He’s so Flirty Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Keep some distance from one another 

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Wen Yufeng’s daily attendance at school was barely a week, but it had already made it’s rounds around the entire second grade of high school.

Even if he still disappeared as soon as he arrived at school, it did not stop the rumors that he wanted to “conform to being good”.

Except for the first day, Li Xiang and Zhao Zirui now waited at the school bus stop every morning according to Wen Yufeng’s wishes. As soon as Wen Yufeng got out of the bus, the two took the initiative to follow, and then the three of them hung far behind Qin Qing together.

If anyone was observant, they would probably think that Qin Qing was carrying three “bodyguards” to school every morning.

It was also because of this situation that the rumors about Wen Yufeng in the school spread fiercely, and no one involved Qin Qing in them.

Concerning Wen Yufeng’s behavior, the one who did not understand it the most was Li Xiang.

He endured it for a week, until he heard the latest version of the rumor that “the school bully’s family is bankrupt, so he can’t be unscrupulous”, then he finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Brother Yu, I really can’t figure it out.”

On the side of the basketball court, Li Xiang took a towel to wipe his sweat and asked incomprehensibly: “Why don’t you just show up together with your new classmate? This has lasted for a week, I guarantee that everyone in the school knows Brother Yu, why you arrive at the school early.” 


The boy sitting on the top of the tall stone steps raised the can of energy drink. His neckline exposed was sharp and smooth, and after his Adam’s apple rolled a few times, he dropped the can in his hand to the side. Then he pressed forward, with his elbows propped on his knees.

Wen Yufeng sat on the stone steps that were more than a meter higher than the ground, squinted his eyes slightly at the light. He smiled lazily and condescendingly at Li Xiang.

“Why do you think I am?”


Li Xiang choked.

In fact, the ferocity in Wen Yufeng’s eyes at this time was too blatant, as if a cold blade’s sharp edge had reached his throat. When he lowered his head, it seemed as if the cold light from those eyes had hurt him.

Wen Yufeng didn’t force him too hard, and turned his eyes away after two seconds.

  “You said before that the gap between me and her is too big. “

Li Xiang was stunned for a moment, “Brother Yu, since you have already planned to do something, it doesn’t matter if the gap is too big.”

“…doesn’t matter?”

The boy sitting on the steps chuckled lightly, stood up lazily, and walked down the high stone steps.

When he arrived in front of Li Xiang, he stopped, “I don’t care, but if it really reaches the point where the whole school knows it as you said – can she be indifferent?”

Li Xiang was silent.

Of course not.

At that time, it would be strange if Old Fu and the director of the school, Sun Xing, didn’t tell the little girl’s parents to toss and peel off half of her skin.

Thinking about it this way, it was very pitiful for this little girl to be fondly remembered by their brother Yu…

Li Xiang was thinking so, then suddenly looked over.


Li Xiang shivered and raised his eyes with an innocent expression.

Sure enough, he saw Wen Yufeng staring at him with a smirk.

“What do you think?”

 Li Xiang: “…”

Since their “spring heart is sprouting”, have they even developed mind-reading skills…


Li Xiang was struggling to find an excuse to help him escape this hurdle when he heard a low and clean male voice ringing in his ears again.

“So, watch those few mouths in the class who can’t watch their own mouths. If anyone runs their mouth outside the class or in front of the teacher and says something that shouldn’t be said…”

Wen Yufeng’s words stopped here, and then he sneered, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“Then ‘see you after school’.”

The tone was casual and lazy, but at the end of the words, the soda can in the boy’s hand was clenched into a wrinkled metal sphere with one hand, then accurately thrown into the trash can beside him.

After completing this series of actions, Wen Yufeng put both hands in his trouser pockets, and walked back.

Standing in the same place, Li Xiang glanced numbly at the metal object in the trash can that didn’t resemble it’s original state at all, and silently turned his head and followed.


Since starting the second grade of high school, No 1 High school has had two weeks and two weekends. The second weekend has been changed to self-study.

Wen Yufeng never came to school on the previous self-study weekends, and strictly speaking, this was also the first weekend he stayed in school.

At this time, it was the end of class and Wen Yufeng and Li Xiang returned to the classroom after changing their clothes from the basketball court. Before they entered the door, they heard the voices of people inside.

As soon as they entered the front door, the students whom their eyes touched were instantly much quieter.

Wen Yufeng didn’t care, and only instinctively dropped his gaze to a certain position in the first row.

Then his pace stopped.

– She’s not there?

His eyebrows twisted up, and Wen Yufeng lifted his feet and walked over.

Fang Xiaojing, who was talking to the boy in the back seat, felt the hair on her back rise, and a shadow fall down.

She froze for a moment, but slowly turned her head back.

“…… Brother Yu? ”

Since the last time she heard that Wen Yufeng helped Qin Qing wipe the blackboard of the class, Fang Xiaojing had always been worried. She was afraid that one day Wen Yufeng would settle accounts with her.

Therefore, at this time, she saw clearly that Wen Yufeng wasn’t wearing a friendly look, and her voice trembled a little unconsciously.

Wen Yufeng was not in the mood to pay attention to the superfluous.

His dark eyes fell on Qin Qing’s empty seat, and his voice was low and hoarse:

“What about her?”

Fang Xiaojing breathed a sigh of relief: “… Went for self-study. ”

Seeing Wen Yu Feng’s eyes turned cold, Fang Xiaojing consciously added: “Went to the reading room for self-study.” ”

“Reading room?”

The boy raised his eyebrows slightly.

——After entering No 1 High School these few years, he really didn’t know where the reading room of the High School was.

Mentioning this, Fang Xiaojing’s eyes flashed with a little resentment.

She smiled: “Yes, studying in the reading room is not something that anyone can do… Teacher Fu loves Qin Qing, otherwise the other students will definitely be disappointed if they ask. As a result, as soon as Qin Qing applied, Teacher Fu immediately agreed. ”

Regarding Fang Xiaojing’s tone, Wen Yufeng did not care.

“How do I get to the reading room?”

“Hey, I know it!”

Li Xiang, who had been listening to the conversation next to him, proudly raised his chest, “Brother Yu, I will take you there!” ”


Wen Yufeng glanced at him.

“Say the location, I’ll go myself.”

“…… oh. ”

Li Xiang wilted.

A minute later, Wen Yufeng left the classroom, and Li Xiang returned to his position bored.

 Zhao Zirui had been pulled by his teacher to do “physical labor” and Brother Yu had gone to look for his little classmate. He was the only one left alone. He was really bored.

After thinking for a while, Li Xiang’s eyes lit up.

He remembered that he still had a few Playboy magazines placed with Brother Yu.

Li Xiang immediately ran over and flipped through his magazine with a smile on his face. In fact, there was nothing else on the empty table, so it was very easy to find.

The almost-naked lady on the cover was smiling charmingly at the camera.

Li Xiang had just opened it when he saw the boy sitting in front of him turn around. At the same time, his eyes were bright as he stared at the magazine in Li Xiang’s hand.

“Brother Xiang, if you don’t share such good stuff, you’re being too unkind!”

Li Xiang suddenly recalled the look in Brother Yu’s eyes after Qi Lulu had found it with him and made him take the blame. He waved at the person who had turned around—

“I can share it. Remove the wrapping of your math book and give it to me. I’ll show you.”

The boy hesitated for a few seconds before nodding his head.

A few minutes later, Li Xiang held a magazine that he had disguised as a transparent book cover with the words “Mathematics” printed on it. He smiled with satisfaction.

“What are you laughing at again?”

Suddenly, a voice came from beside him.

Li Xiang was shocked. He quickly looked up and saw Zhao Zirui sitting back in his seat. Just as Li Xiang was about to show off his masterpiece, Zhao Zirui asked, “Where did Brother Yu go?”

Li Xiang sighed.” Where else can he go? Of course, he went to the reading room to look for his little classmate.”

“Pfft ——”

Zhao Zirui had just drunk a mouthful of water and immediately spewed it on to the table.

Li Xiang hurriedly picked up the magazine on the table. He glanced at Zhao Zirui with disdain. Then, he placed the magazine on Wen Yu Feng’s table and turned around to wipe the table with paper towels.

Zhao Zirui grabbed him after coughing——

“Brother Yu had also gone to the reading room?!”

The word “also” was very subtle. Li Xiang raised his head.” Has anyone else gone?”

Zhao Zirui’s expression twisted. “I just came back from there…Furthermore, I was going to tell Brother Yu that the pretty boy from Class Three seemed to be pestering his little classmate in the reading room with questions ……”


There was no need for Zhao Zirui to continue speaking. Li Xiang’s expression also twisted.

The two of them were silent for three seconds. They looked at each other and simultaneously let out a “f**k”.

Moments later, the entire class saw the two people running out of the classroom.


When he saw the two people sitting side by side in the empty reading room, Wen Yufeng felt that his cautious mind was probably filled with lard.

—— Why had he never thought that his little classmate was so cute and seductive and that if he didn’t let the entire school know that he had already made a reservation, she would attract the attention of these courageous sh*t.

Not long after the little classmate had risen up to this grade, someone had already chased her to the reading room.


From a distance, Wen Yufeng gently narrowed his eyes and stared at those two people with an unfriendly expression.

One of them, naturally, was his young classmate, with a serious expression, who seemed to be giving a lecture on the subject to the person next to him.

The other one…He also knew him.

He remembered when he just transferred to No 1 High school, he made an analysis blog on the school web forum when he had nothing to do.


An analysis of who the school grass (best looking guy in school) was in No. 1 Highschool between him and Wen Yufeng.

However, due to the fact that he had caused a few fights inside and outside the school, the title of “school bully” was first taken over by him.

The owner of the post hadn’t dared to update the post since he had the fight and sent a few people who had surrounded him into the hospital.

As a result, the title of “school grass” remained at Yu Wen’s. (this is the name of the other guy)

In the past year or two, when he was mentioned again, the names that were used outside the school were all:c’that school bully who is even more handsome than the school grass’ in No 1 high school. 

Wen Yufeng had never been fond of these things. Li Xiang, Zhao Zirui, and the others knew this well and did not mention it in front of him.

However, it was not until today when he saw Yu Wen sitting next to Qin Qing that he felt something for the first time.

It turned out that one day, he would still care about these things because of someone.

A minute later.

Qin Qing was sitting at the long table in the reading room and giving a serious question to the person beside her when a shadow appeared in front of her.

Before she could even raise her gaze, she felt her wrist tighten. Following that, a pull came and she was forced to move her weight up.

When she regained her composure, she realized that she had already been pulled behind by the person standing at the table.

At the same time, a low and hoarse voice sounded in front of her——

“Little classmate, men and women not related should keep some distance from one another …Don’t you know that?”

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