Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Tang Feng who was inside the side room was struggling to sit up.

This body was born prematurely and the immunity was very poor. The time spent in the pregnant body at labor time was too long, it was already very lucky that he didn’t become a fool.  

After breathing slowly and quietly waiting for the dizziness in his head to dissipate, Tang Feng stretched out his slender palm with a sickly complexion to bring out the thin book at his bedside that had been turned over many times before his eyes.

This era was the Sheng Yu Dynasty, the people’s customs were simple and honest. The current rulers also govern the country with righteousness, which made this world a peaceful and prosperous one.

Tang Feng had been here for three months. Although he had been ill and had not been out of the courtyard many times, he still knew some of the basic situation here, especially when his third uncle came to visit him a few days ago.

Tang Amo was the second eldest, the eldest child wasn’t raised well during childhood so he had already passed away. Therefore, Tang Feng only had this one third uncle.

Moreover this third uncle was also a hard worker, he was only twenty-six years old but had already become a Xiucai. He returned to his hometown to be a teacher for nearly ten years already, and his life was very comfortable compared to the average peasant family.

Judging from the knowledge taught by his third uncle to the original body, this dynasty valued literacy so commonly 3 among the 10 people inside an ordinary county could be admitted to become Xiucai, but it was very difficult to go up from there.

Tang Feng looked at the book in his hand, which contained traditional Chinese characters. It was not difficult for him, although he was born as a Chinese medicine doctor, his favorite thing to do in his daily life was to study calligraphy and pursue the essence.

Listening to the movement in the kitchen, Tang Feng put the book back in its original position, put on a piece of clothing, and slowly got up from bed.

It was October and already a little chilly, his body can’t withstand the typhoid. Because he knew how to supplement himself, the three months after coming here, he could now more or less walk around in the courtyard. From the memory of the original body, this was a kind of luxury.

Tang Feng pushed open the door, a cool breeze came rushing in front of him, making him shiver a little. 

It was already dark, probably already around 5-7pm in the evening.

Tang Feng tightened his clothes and strided out with his long legs outside of the room.

Compared with Tang Feng in his previous life, this body was the least satisfactory to him. Besides having a weak and thin body, there was also this elegant pretty face and this height.

In his past life, Tang Feng was one meter and ninety-eightcm tall, handsome when he wore a white coat, looking slender and powerful. When he took off his clothes, he was also the owner of those abs but the Tang Feng now…

He’s only about one meter and seventy or eightty tall, with a weak chicken body, fair skin, plus that face that looked like he ate soft rice, it’s simply a bottom’s face! 

That’s right, Tang Feng’s gender was male and he liked men, but because he somewhat has mysophobia, whether it was life activities or affectionate stuff, he was all by himself with no companion, in addition to his preference for a partner, don’t even mention sexual partners.

He thought of Tang Amo suddenly making him marry a wife this afternoon.

Tang Feng couldn’t help but wrinkle his elegant sharp eyebrows. The Ger here….judging from the few Gers he had seen, basically they were soft in appearance and small in physique, and he, the worst thing he had was his mouth.

However, the original body could be considered as giving him the chance to be reborn. The Tang family only had this one child….so he could not let the Tang family down. As soon as he thought of this, Tang Feng felt his forehead begin to jump suddenly.

“What’s wrong? Are you unwell?!”

When Father Tang returned with a handful of green vegetables, he saw Tang Feng with a cloth draped over his shoulder, standing in front of the room, rubbing his eyebrows with his hands, so he hurriedly asked.

Tang Feng was startled, lowered his hand at the center of his eyebrows, and smiled softly at Father Tang, who came to him with a worried face, “It’s okay, I just want to talk to Amo about that matter this afternoon…” 

Father Tang carefully looked at Tang Feng and made sure that he was not uncomfortable before he breathed a sigh of relief.

“This matter is not urgent, after dinner we father and son can discuss it. Go inside your room, it is cold outside.”

Father Tang urged.

“Father, let me help.”

Tang Feng stretched out his hand, wanting to take the green vegetables that Father Tang was holding.

Father Tang hurriedly took several steps back once he saw that. Tang Feng: …..

“It rained yesterday, so there is still moist rain water on this vegetable, you will catch a cold.” 

After saying that, he was afraid that Tang Feng would come up again, so he smoothly went into the kitchen with the green vegetables.

Tang Feng, with a handsome wooden face who was left behind: ………. I have to supplement my body more, I can’t live without even being able to help with a little bit of work!

Tang Feng walked into the kitchen door. Tang Amo was bringing up the medicinal porridge that he boiled for Tang Feng on the small stove, and Father Tang bent over his super non special nor imposing body to pick the vegetables.  

Tang Feng looked at the two middle-aged people who were already forty years old, and a burst of warmth spreaded in his heart. The Tang family in his past life was a medical family, which can be said to be a group leader of the group of doctors trained in Chinese medicine. For this reason, Tang Feng’s parents were very busy, so there was only his own shadow that would accompany him for eternity. 

Coming here, Tang Feng had a warm home that he didn’t even dare to think of, a father and mother who loved him as dearly as their life…

“Ah Feng, what do you think about the matter this afternoon?” 

Tang Amo’s words made Tang Feng wake up from his satisfaction.

Tang Feng: ……………, it would be better if he won’t be married to a pretty face as pretty as a flower Ger. 

However, looking at Tang Amo with an expectant look on his face, Tang Feng could not say no.

“Well, I’m thinking about it.”

Hearing that it was not the direct refusal from this afternoon, Tang Amo immediately laughed, scooped up the medicinal porridge, and handed it to Tang Feng.

“Think slowly, no rush, no rush.”

Think about it? Then there is still hope! Tang Amo happily washed the pot and prepared the stir-fry.

Tang Feng took the medicinal porridge, his sensitive nose smelled the smell of medicinal herbs emitted. His eyes were a little hot, this is what the Tang’s husband and wife had exchanged for with the few silver coins from the family’s savings. 

He gently scooped a spoonful into his mouth, the slightly bitter taste nevertheless made Tang Feng taste it as something sweet.

After dinner, Tang Feng soaked a hot water bath, sweated a little, and his body felt a lot sharper.

His body was usually cold, if he did not heat his feet every night, his feet would freeze at night making him unable to sleep. 

Tang Amo tidied up the things in the kitchen, made a signal with his eyes to Father Tang who was sitting next to him to go to talk to Ah Feng.

Father Tang looked at Tang Feng, who had put on his shoes with his feet heated, and nodded.

Looking at Father Tang walking towards Tang Feng’s back, Tang Amo smiled.

“Ah Feng, let’s talk.”

Father Tang followed Tang Feng into the room, at this time it was already 5:15 in the evening and the sky outside had completely darkened. It was extremely quiet, so Father Tang’s words seemed particularly clear.

Tang Feng naturally knew what Father Tang wanted to say, so he put the stool next to the side of the cabinet, sat down by himself, and let Father Tang sit on the bed.

Father Tang’s eyes flashed a smile, and he sat down obediently. He had argued with Tang Feng for a seat before, and finally won over Tang Feng.

“Your Amo wants someone who can take care of you all the time, talk to you about matters in your heart, so don’t blame him for not informing you.” Father Tang’s voice was very gentle, full of affection, not at all like the village chief who was always very strict in the eyes of outsiders.

Tang Feng nodded.

“I know, I understand him, and I also understand you.”

Father Tang was even more pleased when he heard this, “This Lin family is a good family, although they are foreigners, the whole family are honest and responsible people. So the Ger that has been raised by them naturally will not be too bad.”

After saying that, he stopped and looked at Tang Feng with a calm face.

Tang Feng nodded, “Naturally, since the two of you chose the Lin family Ger then there must be a reason, his character naturally would be good.” 

Father Tang simply smiled and narrowed his eyes, before he continued.

“You rarely go outside the courtyard, so I’m afraid you may not understand their family much. Their family built a house on the side of the big locust tree, at the most eastern part of the village….”

The Tang family is in the middle of the village, there is a locust forest in the east of the village. So when speaking of the east, one generally mentions the big locust tree. There are eighty-six families in the village, and they could be considered to be the only family that hasn’t been separate. The village takes the four surnames of Tang, Chen, Wu and Wen as the big surnames.

More than a mile to the east of the village is the big mountain, and in the spring you can see the flowers on the trees. Naturally they are wild fruit trees, and are children’s snacks.

Although this mountain is not a deep mountain and old forest, it also has prey. Because it is close to the east of the village, there are more hunter families in the east. The villagers also like to go up the mountain with the hunters to get some firewood.

To the south of the village, there is a large river that bypasses the village, therefore it is also convenient to get water.

“That’s probably the situation with their family, although that Ger is three years older than you, he is a good child. As to why he didn’t get married earlier, I want to tell you about this………”

Father Tang’s face was a little awe inspiring, although they did not pay attention to each other’s looks and figures, Tang Feng was a normal man, so it is better to explain it clearly.

Tang Feng looked at Father Tang puzzlely, “He, is he sick?”

Father Tang shook his head. Not only is he not sick, he is much stronger than you!

Tang Feng looked at Father Tang shaking his head, quite puzzled. If he was not sick, then it’s impossible that he would be a lazy person. The pair, Tang husband and wife, would not find him a lazy and idle Ger to get married to, so it could only be, “Is he very difficult to look at?”

Tang Feng furrowed his brows, trying his best to make the meaning of ugly sound better.

Father Tang raised his hand and put it to his mouth, and coughed softly, “It’s not that he is ugly, but…” How can he tell his son that they have found him a wife who looks more like a man than him.

And Tang Amo, who listened from the door outside the room, following along with Father Tang became worried. He met Lin Yu by chance, at that time he was only thinking of the other party’s personality, how he grew up so safely and securely, he completely didn’t think whether his son could accept it or not!

“Then what?”

Tang Feng’s curiosity was hooked so he asked.

Father Tang gave a hollow laugh, looking at his son’s white and clear handsome face, and Lin Yu’s resolute face appeared in his mind, a little embarrassed.

“It’s just that he grew up to be a little stronger,” Father Tang felt that what he said was indeed not wrong, since the person himself was originally taller than other Gers.

“He grew up very well, not ugly at all.” Father Tang saw that Tang Feng’s complexion didn’t change, so he added another sentence.

There is nothing wrong with this, in terms of Gers’ views of men, Lin family’s Ger was indeed a very eye-catching “man” Ger. Tang AMo, who eavesdropped, nodded.

Tang Feng followed Father Tang’s words and imagined it in his mind. Could it be that this Ger is too fat to marry out?

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