Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 49

Chapter 49

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Gu Yaoyang stared at the screen for a while and noticed that Lin Yuyan had tattooed his name on his wrist a bit higher, forming a beautiful and unique design with fine lines, resembling a lovely bracelet.

“You…why did you get this tattoo?”

Lin Yuyan unhappily recounted today’s events, “I don’t like others having your name tattooed on them. You are mine, so it should only be on my body.”

This reason was a bit domineering and somewhat unreasonable, unlike anything he had ever said before.

Gu Yaoyang looked at Lin Yuyan, who was pouting, and smiled gently. He thought to himself that he might as well give him his next life as well.

The acceptance letter arrived at their home quickly. Lin Yuyan nearly aced the exam and successfully applied for a scholarship. He was just a little short of the tuition fee. He used Gu Yaoyang’s card, jotting down every expense in a notebook, planning to pay him back later.

On the first day of school, Lin Yuyan indeed ran into Chen Ze again. They happened to be in the same class and quickly became close friends. The classmates in their class were also very friendly. Although they had different nationalities, they were close in age, and they quickly bonded. After over a month of studying in a foreign country, Lin Yuyan gradually got used to it, although he missed Gu Yaoyang when he wasn’t around. For the most part, he was very happy.

Zhuo Hang also started school, following his beloved senior to a foreign land. The two of them occasionally communicated via their phones, and they always marveled at how Lin Yuyan, who had been timid for over ten years, suddenly made a shocking decision to elope for love, which was truly remarkable.

Lin Yuyan emphasized, “It’s not just a simple elopement for love.”

Zhuo Hang asked, “Then what is it for?”

Lin Yuyan said, “It’s to find myself.”

Zhuo Hang replied, “Wow, look at how noble you sound.” Then he asked, “How is it going with your girlfriend?”

“It’s, it’s good,” Lin Yuyan didn’t dare to tell the truth to Zhuo Hang at that time, as Zhuo Hang didn’t have a good impression of Gu Yaoyang. He was afraid that revealing the truth might make things awkward and that even his best friend wouldn’t support him.

But he couldn’t keep it a secret forever. He needed to find an opportunity to tell Zhuo Hang. After all, they were best friends, and he still hoped to have his friend’s blessing.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Yuyan packed his things to head home. Although the school provided dormitories, the city was small, and he could easily commute to class by bus without being late.

Just as he left the art studio, he saw a familiar figure in the hallway. It was Gu Yaoyang’s enthusiastic fan again. Lin Yuyan glanced at him, muttered to himself, and walked away without looking back.

Meeting a rival in love made him particularly uncomfortable. Although he couldn’t beat that fan physically, he couldn’t afford to lose in terms of his demeanor.

“That fan is also in our college, but his grades are very poor. His name should be Orson, and he’s in a different class,” Chen Ze informed Lin Yuyan during lunch when they saw that person again.

Mostin was a small city, and the school was even smaller. In such a small environment, they often bumped into each other. Lin Yuyan had never disliked anyone besides Gu Yaoyang in his life, but he felt a bit uneasy every time he saw Orson. He wasn’t sure what it was that bothered him, perhaps the tattoos. The pain of getting a tattoo was intense, and the fact that Orson had done it for Gu Yaoyang to such an extent made Lin Yuyan feel that his intentions were impure; he didn’t seem like a genuine fan.

Orson seemed to have noticed something was amiss. One day, as Lin Yuyan left class, he blocked him on a small path near the school gate.

Lin Yuyan felt a bit uneasy but knew he couldn’t back down in front of his rival. He asked, not very politely, “Is there something you want?”

Orson crossed his arms and looked down at him. “Do you like me?”


Orson tilted his chin. “You’ve been staring at me a lot recently. I know I’m incredibly handsome, but please keep your gaze to yourself. I’m still single, so please don’t let other students misunderstand our relationship. If you must be my boyfriend, please confess directly to me. I can consider it.”

Lin Yuyan was shocked and couldn’t understand what he was saying. “Are you saying… I’ve been staring at you?”

Orson chuckled, and his demeanor was just like Gu Yaoyang’s. “Exactly, I noticed it a long time ago.”

Lin Yuyan didn’t know how to explain the term “staring.” After a few seconds of silence, he said, “I’m sorry, it was my mistake.”

“You don’t need to apologize. You seem fine. Although you’re very weak and could be taken down by a single finger, it’s okay. I can teach you how to fight. Don’t be shy; I know that you Eastern people are very easily embarrassed. Rest assured, I’ve agreed to be with you.”

Wait, what? They were together now?!

Lin Yuyan was in a state of despair. “I look at you because of Gu Yaoyang, not because I like you!”

“Because of G?” Orson became even more excited. “That’s great! I didn’t expect you to like G too? You really have good taste! G is simply the most perfect man in the world!”

Lin Yuyan didn’t deny that and nodded seriously.

Orson said, “In that case, we should be together because we share the same idol. We can go watch G’s matches together.”

Lin Yuyan responded, “I only like Gu Yaoyang, not you. And I already have a boyfriend; I won’t be with you.”

“Boyfriend?” Orson waved his hand dismissively. “I suggest you break up with him. There’s no one more outstanding and powerful than me in this world. Of course, except for G.”

“If your boyfriend is G, I can consider giving you up to him. If not, I hope you’ll break up with your weak boyfriend immediately. Trust me, I’m the only one who can protect you in this world. A little guy like you, so skinny and short, studying abroad alone, let me finish.”

Suddenly, a hand rested on Orson’s shoulder.

“Don’t disturb me right now,” Orson said, intending to continue persuading Lin Yuyan. He was delighted to find a fan as crazy about G as he was.

But the hand on his shoulder patted him again.

“Come on, I said, don’t disturb me now!” Orson was getting frustrated. He grabbed the wrist of the hand on his shoulder, trying to turn the person around, but they didn’t budge. He looked embarrassed and turned around to attack, but as soon as he did, he froze in place, unable to make a sound.

Gu Yaoyang had appeared at some point, dressed in black sportswear with his familiar sports bag slung over his shoulder, still carrying the decapitated doll on it. He raised an eyebrow and said, “Sorry, can I take the little guy in front of you now?”

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