Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 25

Chapter 25

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The lunch meal was served by several chef Amos. Tang Feng and Lin Yu just helped around.

“Hey, cousin, do you know what that Yu Ger is thinking, why does he always look at you?”

Wu Zhu, who was carrying a large bowl of food, came to Tang Feng’s side and asked in a low voice, his face full of gossip.

“You are mistaken,” Tang Feng looked at Yu Ger who kept raising his head to look at him from time to time. “He is looking at you.”


Wu Zhu, whose mouth was full of food, looked surprised, and after hurriedly swallowing what’s inside of his mouth, he asked, “Is he really looking at me?”

Tang Feng nodded affirmatively, his right hand secretly rising from Wu Zhu’s back and placing it on his head, beckoning Yu Ger on the opposite side.

When Yu Ger saw it, he thought that Tang Feng had finally begun to notice him. His face was suddenly full of shyness and pride, he didn’t forget to show a self-righteous smile to Tang Feng and Wu Zhu at the end.

And Wu Zhu who happened to see Yu Ger smiling at himself with a shy face, he himself also looked at him and actually blushed.

“Cough, I’ll just say, you are all people with Fu Lang, and I am an unmarried man worth noting at this table.”

Wu Zhu’s heart was full of pride, it seemed that his appearance could still make a Ger blush with jumping heartbeats. That’s right, he didn’t know if Wen Qing also thought about himself like this.

“Cousin, how do you think I should respond to him, I only have Wen Qing in my heart, I can’t do anything that would be inappropriate to him.”

Wu Zhu held the bowl like this and said with a “righteous” face.

Tang Feng withdrew his hand, put down the bowl and chopsticks, and looked at Wu Zhu seriously, “I’m really not good at this, after all, except for your cousin-in-law, there are no other Ger who have this kind of idea for me. Therefore, this matter all has to depend on you.” 

As soon as Wu Zhu heard this, he immediately felt a little sympathy for Tang Feng in his heart. He then looked at Yu Ger who was still looking at himself on the other side, alas, when love is booming, it really makes people distressed!

After eating, the Tang family went home first.

On the way, Father Tang looked at the sky, “If there is no wind and rain tomorrow, we will also slaughter the new year pig since there will be less of this kind of clear weather afterward.”

“Alright, taking advantage of the idle villagers, it will be done in just one morning. Xiao Yu, you can’t forget your Father and the others in this matter.”

Tang Amo thought of his own new year pig, although it was not as strong as the Wu family, it was not much worse, so he said to Lin Yu.

“That must not be forgotten, you guys go home first. I will go to that side of the big locust tree to inform the in-laws.”

Note: Lin Yu’s family lives there.

After speaking, Father Tang walked to the east side of the village.

“Yes, that’s fine. Let’s go back, although it hasn’t snowed, it’s still quite cold these days.” Tang Amo urged Tang Feng and Lin Yu to hurry back to the Tang family’s home, “You guys didn’t know, but I accidentally wet a large piece of my body when I was washing vegetables earlier. I might catch a cold if I don’t quickly get changed.”

“Why didn’t you wash it with hot water to warm up a bit? You didn’t even tell us about it.” Tang Feng frowned as he looked at Tang Amo’s somewhat red hands and the dark spot on his clothes around his waist.

“How can I be so delicate? Moreover, we went to give some help, how can we have them waste firewood to boil hot water just to wash vegetables? Can I stop just because I wet my clothes? Everyone was so busy today, it’s inappropriate for me to leave.”

Tang Amo said with a smile.

Lin Yu smiled slightly, “Husband is worried about Amo’s body.”

“I naturally understand. I have never stopped drinking the medicine you prescribed for me during this period of time. I think this body’s health is a lot better than in previous winters, so what am I still afraid of?”

Being worried for by his own child, as an Amo, naturally he’s happy. Tang Amo knew his body, seeing that Tang Feng still did not smile, he explained.

“How can it be fine just because you feel it’s fine? You don’t even take care of your body seriously now!! ”

Tang Feng can’t stand people who don’t take care of their bodies seriously the most. Therefore, his face which has always been warm and pretty suddenly became a little cold, making Lin Yu and Tang Amo stunned.

Tang Amo saw that Tang Feng was obviously angry. He really didn’t know what to say for a while.

Seeing that they had arrived at the house’s door, Lin Yu gently pulled Tang Feng over, “Husband, we’re home.” 

Tang Feng stood at the gate of the courtyard and did not go in, instead he looked at Tang Amo, who was at his wit’s end.

Tang Amo saw Tang Feng looking at himself like this without saying anything. There was no other expression on his face, inexplicably a little frightened.

“Ah Feng. Fine, I, I will watch out for myself in the future. Ah, don’t look at me like this.” Not to mention his terrified heart, he felt that he had done something wrong.

“Husband, if you have something to say, do it inside the house. The weather is cold, we should quickly let Amo change his clothes. Do you want to let Amo stand outside and freeze?” 

Lin Yu pulled Tang Feng’s arm and said softly.

Sure enough, upon hearing this, the expression on Tang Feng’s face finally relaxed, “Let’s go inside.” 

There was some helplessness in his tone, which made Tang Amo breathe a sigh of relief.

After entering the house, Tang Amo went back to his room to change his clothes. Tang Feng stood under the eaves, looking at the snow-piled yard, not knowing what he was thinking.

“Are you still angry?”

Lin Yu came out with a brazier and looked at Tang Feng and asked.


Tang Feng turned his head to look at Lin Yu and asked, is he angry?

“You’re not angry yet but already made Amo scared as if he’s seen a tiger.” Lin Yu saw how dumbfounded Tang Feng’s expression was and felt it was funny.

He got angry. Tang Feng thought about his attitude towards Tang Amo just now. That’s right, his speech was indeed heavier than usual. 

In fact, anger accounted for only one part, a doctor’s morality also accounted for another part. In his previous life, what Tang Feng hated the most was knowing his health was unwell. Yet he would do things he wanted but didn’t need to or did less than what he should have done. No matter what was said, he could not be convinced and his illness got better, then relapsed, again and again. 

Tang Amo’s body was not good. When Tang Feng diagnosed him, he boiled medicine every day for him to drink. In the winter, he also told Tang Amo that cold water was the most untouchable thing, so no one at home could directly use cold water, but had to add some hot water to wash vegetables or do other things.

“It’s also my fault for not noticing that Amo’s clothes got wet.” Tang Feng helped Lin Yu light the charcoal in the brazier and said apologetically.

“Then I am also wrong. I will be more careful in the future, this incident will make us all be more attentive.”

Lin Yu brought the brazier to the hall and pulled Tang Feng to sit down.

“Having heard Fu Lang say it like this, my heart feels more at ease now.”

Tang Feng pulled Lin Yu’s hand, gently rubbed it, and felt Lin Yu’s warm palm, “Your body doesn’t seem to have ever been cold?”

Lin Yu stretched out his palm, “Yes, but I feel uncomfortable on a hot day, my body is already hot, coping with hot weather makes it so uncomfortable.” 

“It’s okay, my body is cold, if you are hot, just cling to me.”

Tang Feng never forgot to tease his wife all the time.

Lin Yu looked at the teasing in Tang Feng’s eyes, and suddenly remembered what he saw at lunch today.

“Why did you put your hand behind Wu Zhu when you were eating today?”

Tang Feng, remembering that, raised his eyebrows, “It’s that Wu Zhu kid who has some ideas about Yu Ger, he let me come up with that idea. Don’t worry, your husband will leave it be.” And what he liked the most is throwing his “trouble” into other people’s heads.

Of course, he wouldn’t deliberately let Wu Zhu and Yu Ger really have any major contact, after all, that Yu Ger and Huan Amo have too many intentions, but compared to Huan Amo, this Yu Ger is a lot more stupid.

“By the way, when will Father-in-law and the others slaughter the New Year pig?”

Lin Yu burst out laughing at once, “We’ve only come to the village after February this year, it took three months to build the house, so how can we have time to buy a pig to raise? So there are no New Year pigs to slaughter.”

Now Tang Feng was embarrassed, why didn’t he ask about it in advance?

“It’s okay, we have a New Year pig to eat! When the time comes, we can give half of them to the in-laws for them to bring home.” Tang Amo changed his clothes and entered the hall, just in time to hear the last sentence Lin Yu said.

“Amo, come and warm up.” Tang Feng carried a stool for Tang Amo to sit down.

Tang Amo saw that Tang Feng’s face returned to his usual smile. He and Lin Yu looked at each other, only after Lin Yu nodded his head, did Tang Amo relax.

“No need, my Father likes to eat wild prey, and he is a hunter, which is also convenient.” Lin Yu remembered Father Lin’s hobby and hurriedly said.

Tang Amo did not accept, “After eating all of these wild prey too much, one inevitably wants to eat domestic pigs. In-laws have sent so many chickens over, so what if we send some pork over? Besides, if the in-laws do not like to eat, your eldest brother and younger Ger would love it, especially the Ger, he should eat more pork.”

Note: usually when Tang Amo and Father Tang mentioned ‘the in-laws’ it usually means Lin Yu’s parents most of the time.

“Right, you don’t have to care too much. Amo and Father are in charge of this new year pig, we just have to listen to their arrangement obediently.” 

Tang Feng patted the back of Lin Yu’s hand and asked him to listen to Amo.

“Yes, that’s the reason, it’s not too much for me to manage this pig, right?” Tang Amo said with a smile.

Lin Yu naturally couldn’t say that Tang Amo couldn’t be in charge, so he closed his mouth and stopped talking. Thinking about his Father’s moral integrity, this meat that Tang Amo wanted to send over, he’s afraid………it won’t succeed.

Father Tang was kept behind by Father Lin for dinner before returning. 

“The in-laws are so welcoming, I didn’t even have time to tell them I had to leave.”

Thinking of Father Lin, Father Tang couldn’t help but want to laugh, “I didn’t think that your Father is the same as me, we can’t touch wine.”

“Yes, Father is only able to drink half a glass of wine.”

Lin Yu saw everyone looking at him and said.

“Tiger whip wine?” Tang Feng remembered the interesting story when they first returned to his wife family and asked.

Lin Yu nodded, and Father Tang also smiled straightly, “I can’t tolerate that wine, so I didn’t drink it, but the in-laws thought I was afraid of drinking, so I took a glass directly to my stomach. Just when I thought he could still take a second or two cups, in-law was already red-faced, standing up to sing and dance.”

Thinking of that scene, Father Tang began to laugh again, while Lin Yu sighed helplessly.

Father Lin is a typical half-cup person, but he has always thought that he had particularly good alcohol tolerance. What to say, this was the confidence of having possessed the tiger whip wine!

The author has something to say:

Small Theater “Fu Lang’s alcohol tolerance”

After Tang Feng learned from his wife that the amount of wine his Father-in-law can take is half a glass, he had always been curious about Lin Yu’s alcohol tolerance.

But in order to get to know the root of things without destroying the little interesting things in his heart of his lady, Tang Feng first asked Lin Zhuang privately this time.

“Second brother-in-law.”

Lin Zhuang’s face was a little complicated.

“How is it?” Tang Feng asked.

Lin Zhuang looked at Tang Feng, who looked curious, and shook his head, “It’s hard to say.”

Lin Yu generally does not drink, and as soon as he drinks…………

“Is itbetter than my Father-in-law’s tolerance? Or is it worse? ”

Tang Feng held up an example and asked.

Lin Zhuang touched his head, “It’s worse!”

Tang Feng’s eyes lit up!

“Thank you, big brother!”

After speaking, he went to take two small drinks. After dinner, he carried them back to the room and took out two cups.

“Fu Lang, tonight is a fine time with beautiful scenery, why don’t we enjoy wine and admire the moon?”

Lin Yu looked at the snow quilt paved with heavy snow outside the window.

“It’s a snow viewing, Husband.”

Tang Feng looked out the window, a little embarrassed, but still smiled,

“Okay, let’s enjoy the snow view, come, Fu Lang.”

Come, the little angels guessed Tang Feng’s careful plot when he wanted to get Lin Yu drunk and then xxoo. What is the ending in the end, ~~

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