Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 50

Chapter 50

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Orson had pursued Gu Yaoyang’s events in person seven or eight times, but they were always separated by a vast distance. Facing his idol up close for the first time, he was completely dumbfounded. “G?” He cheered in excitement and instinctively moved forward for a hug. Lin Yuyan saw Gu Yaoyang return early, and before he could feel happy about it, he quickly moved to Gu Yaoyang’s side, grabbed his arm, and declared his ownership.

“This is my boyfriend!”

“How is that possible?” Gu Yaoyang was now standing right in front of Orson, but Orson still couldn’t believe it. “You’re too weak! G should be with a stronger man, someone who can handle any opponent in the octagon, even me!”

Gu Yaoyang was about to confirm their relationship but heard Lin Yuyan loudly refute, “You’re so conceited!”

Lin Yuyan, who was usually quiet, was now suddenly full of energy. His fluffy hair was almost standing on end, and he acted like a little lion, as if he wanted to bite Orson’s neck. It was the first time Gu Yaoyang had seen him in this state. He casually took out an orange-flavored fruit candy and put it in his mouth, smiling without saying a word.

Lin Yuyan said, “You’re not worthy of him, he’s mine!”

Orson couldn’t understand the situation. “G belongs to everyone, he’s the hero in the hearts of all fighters!”

“Your hero and my boyfriend don’t conflict; these are different concepts!” Lin Yuyan said.

Orson persisted, “What’s the difference? If what you say is true, then you can’t have him to yourself either. The perfect G should be admired by everyone!”

Everyone? Lin Yuyan was angry and took a step forward, wanting to take action. Gu Yaoyang quickly held him in his arms, lifting him off the ground. Lin Yuyan kicked at Orson, saying, “Why can’t I have him to myself? I knew you had malicious intentions when you tattooed his name on yourself! But I’ll tell you it’s too late; we’re already together, we’re going to get married, and we’ll even have children!”

“Huh?” Orson was shocked, his eyes almost popping out. “You’re a man, how can you have children?”

Lin Yuyan was defiant. “Mind your own business. I can have children!”

After hearing him out, Gu Yaoyang almost choked on the candy he had been eating. He patted Lin Yuyan’s flat tummy, raised him in his arms, and with a smirk, said to Orson, “He’s right. We are going to get married. If possible, we’ll even have a child.” He then turned and walked away. Lin Yuyan happily leaned against Gu Yaoyang’s shoulder, a triumphant and proud expression on his face.

He had never been in a fight before, but winning this one felt incredibly satisfying, especially against a romantic rival.

It was lunchtime, and the two didn’t go home but found a restaurant and ordered some food. Gu Yaoyang had returned after a long time, and Lin Yuyan was overjoyed. There were so many things he couldn’t express over the phone, and once they sat down, he squeezed in close to Gu Yaoyang, batting his round, shiny eyes and saying, “I stared at him just like this, looking very fierce. How could he see that I liked him in that intimidating look?”

Gu Yaoyang pinched his chin and examined it from side to side. After a moment, he said, “This doesn’t look fierce.”

Lin Yuyan’s eyes widened a bit more, and he puffed up his cheeks like a little hamster. “This still doesn’t look fierce?”

Gu Yaoyang assessed, “It looks more like unrequited love with a hint of resentment.” He then furrowed his brow and added, “Don’t show such a cute expression in the future; people might misunderstand.”

Lin Yuyan sighed, “Then how should I look at him? He has ill intentions towards you. Normal fans are one thing, but he, he even got a tattoo!” The matter of the tattoo had rooted itself deep in his heart. It was something that would be with him for a lifetime, and only the closest people could have each other’s names tattooed on their bodies.

Gu Yaoyang ruffled his hair and rolled up his sleeve, blowing on the beautiful tattoo, making Lin Yuyan feel ticklish. He blushed and said, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Gu Yaoyang kissed him and said mysteriously, “Have you noticed that Orson’s tattoos are a bit strange?”

Lin Yuyan asked, “Huh?”

Gu Yaoyang had taken a quick look at Orson’s arm when he arrived. The name was already starting to fade, and a few letters were missing. Fading was common, but missing letters were abnormal.

“He probably used stickers to put them on.”

“Stickers?” Lin Yuyan was puzzled. “But wouldn’t they wash off?”

“They would, but you can reapply them,” Gu Yaoyang explained.

Lin Yuyan blinked. “So… he doesn’t have any other intentions towards you?” Did he misunderstand Orson?”

Gu Yaoyang teased, “He does.”

But it seemed like he was more interested in having me teach him fighting techniques.

Lin Yuyan immediately hugged him, saying with a sulking tone, “I don’t want others to have any ideas about you, even though I know it’s unlikely… but I would still be unhappy.”

Gu Yaoyang thought for a moment and flagged down a passing waiter. He asked for a pen and handed it to Lin Yuyan. Then, he rolled up his sleeve to reveal his left arm and said, “You can draw a mark on here that belongs only to you.”

“Can I really?”

“Of course, you can draw anything you want.” He poked Lin Yuyan’s nose, turning him into a little pig. “You could even draw a self-portrait like this.”

Lin Yuyan chuckled. “Drawing a little pig on a martial artist’s arm might look a bit funny.”

Gu Yaoyang was surprised. “Why are you calling yourself a pig?”

“I didn’t…” Lin Yuyan suddenly realized and lightly tapped his forehead. “You’re the one who led me to say that!”

A self-portrait was not possible, so Lin Yuyan thought for a moment and then leaned on Gu Yaoyang’s arm to draw.

“Gu Yaoyang.”


“Do you think we’ll really get married?”


“Do you like children?”

Gu Yaoyang said, “I like Lin Yuyan.”

“Haha,” Lin Yuyan laughed and said, “I’m serious, even though it’s a bit early to talk about these things now.”

Gu Yaoyang tilted his head, watching him draw. The pen tip moved slowly on his wrist as if they were sketching their beautiful future. “If you want to, we can consider it.”

Lin Yuyan said, “But I only want to like you.”

“In that case, we’ll go with the flow,” Gu Yaoyang smiled, “If you can give birth, we can have one.”

Lin Yuyan blushed, and as he continued to draw, he said sweetly, “Okay.”

In reality, the future was still far away, and they had many years ahead of them. But that didn’t stop them from making plans for the future because thinking about it was the first step to making it happen. And by taking action, they could truly make their dreams come true.

A few days later, a major announcement was made on the professional mixed martial arts platform, causing a frenzy in the fighting community. Fans eagerly shared the news, and it shattered the hearts of many young boys and girls.

The young martial arts superstar posted a picture on his exclusive social media platform.

A sexy rose was tattooed on his arm, adorned with two rings: one engraved with “G” and the other with “L.”

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