Her Bizarre Night Guest Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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 A black car silently moved across the road that had tall fences on both sides and stopped before a towering gate that enclosed a traditionally built house. Unlike the straight square houses in the city, it appeared elegant and regal under the dimly lit sky.

As soon as the car stopped, the bodyguard who got down first strode towards the back seat and opened the umbrella.

 The unpredictable rain that continued to fall throughout the funeral had changed the grey atmosphere into becoming gloomier than usual.

All of a sudden, the door of the back seat opened, and a tall man in a black suit got out.

“It’s still raining, and it’s too far to walk to the main house. Why don’t we drive to the garage?” Secretary Cha pointed out in a worried voice.

“It’s okay. Have you done what I asked for?” The man’s deep voice sounded strangely empty as he spoke to the Secretary. 

“As per your orders, all the employees in the house have been given a week off. But CEO, are you okay with that? It’ll be very uncomfortable if there is no one around. What if I stay back for your security?”

“It’s okay. I want to rest alone for some time. And, Secretary Cha, I know that you didn’t sleep a wink during the funeral. My grandfather probably knew how you had felt.”

 Secretary Cha had accompanied Chairman Park for almost 25 years while being in charge of the entire Hansung Group.

“You accompanied my grandfather every single day, but on the day of the accident, you couldn’t be with him.”

“I’m sorry.  That day….no matter how busy I was…I…I..should have brought him home.” Secretary Cha’s voice cracked as he tried to control his tears.

On the day of the accident, Chairman Park went out late in the evening saying that he had an unscheduled meeting. Since Secretary Cha had another appointment, he couldn’t accompany the old man.

Hours later, a truck that sped through the road while ignoring the traffic lights had hit the car, causing the accident. 

 Of course, Secretary Cha knew that even if he drove the car, nothing would have changed; but at least he wouldn’t have felt this guilty if he had been with the Chairman at the scene.

“You were right, I should have held onto my grandfather that day.”

As soon as Secretary Cha heard the subdued voice of the man who appeared even more forlorn than before, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed because of his own ignorance. 

“No…That’s not what I meant.”

What the h*ll was he saying to a person who appeared more sad and lonely than anyone else?

 As soon as he realized his mistake, Secretary Cha’s face stiffened in awkwardness.

“I know. Don’t worry about me and come back in a week. I will be contemplating on everything.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the man started walking towards the open gate, leaving a confused Secretary Cha alone with his umbrella.

“CEO, please…at least take this umbrella”.

“It’s okay. When else would I get an opportunity to walk under the rain like this? Go home safely.”

 When the man spoke with a melancholic smile plastered on his face, Secretary Cha froze in shock as if someone had hit his head with a blunt weapon.


Even though the man disappeared behind the gate as if he got sucked into the darkness, Secretary Cha could not move from the spot as he stood staring at the tightly closed gate for a long time.

“Did you hear that, Chairman? The CEO is saying the same thing you used to say.”

Secretary Cha muttered in a surprised voice as he raised his eyes at the black sky that was weeping just like his heart.

 Their young CEO was a child who had accidentally encountered Chairman Park on a similar grieving rainy night. 

Out of the blue, a child entered Chairman Park’s hopeless life like an oasis in a deserted land. 

At first, Secretary Cha was worried about the new family member. 

But as the child grew up, he learned that Chairman Park’s choice was right. Today, once again, he couldn’t help but agree with the truth-

Chairman Park’s best choice was Park Shin Woo.

From tomorrow onwards, the Hansung Group will become quite noisy.

Citing that Park Shin Woo was not blood related, Palchon, Chairman Park’s in-law and a villager, would probably rush to try to acquire a position in the corporation under the name of family ties.

However, since he was under the watchful eyes of CEO Park Shin Woo, he would never dare to cause any problem.

Park Shin Woo was a man who differed from his extremely handsome outer appearance. In reality, he had a cold and domineering persona that frightened whoever crossed his path. 

* * *

The sky that cried continuously with it’s summer rain had finally stopped one week after the funeral.

Secretary Cha, who came to the Hyeonwawon early in the morning, somehow managed to open the gate while holding a handful of documents from the previous legal team. 

As he walked down the long garden path leading to the main house, he felt that the path that he had always walked on felt unfamiliar today. 

He didn’t know whether it’s because of the continuous rain or the solemn silence in the compound, something about the house felt different and unusual.

“When I’m done with this job, I will go somewhere quiet to spend the rest of my life.” 

Secretary Cha casually muttered as he stood watching the sunlight getting reflected on the wet grass.

“I hope that time will be a little later.”

 The moment Secretary Cha heard the sudden voice, he turned his head in surprise.

Not so far away, Park Shin Woo was looking at him from the elevated stone steps of the main house.  

Whether it was because he was standing in front of the magnificent modern Hanok or because of his unique long robe, Park Shin Woo seemed different from his usual self.

Under the gleaming morning sun, his hair, still wet from the recent shower, shone like black diamonds.

On the face that resembled pure white jade, his features appeared prominent and clear as if they were carved to perfection.

In addition to that, he was close to 190cm in height and had an enviable muscular body.

Secretary Cha looked at the man and held his breath when he noticed that his CEO had lost some weight.

Was it because he hadn’t eaten properly for the past week? 

 Shin Woo, who usually had a dominating presence, appeared even more foreboding as he stood in the dangerous silence. 

“You woke up early.”

It was a face that Secretary Cha had seen almost every day and believed that he’d gotten used to by now. Yet, he never thought that he could be stunned by a ravishing sight like this, even at this age.

However, he quickly hid the sudden joy that erupted inside him, as he always did.

“Answer me first. I want you to remain as my secretary, and bodyguard just like how you were with my grandfather.”

 Shin Woo was strange.

 He has been like that since he was young. 

He never had the fear of an ordinary child and always acted strangely.

Sometimes he makes jokes as well, serious jokes like this. 

“I’m grateful for your offer, but, CEO, I am too old to serve you. We have selected a new bodyguard, and he will be here at any time. Maybe, until you completely trust him, I can be with you.”

Secretary Cha smiled at Shin Woo’s joke and informed him about the new bodyguard.

“Age, ha… I didn’t think of that. Well, I don’t need security, but let me ask you to continue the secretary’s work.”

Shin Woo slightly frowned as if he was mistaken and quickly brought up the same joke he had said earlier. 


Hearing his words, Secretary Cha opened his eyes wide as he failed to understand the meaning of Shin Woo’s proposal.

“And as I said before, I don’t need a bodyguard. I can protect myself.”

What do you mean that you don’t need a bodyguard?

 How can the CEO of the Hansung group move around without a bodyguard?

However, Secretary Cha had no time to think about it, since he had to figure out his own problem- to continue working as a Secretary.

“CEO, isn’t it different from what you promised me before?”

Secretary Cha refuted in a restless voice.

“I’ve been saying that there was no need for a troublesome bodyguard from the beginning itself. It was you who tricked my grandfather and forced me to pick a bodyguard.”

“But you made a promise, didn’t you? It’s never been an easy task and it also doesn’t make sense to go around without a bodyguard. If the late chairman finds out about this, he will be very worried.”

 Unlike his usual calm self, Secretary Cha angrily refuted the young man’s claims.

“Then I will not take it. You know what happens if I don’t sign those documents.” Shin Woo casually declared while glancing at the documents in Secretary Cha’s hands.

“How can you say that?”

Shocked by the threat, Secretary Cha looked at the thick stack of documents he was holding.

The legal team prepared those documents during this last week, and it urgently required the CEO’s approval.

“It’s my grandfather’s will to delegate all his property and authority to me. And did you know that Hansung group shares would go down if I don’t sign those documents? 

“I know that.”

“As you already know, I have no intention to be the owner of Hansung Group. I paid attention to Hansung’s work because of my grandfather, but now, I don’t have to do it.”

Park Shin Woo hasn’t been particularly interested in anything since childhood. He only listened to Chairman Park’s complaints and requests from time to time.

His interest in the company was also developed by Chairman Park’s words. 

[Shin Woo, you’re an adult now. Why don’t you learn how to do this?]

Shin Woo, who was ignorant of the company’s management, began to learn business administration after hearing the Chairman’s words.

But now, there was no Chairman Park.

Upon realizing the sad reality, Secretary Cha’s heart sank.

“What kind of joke are you pulling, CEO?”

“I don’t joke around. I’m sure you know that as well.”

Listening to his indifferent statement, Secretary Cha awkwardly smiled and tried to treat it as a joke, but he wasn’t aware that such jokes would never work on Shin Woo.

He never wanted to see the Hansung Group, which Chairman Park had spent his entire life, go to ruins while he was alive.

He quickly contemplated the ways to persuade Shin Woo but failed to think of a sharp move.

But at that moment, suddenly, Shin Woo’s first proposal came to mind.

“What if I start working as your Secretary?”

 He suggested as if it was the only straw that he could grab at the moment. 

However, as soon as he suggested it, a triumphant smile bloomed on Shin Woo’s lips.

“If Secretary Cha is willing to do it, of course, I will have to change my mind.”

Only after hearing Shin Woo’s acceptance, Secretary Cha belatedly realized that he had been beaten by the young man in this argument. 

“What are you going to do by having an old man like me as your Secretary? Young people are quick and have great skills.”

Without any second thought, he grumbled in a sulky voice doused with disappointment.

“I will be tired if you put a brainless guy next to me, and also, Secretary Cha, I like you quite a lot.”

Oh my God! Was Park Shin Woo such an easy person to please? 

It felt a bit weird to realise that Secretary Cha could impress Shin Woo with his experience in handling company affairs. 

Secretary Cha looked at Shinwoo with a strange gaze for a while, as if he was mesmerized by the young man’s sweet talks. 

“I’ve already picked a new bodyguard, so I will hire him as we decided earlier.” 

However, Secretary Cha quickly made a strong appeal to settle down the rest of the issues first and finalize the recruitment of the new bodyguard.

If he was the one who was responsible for Shinwoo’s security, it would be similar to working in an environment where his bones would break down.

“Do it on your own. However, it has to be a closed-mouthed fellow. It is annoying to go around with a noisy one, and I don’t think I’ll be able to stand him.” 

“He’s a closed-mouthed fellow.”

“That’s alright.”

Secretary Cha breathed a sigh of relief as he settled the issue more easily than he expected.

 The newly hired bodyguard had great skills as he appeared superior to others in martial arts and had a clean record in the final interview.

Nevertheless, the bodyguard refused to sign the contract by citing a strange request.

“He wants to personally sign the contract with the CEO, himself.”

“He wants to be appointed personally, but not as an employee of Hansung’s public recruitment?”


“It seems like I’m going to meet all sorts of crazy people. Well, it doesn’t matter as long as he is closed-mouthed. Secretary Cha, please wait in the study room. I’ll change my clothes and join you.” 

“Yes. I’ll go to the study and sort the documents. By the way, the asset management team said it would be better to organize some of the assets under Chairman Park’s name. What should we do?”

“Do whatever you like.”

Shin Woo calmly replied as if he was not interested in Chairman Park’s assets, then he entered the main house.

A sense of silence came back to the garden of Hyeonwawon.

When Secretary Cha was left alone, he suddenly felt that the beauty of Hyeonwawon resembled Shinwoo.

A modern Hanok, a technique of connecting and customising the traditional and the modern. It beautifully harmonized like a heart of a stubborn nobleman.

The current Hyeonwawon was a newly built house under Chairman Park’s special order when Shin Woo fell severely ill.

It was indeed true that the magnificent beauty of Hyeonwawon resembled Shinwoo.

“Chairman, since that time, you have already lost your heart to the CEO. Or maybe you had lost your heart to him from the very beginning.”

After standing like that for a long time, Secretary Cha muttered to himself, then headed to the study room.


More than a month had passed since Lee Joo Hee heard Chairman Park’s obituary.

Even when her paternal grandfather died, her daily life was always the same as if nothing had changed.

An endless loop of buying old books, trimming, and reselling them.

However, today was different. Her father had contacted her early in the morning to share the news that his business trip was expected to be extended.

Another lazy and leisurely day of Lee family books began to pass slowly.

Ring ring!

“There is a registered letter.”

The postman politely said and delivered the letter.

It was strange that the sender was the Hansung Group, but Joo Hee didn’t think it was a big deal when she began to tear it open.


She tore the envelope without any delay and took out the paper inside to read.


At first, she thought that the registered letter came to the wrong address. So she quickly looked at the front side of the envelope again to check the recipient and saw “Lee Joo-hee,” written over it. 

It was evident that the letter came to the correct address. 

Joo Hee’s heart began to pound anxiously without even knowing the reason for it.

Quickly spreading the paper out, she began to read it. 

Notice of termination of the lease

The letter started with “your 20xx something” and at the end, it was written that “we notify you of the termination of the lease.” 

To be honest, she didn’t read the reason for termination as her eyes got embedded in the title itself. 

“What is it? What is it about? Why does your face look so anxious? Is this a love letter?”

Manager Do bluntly asked as he popped his head out and took the document from her.

“What’s this? Notification of termination of the contract? Termination of the contract? Termination?” It took a moment for the clueless goblin to realize what it was.

 “What is this…. Chairman Park signed a contract for us two years ago. And we have it with us. Where did they find this fraudulent document?

Manager Do opened his eyes wide and began to fire questions out of shock.

“There is no such thing as a fraudulent contract. It’s a legit contract with ‘a lifetime’ written on a small deposit. However, the contractor I signed it with was Grandpa Park, and here, it’s some other person’s name, Park Shin Woo.”

Joo Hee mumbled in a weak voice as her eyes once again stopped at the name of the new contractor.

Park Shin Woo.

A separate message was attached to the letter suggesting to contact the legal team of Hansung Group if there was any objection to the legal process.

“No way! Master, what are you going to do? We need to go figure this out!”

“You want me to argue with them? Are you telling me to file a lawsuit against the best legal team in Korea?”

He was simply asking her to hit a rock with an egg.

“Then, are you going to go sit out on the streets? I can’t die like this! If you can’t meet the legal team, then you should visit this man named Park Shin Woo and ask for a clarification. He is Chairman Park’s grandson, right? The ink on the documents signed by his grandfather has not dried yet, so how could he do this when it hasn’t been 49 days since Chairman Park’s death? Is he a human being or what?”

Seeing Manager Do shooting the gun of resentment at a person he had never seen before, he seemed very scary even if he was a coward in reality.

“Okay. I’ll go and meet him as Manager Do suggested.”

Even though Joo Hee finally agreed to meet the new contractor, she couldn’t help but let out a long sigh thinking about the issue.

They cannot rent out a place anywhere in Seoul at the lease price of Lee family books. No, even if she moved to the countryside, it was impossible at this price.

In other words, it meant the end of Lee family books.

All she had was the word “lifetime” recorded in the contract.

However, to protect her only asset, she planned to fight for the first time in her life.

“Where are you going?”

Joo Hee glanced at the watch and asked manager Do who started to wear his coat.

“Did you just ask me where I am going? I am going to pick a fight right away. What are you doing? Hurry up and get dressed up!”

The determined spirit on Manager Do’s face gave the impression that he was a strong man.

“Sit down, it’s lunchtime. If we go now, we won’t be able to meet anyone.”

“Oh! Lunch, that’s right. We have to fill up our stomachs too. Please wait a moment.”

Manager Do, who wanted to go out immediately, took off his coat again and folded it neatly before walking into the kitchen.

The existence of the contract termination documents lying on the desk alone made Joo Hee lose her composure, completely ignoring the distracting Manager Do.

Sighing wouldn’t do anything at the moment, but for some reason, she couldn’t help but sigh heavily as she contemplated the crisis that fell over Lee family books.


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