Her Bizarre Night Guest Chapter 2 Part 2

Chapter 2 part 2

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“What kind of cr*p is this? Are you saying that a ghost sent this document? Can’t you see? It was written on the letter to contact Hansung’s legal team.”

It was a miracle that Manager Do and Joo Hee were guided to the reception room of Hansung’s legal team to inquire about the termination notice. However, the answer they received from the team was enough to turn Manager Do’s face red in anger.

Even Joo Hee’s face hardened in distress when she heard the absurd answer from the legal team.

She had believed that she could calm down Manager Do’s anger,  but when things got twisted, Joo Hee could not afford to comfort him as she herself struggled to deal with her own feelings.

“As I said earlier, I’ve checked all the documents sent by our legal team, but there were no such documents. No official documents have been issued regarding the termination of the lease. Above all, the property in this address was not even in the Hansung asset list.”

 “What? Does that mean the place where we live in belongs to a ghost?”

 “No. I’m just saying that the property is probably the former chairman’s personal asset. You may contact Secretary Cha or the Chairman’s personal lawyer for more information. Oh, lawyer Hwang is on a business trip. He will not return home until the middle of next month, so it would be better if you find Secretary Cha. Of course, it is unclear whether Secretary Cha could make time for you since he is busy with the appointment of the new chairman. I think it would be better if you come back next month.”

A legal team employee kindly answered Manager Do’s questions, but all those words seemed like nonsense that raised the anger gauge of the goblin.

 “What nonsense are you talking about?” Do we look like we got free time? We have to work this out right now, right now!”

 “I think you must have misunderstood. What I suggested was my personal opinion. Either you wait for a month, or you can meet Secretary Cha today. However, it might take some time to get the proof for your document. Anyway, I think that’s all our legal team can do to help you.”

The staff, who had been pleasantly talking all the time, suddenly changed his tone and coldly said this as if he disliked Manager Do, who was yelling at him.

Why do we have to meet Secretary Cha? We were asked to contact Hansung’s legal team for enquiry, so hurry up and check what went wrong. If you can’t solve it, bring the contractor here right away! Bring this punk, Park Shinwoo!!!!”

  It was totally unexpected to see a hot-tempered Manager Do explode at the trivial words of an office employee.


When the employee heard the name that no one dared to utter in the office, getting called out by a random visitor, he couldn’t help but gasp in shock.

Watching the employee’s startled face, Manager Do’s spirits revived and he quickly continued the rude talk parade without any hesitation.

 “Who dares to cancel his grandfather’s contract even before the 49th day of the obituary? Where is Shin Woo? Bring this punk, right now!!!”

As they left home, Joo Hee had warned Manager Do to stay calm no matter what happens, and he had given his word that he would not get angry. However, the moment they reached Hansung office, he forgot his promise and began to fight with the office staff.

 “Manager Do, stop it.”

 It was too late for Joo Hee to step in and stop the manager.

Suddenly, the door in the back opened, and four sturdy men in uniform rushed in.

 “Did you call?” One of them asked the office staff.

“Get them out of here.” 

As soon as they received the order from the staff,  muscular security guards grabbed Manager Do’s and Joo Hee’s arms and tried to drag them out of the office.

 “Let’s go,”

“What are you doing? Take your hands off me.”

Even though Manager Do got caught by a bulky security guard bigger than his size, he wasn’t intimidated and tried his best to get away from them.

On the other hand, Joo Hee closed her eyes. She felt pathetic about her harsh situation.

 “Let us take you outside.”

 “Why are you doing this to us?” You’re sending us out like this because you feel guilty, right? But, we can’t leave like this. Let go of me. We will not leave unless we meet this Shin Woo person.”

Manager Do, who momentarily shook off the security guard’s arm, laid down on the floor without any hesitation, surprising everyone.

“Hurry up and take him! The VVIP will come soon. Are you going to let them watch this mess? Do you want to get fired?” One of the security guards roared in anger.

“Let’s go!”

As soon as they heard the order, the Security guards lifted the manager from the floor and dragged him outside as if they had arrested a trouble maker.

Joo Hee’s situation was not much different.

 “Let go! Let go! Hey, let me go.” Manager Do yelled at the top of his lungs as he got dragged out of the office.

“We are only doing this because you are not listening to the office staff.” The security guard said as he forcefully grabbed them.

Thanks to Manager Do, who was struggling and screaming to get out of the security guard’s arms, Joo Hee was also picked up from the spot and carried to the lobby by the bulky men as if she was a stray cat.

Even though it was working hours, strangely, there were many people in the lobby,

Naturally, attention was on these two visitors who were providing the drama.

Unknowingly, Joo Hee’s face heated up in embarrassment. She lowered her head, avoiding the people’s mocking gazes.

It was only then Joo Hee realized that she had left something in the office room.

“Oh, my bag! Wait, wait! I left my bag!”

She quickly raised her eyes and urgently turned towards the direction of the office room for her bag.

“Take your bag!”

All of sudden, the voice of the legal team employee was heard from the office room, along with a bag flying out of the door.


Watching her bag flying in the air, Joo Hee was left petrified as she stood there, pale and rigid,

 “The glutton is in the bag. Let me go.”

Manager Do, who quickly regained his bearings, struggled with his whole body and shouted.

Just before the bag hit the ground, luckily, a security guard holding Joo Hee stretched out his arm and snatched it.

 However, even before Joo Hee and Manager Do could sigh in relief, a blue light shot through the gap of the slightly opened bag like a straight line.


“Woahhhh, what’s that?”

The security guards, who got freaked out by the light, shouted in surprise and hid behind Manager Do in fear.

“It’s a lizard!”

“Catch it!”

As soon as someone realized it was just a garden lizard, all the security guards in charge of the lobby immediately mobilized, to capture it. 


It was fortunate that the bag never hit the floor, but for some reason, it wasn’t a funny scene to watch for the onlookers as the entire lobby fell into chaos. 


Joo Hee sighed and called her pet lizard, but he couldn’t return to her side as he was surprised by the people rushing over.

“Hurry up and catch it! Boss has already arrived.”

When someone shouted from the outside, the ordinary employees who jumped in to capture the lizard flocked to one place and stood there while the security guards continued to chase the lizard more desperately.

“What are you doing? Get them out of here through the back door.”

A legal team employee, who had been watching this absurd drama happening, urgently instructed the security guards who were running after the lizard.

 Only when they heard a greeting “Welcome CEO” from the main entrance, the security guards came to their senses and began to drag Joo Hee and Manager Do to the back door.

“Hey! Let go of me! We have to listen to what Chairman Park has to say. We have the right to know the reason for terminating the contract! Let go! Let go!”

Even though Manager Do was dragged through the back door, he did not stop protesting and his desperate screams echoed in the lobby.

However, Joo Hee, who was worried about Seok running away from the security guards, couldn’t help but look back as she got pushed out of the lobby.


Once again, she loudly called her lizard,

 But instead of Seok, who was busy running away from the guards, it was a man who responded to Joo Hee’s call.

He had black hair that sparkled like diamonds under the afternoon sun and a sculpted body that could be easily noticed from afar.

He was the most handsome man Joo Hee had ever seen in heaven and the human world.

And amidst this chaotic situation, their gazes got entangled for a moment.

However, the man’s emotionless gaze felt strangely familiar to her.

“This is absurd, I have never seen him before, but he looks so familiar.” She couldn’t help but think in her head.

However, the strange feeling did not last long as she was taken away by a security guard.

“Welcome, CEO!”

When the three men entered the central entrance to the headquarters of Hansung, the staff nervously lined up on both sides, straightening their backs as if they had practised earlier.

It was not even the official inauguration ceremony, yet watching the employees welcoming him like a mafia leader, Shin Woo’s handsome face darkened in a frown as he stopped in his tracks.

At that moment, the large central lobby turned pin-drop silent.

“Hurry up and grab it.”

Oh my god!

As a result of the sudden silence, the voice of the security guard, who was desperate to capture the lizard before the VVIP saw it, resonated vividly in the lobby, along with the loud sound of a nervous lizard’s hissing,

The employees, who greeted their boss with straightened backs, shrank in fear as they could guess what was happening around, without raising their heads.

Seok, who was busy running away, finally found a person emitting his favourite energy. He jumped up and fired like an arrow, drawing a long parabola in the air.


When something unidentified flew at high speed, it was not Shin Woo, but Secretary Cha and Ma Eung-san, the new bodyguard, who were the ones to respond at the right time.


Without any delay, Eungsan caught the flying beast aimed in their direction, with one hand.

The employee’s gaze quickly turned to Eungsan, and at that instant, a scream was heard from outside.


While everyone’s attention was on the garden lizard that rushed towards their boss, Shin Woo’s interest was elsewhere.

It was heard from afar, but strangely, that voice pulled his consciousness as soon as it fell into his ears.

Shin Woo turned his head to the other side of the central entrance in search of the epicentre of the sound.

A woman got dragged out by Hansung’s security guards.

Strangely, he could see the tinge of worry in the woman’s large eyes even though she appeared fierce outside.

It felt strange.

He was never interested in women, and also human beings in general. But for some reason, he could not turn his eyes away until the woman completely disappeared out of his sight.

It was a moment of eye contact, but strangely she was stuck in his mind.


It was only after the woman completely disappeared that the presence of a lizard, who was trying to escape from Eungsan’s grasp, came to Shin Woo’s attention.

“I’ll throw it away,” Eungsan suggested without any delay.

But Shin Woo looked at the lizard with a frown and reached out his hand to his bodyguard.

“Give it to me.”

For a moment, Eungsan alternately looked at Shin Woo and the lizard who was struggling in his grasp, then he carefully handed over the lizard.

As soon as the lizard got released from Eungsan’s hand, it climbed on Shin Woo’s arm.

In an instant, Seok, who settled on Shin Woo’s shoulder, raised his tail and shouted angrily at Eungsan.

While the onlookers were left shocked, Shin Woo did not frown, let alone look surprise.

Instead, he gently swept the lizard’s back.

“Is your name Seok?”

Shinwoo, who remembered the name which the woman desperately called earlier, asked in a soft voice.

Soek raised his head as if he had understood what the man was saying and made eye contact with Shin Woo.

Then, as if he was looking for someone, he turned his head around and soon fixed his gaze towards a place.

It was the direction where the woman disappeared.


At Shin Woo’s gentle and soft permission, Seok jumped off his shoulder like an obedient pet.

As soon as he landed on the floor, he stopped for a moment, looked at Shinwoo, then followed the woman’s odour and disappeared behind the door.

A blue lizard crossed the flashing lobby of an ultra-modern building- it was a bizarre sight. Yet no one could refrain themselves from getting mesmerized by a lizard disappearing quickly like a blue arrow.

“By the way, Secretary Cha.”

When Shin Woo’s cold and distant voice, which was completely different from earlier, rang out in the quiet lobby, the executives and employees came to their senses.

“Yes, CEO.”

“Since when did Hansung employees have so much time to fool around?”

“I’m sorry. I forgot to tell the employees in advance that you are visiting today,”

Secretary Cha immediately admitted his mistake and apologized without any other excuse.

Executives and employees, who had put an end to the noisy fight for positions in the office for about a month, came together to greet Shin Woo, half expectant and half fearful.

Secretary Cha wanted to notify the employees that Shin Woo hates flattery, but thanks to his busy schedule, he forgot to do so.

“In the future, I hope you won’t waste my time with this pretence.”

Shin Woo didn’t even raise his voice, but the executives and employees froze on the spot as they heard his instruction.

“I’ll inform each department. Please, let’s go up. It’s almost time for the guests to arrive.”

Secretary Cha, who thought it was his mistake, naturally urged Shin Woo to move forward by looking at his wristwatch, saving the nervous executives and employees from the awkward situation.

Leaving the executives and employees sighing with relief, three of them stood in front of the elevator.


“Find out what happened earlier.” 

When the elevator door opened, Shin Woo causally ordered in a passive voice.

Secretary Cha was so confused that he forgot to get on the elevator after hearing the odd demand.

“The lizard’s owner that was dragged out just now, find out why she was here.”

“Oh,” Secretary Cha raised his eyebrows when he realized that not only the lizard but also the owner was in the lobby before they came in.

As soon as he entered the lobby, he saw the line-up of the executives and employees, so he was too embarrassed to look around.

 However, hearing his boss’s words, Secretary Cha couldn’t help but doubt he was losing his eyesight and quickly gave his word without any delay.

“I’ll find out right away.”

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