Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Lin Yuyan couldn’t understand why Zhuo Hang would have such an idol. Well, maybe it’s because people would always look up to the strong. 

He placed himself in his buddy’s shoes and thought about it. It was indeed remarkable that he was able to survive in that kind of environment at the young age of twelve. 

“But it doesn’t mean that I want to live in that kind of place just because my male god lives there.” Zhuo Hang stated, he continued and said. “I’m just curious. After all, he’s so amazing and everyone wants to meet him.”

Lin Yuyan said, “Since it’s just a rumor, maybe this street doesn’t exist at all?” Lin Yuyan never believed that there would still be areas where thugs could run wild in this era, not to mention how dangerous they are. 

Zhuo Hang answered him, “Actually, I’m a little doubtful about it. But, the forum would occasionally post some photos, street fights clips, etc. There’s also that prisoner who got beaten into a pulp with his hands and feet broken which could be found in the news.” He took out his phone as he said that. He then opened a few clips and photos to show Lin Yuyan. 

The photo wasn’t anything special. It was just like what the boy next to their table had said, it was an old commercial street that sold everything. There was a pork stall next door that actually sold clothes, very casually as well. 

“That guy said he’s been there just now. Though, I don’t know if it is true or not.” He lowered his voice and said, ” But if I didn’t guess incorrectly, 80% of it should be nonsense.”  

Lin Yuyan asked him, “Why?”

“That’s because nine out of ten people in the forum said they had been there before, but then the moderator showed up and said that none of it was true.” Zhuo Hang frustratingly said, “Although I am curious about it, I don’t dare to find out.” 

The group of boys next to their table left after chatting. Lin Yuyan sipped on the straw, taking the last sip of his drink. Acting as if he had just heard a story, Lin Yuyan asked Zhuo Hang, “Do you have any plans this afternoon?” 

Zhuo Hang answered him, “Playing games.”

Lin Yuyan knew that he had nothing else in his schedule, so he asked, ” Do you want to go to an art exhibition in the West District?”

Zhuo Hang said, “No, watching a drama is good enough. The art exhibition would probably be too boring.” 

Lin Yuyan didn’t force him. He took out his phone and looked up the address. After he parted with Zhuo Hang, he took a taxi by himself.

The west district being the old city district, the construction here had always been slow. There were nail houses and ancient buildings, which weren’t easy to construct. Lin Yuyan had never been here before except for that one time he went to look for Gu Yaoyang and today to see the art exhibition. Since the location of the exhibition was more than ten miles away from the slums and the bar street, Lin Yuyan wasn’t afraid of meeting Gu Yaoyang again. 

When he thought about Gu Yaoyang, he remembered the contrasting painting he saw that night. Lin Yuyan pursed his lips as he passed the gate of the exhibition hall. He stood at the entrance and called the auntie at home, asking her to help contact the community management and install some anti-theft facilities on the wall, making it so that no one could jump inside. 

The painters who held this exhibition were not well known and there weren’t many people who came to this exhibition. Although Lin Yuyan had experienced a setback last night, he still liked painting. Looking at each painting, his mood slowly became better. 

At around five o clock, the gallery closed. 

Lin Yuyan came out of the building and wanted to stop a taxi to return home. But in the middle of the road, he saw an old grandma who was looking around as if she was lost. 

Running towards the grandma, he asked her, “What are you looking for?”

The old grandmother was holding a note in her hand. She handed it to him and asked, “Child, do you know how to get to this place?”

A name of a district was on the note.

Lin Yuyan was also not familiar with this place. So, he took out his phone and searched up the place and determined a route to go there. He said to the old lady, “I’ll take you there.”

The location of this district was a bit hidden. After reaching the designated location, Lin Yuyan was prompted to plan a new route. He took the old grandmother around to walk a few more laps there before finally sending her to her destination. When he was about to go home, Lin Yuyan found that he was lost. 

There were many alleys around here. The navigation either pointed in the wrong direction or led people to the construction section. He thought for a while and simply decided to not look at it. He chose a small alley at random, intending to walk towards the end, go to a place and ask the driver to come and pick him up. 

As a result, after he walked in the alley he chose for a few minutes, he ran into a group of gangsters in the middle of their fight. 

Well, to be precise. It was four or five people against one. 

And the person they’re currently fighting now was Gu Yaoyang?

Lin Yuyan took a second to cover his eyes, a sentence popping into his mind. 

Meeting enemies on a narrow road. 

It has been three days in a row. How could he meet Gu Yaoyang wherever he goes?

Lin Yuyan wanted to leave this place immediately. But looking at the current situation, he stayed for a few seconds. Although he hated Gu Yaoyang, he didn’t want to see him being beaten to death. After all, if he saw a stranger getting beaten up, he would try to help out and even if he couldn’t, he would help them contact the police.

Lin Yuyan hesitated for a while before hiding behind a locust tree to observe the situation on both sides. 

Gu Yaoyang really knew how to fight. He was able to deal with five people on his own. He even kicked two people down. Lin Yuyan thought for a while. He didn’t know who he would be helping if he actually called the police now. So he placed his phone away, planning to go back from where he came, but unexpectedly, Lin Yuyan met Gu Yaoyang’s gaze. 

Lin Yuyan instantly had a terrible hunch. He found that there was now a smile plastered on Gu Yaoyang’s previously cold face. He panicked and wanted to leave immediately, but it was too late for him. 

Gu Yaoyang threw the enemy in his hands away and dashed towards Lin Yuyan, slamming him onto the ground. 

Lin Yuyan was about to cry. He asked Gu Yaoyang in horror, “What are you doing?!”

Gu Yaoyang gave up all his self-defense. He got hit in the back with a stick as he said to Lin Yuyan, “Saving you.”

Lin Yuyan was even more terrified. He said with a trembling mouth, “What do you mean saving me?! I can run by myself!”

Gu Yaoyang took another hit. He said with the corners of his mouth hooked with a smirk plastered on his face. “Too late. Because of you now, I’m hurt.”

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