Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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When Shao Zheng arrived, the gangsters surrounding Gu Yaoyang had all fallen to the ground. He wasn’t worried about them at first, but when he saw Gu Yaoyang hanging limply onto Lin Yuyan’s body, he immediately ran over and worriedly asked him, “Is Yaoyang okay?”

Gu Yaouyang kept his eyes shut and remained silent. He asked Lin Yuyan again, “What’s the matter with him?”

Lin Yuyan also recognized Shao Zheng. After all, he had always been beside Gu Yaoyang every time they met. He supported Gu Yaoyang’s body with both his hands before saying, ” He- He got beaten twice before fainting.”

Fainted? Shao Zheng’s face darkened. He was about to pick up Gu Yaoyang from Lin Yuyan when he glanced at Gu Yaoyang’s slightly moving fingers and stopped. 

Lin Yuyan asked him, “Are you his friend?”

Shao Zheng answered him, “Yeah.”

“Well then, could you take him to the hospital?”

Shao Zheng asked, “How did he get injured? As far as I know, these little fries on the ground aren’t his opponents at all.” 

Lin Yuyan didn’t want to admit it, but he still reluctantly answered, “Because he saved me…”

Shao Zheng gave an “Oh” before saying, “Well, since he got injured saving you, shouldn’t you be the one sending him to the hospital?”

That is indeed the reason why he’s injured… But it’s not like he wanted to get rescued anyways. He got rescued forcibly ah!

Lin Yuyan couldn’t express just how bitter he was. And he also wasn’t sure if Gu Yaoyang had really fainted or was just pretending for the time being. But getting hit with a stick on the back would have been really painful. 

He thought about it before saying to Shao Zheng, “Then, could you help me call an ambulance?”

Shao Zheng glanced at Gu Yaoyang and said, “There’s no need for an ambulance. He just needs to go home and get some good rest.”

A van was parked at the end of the alley. Once he got inside, he saw a nine or eight-year-old boy sitting at the co-pilot seat. The little boy was a little curious when he saw Lin Yuyan dragging Gu Yaoyang into the car. He looked at the back row as he asked him, “Brother Yaoyang got beaten?”

Shao Zheng told him to fasten his seat belt and sit down. The little boy responded with an “oh” and turned his head obediently for a few moments, but ultimately failed to restrain his curiosity. He knelt on the chair as he looked back towards Lin Yuyan and asked him, “What’s your name, big brother?’

At first, Lin Yuyan was a tad bit nervous. After all, yellow hair didn’t look like a good person, and neither was Gu Yaoyang in his eyes. At this moment, a little child was talking to him, so he felt a lot easier and began introducing himself before asking the little child’s name, “And what’s your name?” 

The little boy answered, “My name is Hu Dongdong! Dong as in winter!”

Lin Yuyan grinned as he greeted him. 

Hu Dongdong asked him, ” Big brother, are you going home with us?”

Lin Yuyan answered him, “Yes.”

“Really? Great!” Hu Dongdong looked very joyful. His little feet swayed very enthusiastically as he said, “Then I’ll take you to buy the roast pork belly from Uncle Zhu! It tastes really delicious and smells so good!”

Lin Yuyan asked him, “Who’s Uncle Zhu?”

Hu Dongdong answered his question, ” Uncle Zhu is a meat seller! He’s fat, has a big face like a steamed bun, and he has two dimples. I could squish half of his face with my fingers!

Before Lin Yuyan could answer the child, Shao Zheng had already scolded him rudely and ordered Hu Dongdong to sit down again. 

Hu Dongdong was unwilling, but he then heard Shao Zheng say, “If you’re not obedient, I’m not gonna take you with me next time I go out.” 

Children are most afraid of these kinds of threats, and Hu DongDong was no exception. Soon he unwillingly sat down on his seat. 

The van drove for a while, driving in the city for around 40 minutes. It went further and further away, going through the slum that day and turning at an unrepaired road that was a bit bumpy. Lin Yuyan became nervous once again. He clutched onto Gu Yaoyang’s clothes tightly in an attempt to find some support for himself.

Fortunately, the road wasn’t long. After passing through, Lin Yuyan saw a wide street with people around. 

Shao Zheng parked the car at the entrance of a small supermarket. First, he took out a couple of boxes from the trunk before carrying Hu Dongdong down the van and letting Lin Yuyan get off of the vehicle. 

Since Gu Yaoyang hadn’t woken up, Lin Yuyan had to help him again. He stood at the center of the street and felt oddly familiar with it. 

He’s sure that he’s never been here before. So, where does this inexplicable feeling of familiarity come from? He looked around the area and saw a butcher’s shop right next to a clothing store. Cold sweat immediately ran down his body. He stuttered as he asked Shao Zheng, “This- Where is this place?”

Shao Zheng led him forward and casually answered him. “Wenchang street.” 


Lin Yuyan thought that he had misheard him. That is until Shao Zheng repeated his answer again, frightening Lin Yuyan so much his feet softened, nearly falling to the ground. 

Is that the one Zhuo Hang told him about earlier? That Wenchang Street?

He was really terrified inside, wanting to turn around and leave immediately. But unfortunately for him, there was still a person hanging onto his body, so Lin Yuyan decided to send him back before leaving immediately.   

He followed Shao Zheng into a large yard. There were six seven-story slab buildings crowded together. Gu Yaoyang lived in one of the buildings on the top floor. When he finally got to the door, Shao Zheng handed him the key before leaving him on his own.  

Lin Yuyan was so exhausted that he was practically out of breath. He hurriedly opened the door and placed Gu Yaoyang on the sofa in the living room. 

Lin Yuyan wanted to drink some water, but unfortunately for him, the owner of the house was still fainted in the living room so he didn’t have his permission to do so. Thus, he also couldn’t casually stroll around the house. 

Gu Yaoyang’s home wasn’t very big. It consisted of one bedroom and living room. The furniture here was all old-fashioned cabinets, it had everything you needed inside and was also very clean. There was a sandbag hanging on top of the balcony and a few pairs of boxing gloves were lying on the ground.  

Lin Yuyan was really thirsty. He weakly sat on the sofa before saying, “Hey, I want to drink.”

Gu Yaoyang didn’t respond, and neither did he open his eyes. But his eyelids moved a little. It was obvious that he was awake. 

Lin Yuyan asked him once again, “Hey, where’s the water?”

Gu Yaoyang remained silent.

Lin Yuyan frustratingly asked him, “Do you want to dehydrate me to death?”

Gu Yaoyang raised his eyebrows as he slowly opened his eyes. He said to Lin Yuyan, “I’m not called Hey?” 

He really was faking it this whole time! Lin Yuyan glared at him. 

“There’s water inside the kitchen, the kettle’s still warm, and the disposable paper cups are in the cabinet.” 

Lin Yuyan didn’t rush to argue with him. He hurriedly scampered to the kitchen to fetch some water to drink. After a while, he came out with his mouth wet. There he saw Gu Yaoyang standing up and stretching himself. 

Lin Yuyan said, “Since you’re fine, I’ll go first.”

Gu Yaoyang asked, “So you already knew that I was fine?”

“I’m not stupid.” Lin Yuyan answered him. 

“Then why did you send me back?’

Lin Yuyan felt helpless as he answered, “If I didn’t send you back, would you be willing to get off of me?”

Gu Yaoyang decisively said, “No.”

Lin Yuyan said, ” Well, I had no other choice.” He looked at Gu Yaoyang while he thought about it. He then seriously said, “Well, now that I’ve sent you back, could we act like we don’t know each other after this?”

Gu Yaoyang’s expression didn’t change as he remained quiet. 

Lin Yuyan spoke again, “We’re not familiar with each other in the first place. I don’t know why you find me amusing, but I hope you will stop teasing me. I don’t like it.”

“In the future, you won’t go back to school again anyways and I’ll never come to see you again. So, could we be strangers from now on?”  

Gu Yaoyang lightly asked him, “These are your thoughts?”

Lin Yuyan nodded, “Well, then, if there’s nothing wrong, I’ll head back now.” Lin Yuyan hesitated for a few seconds before finally saying in concern. ” Although you didn’t really faint, your back should still hurt, right? You should find someone to apply some medicine for you.” 

After he finished speaking, he went out of the room without waiting for Gu Yaoyang’s answer. 

It was already dark by now. Lin Yuyan stood at the door of the building. He took out his phone to call his driver. Then he saw the entertainment info that Zhuo Hang shared with him. He suddenly wanted to say something about it. 

There were indeed felons and thugs who lived here, and they would fight once in a while. Although there were also ordinary people living here, they practically never went out at night. Oftentimes, when they got up early in the morning, they would see the streets filled with blood. Looking from above, it must have been a scary sight. 

Lin Yuyan couldn’t help but nervously gulp at the thought of it. His whole body trembled as his face turned deathly pale. He didn’t know how many terrible things hid in the darkness of the night. Even if the driver came, there would still be danger lurking around. He hurriedly called the auntie at home before quickly scampering upstairs and frantically knocking on Gu Yaoyang’s door.  

Gu Yaoyang didn’t expect him to go out only to return back so soon. He leaned against the door as he hugged his chest and asked, “What?”

Lin Yuyan gave a flattering smile. His eyes bent into crescents as he said, “How about we start being strangers tomorrow? Can I please stay at your house tonight? Please?” he dragged out his voice, making it a little long, similar to a child acting coquettishly. 

Gu Yaoyang curled his lips as he asked, “Why?”

Lin Yuyan answered him, ” Well, you got injured because of me. So, of course I have to take care of you.”

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