Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 46

Chapter 46

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Lin Yuyan choked at his straightforward answer. He abruptly blushed before he hurriedly went to the kitchen to turn off the stove. He filled two bowls with soup, carefully bringing them out and placing them on the table. 

“I, I’m an adult, I don’t need you to support me…” He muttered as he handed a pair of chopsticks to Gu Yaoyang. His face still felt hot after he sat down.  It was obvious that the two of them had confirmed their relationship long ago. They hugged and kissed each other, and they also slept in the same bed. But he still felt flustered when he said that so directly. 

 Gu Yaoyang took the chopsticks and glanced at today’s dinner, pasta pizza, and two vegetable salads. He placed his chopsticks aside before picking up a slice of pizza with his hands. His gaze casually fell on Lin Yuyan’s hands, watching him as he took a sip of his soup first before picking up a fork and poking it into a piece of the pizza on the plate, trying to slice it into smaller pieces with a knife. Unfortunately, the crust was too thick, and it took him a long time to cut it. Eventually, he put the knife and fork aside and used his hands like Gu Yaoyang, eating the pizza bite by bite. 

He didn’t use a fork to eat the pasta either. 

Occasionally, he’s fine with using a knife and fork to eat, but it’s been a long time, and he’s not used to it either. 

Gu Yaoyang nodded inconspicuously, and then glanced at the takeaway on the table. If they didn’t cook for themselves, there really wasn’t much to eat here. He continued to talk about their previous topic, “I’m not completely stopping you from getting a job, so there’s still a big difference between me and Lin Zhiyuan.” 

Lin Yuyan muttered in a low voice, “Almost.” 

“Much worse.” Gu Yaoyang continued, “I looked at the jobs you circled. Tutors and bakery staff are fine, but why do you want to work as a warehouse manager?” 

Lin Yuyan ignorantly answered, “The salary is high.” He has no work experience, and he doesn’t know what a warehouse manager does. They’re probably responsible for warehouse management and counting the goods, right? 

Gu Yaoyang replied, “Counting the goods is only one of the things they do. If there’s no accident, you’ll need to frequently carry dozens of kilograms of items every day.” He then proceeded to ask, “Could you manage that?” 

 Lin Yuyan thought for a few seconds before reluctantly shaking his head. 

“You only have three months, and you still have to apply for a study grant.” Gu Yaoyang took another bite of the pizza before continuing, “Don’t art schools pay attention to grades? Can you make sure that your grades in art could pass their requirements?” 


Lin Yuyan panicked as he asked, “Then what should I do?” 

Gu Yaoyang answered, “You could ask Zeng Yi to tutor you.” 

“But I…”

Gu Yaoyang knew why he was hesitating, and said, “You can bookkeep.” 


Gu Yaoyang handed him a card, which contained the bonuses issued during this period and the appearance fees of various invitational competitions, “Remember every expense. If you don’t want to use me for support, you can return the money to me when you make money in the future.”

Lin Yuyan was silent for a while, looking at the card as he hesitated. 

After eating the pizza, Gu Yaoyang opened a can of beer with one hand. He leaned on the dining chair as he said, “Since I can help, you should accept it. You want to be a painter, not a porter. I know you feel embarrassed to accept this, even though we’re lovers, but at this time, you should put your self-esteem and useless persistence behind for now. When you reach your dreams one day, there will be plenty of opportunity to pay me back.”

After saying that, Gu Yaoyang switched the subject as he teased him, “But loving me has to come first. I won’t compromise on this one.” 

Lin Yuyan moved his fingers and finally picked up the card from the table. He stared at Gu Yaoyang for a while before asking, “Did I do some great merit in my previous life?” 

 “Huh? “

“That should be the reason why I got to know you in this life and earned the opportunity to be your lover.” 

Nobody knows about their previous life, but in this life, they met the right person to spend their life together. Even after they experienced a brief separation, it didn’t affect their feelings for each other. Instead, it made them cherish the other even more.

Lin Yuyan’s body didn’t quickly recover. Although he said he was okay, he couldn’t hide his skinny body. 

Gu Yaoyang would occasionally hug and kiss him, sometimes pinching his slender waist, thinking that he should continue to help him recuperate for a while. 

But he’ll be very busy in the next few months, and he’ll leave again after staying for another two days. 



Mr. Zeng’s studio has been renovated. There is a very spacious floor-to-ceiling window on the second floor. Lin Yuyan sat in front of the easel and asked with a paintbrush in hand, “Are all professional players as busy as Gu Yaoyang?”

His teacher was standing behind him, pointing out his mistakes and reviewing his technique. Both sides of his mustaches were dyed white. Coupled with his glasses, he looked like an old gentleman. 

He was afraid that this little family member of his would come looking for trouble, so he quickly distinguished their relationship, “Of course not, he took over all the work by himself. I didn’t force him.” 

Yesterday, Lin Yuyan coincidentally saw Gu Yaoyang’s schedule. In Gu Yaoyang’s itinerary, he won’t be able to come back home from next week until the end of his exam.

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