Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 44

Chapter 44

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Apart from apologizing, Lin Yuyan didn’t say a word about what happened in the past six months. He didn’t seem to want to say anything about it, so Gu Yaoyang didn’t ask further. Although he’s trying his best, Lin Yuyan’s condition doesn’t look good. His body is incredibly skinny. He didn’t weigh much initially, but now he felt a lot more skinnier when they hugged. 

What the hell happened to him? 

Gu Yaoyang leaned against the bathroom door, slightly frowning when he heard the sound of splashing water. The national exams are over n ow, had he chosen a school yet? When the time comes, will Lin Zhiyuan agree to their relationship? 

But if he did agree, Lin Yuyan wouldn’t have run over immediately and would’ve called him to tell him he was safe. During this period, he has been asking sister Ling to help find Lin Yuyan’s whereabouts. If father Lin really did let him go, it’s impossible for sister Ling’s connection to not find him. 

As he was thinking, there was a muffled noise in the bathroom. Gu Yaoyang hurried in and saw Lin Yuyan lying on the ground, moaning in pain.

He wanted to hug him immediately, but he accidentally saw a conspicuous scar on Lin Yuyan’s right leg. Lin Yuyan didn’t expect him to come in so soon, and hurriedly pulled a bath towel to cover it up, but Gu Yaoyang had already seen the scar and was shocked in place. 

 Lin Yuyan took advantage of his momentary daze and hurriedly got himself up and put his clothes on. He smiled awkwardly and said, “My foot, it just slipped.” 

He fell heavily earlier, so Lin  Yuyan limped as he wiped his hair with a towel when he suddenly got carried to the bedroom by Gu Yaoyang, who gently placed him on the bed. 

“How did you get hurt?” Gu Yaoyang squatted beside the bed and rolled up his trouser. He’s currently at a closer distance, so he can now see the scar more clearly.

It’s a little bit under his knee, and it’s about seven to eight centimeters long. There are still some severe bruises around the scar. Although it looks fine now, with how the scars were carved into his body, he could only imagine the tragedy that happened before Lin Yuyan arrived. 

Gu Yaoyang frowned and rolled up his left trouser. The left side looked clean and fine.

“How did you get hurt?” He asked again. Lin Yuyan wanted to hide it, but now he couldn’t hide it any longer. He smiled lightly and raised his hand to caress Gu Yaoyang’s brow, trying to smooth it out for him, but he furrowed his brows too deeply, so he stretched his fingers slightly forward. It looked like it’ll get pinched off if he doesn’t stop soon. 

 “There was a small car accident.”

“A car accident?” Gu Yaoyang’s voice became hoarse again as if he had smoked two packs of cigarettes in a row. He couldn’t even speak clearly. 

Lin Yuyan initially repressed his emotions well, but when he heard his tone, he began to feel sad again. His throat choked up, making him swallow several times, but he still couldn’t say a word. 

Gu Yaoyang asked in a daze, “Are… they coming back to find me?” 

Lin Yuyan answered, “No, this has nothing to do with you.” He was afraid that Gu Yaoyang would start to blame himself. so he hurriedly hugged him and kissed the corners of his eyes before continuing, “It’s because of my family’s matters.”

In all the years Lin Yuyan has lived, he has never experienced a single storm. In his opinion, his life is perfect. He has loving parents, and the person he likes also liked him. Although there may be some obstacles in their relationship. He felt that his parents were reasonable people, as long as he could nicely tell them, they would eventually agree. 

That night, he was sent back to his villa on the outskirts of the city by Lin Zhiyuan, and his mother always stayed by his side. He kept telling his mother how he felt when he fell in love, hoping that his mother could empathize with him and help him to resolve the predicament. 

He thought that his mother’s words would be helpful, and as long as he can get his mother on his side, he will have no problem dissuading his father. But he didn’t expect that he would be stuck at home for the whole winter break, and his father cut off all his contact methods. He couldn’t even contact Zhuo Hang. But it doesn’t matter, as long as there’s a chance, he will work harder to be with Gu Yaoyang. He wants to get his parent’s blessings and take Gu Yaoyang home when they agree. 

That day, he wanted to talk to his mother again, but when he went downstairs, he heard his parents fiercely arguing.  Lin Yuyan had never seen such a scene before. He hurried over to them but heard a piece of information he couldn’t accept. 

 Lin Zhiyuan and Xu Jinglan divorced a long time ago. They’ve only been putting up a front for him, saying that they’re afraid he’ll be sad and that it’s for his own good. 

“And then?” Gu Yaoyang leaned on the bed, and Lin Yuyan leaned on his arms, he sullenly continued, “I was very sad then. I saw that the gates were open, so I ran out alone and accidentally got into a car accident.” 

 Gu Yaoyang kissed the top of his head, and said in a deep voice: “Does it hurt?”

 Lin Yuyan aggrievedly replied as he hugged him tightly, “It hurts to death.” 

Gu Yaoyang gently coaxed him before asking again, “So you’ve been in the hospital this whole time?” 


“What about the exam?”

Lin Yuyan answered, “Didn’t take it.” He sat up and sadly said, “Even if I took the exam, father wouldn’t allow me to apply for art school. He never considered my feelings. Even when I was uncomfortably lying in the hospital, he still didn’t agree with us being together. My mother also left, she felt sorry for me but I don’t blame her at all. I can understand that she and her father have been separated for many years and have no feelings for each other. I hoped that she could spend more time with me, but she just left.” 

Lin Yuyan became sad as he spoke, tears uncontrollably falling from his red eyes. 

Gu Yaoyang wiped them off for him before holding him in his arms again. Lin Yuyan choked up and said, “I’m sorry, I’ve worked hard for so long, but I still can’t get them to accept it. Do you think… I’m useless.”

Gu Yaoyang said, “No.” 

Lin Yuyan said, “I missed you so much. I wanted to see you as soon as possible every day, and I know you went back to find me. I was afraid that you will be worried, that you will be sad. I never compromised with my father, never thought of giving up on you either.” 

He seems to know what Gu Yaoyang has been worrying about all this time, crying to comfort him not to be afraid, to not be worried. He came back, and he will not leave him again. 

Lin Yuyan wanted to act a little bit stronger, to be stronger, but he eventually returned to the embrace he hadn’t felt for a very long time. He wanted to vent all the grievances he had suffered for the past half year, trembling and unable to stop himself from sobbing. His eyes became swollen from crying. 

Gu Yaoyang stood up and went to fetch a warm towel. Lin Yuyan chased him to the bathroom like an idiot. He had no choice but to pick him up and place him on the sink, letting him sit there. 

“Then how did you come back?”

Lin Yuyan raised his face, allowing Gu Yaoyang to wipe his face with a warm towel as he answered his question, “Zhuo Hang helped me. He has a cousin who happened to be working in that hospital. I sneaked over to see him while my father was away. He stole all my documents for me, then I ran back when I was discharged from the hospital.” Gu Yaoyang nodded and wiped him with the towel. He carried him back to the bedroom once he finished cleaning his face. 

Lin Yuyan had enough of crying and rolled around on the bed in embarrassment. Just as he was about to drag Gu Yaoyang to sleep, he suddenly saw a sports backpack on the chair next to the bed, with the doll he gave him hanging on the bag, and his heart skipped a beat. Feeling happy inside, he ran over to take a look at it.  

When he took a closer look, he saw that the doll was slightly deformed. It had a crooked neck with rough stitching around it. He took another look and confirmed that it didn’t look like that when he bought it, he asked in shock, “Why is my neck broken?”

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