How to Catch an A Chapter 2 Part 3


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Recently, a certain uninvited guest keeps appearing in Liang Ren’s office.

“Da Liang, why do you think that bstard Feng Fan blocked me again?”

Li Duoyu spins around in the office, swaying from one end of the desk to the other. Liang Ren feels an incoming headache. He doesn’t understand why he’s the only one who has to work today.

“Do you have nothing to do?” Reaching the end of his patience, Liang Ren puts down the document in his hand and asks, “Didn’t you say a few months ago that you will go abroad? Have you completed your paperwork? What are you still doing here?”

After establishing a firm foothold in China in the past two years, Li Duoyu plans to go abroad to explore overseas markets. His office abroad has already been arranged. Everything is ready save himself.

“I’ll wait for Feng Fan to finish the summer vacation, so we can go there together. It’s so boring to go alone.”

After graduation, Dr. Feng Fan successfully secured a tenure in the university. He is now a regular employee entitled to summer and winter vacations. The two of them have always been close. Li Duoyu’s new company is in the same district as Feng Fan’s school, and they have also cooperated in some projects. Even Feng Fan sometimes crashes to Li Duoyu’s place.

It can’t be helped. Once caught up with his research experiments, Feng Fan forgets to sleep and eat. If nobody keeps an eye on him, he’ll end up starving himself to death. As his childhood friend, Li Duoyu should naturally take care of him.

In Li Duoyu’s mind, this is just the way things should be. After all, they are bosom buddies far away from home. It’s only right to take care of each other!

Unfortunately, others don’t think so.

“You and Feng Fan have such a good relationship. Why don’t you just consider being together? Anyway, both of you are unmarried. Isn’t it just right?”

Li Duoyu freezes on the spot for a long time, his face suffused with an exaggerated blush.

“Don’t you make a match of us!” Li Duoyu argues. “You have no idea how difficult that little brat can be. Being with him is like serving your ancestors. Except for his research, he’s clueless about anything else. So smart yet so stupid, and so difficult to please… And it’s not like you don’t know what I like. Although I’ve been busy and have no time to date, I always have a thing for great beauties.”

“Why are you busy?” Liang Ren raises his eyebrows, exasperated. “Who are you busy serving? Have you ever think about that?”

Li Duoyu stomps his foot in frustration.

“Don’t talk about it. That omega is a walking disaster. I’m not asking for trouble.”

Liang Ren stops asking anymore.

Looking at the nondescript rock used as paperweight on his desk, he recalls someone gleefully picking it up from the beach and holding it in the palm of his hand.

So what if the other party is full of problems?

Love makes people blind anyway.


“Xiao Zhen, he is here to pick you up again!”

Feng Fan is really relentless, directing his research enthusiasm towards learning from him. Coincidentally, he is currently on vacation, so he is leisurely all day long and has a lot of time to spend with Zhen Xin.

Since Zhen Xin can neither fight nor scold him, he can only let him have his own way.

As expected, as soon as he steps out, Feng Fan walks over to greet him.

“Teacher Zhen!”

Feng Fan is still dressed in short-sleeved shirts and shorts. The hat on his head obscures people from seeing his true gender.

His attitude is still perfunctory, but there’s an urgency in his tone and brightness in his eyes.

“Mr. Feng is here again.” Zhen Xin smiled wryly, his face full of helplessness. “I really have nothing to teach you.”

Feng Fan raises his chin and answers, “It’s okay, I’m here to observe you.”

I’m a fast learner.


Zhen Xin has now become a guinea pig.

Feng Fan tags along like a shadow, staring at him silently. Every time Zhen Xin goes out to buy groceries and daily necessities, Feng Fan rushes out to pay in advance, making Zhen Xin very embarrassed.

At Zhen Xin’s doorstep, the omega puts away his notebook, and waves one hand to bid a polite farewell while the other hand presses his rumbling stomach.

“Teacher Zhen, I’ll be leaving first. Goodbye.”

Zhen Xin facepalms.

“Don’t leave. Come in and eat before you go.”

Why is this rich second generation acting like a nerd?

It’s quite cute.


Feng Fan enters the door. Born in a lap of luxury, the worst place he has ever lived was a flat of more than 100 square meters. This is the first time he saw such a small loft. It really feels strange everywhere he looks.

“It’s actually possible to build a bathroom in this place… But it’s too small to fit a bathtub. Do you usually take a shower?” Feng Fan jumps out of the bathroom and looks curiously at the soft sofa and the bedroom upstairs.

“Is there only a bedroom above the stairs? There’s no cloakroom. Where do you put your clothes?”

Zhen Xin takes out the vegetables, and replies, “There are cabinets and drawers that can be used for storage… Mr. Feng, everyone’s living conditions are different.”

Just like some people were born in Rome, others were born with no home.

“Ah, I mean’t no offense.” Feng Fan is taken aback for a moment. He adjusts his glasses and comments, “I’m just not used to seeing things like this.”

He really has little experience in life. When he was a child, he was taken care of by household servants. Later, when he went abroad, he always relied on Li Duoyu to take care of him. His world only revolves around studies and academics. He knows nothing about other things. He also knows that this is an unflattering trait, that’s why he hopes that he can follow Zhen Xin to learn what a normal and likable person is like.

Feng Fan whips out his notebook and flips through it.

【1. Have your own job. (√)

    2. Can cook by yourself. (X)

    3. Takes the initiative to say hello. (X)

    4. Smile when you meet people. (X)


    27. Even when faced with troublesome people, will treat them politely and invite them to eat at your house. (X)】

Feng Fan looks up at Zhen Xin who is deftly chopping vegetables, and sadly closes his notebook.

He really has too much to learn, which is even more difficult than applying for a research grant.

Alas, melancholy.


Because he has a guest today, Zhen Xin specially made an extra dish of bean curd.

A standard meal of one meat, two kinds of vegetables and one soup are enough for the two of them to eat until their bellies rounded. Feng Fan sits as mute as a fish, but his chopsticks move like the wind. His cheeks bulge, unable to swallow fast enough.

Young Master Feng is really giving him too much face. Zhen Xin is stunned, unsure whether he should add another dish.

“If it’s not enough, I’ll add one more dish…”

“No need.” Feng Fan reservedly wipes his mouth, puts down the third bowl of rice he just demolished, and says seriously, “I’m almost done eating. How did you learn to cook, Mr. Zhen?”

“Ah?” Zhen Xin is surprised for a moment, then grins wickedly. “This is a trick I specially learned to catch an alpha.”


As a destitute and homeless person, who had never once had a hearty meal, he was certainly not someone who knew how to cook. In his past experience, as long as he had enough to eat to survive, that was already considered a good day. Why would he care whether the food was nutritious or not?

But he soon met Liang Ren, the big sucker who paid a lot of money so he would be able to continue his studies, and deliberately took him back to his house under the pretext of needing a housekeeper.

Zhen Xin was pretty enough at the age of sixteen or seventeen. There were many miscreants who wanted to take advantage of his body, but only the alpha named Liang Ren was different. He only wanted to help him, which greatly puzzled Zhen Xin.

Well, as a nominal housekeeper, he must at least keep the house clean. Zhen Xin entered the kitchen in full fighting spirits and almost set the kitchen on fire.

The pots and pans fell on the floor. He fearfully looked at the messy kitchen and didn’t know how to deal with it. However, Liang Ren, who rushed back from class, grabbed the back of his neck and dragged him away.

“Little One, are you okay?” Liang Ren turned him around and anxiously inspected him for injuries. When he saw that he was unharmed, he felt relieved. “It’s good that you’re not hurt.”

Looking at the concern in the other party’s eyes, Zhen Xin’s heart shook.

It turned out that he was more important than pots and pans.


Regardless of the ending, Zhen Xin has never doubted that he once had the best relationship in his whole life.

It wasn’t as simple as having someone to eat, drink and have fun with, but it’s about having a person who seriously plans a better future for you and prioritizes you over anything else.

For Zhen Xin, no gentleman could ever be more upright than Liang Ren.

Despite having a little bit of cleverness, Zhen Xin had been delayed for too long. Even taking the self-study examination was not easy.

And often at times like this, Liang Ren would be very strict and demanding. All attempts of coquetry and fawning were ineffective, so he could only behave and listen to Teacher Liang, carefully check for omissions and make up for deficiencies.

It was very tough putting on a show in learning such things. Even Zhen Xin who was bent on pretending to be good couldn’t avoid breaking down.

“Brother Ren, I really don’t want to do this anymore! I can’t do it. I’m just a useless waste.”

Every time Zhen Xin was on the verge of collapsing when doing homework, he would angrily lie down on the desk, loathing himself.

The always smiling alpha would have a serious face and let him vent his anger, but also urge him to calm down and continue studying.

He really treated Zhen Xin like his own cub, with his deep and long-lasting love. Although he was only a few years older, he could already plan for the future.

He still remembers their last trip.

Zhen Xin went to the beach for the first time, but besides the boundless sea, there was also the smelly wind and sticky sand.

It was as if the beautiful photos in the magazine had been stripped of their false coats, revealing the hideousness within.

Zhen Xin wanted to find a pretty shell on the beach, but in the end he only found a greyish white rock.

They sat on the beach together, watching the sunset, but Zhen Xin felt a little disappointed.

Zhen Xin opens his eyes. It’s still late at night outside the window. He turns over wearily.

The beautiful interior is fake, just like him.

The brightest star in the sky shines on the windowsill, also projecting onto another person’s pillow.

Liang Ren puts down the remote control, leans on the pillow and stares at the vivid figure in the projection.

His failed love is like a receding tide, only leaving behind the bright and white stars.

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