Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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“Tang Feng, you listen to me! You will be married to this person now! ”

A roar came from the courtyard of the village chief of Xiao Qingshan Village.

The village chief Tang Zheng sat in the courtyard, fiercely inhaling the tobacco. He tapped on the tobacco’s butt, stood up and walked towards the side room where the noise was made.

There was a large bed in the side room and on the right side of the bed lay a long and narrow wardrobe which was made by the best carpenter in the village, Liu Laosan.

“Amo*, why don’t you take a look at my body, how can I get married like this? You shouldn’t delay someone else’s innocent Ger like this!” 

Amo: equivalent to mother but it’s weird when used for a Ger or a male that can give birth. 

Tang Feng spoke while laying down in the big bed. He was the village chief, Tang Zheng’s only son but this only child was a sickly person!  

He was very thin, morbidly thin, not at all like an eighteen-year-old youth. His skin was very white, it was also because he stayed in the house all year round, so he was abnormally white. Growing up with delicate features, long and narrow eyes, straight nose and tender thin lips, his abnormal figure did not match his eyes at all, it was bright, gentle and full of wisdom. A person with a discerning eye would know at a glance that this person was undoubtedly a scholar!  

Tang Feng was also very helpless, he was originally a doctor trained in Chinese medicine in modern society, but unfortunately lost his life because of an earthquake. When he woke up, he had already become the current Tang Feng, the only son of the village chief of Xiao Qingshan Village. Because he was born prematurely, he was sick in bed all day everyday with a weak body. The original owner unfortunately passed, thus he took over the memory and body of the original owner.

He had been here for almost three months. Because the original owner’s personality was very similar to his own, he had not been found out to be a fake by his family. Until today when Tang Amo, that is, the man who gave birth to the original owner, said that there were no women in this world. There are only Gers* and men here. The two were generally the same but the former was small, weak and pretty, while the latter was strong and resolute. Gers were differentiated by the red mole in the middle of their foreheads between their eyebrows. 

Ger: same as omega in AOB setting, so basically male who can give birth.

It is said that the redder the blood colored mole on the Ger’s forehead is, the better it is for the Ger to carry on one’s ancestral line. Cough, that is, the more children he will be able to give birth to.

Tang Feng was a man, uh, a man who looked as beautiful and delicate as a Ger!

Tang Amo went out this afternoon and when he came back he suddenly came into his room and said, “I’ve arranged a marriage for you already, the date is the day after tomorrow. His family moved into our village later this year, his surname is Lin, his father is the leader of the hunters. They live on the side of the big locust tree. Their family is quite sincere. His father and mother also agreed to this marriage. And you, you just have to wait to marry your wife*! ”

Wife: same word as husband but since both gender are same i’ll just put wife for Ger and husband for Man.

Who would have imagined that once Tang Feng heard about this, he unexpectedly rejected Tang Amo’s wish, that’s why there was a scene where Tang Amo roared out loud just now. 

“How can you think like that? Alas! Which man in this village can compare with you! If……. ”

Tang Amo couldn’t help but choke with emotion, “If I could have raised you up until you reached your ample month before giving birth, you wouldn’t be suffering like this!” 

Father Tang came up to embrace his wife, signaling Tang Feng, who was helplessly lying down in bed, with his eyes before escorting Mother Tang outside the room. He easily closed Tang Feng’s door with his hand.

“What are you crying about? Seeing you like this, our child will also be in pain.” 

Father Tang handed the wrung-dried handkerchief to Mother Tang. When he saw his sobbing, choking and crying appearance, he felt very distressed. 

It is said that when Tang Amo was giving birth to Tang Feng, Father Tang was not at home. The elders in the Tang family had all passed away when Father Tang was young and Tang Amo, who was working at home alone at that time, accidentally fell, thus Tang Feng, who was still two months away from the due date, was born prematurely.

For this reason, they almost lost two lives. Later his body was injured and could no longer have children. Although Tang Feng’s body was not good, he was still the only child of Father Tang and Tang Amo.

Tang Amo even regarded Tang Feng as a treasure in his heart, he was reluctant to argue with the other party. This time making Tang Feng marry was because some time ago Tang Feng suddenly fainted, the doctor said he was dying and told them to prepare the funeral arrangement in advance.

This news scared both Father Tang and Tang Amo so much that in order to save Tang Feng, the two husband and wife took out their savings and ran to the city more than forty kilometers away from the village to buy some good medicinal materials to save his life.

But the one who woke up with all the savings in the family was already another Tang Feng.

Tang Amo took the handkerchief to wipe dry the tear marks on his face.

“Isn’t Ah Feng been wronged by me? My family’s Ah Feng has been smart since he was a child. His third uncle only taught him to read a few times, but our Ah Feng was able to remember it all. You tell me, if I did not give him this body to drag him down, he may be able to pass the imperial exam and become a Xiucai* like that child from the Wen family! ”

Xiucai: a scholar who passed the county level imperial exam.

Tang Amo shoved the handkerchief into Father Tang’s hand, speaking hatefully.

Father Tang had been listening to this for several years, it had become a thick cocoon in his ears that could be made into a small bowl already.

However, Father Tang washed the handkerchief in the wooden basin on one hand, while sighing in his heart on the other hand. His Ah Feng was indeed a smart child. Although his body was not good, he learned a lot of things from his third uncle who was a Xiucai, but unfortunately………

“Don’t say this stuff in front of Ah Feng’s face again, he won’t feel easy in his heart.”

Father Tang was the head of the village, and he naturally thought of things in a broader sense than Tang Amo.

Tang Amo heard him and turned his head to look at Tang Feng’s door that had been closed by Father Tang, before turning around to glance at Father Tang.

“You think I don’t know how to behave properly?!”

Father Tang smiled and shook his head. He hung the handkerchief on the wall and pulled it into a rope with a hanging line, which was the method Tang Feng thought of.

“Did Lao Lin family really agree?”

Lao + surname:  usually not really saying that it’s old (because lao means old) but usually the term people give to another indicating closeness or familiarity.


Upon hearing Father Tang’s words, the melancholy between Tang Amo’s eyebrows finally dissipated a little.

“Yes, both husband and wife agreed, I think that child is also good. He has arrived here for more than half a year already and understands a bit. He is honest and abides by his duty.” 

The Lin family that Father Tang mentioned was the family of the husband whose Tang Amo asked Tang Feng to marry.

The Lin family moved into Xiao Qingshan village in the second month this year, and the official documents of the local official also confirmed that the other party was a decent peasant family, assigned to Xiao Qingshan village.

The Lin family’s family head was Lin Ba, an excellent hunter. The family relied on his craft to make a living. His wife Zhang Qing gave birth to three children. The eldest Lin Zhuang was twenty-three years old, a man who had not yet married. He had the same temperament as his father, a forthright person and also a hunter. 

The second child, Lin Yu and the third child, Lin Wen were both Gers, the former twenty-one years old, the latter thirteen.

The common practice of this dynasty was relatively relaxed, so it is quite common for men to get married in their 20s, while the earliest for Gers would be around 15 to 16 and the latest would be about 20 years old. 

This Lin family’s second oldest son Lin Yu nevertheless dragged it out to a full twenty-one years of age.

It is said that Lin family husband and wife were worried about this second eldest child Lin Yu the most among all of their three children.

The eldest Lin Zhuang was a man. He grew up big and strong so there was nothing to worry about. Although the youngest Lin Wen was still young, he grew up to be delicate and pretty. 

But Lin Yu, this Ger, alas, not to mention being taller than his eldest brother, his appearance was extremely resolute. If it were not for the bright red mole at the center of his eyebrows, others would not be able to recognize this slender, straight and powerful young man as a Ger when they looked at him from behind.

Although Lin Yu works hard, and is a diligent person, and even the red mole in the middle of his eyebrows was also an unparalleled bright red, which family’s man was willing to marry this tall man as their husband. Therefore, day after day, year after year, Lin Yu’s marriage had been dragged out until now.

“That child is indeed very excellent. It is because others aren’t blessed so he hasn’t been married off yet, otherwise, it wouldn’t be our Ah Feng’s turn.” 

Father Tang sat back on the stool, picked up the tobacco and continued to smoke.

“What are you talking about?! Our family Ah Feng is not bad!” As soon as he heard Father Tang’s tone of voice seemingly belittle Tang Feng, Tang Amo scowled. 

However, thinking of this Lin Yu and Tang Feng’s eight characters, Mother Tang was much more comfortable.

8 characters: birthdate characters used for fortune telling so basically to see if both people would be fitted for each other and if the marriage will be smooth sailing.

After Tang Feng woke up, his body was still the same as before. So Tang Amo listened to the words of Hou’s family and prepared to let Tang Feng take a wife to use this happy event to wash out the bad luck (or cure the illness).

Note: sometimes this can be done in a way that daughters or sons get married so the whole family can use this happy occasion to wash out the bad luck or any illness from sick parents.

Tang Amo calculated in his mind for several days about the unmarried Gers in several villages. After a quick glance, he caught a glimpse of Lin Yu passing in front of him with a large pile of firewood on his back.

His body is strong! Ah Feng is really too thin and weak.

His red mole is bright red! Ah Feng has hope now.

Diligent in housekeeping! He is capable of taking care of Ah Feng.

The crucial point was that he grew up so robustly! Even if Ah Feng’s body is not good, with this kind of tall and strong Ger married to be his wife, they could be completely at ease! 

So Tang Amo, who had always been doing things energetically, immediately used his little “power” as the village chief’s wife to inquire and obtained Lin Yu’s eight characters. Then he ran to the temple more than ten miles away with Tang Feng’s eight characters to calculate. The two people’s eight characters were extremely compatible. The Ger was prosperous while there was no need to mention the husband, the two of them will have a prosperous life with many children and many grandchildren!

This already made Tang Amo extremely happy. He pondered over this matter under the quilt at night with Father Tang for a few days. The two husband and wife went to look for a matchmaker to go to the Lin family to explain their intention, but there wasn’t any excessive explanation.

After all, they very much wanted the Lin family’s Ger to marry to their Tang family, but they didn’t know if the Lin family would agree or not.

The Lin husband and wife were reluctant at first, after all, their Ger, no matter what, could not marry a sickly man, but Lin Yu agreed when he heard it. That resolute face even carried a hint of shyness that made the whole Lin family frightened!

This is it! This simply solved the matter already!

Helplessly looking at their Ger’s cold face for a few days, today the Lin husband and wife put on a thick skin and went to look for Tang Amo to agree to the marriage. 

“Yes, yes, yes, but isn’t the date too hasty? They will get married the day after tomorrow?”

Father Tang felt it was inappropriate, “You really, I said to inform Ah Feng in advance, but you didn’t. Then suddenly you want him to get married, how could he accept this!?”

Tang Amo remembered Tang Feng’s helpless refusal. His heart jumped, but thinking about his own plan, he felt that the day after tomorrow was still too late.

“Am I not thinking of marrying him early so the cheerful atmosphere could help wash away Ah Feng’s illness a bit early too?!” 

Father Tang pondered for a while, but it was not unreasonable, after all, Tang Feng’s body really needed to be washed away properly now.

“Okay, I’ll talk to Ah Feng tonight. You can go cook, Ah Feng didn’t eat much at lunch today, I’m afraid he’s hungry now.”

Tang Amo saw that it was not early in the day now. He immediately rolled up his sleeves and went into the kitchen, while Father Tang went to the field with his hands behind his back to pick vegetables.
Culture note: Chinese households usually just let their descendennts call out their title like grandpa, grandpa, etc as a form of greeting.

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