He’s so Flirty Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Brother

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In the city of Qingcheng in June, a taxi drove by on the main street in the city center under the shade of the overhanging trees on both sides.

Inside the car, the driver’s gaze fell on the girl in the rearview mirror.

 ”Little girl, are you a student of No.1 High School?”


Qin Qing, who was staring out of the window, blinked and looked back into the car.

The denial that was almost out of her mouth was suppressed, and Qin Qing swept her head down over the No.1 High School uniform she was wearing, a somewhat unfamiliar feeling that made her lower the corners of her eyes helplessly.

“I transferred from another school. I am here to familiarize myself with the environment today.”

“Ah, that’s impressive too. The No.1 high school is a provincial priority.”

As the driver said this, he saw that the girl in the back seat only replied softly. She didn’t seem to want to have a deep conversation, so he didn’t say anything else.

The taxi finally stopped at the entrance of No.1 High School after traveling in the opposite direction through the students who were noisily spreading their laughter all the way.

The petite girl pushed the door and got out of the car.

It was already twelve noon, and the students who had finished school had already left. She could only see a few people who left school late and had not had time to leave.

Qin Qing pressed her baseball cap and walked to the pine tree outside the school. She took out her phone and dialed a number.

 ”Hello, Teacher Sun…”Yes, I’m Qin Qing. I’m already outside the school.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you here.”

After hanging up, Qin Qing heaved a sigh of relief.

Well, it’s a good thing that the notoriously scary head teacher of the No.1 Highschool isn’t as scary as the rumors suggest.

After waiting for a while, Qin Qing lowered her eyes in boredom, and her gaze fell on her small round-toed leather shoes.

A few seconds later, a gentle smile appeared on her face.


No matter what, No.1 High School was the most famous private school in Qingcheng. At least its uniforms were much better than No.3 High School.

Shirts and small suits, plus plaid skirts and small leather shoes. Even if you have to wear a school uniform to school every day, students would be happy to do so.

Qin Qing was thinking like this, then inadvertently raised her eyes and saw two boys wearing shirts and loose jeans walking out of the school.

No school uniform.

One of them had dyed yellow hair.

Qin Qing was stunned.

They were both all high schools, is the school spirit of No.1 High school so free and open?

Then she turned her gaze to the other places——

Other than these two exceptions, the other students were all wearing school uniforms and ties.

While Qin Qing was lost in her thoughts, the two boys had already left the school gate. They walked in this direction and stopped not far in front of her.

The black-haired boy stood there for a while and looked at his watch. He turned around in confusion and asked,” Is Brother Yu busy at noon today?”

The person with the yellow hair next to him continued, “You don’t know? As soon as the results of the monthly exam came out, Old Fu routinely kept Brother Yu in the office to criticize and educate him.”

“Oh ……”

The guy with the black hair nodded and stopped for two seconds. He chuckled and winked at the blondie.” I thought it was because Qi Lulu didn’t give up. I thought Bro Yu was going to the woods.”

“Now that you mentioned it, it’s strange.” The yellow hair frowned.” Qi Lulu is pretty good looking and has a good figure. Most importantly, her temper and eyes are full of energy. What part of her does Brother Yu not like?”

The other one shook his head.” Even if it were me, I wouldn’ t like her——since it’s like this, you should go with her. In the blink of an eye, she can give you a piece of Hulun Buir Prairie.”

“You don’t like her?”

The yellow hair glanced sideways at his companion.” I’m afraid you won’t even have the chance to be a cow on the prairie.”

“Zhao Zirui!”I’ll kill your wretched mouth!”

The black-haired one immediately exploded and was about to chase after him, but before he could do anything, he was stopped by a voice not far away——

“Li Xiang! What are you doing again!”

The two boys paused in their jostling movements and looked at the visitor in unison.

“Aiyo, Director Sun!” Li Xiang grinned as he pressed his hand against Zhao Zirui’s yellow head and bowed together with him.” Director Sun, tens of thousands of blessings!”


The corners of Sun Xing’s mouth twitched.” Why aren’t you two wearing your school uniform?”

“We are wearing it!”

Li Xiang looked as if he had suffered a great deal of injustice. He reached out to lift his shirt and said,” It’s definitely a high-quality product. If you don’ t believe me, I’ll take it off and show you. The logo is still inside!”

As he spoke, Li Xiang was about to strip off his clothes.

Qin Qing, who was watching from the side, was shocked and took a step back reflexively.

Behind her heel was a can, and she accidentally stepped on it. It let out a “kara” sound.

Sun Xing and the two guys turned to look at her.

Qin Qing came back to her senses and saw Sun Xing frown as he looked at her. She took off her baseball cap.

“Teacher Sun.”


The two boys’ eyes lit up.

Standing in the shade of the tree was a short girl, dressed in a middle school uniform, with a plaid skirt pinching her slender waist. She was white, her palm-sized face had bright eyes, her lips were rosy, and her facial features were exquisite as if they were drawn with a pen.

The girl seemed to have been shocked before, but now she was looking at them with innocent eyes, and her cheeks were pink.

“Oh, it’s Qin Qing.” When Sun Xing saw the girl’s face, his expression softened. He even put on a smile.” Let’s go. I’ll take you to your homeroom teacher’s place.”

Qin Qing put on her baseball cap and walked to Sun Xing.

Sun Xing raised his eyes and put away his smile. He glared at the two guys and said,” I’ll deal with you guys next time.”

With that, Sun Xing turned around and left, followed by Qin Qing.

After entering the school gate, Sun Xing was still warning Qin Qing.

“In the future, if you see people who don’t wear school uniforms, stay away from them——These bad boys like to bully their classmates.”

Qin Qing thought about the conversation she had heard earlier and the evaluation of a certain girl in it.

En, she really should stay away…

She nodded seriously.


Under the pine trees outside the school gate, the two boys were silent for a while.

“D*mn, so cute!” Li Xiang seemed to wake up from his daze and slapped the blondie beside him.” I fell in love at first sight!”

Zhao Zirui grimaced in pain from that slap. He recovered his composure and glared fiercely at Li Xiang.”Love at first sight every day and forgetting it seven seconds later, are you a goldfish?”

“……”Zhao Zirui, you don’t need that mouth of yours. I’ll tear it up for you!”

Li Xiang was about to pounce when his phone rang in his pocket.

Li Xiang took it out to take a look and frowned.

“Brother Yu said Old Fu won’t let him go for a while, so let’s go first.”

Zhao Zirui also frowned. “No.3 HighSchool has been thinking about scheming against him all this time. Send a text to Brother Yu.”

“Sure,” Li Xiang replied. He typed as he said, “Now that they changed their boss, they don’t even know their surnames anymore. Those grandsons really overestimated themselves.

“If it wasn’t for Brother Yu who didn’t want to cause trouble, I really wanted to take a few brothers to beat them up.  “


When Qin Qing familiarized herself with the new environment and then left the No.1 High School, it was already half past twelve.

The Fu Lin Garden where Grandma’s house was was not far from No.1 High school, so Qin Qing did not call for a taxi but walked towards Grandma’s house.

After walking about half way, Qin Qing regretted it.

—— This was the first time she had walked this distance. She had thought that there wouldn’t be any problems, but now…She seemed to be a little lost.

Qin Qing paused hesitantly.

She looked at the alley in front of her, and then moved her eyes to fall on the entrance to the other one in front of her, swaying for a while, finally unsure which one it was.

After some hesitation, Qin Qing decided to call Grandma.

However, after 45 seconds of listening to the dedication to Alice, Qin Qing couldn’t wait for the sound of the connection.

According to the degree of grandmother’s deafness, she must be without hearing aids again …

Qin Qing pouted and dialed her mother’s number instead.

This time, it didn’t ring for 45 seconds. The number was turned off.

“In a meeting again ……”

Qin Qing wrinkled her nose helplessly and squatted down beside the convenience store next to the alley. She looked down at the Corgi lying in the sun in front of her.

From the looks of it, it was more relaxed than herself.

Qin Qing sighed.

“Short legs, which one do you think I should follow to Fu Lin Garden?”


With a move of the Corgi’s ears, he raised his head and took a look at Qin Qing.  But after making sure that she didn’t have anything to feed him, it laid down again without hesitation.

Turning around in the middle, he pushed his tail and round butt towards Qin Qing.

Qin Qing was not depressed and continued to tease.

“Short legs. If I ask you to show me the way, will I be home by noon tomorrow?”

Corgi still did not respond this time.

A low laugh came from above Qin Qing’s head.

Qin Qing didn’t notice that people were coming out of the convenience store next to her because she was too involved in “chatting” with the little Corgi.

At this moment, when she heard the laughter, her face turned slightly red. She raised her head and looked in the direction of the laughter.

A boy was standing on the steps of the convenience store. He was wearing the uniform of No.1 High School.

It was clearly the uniform of suit shirt and trousers, but it only lined the boy’s shoulders width, waist, and legs. Probably because they were outside the school, the buttons of the lapel suit were unbuttoned, and the tie was loosened a little. It hung in front of him, giving off an air of dejection.

Looking up, this person had a handsome face, sharp eyebrows and sharp eyes, and a straight nose. At this moment, he lazily held a cigarette, and his thin lips lifted into a faint arc.

And the deepest and most absorbing pair of black eyes were looking at Qin Qing with a smile.

“Go that way.”

The boy raised his arm and pointed at the alley in front of him.

Qin Qing:”……”

I had a great conversation with a Corgi, and it was all overheard…

Qin Qing still stood up and pursed her lips even though she felt that she had lost all her face after three years of middle school.

“Thank you, Senior.”

With that said, Qin Qing did not have the nerve to stay any longer. She turned around and walked towards the alley in front of her.

After walking into the alley, Qin Qing noticed that there were footsteps following behind her.

She paused vigilantly, then turned her head and looked over.

Perhaps it was because her gaze was too harsh, but the person walking behind her paused for a moment before lifting his gaze from the phone in his left hand.

After a second, the boy understood and his lips curled.

“Same road.”

—— It was the guy who showed her the way.


Qin Qing quickly turned her face back and felt that she had lost a lot of face. Her ears were also slightly hot and her steps were even faster.

As he walked out of the alley, Qin Qing’s gaze inadvertently swept across both sides. She saw a few young men leaning against the wall at the entrance of the alley.

The person closest to her looked at her unkindly. However, when he saw the blue tie representing middle school, he turned his gaze away.

Qin Qing felt strange for a moment. After she walked more than ten meters, she suddenly stopped.

Then, Qin Qing turned around.

Sure enough, the young men who had been waiting at the entrance of the alley had already formed a circle and stopped the boy who was walking behind her.

Qin Qing’s heart tightened.

……Could this be the students who didn’t wear school uniforms and liked to bully their classmates?

Qin Qing clenched her hands and wanted to leave quickly. However, after a few steps, her steps became smaller and smaller.

Until she stopped.

Having just been directed this way, and now running away, it really didn’t seem like something a proper human would do.

Qin Qing stood on the spot with a frown.

At this moment, a taxi not far away drove over. Qin Qing’s eyes lit up and she hurriedly reached out to greet the taxi.

The car stopped by the side of the road. Qin Qing opened the car door and greeted the driver politely.

“Uncle, can you wait for half a minute? I’ll get my brother into the car. I’ll pay you double the waiting fee no matter where I go.”

The driver agreed.

Qin Qing did not close the car door. She turned around to suppress her slightly startled heartbeat. After calming her breathing, she quickly ran into the alley.

A few young men were glaring fiercely. They were blocking the way. The boy was holding a cigarette and smiling lazily. He was standing there with his hands in his pockets.

This expression made the youths even more angry. The leader gritted his teeth.” You are that Wen Yu Feng ——”


The sweet voice sounded behind several people, several youths including the surrounded boys were stunned and looked towards the direction of the voice.

The slender and beautiful girl took advantage of this moment to pass through the youths and run to the boy.

The top of her head barely reached his shoulder.

The smile on Qin Qing’s face stiffened when she realized the difference in height. However, in less than two seconds, she raised her face and smiled sweetly. Her eyes were slightly curved into crescent moons, looking well behaved and cute. She grabbed the boy’s arm and shook it—

“Brother, Daddy and Mommy are already waiting for us in the car. We still have lunch together. It’s almost too late.”

After saying that, Qin Qing quickly winked at the boy.

 Then she turned back and waved at the roadside at the entrance of the alley.

.”Daddy, we’re here.”

The youths instinctively turned around and looked at the roadside——

There was only a taxi with its door open.

Before this, she had grabbed the boy’s arm. When Qin Qing saw the young men turn away, she used all her strength. Without a word, she dragged the boy and ran between two young men.

By the time the youths reacted, the two of them had already run a few meters.

“Why are you stunned?!”Stop them!”The leader shouted angrily.

Only then did the youths quickly chase after them.

Fortunately, the distance from the side of the road was not far. Qin Qing pushed the boy into the car, jumped into the car quickly, and slammed the door.

“Uncle, hurry up and drive!”

The driver stepped on the accelerator.

The extremely angry youths ran for more than a dozen meters and then stopped behind, being pushed further and further away.

In the car, Qin Qing turned around from her position in the back seat. She let out a long breath and sat down with lingering fear.


The boy beside her suddenly spoke with a teasing tone, which was low, hoarse, and pleasant to hear.

It was not until then that Qin Qing came back to her senses and remembered that there was someone beside her.

Before Qin Qing could figure out what to say, her phone in her school uniform pocket rang.

Qin Qing looked at the caller ID and was stunned for a moment before answering the phone. “Manxue?”

As soon as the phone was picked up, a voice exploded in the microphone——

“Xiaoqing, I heard that you’re transferring to No.1 High School?!”

This volume caused the driver and the boy beside him to look over at the same time. Qin Qing was used to Lin Manxue’s shouting. She could only helplessly move her phone to the other side and apologetically nodded at the person beside her.

Then, she looked away.

“……It was my parents’ intention. Next month, my mother was going to work in another province, so she had me move to Grandma’s house. If I don’t transfer, it’ll be too far away from Grandma’s house.”

“Your grandmother’s house, oh—-that beautiful Fu Lin Garden?”

“Yes. Because No.1 High School is much closer to Fulin Court, my mom asked me to transfer to the middle school and then move up to the high school afterwards.”

“No.1 High School?”

Lin Man’s clear voice sounded again.

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

“Then wouldn’t you have a chance to meet that school bully who is so handsome it’s brutal from No.1 Highschool?!”

The boy sitting beside Qin Qing paused.

His thin lips curled into a mocking smile as he turned to look

…”Handsome to the point of it being brutal? ”

Without noticing the reaction of the people around, Qin Qing laughed out loud, and the corners of her eyes softened.

“Lin Manxue, the use of this word, the language teacher is going to beat you up.”

That’s because you’ ve never seen him before—he’s really too handsome! Compared to him, the school grass (best looking guy in school) of No. 3 High School would instantly be reduced to ashes ……”

As Lin Manxue said this, she hesitated for a moment before continuing the second half of the sentence.

“But I heard that he’s always fighting and playing truant. His academic results are especially bad. He’s the type to hand over a blank piece of paper.”

There was still a smile in Qin Qing’s eyes.” Isn’t that hearsay?”

“No, at least he is amazing at fighting! A group of people from No. 3 High School had blocked him before, but he had beaten them to death by himself alone. Some of them had been lying in the hospital for two weeks! There was nothing they could do. Who told them to look for trouble? Just thinking about it would relieve your anger. Hahaha ……”

Qin Qing listened helplessly and couldn’t help but tease Lin Manxue: “Listening to you be so happy, do you like him?” ”

“How is that possible?!”

Lin Manxue’s laughter suddenly stopped. She immediately felt like her hair had been blown up. After a few seconds, she added guiltily,” Although he’s really handsome, I heard that he’s had a few girlfriends. I just don’t know if it’s real or not…Yes, Qin Qing, you should stay away from him in the future.”

“Don’t worry about it, how would I cross paths with him?”

When the boy sitting next to her heard that, he raised his eyebrows and his thin lips curled into a smile.

Qin Qing did not notice it. She looked up and saw Fu Lin Garden approaching from outside the car window and hurriedly replied.

“I’m getting off now. We’ll talk later.”

After hanging up, Qin Qing quickly spoke to the driver,” Uncle, stopping in front of Fu Lin Garden is fine.”

The driver stepped on the brake and the car stopped ten meters away.

Qin Qing took out 20 yuan and put it in the boy’s hand. She pushed the door open and got out of the car.

Before closing the car door, Qin Qing’s actions stopped. The little excitement brought by the “aftermath of the disaster” had not dissipated, so Qin Qing could not help but come up with some thoughts.

……In any case, she wouldn’t meet him again, right?

At the thought of this, Qin Qing relaxed. She pulled the car door and smiled sweetly at the boy, her voice soft—

“I’ll go home first. I’ll see you tonight brother!”

With that, Qin Qing flung the car door and ran away.

In the car, the driver looked at the boy in the rearview mirror strangely.” Where are you going?”

The afterglow of the phrase “ I’ll see you tonight” rolled around in the bottom of his heart, and Wen Yufeng slowly withdrew his gaze, and his expression returned to his usual lazy expression. 

“Go back to where we boarded the car.”

“Are you two siblings teasing me?”

As soon as the driver complained, he was stabbed by the cold eyes of the guy in the back seat. He instinctively shrunk his neck and started to look for a place to turn around.

After a while, the car stopped. Wen Yufeng paid and got out of the car.

Zhao Zirui and the others, who seemed to have been waiting by the roadside for a while, hurried over.

“Brother Yu, didn’t you say that those grandsons from the No. 3 High School had come to block you? Why didn’t we see anyone?”


The girl’s sweet smile flashed in Wen Yufeng’s mind.

“Something unexpected happened and I was ‘saved’ by a middle school girl.”

Li Xiang’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He approached Wen Yufeng and laughed heartlessly——

“Brother Yu, don’t tell me you’re interested in a girl from middle school?”

“……”Get lost.”

After two seconds, Yufeng’s gaze fell on the 20-yuan bill in his hand.

A bit of light penetrated into his dark eyes.

A moment later, he smirked his thin lips and swept his gaze across.

“Even thinking about a middle school student, do you think I’m a beast like you?”

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