Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 26

Chapter 26

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Father Lin not only drank poorly but also often couldn’t be humane to the outside world after getting drunk. It also was a rare occasion to be met by Father Tang today.

“When I left, Tang Feng’s Amo-in-law told me that Tang Feng’s Father-in-law would not be able to wake up in the morning, and Xiao Yu’s eldest brother could not come, so he and your little Ger will come over in the morning.”

Father Tang shook his dry pipe to shake off the excess residue inside.

Tang Feng looked down at the pipe in Father Tang’s hand and frowned, “You should smoke less.”

Father Tang looked at Tang Feng and said with a smile, “I only have this preference. Besides, all the men in the village likes this thing.” 

Tang Amo remembered Tang Feng’s cold face to himself today, and pulled Tang’s Father’s shoulder, “So if others smoke it, you have to too! What does it have anything to do with you!? Ah Feng studied medicine. Whatever he says is right and with proper foundation, he absolutely won’t hurt you, isn’t that right?”

Father Tang was confused in his heart, how could this dry cigarette have something to do with Tang Feng’s medical studies? When he was about to say a few more words, he saw Tang Amo’s eyes, so he didn’t say more, and nodded to Tang Feng.

“I will try my best, I’ve been smoking all my life, I can’t stop suddenly after you tell me to.” 

Seeing that Father Tang could listen to his own words, Tang Feng’s face softened, “Of course I know this, I didn’t ask for you to stop immediately, but for you to try to reduce the portions, there is nothing wrong with smoking less.”

He had seen a lot of patients who smoked a lot and had collapsed their bodies, and ended up regretting their past actions.

Father Tang responded to himself, thinking in his heart just how much less should he smoke to be counted as a reduction……….

At night, Tang Amo told Father Tang about the day’s affairs. After speaking, he leaned closer to Father Tang, “You don’t know, I have never seen that kind of Ah Feng before.” 

Father Tang was, nevertheless, very happy, and said to Tang Amo, “Our child has grown up, he knows what it is like to be a patient. He knows how much difficulty he has to put up when his body is not well. Therefore, he can’t stand people like you who don’t take care of his body seriously, it’s because he’s worried about you.” 

Tang Amo stood up and looked at Father Tang, “What do you mean by can’t stand people like me? I can’t stand you with your dry tobacco for a long time already, starting from tomorrow I will only give you one every day! Go to bed! ”

Saying that, he wrapped a large part of the quilt and slept with his back to Father Tang.

Father Tang, who deeply realized what it meant to “lift a stone and drop it on his own foot”, pulled a small piece of quilt on his body a little pitifully and also closed his eyes.

After a long while, Father Tang’s body was tightly wrapped by a large cotton quilt. Father Tang did not open his eyes, but gently wrapped his arms around the person beside him, smiled and fell asleep………….

The next morning, the Tang family all got up. The two pots were all occupied with boiled water that will be used when they slaughter the pig later.

Lin Amo and the others came first, then the three members of the Wu family, then the Father and son of the Hu family, and the two sons of Zhu Dadan from yesterday.

“There are many villagers who came for the slaughtering of the pigs today, and Ma San’er will perform the slaughter today! Wang Laosan and several others were already dragged to help somewhere else. I can’t stay for the meal here, I have to quickly go to Liu Laosan’s house to slaughter the pig. ”

Ma San’er was Zhu Dadan’s apprentice. There were many people in the village and it was good to slaughter pigs, but there was only one Zhu Dadan while there are many people who came to invite him, that’s why Zhu Dadan simply let Ma San’er, who has not yet become a full-fledged pig slaughterer to give it a try today.

After swiftly slaughtering the new year pig, Zhu Dadan hurried to the next house.

“Ma San’er, that kid started to perform the slaughtering? No way! I can’t miss it, I’ll take a look! ”

As soon as Wu Zhu heard that Ma San’er was performing the slaughter for the first time today, he hurriedly washed his hands, said something to Tang Feng, and left quickly.

“Wait for me! I’ll go too! ”

Not to be left behind, Hu Qiang also followed.

“This group of brats just wanted to see others embarrass themselves.” Father Wu looked at their departing backs and smiled.

“Just let them go, weren’t we like this when we were young? I still remember when Tang Zheng was running for village chief candidate that year, didn’t we do a lot of silly things to support him.” 

Father Hu took a stool and sat by the brazier and said.

“Of course, you don’t need to say it, I want to laugh when I think about those things now.” Father Wu sat beside Father Tang and patted him on the shoulder, “What’s wrong? The dry tobacco is not lit, what are you putting it in for?” 

Tang Feng turned his head when he heard this. That’s right, Father Tang had a cigarette pole in his mouth, but there was no dry smoke on it, but he kept putting it in.

“Really, what’s wrong with you?”

Father Hu followed a glance and couldn’t help but smile.

What’s wrong? He remembered that this morning Tang Amo hid all the dry cigarettes in his room, and only gave Father Tang one, so how could he not save his smoke?!

The well-fed don’t know how much the starving suffer!

Father Tang looked at the burning dry smoke in the hands of Father Wu and Father Hu, extreme anger indignantly laid out in his heart.

“Nothing, by the way, I heard that Wu Lao’er’s family has some gossip again?”

Wu Lao’er is the younger brother of Wu Laoda. Uh, of course this was nonsense, but Wu Lao’er has a Ger named Wu De, that is, the Ger who has some friendship with Lin Yu.

Note: Lao’er literally means second son of the family while Laoda means the eldest son of the family, that’s why there is a joke where Lao’er is the younger brother of Laoda when both of them have the same surname which is Wu but clearly they’re not related.

“Exactly, I heard my wife say that a few days ago, Wu Lao’er’s Fu Lang had been blowing through the wind here and there. How can the affairs of the older generation be added to Wu Xiao Ger’s body, but this Wu Lao’er does not care, he just let his cheap wife ruin the Ger’s reputation.”

Father Hu thought of what Hu Amo said when he went back, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Wu De’s step Amo had a son when he got married to Wu Lao’er (he’s a widower with a son). He was one year younger than Wu De. This Wu Step Amo didn’t look favorably on Wu De. At first, he kept letting Wu De work. Wu Lao’er not only had no opinion, but occasionally felt uncomfortable and would hit Wu De, Wu Step Amo did not care.

Although he’s unable to beat Wu De, this Wu Step Amo had a trashy mouth. He would gossip with the other Amos in the village whenever he had time, directly saying that this Wu De’s moral integrity was bad just like his own Amo. 

In this way, how could there be any men coming to ask for his hand in marriage. They’re afraid they would be put on with a green hat too (being cheated on). But the Wu family husband and wife was completely oblivious to this and continued their own ways as before.

“Then Wu Lao’er’s wife is also a stupid person, he himself also has a son. Regardless of their reputation in the village, he didn’t think of how his own son would be able to get married in the future. He only cares about talking nonsense all day!” Wu Amo entered the hall to get something, when he heard what Father Hu said and interjected.

This Wu Step Amo has a trashy mouth. Not mentioning Wu De’s reputation has long been ruined, but the unmarried Gers and men in the village would also be impacted by it. From time to time they will be asked by people from other villages, “I heard that the Gers in your village have some deviations in morality?”

That’s why Father Tang inquired about this. As the head of a village, they must put the interests of the entire village first. This Wu Step Amo only cares about a burst of delightedness in his mouth. There were many Amos in the village who let Tang Amo pass on the matter to Father Tang and let him come up with a way to solve it.

But this honest and upright official found it difficult to interrupt other family’s affairs. Father Tang had no way. He mentioned it to Wu Laoer, but he did not take this matter seriously at all, if he really took his Ger seriously, he would not change his Ger’s name to “Wu De” (meaning no integrity).

So he let Tang Amo raise this issue to Wu Lao’er Fu Lang but the other party said, “I have done very well as his Step Amo. His own Father still beat him, but I just talked a bit much yet I hinder him?”

There was simply no way.

“Sign, it’s really difficult to solve this matter.”

Father Tang sighed, looked at the brazier, holding a dry tobacco pole in his hand, should he light it or not? There is only one of them.

“What’s difficult about this? Didn’t you say that Second Uncle Wu’s step Amo brought a son over? Second Uncle Wu only has one biological Ger, sooner or later he has to marry, that son will be the one to provide for the two of them when they get old, as long as his son understands, naturally everything can be solved. ”

Tang Feng suddenly said after listening to their conversation.


Father Tang slapped his thigh sharply when he heard this.

“That’s right! How did I forget! You say that they don’t care about the fate of their Ger, then forget it. But if this son can’t marry in the future, not to mention the loss of his son and grandson, he would even hate his Amo for the rest of his life! Good idea! Ah Feng! ”

“It does make sense! Tang Feng, you are getting smarter and smarter now.” Father Hu said.

“What are you saying, Tang Feng, this kid has been smart since he was a child! I think he’s similar to his Xiucai uncle who works as a teacher now!”

Father Wu said with an affirmative face, ignoring Father Tang, whose face was a little darkened beside him.

“My son naturally is the most similar to me! I’m smart enough to even be afraid of myself!” Father Tang said.

“Uncle Tang.”

Yu Ger wore a turquoise cotton coat, standing at the door of the hall with snow behind him. The background of the snow carried a bit of ray of light. From Tang Feng’s point of view, he looked like a big spring onion.

“Father, spring opinion, uh, no, he called for you.”

Tang Feng suddenly couldn’t remember what this Yu Ger was called.

Father Tang nodded with a straight face, “Come in and sit down.”

Father Wu and Father Hu smoked dry cigarettes silently. Yu Ger did not call them, nor did they greet each other.

“No need, I just wanted to come and see if there is anything I can help with. Brother Feng, I’ll go to the kitchen.”

Yu Ger deliberately called Tang Feng before walking to the kitchen.

“It’s almost noon, what can he do to help here?”

Father Hu muttered.

Father Wu laughed, looked at Father Tang meaningfully and said, “This Ger is still his child.” 

Father Tang lit the dry smoke, took a deep breath, spit out a string of smoke. It wasn’t known if he had heard Father Wu’s words.

Hearing this, Tang Feng raised his eyelids, if he didn’t guess wrong, this “his” meant Huan Amo.

Now Tang Feng was even more curious about the matter between Father Tang and Huan Amo.

“Lao Tang! I, Lao Lin is here!”

With a vigorous call, Father Lin’s sturdy figure appeared at the door of the hall, holding a small jar in his hand.

“Father-in-law, please sit down.”

Tang Feng got up and got out of the way, and took another stool for himself and sat down.

“Lao Lin, what good thing are you carrying in your hand! It’s so fragrant!” Father Hu licked his lips and looked at the jar in Father Lin’s hand.

Father Wu sniffed, “Tsk, it’s wine!” 

Father Lin shook the jar in his hand proudly, and the liquid inside was shaken with a crisp sound.

“This is my treasure, tiger whip wine! I brought a small jar over today because in-law didn’t dare to drink yesterday at my house, thus I simply brought it here today! Let’s have a good drink together! ”

Tang Feng held his forehead, Father-in-law, if it were not because we knew of your half a glass alcohol tolerance, just by hearing these words, we almost thought that you were a strong man who won’t fall after 1.5 liters of wine! 

The author has something to say:

Small Theater “Fu Lang’s alcohol tolerance part 2”

Lin Yu looked at the wine glass handed over by Tang Feng, smelled the smell of wine wafting in the air, and took a deep breath.

“Good stuff.”

Lin Yu took a drink.

“One more!”

The cup in Tang Feng’s hand had not yet touched his lips, but there was already an empty cup in front of him.

Tang Feng looked at Lin Yu’s slightly bright eyes, he put down the cup, and filled it for him.

“Fu Lang, take your time…”

“One more!”

Before he could finish speaking, there was already an empty cup in front of Tang Feng’s eyes again. 

Tang Feng looked at Lin Yu’s shining eyes, withdrew the hand that wanted to hold his own wine glass, and continued to fill it for Lin Yu.

And so on and so forth, until even Tang Feng himself had not had time to drink the wine; it was all drunk by Lin Yu.

“No more alcohol?”

Lin Yu’s face became colder.

Tang Feng inexplicably looked, trembling a little, “No, no more.” He just wanted to test the waters, but this was already a lot!

Hearing this, Lin Yu slowly stood up and looked at Tang Feng steadily.

He suddenly approached Tang Feng.

“Really no more?”

Tang Feng took two steps back and nodded, “Really, no more.”

“(?? ˇ?ˇ??) Humph! it’s all because of you (‘??) No more wine! And you don’t even coax me  (〃′o’) I want to cry, want to beat you in the chest, scoundrel!!! ”

Lin Yu gave him a fist in Tang Feng’s frightened eyes, and hit him directly on the bed behind him!

“Fu, cough cough, Fu Lang….”! This style is too scary!!!

“( ̄^ ̄)ゞBlah QAQ I will beat you in the chest, you’re so nasty! (=?ω?)?!! Lin Yu directly lay on Tang Feng’s body and gave him two more fists!

“……cough cough…….” I’m going to die!

“I want to hug, yingyingying groan. I will punch you in the chest with my small fists!!!            (?? ︿???) Scoundrel, I will beat you to death (つд?)! No more wine! ”

After saying that, Lin Yu hugged Tang Feng tightly, and directly lifted the dying Tang Feng up, and fell on the big bed again!


Tang Feng spread out on the bed half-dead, looking at the quilt with no more will to live. He stretched out his hand with difficulty to pull a little quilt to cover his face.

TMD never give Fu Lang a drink!!! I might die!!!!!!!!!!

“Today’s small theater is poisonous,” I, the lord, calculated with my fingers and said.

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