Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 41

Chapter 41

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“It’s not that hot now.”

Lin Yu felt Tang Feng’s cool hand, the center of his eyebrows was much more comfortable. The original faint feeling of heat also dissipated a lot.

“Is it very comfortable?”

Tang Feng saw Lin Yu’s comfortable expression.

“Yes, it’s cold.”

Tang Feng smiled lightly and took his hand off his forehead, “Let’s eat something, there are still snacks that mother-in-law brought the day before yesterday.”

Lin Yu shook his head, not to mention that he had no appetite, he still couldn’t eat even now.

Tang Feng was helpless, “I’ll make you something appetizing.”

Tang Feng came back to cook.

One reason was that he didn’t want Lin Yu to cook, and the other reason was that before the red mole on the center of his Ger’s eyebrows has completely turned crimson, it is best not to go near the place where there is fire.

Therefore, under the tacit understanding of the Tang family, Tang Feng would go to the field to work until meal time, then come back before the Tang family husband and wife to cook.

“I feel like I’ve become a useless person.”

Sitting at home doing laundry, sweeping the floor, then there’s nothing else to do. The piglets hadn’t bought it yet, so they didn’t need to pick ragweed.

“How could you be useless, you are the most capable person of our family.”

Tang Feng’s words were not fake, it was a heaven-given blessing to have a pregnant Ger in the Holy Jade Dynasty because some Gers have not heard the slightest news about it even when they reached middle-aged.

There are now three big hens in the family. They are diligently laying eggs these days. Tang Feng took out five steamed eggs, then took out the meat cooked last night and fried it, and finally made a soup with sauerkraut. The remaining two cakes in the morning were slightly heated in the pot, and the meal was ready.

The Tang family husband and wife had already washed his hands and sat down at the dining table.

“Xiao Yu, you have to be careful these days, someone will come to see the Li family’s yard, I will give you a few keys to the Li family house. If someone comes, you can take him over to see, let him think about the rest, if he wants to, let him pick a time to talk again.”

Father Tang drank a mouthful of sauerkraut soup and said.

“What’s his surname?”

“His surname is Zhang, and his name is Zhang Lei.”

Tang Amo took a bite of the dish and suddenly said, “When will we buy piglets? Lao Wu, they will buy it tomorrow! Let’s buy it together with them? It is also more cost-effective to share the cart money at that time.”

Lin Yu nodded hurriedly, “We can buy it, I have at least two months to sit idly. There are only  trivial works at home every day, this way I can also do more work with the piglet.” 

He was originally idle, he didn’t put much effort every day at home so, he always felt that he had nothing to do, thus his heart was not comfortable.

Tang Feng was well aware of his wife’s personality. Don’t think he doesn’t know that Lin Yu secretly went to collect firewood twice, he really can’t listen to what he says.

“Since you really can’t sit idle, then we will buy it.”

Father Tang laughed and decided.

After the little piglet was bought, Lin Yu put all his mind on it. He picked the most tender hogweed in spring, then cleaned the pig pen for the little piglet twice a day, it wasn’t known how affectionate he was. 

“Excuse me, is this the house of Xiao Qingshan Village’s village chief?”

Lin Yu, who was cleaning up things under the eaves, looked at the open courtyard door, where a handsome young man was standing.

It’s him! That lecher who teased Husband in the medicine shop!

It’s him! The wife of the man I met at the medicine shop!

With such a pair of eyes, the two directly recognized each other.

Zhang Lei was the man who recognized Tang Feng as a Ger in the Wang family’s medicine shop, he was also the grandson of Old Doctor Wang.

Zhang Lei was a little embarrassed, remembering that he called the other party’s husband “Gerlang”, “I am Zhang Lei, I came to take a look at the courtyard of the Li family. I have talked to the village chief before. ”

Lin Yu nodded with a flat expression, “Please wait a while, I’ll take you to see the house right away.” 

“Good, good, good.”

As soon as Zhang Lei looked at the courtyard, he knew that there was only this Ger in the house. So he naturally wouldn’t say anything about going in and sitting down.

Zhang Lei, who followed Lin Yu to the courtyard of the Li family, found that the distance between the two families’ houses was a little close.

“You can take a look around, let me know if you have any questions.”

Lin Yu opened the courtyard door and let Zhang Lei go look around himself.

Zhang Lei thanked him, wandered around the yard for a while, then followed Lin Yu to look at the field before leaving.

“He said he would give an answer in two days.”

When Father Tang returned at noon, Lin Yu brought Zhang Lei’s original words to Father Tang.

“I see, that’s good. Tomorrow’s field work isn’t much, we can rest for two days.”

Father Tang nodded.

“I don’t think that person is like us, from a peasant family. How can he think of buying house and fields in the village?”

Father Tang said with a smile: “Speaking of which, we also have some fate, his grandfather is the Old Doctor Wang of the town. Ah Feng also troubled him a lot at that time. This time, because his Amo was looking for a quiet place to recuperate, just in time we had a house on sale, so he came to take a look.”

“Old Doctor Wang’s Ger seems to have been ill for many years, right?”

Tang Amo asked.

Father Tang nodded, “It is said that it was brought from birth, and he can’t be greatly stimulated. I think that Old Doctor Wang helped us so much back then, because looking at Ah Feng, he remembered his own child.” 

When Father Tang was not the village head yet, Tang Feng’s medicine money was basically given to them for free by Old Doctor Wang.

“What is the disease?”

Tang Feng said.

“It’s a heart disease.”

Heart disease! Tang Feng sighed, that kind of disease was also very tricky in modern times.

Lin Yu’s prejudice against Zhang Lei also decreased a bit.

There was nothing to do in the field the next day, so Tang Feng and the others all rested at home.

“By the way, I’ll go to visit Old Xiucai Wang a bit.”

Tang Feng suddenly remembered that he had to go to the Wang family.

“As you should! I remember we still have some of the pastries you bought in town,” Tang Amo said.

Tang Feng thought about it and agreed.

“By the way, don’t mention Wang Yuan.” Father Tang instructed Tang Feng.

“Wang Yuan?”

Tang Amo took out the pastry and put it on the table, stretched out his hand and gave it to Father Tang, “How old was our Ah Feng when Wang Yuan passed away!”

Only then did Father Tang react. He said to Tang Feng, who was still looking at him: “That Wang Yuan is the son of Old Xiucai Wang. ”

It was also the only seedling. No matter what, Old Xiucai Wang was also a Lord Xiucai, yet not mentioning how lazy Wang Yuan was, he was addicted to shady gambling business. He was useless no matter how much he was extorted or beaten up. 

And in the evening of the same day, Wang Yuan’s corpse was sent back by the government officials.

The people in the village did not know what happened to this Wang Yuan, only heard the heart-rending sound in the courtyard of the Wang family. Not long after that, Wang Yuan was buried. If someone in the village asked Wang Yuan or privately guessed about Wang Yuan’s affairs, Wang Laomo would be as desperate as a crazy person.

Therefore, this Wang Yuan had become a taboo, what happened before his death had become a mystery.

The Wang family was in the north of the village.

Tang Feng walked for ten minutes with the pastry and came to a large tile house, where a peach tree was planted at the entrance of the courtyard, green shoots were bubbling on the branches at this time.

That red paper couplet pasted on the door of the courtyard was written by Tang Feng that day.

Here it is.

Knock knock knock.

“Who is it?”

A slightly old voice came from the inner courtyard.

“Excuse me, it’s me Tang Feng, I came to pay a visit.”

Tang Feng remembered Wang Laomo’s voice. This voice was low, it should be Old Xiucai Wang.


“Come on in.”

Old Xiucai Wang was a person who looked auspicious and peaceful. His back was already a little bowed, but his steps were still quite strong.

“I’ve been looking forward to see you for a long time, can we just sit in the yard?”

Today’s sun was warm, just right for sunbathing,

Tang Feng agreed, and put the pastry in his hand on a small wooden table in the courtyard. Old Xiucai Wang brought a bamboo chair from the eaves and handed it to Tang Feng.

“Sit down, sit down and chat with this old man.”

Old Xiucai Wang said to Tang Feng with a smile on his face after sitting down.

After Tang Feng sat down, he hurriedly said, “It’s my honor to be able to talk with you, since I have many things to learn from you.”

Old Xiucai Wang waved his hand, “Don’t be polite, do not hesitate to ask what you want to know. Although I have been an Old Xiucai for all my life, I still have some knowledge in this stomach of mine.” 

“Then I will ask directly….”

Tang Feng was chatting on good terms with Old Xiucai Wang here, while Zhang Lei was also talking with Father Tang in the courtyard of the Tang family.

“……… That’s probably it, if you can accept it, we will go to Li Huan to negotiate the house and fields now. ”

Father Tang told Zhang Lei all the requirements that Huan Amo said.

Zhang Lei thought for a moment and nodded, “Okay, let’s finish the negotiations today!” 

Father Tang saw that Zhang Lei agreed, and he was relieved in his heart. Where this house has been placed, it had no popularity, so he was afraid of decay, because once it’s damaged the price would drop again.

“Then let’s go now.”

Huan Amo’s village was some distance away from Xiao Qingshan Village. They have to speed up their pace to get back before dark.

Father Tang and Tang Feng met at the door of the house at night.

“You just came back?” Father Tang.

“Where have you been?” Tang Feng.

The two were stunned, then smiled. Father Tang said, “The Zhang family bought the Li family’s yard and we went to negotiate.”

Tang Feng nodded, “Old Master Wang kept me for a meal.”


Father Tang directly grasped the key points in Tang Feng’s mouth.

Tang Feng smiled, “Yes, Master. Father, let’s talk about it when we enter the house.” 

Father Tang nodded quickly.

Tang Amo had already warmed up the meal that was leftover from lunch. So he used some firewood steaming for a quarter of an hour with no trouble.

Lin Yu fed the little piglet just now.

The author has something to say: Zhang Lei: Aoaoaoaoaoao!!! Washing the sense of presence! Aoaoaoaoa!

Tang Feng: …….

Lin Yu: …….

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