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Be it due to Zhen Xin’s guilt and fear or Liang Ren’s suspicion and restraint, an insurmountable wall seemed to have been erected between them, blocking them from reaching each other.

In the originally intended timeline, they might have been two tracks that had no interaction. However, many years later, they would become a person whose name is mentioned in conjunction with the other’s full name.

But fate is unpredictable as always, allowing people to cross each other’s path one more time. Even though it seems like it can’t be considered a good thing at first——

Feng Fan becomes the target of hooligans.

In order to observe Zhen Xin’s every move, he drives his luxury car into a remote alley at specific times every day. More than thirty years of living a stable life in the ivory tower makes him oblivious to his own displays of wealth. Before long, the sharks pick up the scent of the unaware goldfish and start to circle around it. Despite Zhen Xin warning him about the time and advising him to leave the deserted areas, he ignored his concerns, dismissing it as groundless worry. As a result, when he finds himself blocked, it seems more like an expected event than an unexpected one.


Zhen Xin is the first person who noticed that something is wrong.

After getting off work, he did not see Feng Fan, who would always be waiting on the sidelines. He heaves a sigh of relief, thinking that the other party has finally given up, but then he becomes uneasy when he sees the familiar car parked in its usual place.

His life as a former gangster has made Zhen Xin sensitive and suspicious. He is familiar with the psychology of these idlers all too well.

Feng Fan, a big spender, is like a babe in the woods swaddled in a golden blanket.

This feeling of impending danger heightens when he saw the dissertation manuscripts scattered near the car.

Feng Fan always likes to read research papers in his spare time.

Several times when Zhen Xin met him, she saw Feng Fan scribbling and studying nonstop.

Feng Fan cherishes scientific papers. There is no way he would carelessly throw them away like this.

Zhen Xin immediately calls the police, and starts searching nearby alleys by himself while dialing a series of numbers he knew by heart.

The phone is quickly connected. Zhen Xin’s heart pounds the moment he heard the voice on the other end.

He tries his best to calm himself down before speaking.

“Feng Fan seems to have an accident. I can’t find him anywhere. What should be done?”

After so many years, he is still the first person he can think of asking for help in times of trouble.


Zhen Xin finds Feng Fan surrounded by three or four betas and being threatened to hand over his valuables.

He has already handed over his watch, necklace and wallet, and is now being coerced to transfer money.

“Fking be honest!” The boss holds a dagger against Feng Fan’s lower back, staring at his phone screen. “Don’t make any fking tricks. Your delicate skin and tender flesh can’t withstand a few stabs!”

That should be something that no one can bear indeed.

Feng Fan silently raises his eyes to glance at the person threatening him, then silently lowers his eyes.

For some reason, the leader grows even more furious. The tip of the knife is about to pierce through Feng Fan’s clothes.

Zhen Xin’s mind hastily thinks of ways to bring Feng Fan out of trouble when this unconventional omega says the most unstable words.

“Whoever robs public or private property by violence, coercion or other means shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years, and shall also be fined. Those with serious circumstances shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years, life imprisonment or death, and shall also be fined or confiscated of properties…” Feng Fan, not thinking that there’s anything wrong with saying this, calmly preaches law to others. “If you stop now, it can still count as discontinuance of crime.”

As soon as Feng Fan stops talking, a heavy slap lands on his face. For a little bookworm who hasn’t done heavy work for so many years, the impact almost throws him to the ground.

“Boss, this is an omega. Why don’t we just take advantage…”

Before the disgusting suggestion could be finished, the minion is knocked down by a brick that fell from the sky.

A terrific beauty in shirt and trousers appears shrouded in light at the entrance of the alley.

He has always been a selfish person, but ever since meeting that man, he begins to act like a hero.

What a murderous work.


Although Zhen Xin used to brawl in the past, he can still hardly resist three or four vicious gangsters.

It can’t be helped. Zhen Xin hasn’t fought in actual combat for many years, and he has to protect the defenseless Feng Fan.

He dodges left and right, dragging the burden to a run and knocking down the three gangsters with all his strength.

“Are you okay!” Feng Fan pants, his cheeks flushed with exhaustion. “Your face…”

“I’m fine.”

Blood drips down Zhen Xin’s forehead. His hand firmly grips a thick long steel pipe that he has just snatched away. He squints an eye, letting the bright red beads of blood drop from his eyelashes like agate. With a naughty and vicious smile, he says in a low voice, “I won’t die.”

In truth, his situation is not optimistic.

Exhausted from toppling those three punks, he still has the boss chasing after them relentlessly. It’s futile to fight back. He can only hope that the phone call he made earlier will prove effective before the boss arrives.

Zhen Xin stretches out a hand to wipe his face.

He takes out the mobile phone in his pocket and passes it to Feng Fan. “The unlock code is 706706. Take it and run across the street to the nearest police station. Don’t turn back.”

Feng Fan nervously grabs the phone. “What about you? Aren’t you running with me?”

Zhen Xin weighs the steel pipe in his hand, stands still and takes a deep breath.

“That b*stard will find us soon. Someone must be left to hold him back.”

Zhen Xin longingly looks at the sun in the clear sky.

It’s not that he’s not afraid of pain or death, nor is he brave enough to fight for justice.

He just wants to protect the person in his beloved’s heart.

To sacrifice himself and shed blood is not a problem for him.

Tsk, so dramatic.


Feng Fan has never run so fast in his life.

He is too aware of how much of a drag he is to others. If Zhen Xin isn’t here to save his @$$, he would have been dead by now.

He finally sees the police station around the corner. Gasping for breath, he’s just about to go in when someone grabs the back collar of his clothes.

He shudders, thinking that he is caught and will be beaten even though he has already made this far. He opens his mouth to shout for help, but he hears Liang Ren’s voice.

“Where’s Zhen Xin?”

Alpha’s expression is cold and hard, as if covered with a layer of hard frost. It’s even more frightening than those vicious hooligans.

Feng Fan is taken aback. After dazedly telling him the location of the incident, he watches Liang Ren drive away.

Feng Fan looks at the gate of the police station, then at Liang Ren’s car exhaust, and slaps his thigh violently.

He can’t play the hero. He better hurry up and report the crime.


Zhen Xin is at a disadvantage when Liang Ren reaches the scene of the crime. His strength really can’t match the tall and big boss.

The opponent tries hard to pin his arm behind him, and is about to kick him on the head. Zhen Xin desperately resists, crazily attacking the opponent above him.

It is at this point that the power of an alpha is revealed.

The normally fresh grapefruit scent suddenly turns violent, like scorching sulfuric acid, as sharp as a knife, sweeping across the sky. In an instant, the two wrestling betas collapsed on the ground.

Alpha’s pheromone attack can immobilize a crowd. The stronger the alpha is, the more capable he is to use pheromone to attack and restrict the crowd’s ability to move. However, this kind of primitive attack has long been strictly prohibited by law. Liang Ren has always been a law-abiding citizen, but the situation calls for a drastic measure.

“Fck, which bstard is plotting against me…aaaagh!”

“Apologies.” The tall and noble alpha picks up the unconscious Zhen Xin. “My eyesight is not very good.”

I tend to step on trashes.


Zhen Xin seems to smell the scent of grapefruit.

This reminds him of the countless good times in the past. Even the wounds on his body no longer hurt so badly.

He has been held in such arms many times without having to face any hardships.

This feeling is so good that he doesn’t want to wake up.

But no matter how beautiful the dream is, one has to wake up from it. When Zhen Xin opens his eyes, he only sees Feng Fan sitting beside him, staring at him with single-minded attention.

“Teacher Zhen! You’re awake!”

Zhen Xin is taken aback. Calming down in an instant, he nods.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Zhen Xin wants to sit up, but Feng Fan blocks him. “Lie still. The doctor said you have a slight concussion. You should rest more.”

“It’s all minor injuries, nothing serious.” Zhen Xin has suffered much more serious injuries in the past, so he doesn’t care much. Instead, he begins to worry if the single ward with TV and sofa is covered by his medical insurance. “Can I be discharged from the hospital today? This ward costs a lot of money per day.”

“I don’t know. This private ward belongs to Da Liang’s family,” Feng Fan replies candidly. “He personally took you here, but he was taken away for an interrogation with those bad guys because of excreting pheromones in public.”

“Da Liang?” Zhen Xin’s eyes light up all of a sudden. “You mean Liang Ren? Did he bring me to the hospital?”

“Yes. For all the years I’ve known him, this is the first time I saw him looking like he was going to kill someone. It scared me to death.”

His face is still blank, but his shoulders shrink.

“No wonder he’s been single since his little ex broke up with him. With this expression every day, no one will take a fancy to him,” Feng Fan calmly roasts. “Sure enough, to find yourself an alpha, you still have to find someone who is emotionally stable. Who can stand him if he releases those pheromone to restrict people?”

“He was trying to save me!” Zhen Xin suddenly shouts, and then weakly asks, “So——isn’t he the person you like?”

“Absolutely not!” Feng Fan doesn’t understand where such misunderstanding came from. “Heavens, I will never like him. What’s more, he only has his ex-boyfriend in his heart. Why would I want such bad luck?”


Zhen Xin suddenly burst out laughing, alarming Feng Fan who then rushes out to look for a brain surgeon.

But at this moment, he couldn’t care less about being treated as a fool.

Zhen Xin cups his hands to his cheeks and laughs until tears streams down his face.

Does he have the cheek to chase a man?

Woohoo, so happy!

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