gu Yaoyang stood at the door and asked, “Are you sure you don’t need me to send you off?” 

Lin Yuyan answered with a smile, “No, really, I can come here by myself, so why can’t I leave on my own?” 

He looked very natural as he said that. He was obviously holding onto Gu Yaoyang two days ago and kept on chattering, saying that he didn’t want to leave. In the end, when he was really about to leave, he was uncharacteristically happy, wishing he could immediately board the plane in the next second. 

Gu Yaoyang watched his shifty eyes, nodding before saying, “Call me when you arrive at the airport.” 

Lin Yuyan responded, “Okay. Lets go now, you’re going to be late for training.” 

Lin Yuyan waited until he was completely out of sight before letting out a long breath of relief and went back to his room to pack his luggage. 

It was past nine o’clock in the morning, and there were still a few hours left before takeoff. The airport wasn’t too far from the dormitory, and there was still some time before he had to go. 

Lin Yuyan walked around the room, humming a song in a rare manner. The tone of his humming changed a little before he hurriedly stopped and slowed down. He ran downstairs with his head up again, looking through the refrigerator, and saw that there was nothing inside before running outside with his wallet. 

He had to find something to do or else he was going to cry. 

He knew he was useless, so he didn’t dare let Gu Yaoyang send him off. 

There was no one in the supermarket. Lin Yuyan pushed his cart around several times and bought some vegetables, not daring to buy anymore because he was afraid that Gu Yaoyang wouldn’t eat them. 

After they got together, Lin Yuyan found out that Gu Yaoyang had a little unruly problem. He would never eat when he was alone. If the club is in charge of the meal, he would just eat something casually. It seems that eating is a troublesome thing for him. He’d just eat a bit and call it a day, it was enough as long as he doesn’t starve to death. 

Although he slacked off and turned into a professional player, Mr. Zeng arranged for the best management team he could find to take care of his diet. But occasionally, in those few days when he returned home early, Lin Yuyan would also happen to be busy with his teacher’s art exhibition, and he would skip his meals two times in a row without even opening the kitchen door. 

Not only did he not like to eat, but he also slept very lightly. He would always wake up if there was a little noise. He didn’t know this before, but he only vaguely noticed it after sleeping together these past few days. He would cuddle him all night without closing his eyes, and there would be faint dark circles under his eyes the next day. 

“Excuse me, sir?” Someone suddenly patted him on the shoulder. 

Lin Yuyan turned around and saw a shopping guide with curly hair standing behind him, looking at him sympathetically, handing him a pack of tissues, and softly said, “Although I don’t know what’s troubling you, please believe that everything will be fine eventually. I will pray for you and wish you all the best.” 

Lin Yuyan blinked, he was about to ask what was wrong when he suddenly noticed that the back of his hands was slightly wet. He glanced at it and quickly picked up his phone to look at his reflection. It turned out he was wiping tears from his eyes? 

Him- When did he cry? Lin Yuyan took the tissue from the shopping guide in embarrassment and said, “Thank you.” He thought to himself that luckily he drove Gu Yaoyang away earlier, otherwise he would definitely get laughed at to death. 

He didn’t want to cry, but he really… didn’t want to go. 

Once the emotions came up, it was difficult to put them under control again. He had endured it for several days by now. At this moment, he paid the bill and found a place with no one around to sit for a while. The more he thought about it, the more sad he felt. 

“What did you buy?” At this moment, somebody opened his shopping bag after they sat on the steps next to him, igniting the lighter in their hand. 

Lin Yuyan raised his head before quickly wiping his eyes. He whispered in a nasally voice, “Why are you here?”

Gu Yaoyang didn’t go to training. He discreetly followed him, watched him shed tears for no apparent reason, watched as he listlessly bought things all over the supermarket, useful and useless things. He bought two bags filled with items from the supermarket, and at one point he almost threw a bag of women’s products into the bag. 

Without answering his question, he dug out a box of fruit candies from the bag and asked, “What are you buying this for?” 

“To help you quit smoking.” Lin Yuyan said, “Smoking is harmful to your health.” 

Gu Yaoyang smiled. He found a bottle of essential oil from his bag and asked, “What about this?” 

Lin Yuyan answered with red eyes, “To help you sleep. You could put a little on your temples when you sleep. You’re a light sleeper, so you need to adjust quickly. I don’t want to sleep separately when we live together in the future. 

Gu Yaoyang rubbed his hair and found another little item in the bag. This thing is a bit unique, it’s a small human doll with a yellow sun hat and a small school bag on it, “This?” 

Lin Yuyan hesitated for a while, his face was a little red as he took the doll with a dry cough. He took a pack of sticky notes and a pen from the shopping bag, and wrote a couple of words before pasting it on the puppet’s head. 

“This is Lin Yuyan. You have to put him next to your pillow and hug him to sleep every day.”

Gu Yaoyang compared the looks of the two, and said in a gentle voice, “They look similar.”

Of course they do. Lin Yuyan deliberately chose a black-haired one, and then hummed, “Do you think I’m being immature?”

Gu Yaoyang answered, “No.” He looked at the doll for a while before raising his hand to hold the doll in his arms. He asked in a deep voice, “Are you coming back?” 

 “Of course I will.” Lin Yuyan gasped for breath and pressed his chin on Gu Yaoyang’s shoulder. He hugged him too tightly, as if he wanted to fuse the person in his arms into his bones so they wouldn’t separate. 

Although he only said a few words, Lin Yuyan could still hear the strong reluctance in his voice. He was instantly at a loss, not knowing what to say. Gu Yaoyang had never shown such strong feelings in front of him, whether it was a confession or finally agreeing to be with him, they were all flat, and his occasional teasing was also cynical. 

 He knew that Gu Yaoyang liked him, but he didn’t know that Gu Yaoyang liked him that much.

“I… I will come back. I will definitely come back.” Lin Yuyan hurriedly comforted him. 

Gu Yaoyang said: “You can’t lie to me.”

“I- I swear.”

“There’s no need to swear as long as you come back.”

Lin Yuyan didn’t know why he was so fixated on this. They’ll only separate for a short while, although they were reluctant, it was not a permanent farewell. He wanted to make a joke and relax the atmosphere, but Gu Yaoyang hugged him tighter, so he solemnly said, “Okay.” 

The two sat for a while before they each stood up with a bag in hand. Lin Yuyan stepped down the stairs first. After he took a few more steps, Gu Yaoyang stopped him. 

 Standing in front of the abandoned building near the supermarket, he flatly said, “Lin Yuyan.”


“Why is it that when you are only one meter away from me…” 

“I started to miss you.”

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