He’s so Flirty Chapter 30

Chapter 30

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“Let you sit at the same table as Qin Qing?”

Shen Liang looked surprised for a moment. After the trace of emotion disappeared, the smile on his face expanded ——

“Then you have to give me a suitable reason. Otherwise, not talking about whether Teacher Fu will look for me to settle the score when he comes back, but you won’t be able to pass even if it’s just me.”

“Didn’t Teacher Shen just say that everything in the class this semester will be up to him?”

Wen Yufeng raised his thin lips.

Shen Liang narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, “Alright, so you’re scheming against me here?”

Although he said this, Shen Liang’s expression didn’t show any anger at all. It was clearly just a joke. But after a few seconds, his expression still changed.

“No matter what, you have to give me a proper reason so that I can consider this matter.”

Wen Yufeng stared at Shen Liang for two seconds before lowering his eyes.

He sighed in his heart.

“I hope Qin Qing can help me with my homework.”


Shen Liang opened his mouth and didn’t speak for a long time.

After a while, he finally couldn’ t help laughing, the lines at the corner of his eyes also showed——

“Tutor you on your homework? Wen Yufeng, I’ve been teaching you for a year. I can count the number of times you’ve attended my class!”

Shen Liang raised his head with a smile on his face——

“Just like that, you’re telling me that you want to sit at the same table as her because you want her to tutor you?”


He turned his gaze to the girl sitting below the stage.

The girl’s two slender hands were tightly clenching her backpack. Her beautiful little face had black and white eyes staring at him, not blinking. Her expression was harmless and quiet.

As expected, it was like a crystal rabbit.

It —— was clean and transparent, sparkling and translucent.

He knew from the second time he met her that he should stay away from her. This might have been better for both of them.

But he could not. Ever since they met, this girl seemed to have become his sun, and he was one of the planets. The place where she was always had an irresistible attraction to him, causing him to involuntarily wrap his gaze, attention and heart around her.

Wen Yufeng turned his gaze back.

He looked straight at Shen Liang.

After wiping off his usual sloppy and lazy appearance, the boy’s expression was cool and calm.

“Teacher, I know exactly what I want, so please allow me.”

Shen Liang looked at Wen Yu Feng for a while before his smile finally faded.

He sighed. “I always thought you knew what you wanted, but now it seems like I was wrong—Wen Yufeng, I want you to know that for each and every one of you, this period of youth may seem long and painful, but it’s actually too short to miss. You will be eager to grow up and do what you want to do, but you don’t know if you are ready. Often, the best time comes when most people aren’t prepared.”

He paused and looked up.

“So, in this fleeting period of time, those things that can only be done at this time——Have you really thought about it? Things you could give up for other people or things, you won’t regret or complain in the future?”

Wen Yufeng paused for a moment and looked thoughtfully at Shen Liang.

Shen Liang pondered for a moment, “……I’ve seen you many times at that shooting range. I can guess what you’re doing most of the time when you’re not at school.”


Wen Yufeng’s eyes paused for a moment.

After a while, he looked down.

“Teacher Shen, I don’t know if I will regret doing this in the future, but I know that if I don’t do this, I will definitely regret it in the future.”


After a long time, Shen Liang agreed.

Without waiting for Wen Yufeng to reply, he changed the topic. “But sitting at the same table is a matter for two people. I can’t make adjustments just because of your own wishes. I need to seek Qin Qing’s opinion.”

Hearing this, Wen Yu Feng frowned.

Shen Liang did not stay any longer and went straight down to Qin Qing.

At this moment, the students were almost gone, and there were only a few people in the classroom.

Qin Qing looked at Shen Liang who was still talking to Wen Yufeng walk straight towards her. She stood up in a daze.

“Teacher Shen?”

The girl looked blankly at Shen Liang and then uneasily at Wen Yufeng, who was still standing on the podium and facing the classroom.

The boy lowered his eyes and did not respond to her gaze.

“Qin Qing, it’s like this. What’s your opinion on Wen Yufeng’s proposal to sit with you?”


Qin Qing opened her mouth slightly. She looked at the boy standing on the podium in surprise.

This time, that person seemed to have sensed her gaze. He lifted his eyes and his pitch-black eyes glared at her.

The deep blackness in his eyes was like a burning flame. Qin Qing seemed to be scalded by the temperature and quickly looked away.

She turned to Shen Liang in panic.

Shen Liang said, “You don’t need to look at him, and you don’t need to consider the opinions of anyone else. Teacher only needs to know your own independent thoughts.”


Qin Qing was silent for a long time.

Wen Yufeng, who had been on the podium for a long time, walked down with a gloomy expression.

“Teacher Shen, forget it, I ——”

“Could I know ……”

The girl suddenly spoke up and interrupted Wen Yufeng.

Wen Yufeng and Shen Liang looked at each other at the same time


Under their gazes, Qin Qing’s cheeks burned slightly.She didn’t know what kind of power had given her the courage to speak. She only knew that she had a vague feeling…It was as if she would miss something.

She looked up at Shen Liang seriously.

“Could I know why classmate Wen wants to sit with me?”

Shen Liang nodded his head in agreement with this question. However, he didn’t receive an answer from the guy behind him after waiting for a long time. He looked up and saw Qin Qing’s serious gaze.

Shen Liang stopped and helplessly turned his head to look at Wen Yufeng. Then, he turned around and said, “He hopes you can tutor him in his homework.”

This reply that made Shen Liang laugh only earned Qin Qing’s brief silence.

After a moment of silence, the girl nodded.

“Teacher, I have no objection to this matter.”

Shen Liang sighed. Just as he was about to say something, he heard the girl speak again.


“But,” Qin Qing looked at Wen Yufeng and said,” If Classmate Wen’s grades don’t improve after that, then the teacher will transfer us back.”

This answer stunned Shen Liang.

After a pause, he suddenly laughed.

As he laughed, Shen Liang turned his head away.

“Wen Yu Feng, did you hear what Qin Qing said?”


Wen Yufeng looked at his little classmate. After a while, he raised his thin lips. His eyes narrowed.


The boy’s voice was slightly hoarse, and he had a faint smile on his face.

“I heard it very clearly.”


The look in his eyes was too aggressive. Qin Qing couldn’t help lowering her face after a short while and avoiding the other person’s gaze.

“Alright, since you’re both willing, it’s decided.”

Shen Liang frowned and looked at the distance between their seats. “However, Wen Yufeng is too tall. Coming to the front would inevitably block students at the back. Qin Qing, I have to have you go to the back.”

Qin Qing had already expected that fact when Wen Yufeng had asked her if she was nearsighted. She was not surprised and only nodded.

“Okay, Teacher Shen.”

After Qin Qing agreed, she frowned again. “Teacher Shen, can I trouble you not to tell my mother about this?”

Shen Liang was stunned.” Huh? What’s wrong?”

Qin Qing paused and her eyes flashed.” Mother, she probably doesn’t want me…to sit in the back row. But like you said, I’d rather listen to my own opinion.”

“You’ve all learned how to scheme against your teacher now!”

Shen Liang smiled and replied.

“Well, you can move over this afternoon. It’s getting late. So hurry home and have lunch.”

With that said, Shen Liang took his books and walked out.

When he passed by Wen Yu Feng, Shen Liang sighed and didn’t say anything.

Just as they brushed past each other, Wen Yufeng spoke.

“Teacher, I won’t give up on what I want to do,” he said softly. “I can take care of it.”

When Shen Liang heard that, he stopped, but in the end, he didn’t say anything else and left the classroom.

The classroom was quiet.

Wen Yufeng looked towards the back of the classroom. Li Xiang and Zhao Zirui sat there without saying a word, their expressions complicated. They were like two hopeless cabbages.

“You guys can go ahead.”

As he spoke, he walked down from the podium and walked to Qin Qing’s table. He picked up the bag that the girl was hugging with one hand.

“I’ll take her home.”

Qin Qing widened her beautiful almond eyes in surprise.” I don’t need your help……”

“How does that make sense?” Wen Yufeng interrupted the girl with half a smile. He then lazily glanced back at her and said,” You’re the guarantor of my ‘improvement in grades’ in the future. No matter what, I have to escort you home safely.”

With that said, Wen Yufeng did not give Qin Qing any more chances to refuse. He swung the girl’s backpack on his shoulder and walked out of the classroom alone.

Qin Qing was stunned and quickly went after her bag that had been ‘kidnapped’.

At the back of the classroom, Li Xiang and Zhao Zirui were dumbfounded as they watched their 1.86m tall Brother Yu walk out with a pink-white female backpack.

There was a fur rabbit pendant on the bag and it was dangling behind the boy.

He was strutting around with it.


Li Xiang and Zhao Zirui looked at each other silently.

They felt like their three views couldn’t hold on any longer…

Qin Qing jogged out of the classroom and managed to catch up with Wen Yufeng on the stairs on the first floor.

“I really don’t need you to send me off ……”

Qin Qing’s breath was uneven as she followed Wen Yufeng. She looked around in embarrassment and said softly, “Give me my bag. Everyone else is looking.”

Although the two of them had spent a lot of time in the classroom, there were still many students in the teaching building. There were indeed many people who couldn’t help but look at them in surprise.

As he walked out of the building, Wen Yufeng glanced at the little girl beside him and smiled.



Qin Qing’s delicate face was almost wrinkled.

After thinking for a while, she chased after him and said, “My second brother sent me a message just now. He said that Grandma asked him to pick me up this afternoon because I wasn’t wearing my jacket.”

Hearing this, Wen Yu Feng’s footsteps stopped abruptly, followed by a sharp frown.

“The one from last time?”

Qin Qing fell silent.

She really didn’t know why the hostility between these two people was so great.

Seeing that Qin Qing did not say anything, Wen Yufeng naturally knew the answer.

His handsome face turned cold, and his eyes, which had been hiding two pleasant emotions, also sank.

He raised his leg again, but he looked down at the little girl beside him as he walked.

His voice was low and unpleasant.

“Qin Qing, do you know that the Marriage Law prohibits marriage between direct relatives and collateral relatives within three generations?”


Qin Qing raised her little face in a daze.

“So, you should keep your distance from him.”


After reflecting on who this “him” was, Qin Qing was silent but her heart was complicated.


Mother, my new deskmate…seems neurotic, what do I do?

Qin Qing silently whispered. The two of them were about to reach the school gate.

When Qin Qing returned to her senses and saw the No 1 high school gate, her expression suddenly changed.

Qin Qing instinctively reached out and pulled Wen Yufeng to the side.

There happened to be a big locust tree in front of the school gate. Qin Qing pulled Wen Yufeng and hid behind the tree. At the same time, she poked her head out and looked out of the school.

Wen Yufeng was amused by the girl’s appearance and slightly raised the corner of his lips. He bent down and blew into Qin Qing’s ear.

“Who are you looking at, Tian Tian?”


Qin Qing was looking outside the school gate with all her concentration when she was startled by the sudden hot breath and affectionate address. She instinctively jumped aside.

Wen Yufeng had expected this and brought the girl back.

The girl was pulled into his arms —— he couldn’t hold back. With a muffled sound, he placed his back on the tree.

The pain in his back did not make Wen Yufeng frown. After stopping, he lightly licked his upper palate and dangerously lowered his eyes.

The boy’s voice was tinged with a low and hoarse smile.

“Be careful to be exposed, little classmate.”


A faint scent of mint and tobacco wafted over. Qin Qing felt the white shirt on her cheeks and the scorching heat under her, and her delicate and pretty face turned red.

She hurriedly took a step back, not knowing if it was because of the shock or the pain from the collision. She raised her head to look at Wen Yufeng’s black and white eyes, with a slight sway. 

His eyes narrowed slightly.

Being stared at by that increasingly dangerous gaze, Qin Qing almost wanted to flee.

However, when Qin Qing thought of how her school bag was still with him, she could only speak with a soft voice——

“Wen Yufeng…Give me my bag. I’m going to find Second Brother.”


Wen Yufeng’s eyes darkened. He bent down and stared at the girl. “Do you know that at this moment, you shouldn’t mention anyone else in front of me?”

Qin Qing blinked.

After a few seconds, she slowly shook her head.

That harmless and defenseless look made Wen Yufeng’s eyes almost turn into ink.

However, when he met that pair of clean and clear eyes again, Wen Yufeng could only let his eyes grow deeper and deeper. The ferocious beast hidden in his heart panted as it rubbed its claws with steaming white heat, and was then pressed back by his fist.

After a while, he calmed down and looked up again.

He passed the bag forward.

Qin Qing was slightly happy and reached out to take it.

However, before she could touch the bag, the bag was retracted.

The boy lifted the corners of his lips and looked at her. “I’ve chased Li Xiang and the others away, but you let me go home alone?”

Qin Qing’s expression paused for a moment and thought for a moment. She agreed with him and felt a little embarrassed.

“Second Brother didn’t like it when I interacted with you. If he saw this, then ……”

“As compensation, call me.”

Wen Yufeng’s lips curled up.

Qin Qing was stunned for a moment and lowered her head.

Wen Yufeng’s heart softened when he saw that pitiful little rabbit that had been trampled under the claws of a tiger.

He laughed helplessly.” Forget it, you go ——”

“Yu…Brother Yu.”

A soft and soft voice suddenly rang out.

She even had a little stammer.

The girl’s white jade-like ears were dyed red.


The wind froze for a second.

When he came back to his senses, the black-eyed tiger almost swallowed the little white rabbit that was pressed under its claws.

……D*mn it.

Wen Yufeng cursed in his heart.

He only wanted to press the little girl in front of him against the big locust tree behind him…To the point of being speechless. 

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