Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 43

Chapter 43

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The players who participated in the pre-match WCE training broke through three digits, which is much more than the previous years. They are all fighting professionals from all over the world. They needed to pass a short one-month period to earn a place in the advanced competition and to compete in the finals. 

There are only thirty spots, and the competition is extremely fierce. 

The three players recommended by Light3 are Meng Hu, Cole, and Gu Yaoyang.

The locker room was full of people from many parts of the world, and none of them looked kind. Meng Hu pulled Cole to hide in the corner. Looking at the young man  leaning at the wall not far away from them with his eyes closed, he said, “Hey, have you noticed that there’s something wrong with G?” 

Cole is usually rowdy and unafraid of anyone, but now he is hugging his shoulders and shivering as he answered Meng Hu’s question, “Yeah. He seems different after he came back from your country. He looks scary. I really want to change dorms.” 

The three of them lived together in the same dorm. Meng Hu  agreed, “Sure, let’s change together.” 

He glanced at Gu Yaoyang’s sports backpack lying on the chair. There’s a conspicuous human doll hanging on the keychain, which doesn’t match his cold temperament and the environment around him. It was particularly eye-catching. 

“Oh please,” Meng Hu saw a burly contestant walking toward Gu Yaoyang, he silently said, “Please, don’t provoke him.” 

But some people just like to find trouble. They casually tore the doll off the bag and sneered, “Does your mom still wean you? Little boy.” 

Gu Yaoyang lifted his eyelids and glanced at him, but he didn’t make a sound. 

The person standing in front of him thought he was scared. He vigorously raised his middle finger as Meng Hu covered his eyes and asked, “Who is this short-sighted person?” 

Cole flipped through the files before answering, “The last runner-up, Chris. He has great pain resistance and extremely fast speed. It’s said that he has won 30 games in a row, and his results are the same as G. There’s going to be a match between them tomorrow.” 

Fighting competitions don’t shy away from pre-match provocations, and many organizations will encourage this kind of behavior. After all, the more anger they felt the stronger they’ll be. Their fighting spirit will be aroused in the field, and they could display their capabilities. 

“I’m a little worried.” Cole softened after being influenced by Mr. Zeng. “Worried about G? You should be worried that he might as well buy a bouquet of flowers in advance and prepare them for Chris who’s about to lie down injured on a stretcher- Dont!” Meng Hu growled in a low voice as he stretched out his hands in grief to prevent somebody from doing something stupid. Cole looked up just in time to see Chris unceremoniously tearing off the doll’s head from its body. 

“Ugh!” After a loud crash, the iron cabinet in the dressing room immediately collapsed to the ground. Chris spat out two white teeth as his face twitched after he fell onto the rusty and sunken iron door. 

The doll on the ground has been split into two. Gu Yaoyang bent down to pick it up, his face still expressionless. 

He became silent for a while. He wanted to throw the useless doll away, but inside the small schoolbag hanging on the doll’s body, he found a note dense with words written on it. It was small and crowded the empty spaces on the paper. 

“Did you expect me to hide a little letter here? Let me guess, you must be missing me very much right now, right? Don’t worry, I’ll return soon. I know that you’re a great person, but there’s a small coward hidden inside your heart. But you have to believe me when I say that I really, really like you. You’re the first person I fell in love with and you’ll be my last. So don’t be afraid. No matter what, I will always come back to you! And I want to remind you… No smoking,  no drinking, and stay safe. I want to live a long prosperous life with you. This isn’t a lie.” 

Gu Yaoyang silently read the paper, and after he read it twice, he raised the corners of his mouth after a while before connecting the doll’s head. 

Time passed quickly. After the preliminaries, Gu Yaoyang successfully got the promotion spot. Meng Hu and Cole were not strong enough, so they went back home and squatted in the club all day to watch the game with everyone else.

Today is the last match of the final rounds.  Gu Yaoyang performed brilliantly and has never lost since the promotion.

One of the players commented, “I suspect that G didn’t go all out with us.”

Another player added, “I think so too. He only took 18 seconds to KO Chris, the last runner-up. He could’ve picked me up with one finger, but he actually knocked me down with only one punch. I even doubt Chris is acting!” 

“It couldn’t have been an act. G directly knocked out Chris’s life, and it’s practically a direct KO.” 

“I watched the replay, and that deadly high sweep is way too powerful. Have G ever fought us seriously?”

 “I’ve never seen such a solid flip-spinning kick, and Chris’s newly inlaid gold tooth got kicked out again.” 

The black lady also joined them, “Don’t you think the bandages on G’s upper body look very hot? Oh my god, I really want to be embraced by him. Those steel-like arms would trap me tightly against his body. It would leave me breathless.” 

Meng Hu replied, “Give it up, don’t forget that he already has his Xiao Yan.” 

The black lady was just casually making a joke, she asked, “Is Lin busy with his studies? The last time G came back to rest, why didn’t he come over and see him? And he didn’t come to the game to cheer him on either.” 

Meng Hu answered, “I don’t know. He seems to have changed his phone number. I couldn’t contact him.” 

The black lady asked, “G didn’t get dumped, did he?” 

Meng Hu replied, “He shouldn’t have?” 

“How is that possible? G stood at the door of the club alone several times as if he was waiting for somebody to appear. He looked very sad.”

“Ahhhhh! G——won again!”

The club broke out into a burst of cheers as Gu Yaoyang ended the 

competition in NASCAR and won the championship of the 18th WCE.

At this time, he and Lin Yuyan had been separated for half a year.

 After the match, various invitational tournaments were sent to him one after another as the media at home and abroad squeezed onto Light3’s gates. Since the promotion match, Gu Yaoyang has become the focus of heated discussions in the circle. Winning the championship has made him one of the most dazzling boxing stars in one fell swoop. He is the youngest and lightest champion in history.

The blue diamond earring on his ear was covered in sweat, attracting countless people’s attention. 

Mr. Zeng has been sitting in the club for interviews these days, and his manager was also rushing to go. The health assistant brought a nutritious meal for him but he couldn’t find the champion. He ran to the front desk and asked the black lady, but the black lady merely shrugged and said that she wasn’t sure either. 

Mostine has a rare few months of good weather. In these times, there would be no snow, and it was warm with fresh blooming flowers. Gu Yaoyang was wearing blue and white sportswear. He was leaning against the back door of the club, and was on a call with sister Ling, “Did you find it?”

Sister Ling answered, “No, he never went to school. He went to your teacher Li and said he’s transferring.”

 “He transferred from high school?” Gu Yaoyang took a piece of fruit candy from his pocket and threw it into his mouth. It smelled like orange, and like the shower gel on a certain someone’s body. 

Sister Ling said, “Yeah, but I’ve asked all the high schools in Lonzhous for you, but there’s no information about him at all.” 

Gu Yaoyang asked, “What about travel records?” 

Sister Ling replied, “I checked it a few days ago, he should still be in China.” She then continued to say, “Do you really think my hands and eyes could reach the whole country? I’m just a bar owner, and the kid’s dad isn’t a good person. If he wants to hide him, you might not be able to find him even if you searched the entire country.” 


“Huh?” Sister Ling asked, “What do you want to do? You can’t just wait like this forever.”

Gu Yaoyang lowered his eyes and responded, “He told me to wait for him.”

Nobody knows how long the wait will be. It may be a year or two, or it might be eight or ten years. Gu Yaoyang doesn’t care about time, he just wished to get some news about Lin Yuyan, and hoped he will be safe. It’s just that he wasn’t able to get through his phone, and now it has become an empty number. 

A month later, he went to NASCAR to participate in an invitational competition. Every circle is basically the same, they have their own superstars and their economic chains. As a professional player, Gu Yaoyang has gradually gotten on the right track.

The manager sat in the co-pilot seat as he flipped through the game records in his hand and asked, “If we’re not short on money, we should take a break for a while. Although you didn’t suffer any injury, frequent competitions will reduce your physical fitness.”

Gu Yaoyang was leaning at the armrest of his seat with one hand. He looked through the window and flatly replied, “No need.”

Shao Zheng drove the car and glanced at Gu Yaoyang through the rearview mirror. They had just got off the plane, had a week of rest, and were about to rush to the next city. Gu Yaoyang had been more silent these days. He would sarcastically say something to him when he was happy, but since then, he has basically kept silent except for official business. 

He vaguely knew what happened, but Gu Yaoyang didn’t say anything, and he didn’t want to wildly guess what was wrong. He just hoped the person he was waiting for would quickly return. The people who killed his parents and hurt him were all dead, and he managed to escape the past. Now he’s only waiting to open the bright new future ahead of him. 

Shao Zheng parked the car at the door of Gu Yaoyang’s dormitory and was just about to go down to help him with his luggage when he heard the door behind him slam open. Gu Yaoyang slowly stumbled out of the car and his eyes turned red. 

A person was standing at the door of the dormitory, wearing a white crew-neck sweater, peeking through the window furtively to look inside. He seemed to have heard their footsteps and was startled for a few seconds before turning his head slowly.

It was Lin Yuyan, who he hadn’t seen for a very long time. 

He had obviously lost a lot of weight. When he saw Gu Yaoyang, he wanted to show his long-lost smile, but when he met his gaze, he couldn’t help curling his lips. He wanted to step forward to wipe the red corners of his eyes, but he stretched his hands out and pulled him into his arms to tightly embrace him. 

 “Where have you been?” Gu Yaoyang asked hoarsely.

Lin Yuyan didn’t answer his question, but whispered, “Sorry, I’m late.”

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