Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 47

Chapter 47

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Lin Yuyan realized from this moment that he and Gu Yaoyang had a significant gap. Leaving aside their family backgrounds, they were both living independently, but he was the one who couldn’t match up.

“Teacher,” he shifted his gaze to the canvas, pointing to the area he had just drawn, and asked, “How should I handle the colors here to make them appear shinier? He couldn’t waste any more time pondering aimlessly. He needed to catch up with Gu Yaoyang’s footsteps as soon as possible and plan their future together.”

WCE organized an extraordinary international fighting weekend every year, similar to the NBA’s All-Star Weekend. Compared to the usual intense competitions, this event was considerably more relaxed. Gu Yaoyang had been invited to participate, presenting himself as a complete newcomer. Countless long-established martial arts stars were eagerly waiting to spar with him, making it much more challenging than formal matches. This competition could be the start of his ascent to another peak.

The flight was scheduled for 10 o’clock tonight.

While Lin Yuyan helped him pack, he browsed the participant list on his phone. When he saw a familiar name, he asked, “Is Chris the one who lost to you in the finals?”

“Yes,” Gu Yaoyang came out of the bathroom and handed him a toiletry bag.

With the suitcase neatly arranged, Lin Yuyan placed the toiletry bag in a designated compartment. “I watched the replay of that match. It seemed like it ended before it even started.”

Gu Yaoyang nodded seriously, looking very professional as he analyzed, “Actually, Chris is very formidable. Whether it’s endurance or defense and evasion, they’re almost perfect. He has KO’d opponents 25 times and submitted them 8 times. He excels in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, making him one of the top fighters in mixed martial arts.”

Mixed martial arts were different from boxing; the more fighting skills one possessed and mastered, the more invincible they could be.

Lin Yuyan, seemingly understanding, asked, “So why did he lose to you?”

“Do you want to know?” Gu Yaoyang raised an eyebrow and crouched in front of him, leaning on the suitcase.

Lin Yuyan made a sound of agreement. He wanted to learn more about Gu Yaoyang’s world to ensure they always had topics to discuss and that he wouldn’t be left in the dark.

“You need to kiss me first.”

Lin Yuyan grinned, propped up his folded clothes with both hands, and kissed Gu Yaoyang on the cheek.

Gu Yaoyang wasn’t satisfied and pointed at the corner of his mouth, saying, “Here.”

Lin Yuyan obediently gave him another light peck.

Gu Yaoyang was still dissatisfied. “Isn’t this too perfunctory?”

Lin Yuyan asked, “Why do you need so many kisses?”

Gu Yaoyang said, “This falls under trade secrets. You should know that a WCE champion’s worth is well over a million. Sharing this information would be like revealing my weaknesses. If you want to know, you’ll have to pay a higher fee.”

Is that so?

Lin Yuyan was understanding and wrapped his arms around him, half kneeling in the trunk. He gently pried open his teeth. His kissing skills had improved a lot, although he was still somewhat awkward. At least now he could keep up with Gu Yaoyang’s rhythm, sucking on his teeth, teasing his tongue. After a while, he felt it was enough and was then seized by Gu Yaoyang by the back of his head, who took the lead. 

After about fifteen minutes, Lin Yuyan paid his dues. His mouth had been thoroughly cleansed, with drool hanging at the corner of his mouth. He panted lightly and asked, “Can we talk now?” 

Gu Yaoyang nodded, appearing genuinely concerned about anyone overhearing. He leaned in close to Lin Yuyan’s ear and whispered, “I can tell you, but you must promise to keep it a secret.” 

Lin Yuyan was swept up in the atmosphere and began to feel nervous too. He nodded solemnly, saying, “I swear.”

Lin Yuyan was understanding and nodded solemnly, “I swear.”

“I’m strong.”


Gu Yaoyang repeated, “Because I’m strong, that’s why Chris lost to me.”

Lin Yuyan blinked, “That’s it?”

Gu Yaoyang stood up and retreated to the door, smirking, “That’s it.”

“Nothing else?”


“You!” Lin Yuyan immediately jumped up, pointing at him with trembling lips. He couldn’t guard against Gu Yaoyang’s teasing every time, and even after actively kissing him for so long, his mouth was nearly swollen. Yet, he received such an answer?

Gu Yaoyang deliberately teased him, and childishly made a funny face at him. Lin Yuyan often didn’t want to engage with him, but when he saw his provocative demeanor, he couldn’t help himself. Crossing over the luggage, he rushed towards him, saying, “Don’t run!” 

Not running would be strange. Gu Yaoyang turned around and headed downstairs, making sure he couldn’t even touch his clothes. 

The two of them had played this chasing game countless times, and every time, Lin Yuyan was led by the nose. He felt frustrated, but in terms of pure physical stamina, he could never be Gu Yaoyang’s match. Running around the kitchen and dining room in circles, he couldn’t catch up. 

Lin Yuyan leaned on the sofa, panting heavily, and his gaze fell on the throw pillows on the sofa. 


Suddenly, a muffled sound came from the living room. Gu Yaoyang had just hidden in the kitchen but quickly ran out upon hearing the commotion. He found Lin Yuyan lying on the carpet, and the smile on his face had disappeared. 

Lin Yuyan was still groaning, as if he had fallen quite seriously. He had injured his leg in a car accident, and another injury didn’t bode well for him. Gu Yaoyang felt guilty and rushed over to him, lifting him up. Before he could even ask, Lin Yuyan grabbed his collar and said, “You scoundrel, trying to run away?”

He revealed a mischievous smile he had never seen before, like a cunning fox that had just reached enlightenment. Strangely, there was a hint of Gu Yaoyang in him. 

Many people say that when lovers spend a lot of time together, they start to resemble each other. Right now, Lin Yuyan was a bit like him. 

He had just acted impulsively, without thinking, and charged over. He was also a bit like him. 

Even though there were two extra throw pillows under the little fox’s body, Gu Yaoyang had selectively ignored them and genuinely believed that he had hurt himself. 

Gu Yaoyang breathed a sigh of relief and placed Lin Yuyan back on the sofa. Lin Yuyan still held onto his collar and, with a sly smile in his eyes, finally won a round, kissing Gu Yaoyang’s lips. He didn’t want to incur any criticism. 

They had only just reunited, and another separation was on the horizon. Even though their current emotional state was completely different, a strong sense of reluctance lingered in the air, impossible to dispel. They squeezed together on the couch, passionately kissing and feeling each other’s noticeable physical changes. 

“Shall we do it…?” 

A few hours before Gu Yaoyang’s departure, Lin Yuyan proactively hooked his neck and said softly. 

Gu Yaoyang didn’t seem to hear clearly as he lifted his head from the nape of Lin Yuyan’s neck. Lin Yuyan gazed into his eyes, blushing, and repeated in a hushed voice, “I’m ready this time, shall we… make love?” 

Gu Yaoyang tightened his grip on Lin Yuyan’s soft waist. “But your body…” 

Lin Yuyan shook his head and kissed the corner of his mouth, boldly saying, “My body is really fine.” 

“If you don’t believe me, check it…” 

Though he spoke boldly, he was a bit nervous when it came to action. Besides the bottle of orange-scented shower gel in the bathroom, they hadn’t prepared any lubricant. Gu Yaoyang changed their position, and Lin Yuyan straddled his thigh. Under the cotton workout pants, there was already a significant bulge, and Lin Yuyan took off his pants, perching himself on that protrusion. 

The air was filled with the rich scent of oranges. Gu Yaoyang held Lin Yuyan’s slender waist with one hand, while his other hand was covered in orange-hued liquid, swirling it around the tender entrance.

That place had never been visited before, and it was curious and nervous, opening and closing. 

It’s small mouth tasted a bit of the sweet orange liquid, couldn’t quite swallow it, and gradually spat it out, even bringing some of its own secretions, all intertwined. It tried again, but accidentally took in a finger, which felt hard and was massaging the sensitive flesh around the shallow entrance, leaving a distinct pattern inside. He could even count those patterns, and the varying pressures gently scratched his sensitive flesh. 

Lin Yuyan was tense, hanging on Gu Yaoyang, and moaning softly. 

“Does it hurt?” 

“No, it doesn’t hurt…” 

A finger ventured a bit deeper, gently moving back and forth. Lin Yuyan gasped, his toes curling, and he shivered slightly. The previous touch felt like an electric shock, and his lower back tingled. His bare lower body was already hard, and as Gu Yaoyang’s finger slowly penetrated, he blushed and became more aroused. 

“It, it’s ready….” 

“Hmm?” Gu Yaoyang’s free hand massaged his lower back, trying to relax him as much as possible.

Lin Yuyan said, “Can we go further?”

“Not yet.”

“Why, why not yet?” Lin Yuyan unconsciously contracted his posterior acupoints and tried his best to hold his fingers in his mouth. It didn’t feel particularly painful. Apart from the foreign item sensation, he also felt somewhat comfortable. 

Gu Yaoyang realized that he was completely unaware of how dangerous a request he had made, so he inserted another finger and slowly expanded it. When the second finger was inserted, Lin Yuyan still didn’t feel any pain. Gu Yaoyang’s movements were too gentle. Every time he thrust in and out, he had to take it slow to let him get used to it. 

It’s just too tormenting. There was more and more liquid in the back hole. The sticky intestinal juice wrapped around the lover’s fingers and coated them with a layer of transparent luster, almost seeping into them. Lin Yuyan couldn’t bear it, so he hugged Gu Yaoyang and rubbed him slowly, begging: “It’s okay…” 

Gu Yaoyang curled up his lips and smiled: “Are you sure?” 

“Yes.” He responded happily, still a little anxious as he held up his pink plaything. Gu Yaoyang picked him up and asked him to kneel on the sofa. This position was a bit embarrassing. Lin Yuyan blushed and said, “Can…can I not lie down?” 

Gu Yaoyang said: “No. If you do this for the first time, you will feel more comfortable.” 

Lin Yuyan said “Oh”, but before he could say anything, he felt something pressing against his hole, which was very hard and hot. Speaking of which, it seemed that he hadn’t looked at Gu Yaoyang carefully yet. When he secretly turned around, he was stunned. 

He didn’t know how long the thick and long giant thing has been holding back, but the veins have already popped out and were ready to go. The top of the umbrella was constantly overflowing with water, flowing onto the bulging bag.

Lin Yuyan felt a bit flustered and licked his dry lips, somewhat hesitant. “I… I…”

Gu Yaoyang seemed to understand what was on his mind. He held Lin Yuyan’s waist, lifted his buttocks, and pressed against his back, kissing him passionately. The soft entrance was instantly stretched to the limit by the massive head. With just a slight penetration, Lin Yuyan cried out in pain.

It was a world of difference from the fingers…

He wanted to ask for mercy or pull away, but at this moment, Gu Yaoyang was not about to let him go. He used one hand to gently knead Lin Yuyan’s soft and tender organ, and with the other hand, he bit Lin Yuyan’s tongue, nibbled his earlobe, and made his ears buzz with the sticky sounds of their fluids mixing. Lin Yuyan’s trembling legs couldn’t stop shaking as he knelt on the sofa.

Lin Yuyan was overwhelmed, not knowing which sensation to prioritize and savor.

His rear entrance remained still for a while, but the front was getting more intense. Streams of transparent sticky fluid flowed out, mixing with the pleasure inside his body. Lin Yuyan couldn’t take it anymore, and with a scream, he finally climaxed.

At the same moment, his rear entrance was completely penetrated as well, the sensation overwhelming.

He felt both pain and pleasure, drooling uncontrollably from his mouth, tears welled up from the pain, and his lower body was a mess of various fluids, creating quite a scene.

Lin Yuyan wanted to take a break, but Gu Yaoyang didn’t give him a chance. He continued to gently massage Lin Yuyan’s tailbone while the giant shaft inside him pulsated more intensely, getting even larger. It filled him to the brim, as if it was trying to find a way to push everything inside.

Although it was painful during the process, Gu Yaoyang had stretched him out for a long time, preventing any injury. The continuous thrusting was now changing the pain into something more sensual, tingling and itching.

There was a crisp “pa” sound, and the red buttocks trembled. Lin Yuyan came back to his senses instantly. He thought Gu Yaoyang wanted to talk to him, but who expected that he held his buttocks and thrusted him up quickly. With every thrust, it reached the deepest part of his body, and it made him feel so comfortable that he released countless times. 

“It’s almost…it’s almost time…” Lin Yuyan hung on Gu Yaoyang’s body weakly, and was thrust into him and carried upstairs. Lin Yuyan was too sensitive at this time, and his whole body was covered with kiss marks and dried semen from indulgence. Gu Yaoyang hadn’t ejaculated yet, so he looked at the time and said “tsk” impatiently, pressing him against the bathroom wall. He started thrusting violently again, and Lin Yuyan could no longer ejaculate, but he couldn’t control the feeling of pleasure. He felt his lower abdomen swell, and as a sexy and rapid gasp came into his ears, the heat wave completely rushed into his body, attacking all his senses. 

He ejaculated again, and there was a light water stain, a little yellow and a little bit sexy.

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