Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 40

Chapter 40

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“After that day, the rumors in the village never stopped, and even the Wu family’s maternal family also came to the door from time to time. So, my Father sold all the houses and fields for me and for the sake of peacefulness, we moved here.”

Lin Yu explained the reasons why he moved to Tang Feng in detail.

After Tang Feng sorted it out, he sorted out the origin of the matter.

“That nephew Ger of the Wu family looked at your figure at night and mistook you for a man, so he fell in love with you. When you went to get something, he thought that he might have a marriage relationship with you, so he pounced on you. Who could have imagined it was seen by the Wu family brothers, so he planned to beat somebody at their own game by telling Uncle Wu Amo that you harassed him. But unexpectedly he saw the red mole between your eyebrows in the ancestral hall, and realized you were a Ger. But the matter was already too big, so being too shameful to come clean, he simply kept his mouth shut and did not explain, allowing others to misunderstand you!”

The more Lin Yu listened to what Tang Feng said, the darker his face became.

But what Tang Feng said was not wrong! Later, he once looked for the nephew Ger of the Wu family, although it was not as explicit as Tang Feng said, but the meaning was the same.

His Lin Yu, a Ger, was taken fancy by another Ger!

“If I guessed correctly, the end for that Ger was not a good one.”

Lin Yu nodded. Just when they moved, the nephew Ger had already married a bachelor in his forties.

It has been a year since this incident, now that Lin Yu and that nephew Ger are married, the rumors in the village can be regarded as low, so Uncle Lin invited Uncle Zhang together to Xiao Qingshan Village to persuade Father Lin to move back. After all, the ancestors in the village have been there for generations!

“It’s all in the past, I think this may be fate. If you hadn’t moved into Xiao Qingshan Village, you wouldn’t have had this marriage with me. Now we have become husband and wife, with children in the near future. We can follow Father-in-law and mother-in-law’s consideration.”

Tang Feng laid on Lin Yu’s lap and said softly.

Lin Yu nodded.

Thank you, Husband.

Thank you for not condemning me to a one-sided story like everyone else.

The matter was laid out and explained, so the husband and wife became more and more affectionate, which made Father Tang and Tang Amo’s hearts ironed.

They slept well late into the night and ate breakfast the next day, before the two of them went to Lin’s house again.

Uncle Lin and Uncle Zhang have already left.

The Lin family seems to have something more, but also seems to be missing something.

Father Lin was still the same, when he saw Lin Yu, he directly began to jump out and keep bouncing out the child’s little name.

“Huzi! Da Niu! Gou Dan! Mi Dan’er! Xiong Da!……。 ”

Note: meaning in order: tiger, big cow, little dog, rice egg, big bear…..(ikr)

Tang Feng: ………….

Lin Yu: ………….

“Don’t pay attention to him, however, regarding the name, we can think of a few more. The name of the Ger and the name of the boy must be thought of separately!”

Lin Amo was still very concerned about the name.

“Got it, Amo.”

Lin Yu only hoped that after the child was born, he would not be a Ger with a man appearance again.

At noon, Lin Amo cooked all the dishes that Tang Feng and Lin Yu loved to eat. The dishes in their bowls were not little, if it weren’t for the fact that they really ate a lot already, Father Lin would definitely not let them off the table.

“You are now a person’s body, two people’s worth of food, how can you eat so little!”

Lin Amo was very dissatisfied with Lin Yu.

Lin Yu touched his already full stomach with a wooden expression, “Amo, I ate four bowls of rice. It’s already a lot, whilie Father only ate three bowls.” 

Father Lin, who was called out, was burying his head and gnawing on a bone.

“Mother-in-law you eat, we eat a lot every day these days, we won’t be hungry.” Tang Feng relieved Lin Yu of the siege.

Lin Amo just gave up.

After eating, Tang Feng sat for a while then took his leave, while Lin Yu was told by Lin Amo to stay for one night.

Mother-in-law’s words, Tang Feng naturally did not dare to say he was unwilling, he could only say goodbye to Lin Yu reluctantly, looking at Lin Wen who was with an unhappy face, and Lin Zhuang with a look of envy.

As soon as Tang Feng’s front foot entered the courtyard door, the back foot courtyard door was knocked. It was Third Uncle Guo and Guo Mi who came to pay their new year call. 

Tang Amo is the second brother of Third Uncle Guo, so it should be Third Uncle Guo coming to pay a visit. They stayed at the Tang family for one night. Then the next day the Tang family husband and wife went to pay the new year call at the Guo’s house to Guo husband and wife. 

“Cousin, why don’t I see cousin-in-law?”

Guo Mi wore a ball dangling under Tang Feng’s nose.

“At my Father-in-law’s, I forgot to tell you that you are going to be an uncle soon.”

Tang Feng’s joyful and proud voice came into Guo Mi’s ears. The clever Mi Dan’er immediately realized the meaning inside.

“Really! Congratulations! Cousin! ”

“Oh? Is it true? ”

After hearing the exclamation of a certain Mi Guo’er, Third Uncle Guo immediately looked at the Tang family husband and wife on the opposite side in a verifying manner.

Father Tang smiled and nodded.Tang Amo was even more joyful, “It’s true! We found out on the second day of the new year, it was a blessed baby! ”

“Good, good, good!”

Third Uncle Guo claimed good, stroked his palm and laughed, “Second brother, second brother-in-law, we can have a good drink tonight!” 

Father Tang’s eyes lit up, this big New Year, he really hasn’t had a chance to touch wine!

“Okay, but one person only can have two cups, no more than this.” Tang Amo deliberately pointed to the happy Father Tang next to him, “You don’t know that your second brother-in-law’s alcohol tolerance is notoriously bad!” 

“What are you saying!” Father Tang was not happy, “In-law is not even as good as me!”

“Then invite my Father-in-law and the others to come in the evening, then everyone could have fun together!” in this way his wife would also be brought back! 

All Tang Feng thought about was that he could sleep with his wife again tonight.

“Good! I only met them when you got married! It’s time to get more familiar with them today. “

Third Uncle Guo’s mood at this time was simply too good, he was completely in favor of it.

Father Tang stood up directly, “I’ll go and invite them over.” 

“I’ll go find food!”

Tang Amo also got up, “Second brother, I’ll go with you.”

Third Uncle Guo also followed.

Guo Mi looked at the remaining Tang Feng, “Cousin, what are we doing?” 

Tang Feng rolled up his sleeves under Guo Mi’s nose and spat out two words.



Guo Mi was incredulous, “Cousin, you can cook?”

Tang Feng nodded, “Besides, your cousin-in-law is pregnant now, it’s better to let him smoke the fire (as in cooking) less.”

“It makes sense,” Guo Mi nodded and caught up with Tang Feng, “Cousin, I’ll give you a hand!”

This afternoon, the Tang family was lively.

Especially in the kitchen, because Tang Feng was the chef, Guo Mi helped, while Lin Zhuang watched the firewood, the three people took care of everything.

But Lin Amo and Tang Amo were not at ease, for fear that when the evening arrives, the meal will not be served on the pot.

“Ah Feng, let me do it.”

Tang Amo looked at Tang Feng as he burned the green vegetables in a lively manner. His heart was not at ease, he knew that it would not be good for this kid to be in charge of the kitchen!

There were so many people! It would be very shameful to bring a table of green dishes over. 

“Don’t worry, I know my limits . I won’t just make green dishes.”

How could Tang Feng not know what’s on Tang Amo’s mind, so naturally he wouldn’t make his heart uncomfortable.

“Let him do it, I haven’t tasted Tang Feng’s craftsmanship yet!”

Lin Amo said with a smile, “If it doesn’t taste good, let the three of them eat it all!”

Guo Mi’s face frowned, quickly approached Tang Feng, and asked in a low voice: “Cousin, are what you cooked delicious?”

Tang Feng looked at Lin Zhuang, who was sitting in front of the stove and also raised his head, “Don’t worry, I’m Chef Tang!” 

Tang Feng’s words made Tang Amo’s face tremble.

So under the gaze of the two Amos, Tang Feng, the three of them brought the food to the table when they were almost ready.

Lin Yu and Lin Wen also helped find all the bowls and chopsticks.

“Yo, this is what the three of you made!”

Father Lin sat at the dining table and looked at the food on the table and said loudly.

“Come on, come on, sit down and eat!” Father Tang beckoned everyone to take their seats.

The first thing that Third Uncle Guo stretched out his chopsticks to pick was the plate of green dish closest to him, “Mmm, not bad!”

“Is it delicious?” Guo Mi couldn’t help but stretch out his chopsticks after seeing his Father clamp twice in a row.

So the few plates of meat made by Tang Amo on the table were not as popular as other plates of green dishes. Tang Amo saw that everyone really ate and drank well, so he completely let go of his dissatisfaction with Tang Feng’s cooking of green dishes.

This night, the Tang family was lively until the early hours of the morning. If Lin Amo hadn’t dragged Father Lin away, it wasn’t known how long the noise would last.

And Tang Feng also got his wish to sleep with his wife.

The next day, the Tang family followed Third Uncle Guo as they had to go to the Guo’s house to pay their new year call, then rushed home that afternoon, because Lin Yu was pregnant, so they did not stay in Guo’s house.

The New Year soon passed, as the snow melted, the peasant families began to work in the fields.

The warm spring light was the most pleasant. Tang Feng wore a black short garment and carried a hoe back home. Lin Yu, who was drying the quilt, turned his head to look at his face full of sweat, he said with a smile: “I let you rest at home but you refused, now look at your sweaty head. There is warm water in the eaves, so go wash up quickly.” 

Tang Feng put down the hoe stained with dirt, put it on the courtyard wall, walked to the eaves and washed his hands first and then his face.

“I’m just staying at home doing nothing anyway, it’s better to go to the field to move my muscles, is it still hot?”

After Tang Feng wiped his hands, he walked to Lin Yu, stretched out his cool hand and placed it on the center of Lin Yu’s eyebrows to feel the temperature.

Lin Yu’s red mole was so hot this morning that he couldn’t even eat much breakfast.

The author has something to say: “Under the show off of the garlic flavored new year round flat cake”

Father Lin returned home and said to Lin Amo: “There is no need to cook tonight, later Lao Wu will send us the best New Year round flat cake in the village to us! We have to empty out our bellies in order to have a good meal.” 

Lin Amo’s eyes flashed, remembering the meeting with Tang Amo this morning, Tang Amo’s complaints about Father Tang,  remembering the day of the reunion night, this dead man going crazy and hugging his thigh and calling him Xiao Huang.

“Oh, tonight, I’m going to see Xiao Yu and won’t come back to eat, by the way, Ah Zhuang and Xiao Wen will go with me!”

After speaking, he turned around and busied himself.

Father Lin pouted, “Go then, go then! I can eat enough alone! Not a single one will be left for you! ”

Lin Amo smiled gently: “This is the best, I will let my in-laws cook less food later in order to save having unfinished food.”

Father Lin snorted coldly, “I won’t go anyway!”

In the evening, Father Lin, who had been waiting at home alone for a long time, finally saw Father Wu’s arrival.

“What is it?!”

The smell of garlic that could not be spit out spread in the taste buds, Father Lin’s tears were aroused.

“Garlic flavored new year round flat cake! Oh, it’s really delicious! Eat it quickly!”

Father Wu stuffed one into his mouth, and did not forget to peel one for Father Lin, and handed it to him while urging.

Father Lin had two tears in his eyes, all he thought about was: I don’t know if there is any food left in my in-laws………….

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