Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 68

Chapter 68

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“In the small bamboo grove to the south of the village, I saw a man giving something to Brother Qing. Brother Qing didn’t want it and tried to give it back, but the man ran away while I wasn’t looking.”

The Zhou family and the Wen family were close neighbors, so when Zhou Wen mentioned “Brother Qing,” he was referring to Wen Qing.


How could he explain to a six-year-old that this was something people would do even when they grew up? Moreover, Wen Qing was quite popular in the village, so receiving gifts from admirers should be quite common.

While Tang Feng was contemplating how to explain to Zhou Wen, the boy expressed his confusion and discontent again. “It was the first time I saw Brother Qing cry.”

Wen Qing cried?

That didn’t sit right.

“Did that man arrive before or after you saw them?”

“When I saw them, the man was already there.”

Tang Feng pondered for a moment. “Did you recognize who that person was? Was he a man?”

Zhou Wen thought for a moment. “He had his back to me, so I couldn’t see clearly, but he was quite tall, and only men would give gifts to Brother Qing.”

True, but this matter was someone else’s private affair, so Tang Feng refrained from speculating further. “Brother Qing knows how to handle this matter, so we shouldn’t get more involved. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be the behavior of a gentleman, understand?”

Zhou Wen nodded immediately. “Okay, I want to be a gentleman.”

He looked as obedient as can be.

Tang Feng couldn’t help but pat Zhou Wen’s little head.

“In a few days, Qing Shu will return to the village.”

Father Tang’s eyes were filled with anticipation, as if awaiting the return of his long-lost lover.

Tang Amo couldn’t bear to see him with that look, but there was nothing she could do. After all, who in the village didn’t hope for Wen Shu to pass the imperial examination and become a Lord Graduate?

In the Holy Jade Dynasty, the results of the imperial examination were announced one month after the exam. If one passed, officials would come to the successful candidate’s home with drums and gongs to deliver the good news. If one didn’t pass, there would be no news at all, but the advantage was not having to check the list oneself.

“If he passes, our village’s prestige will skyrocket.”

Father Tang walked out of the courtyard with his hands behind his back, strolling leisurely. His brisk steps indicated his good mood.

“Look at him, it’s as if the Wen family has already passed,” Tang Amo shook his head. “I wonder how ecstatic he’ll be when Tang Feng passes.”

Tang Feng rubbed his temples. “Amo, do you think passing the imperial examination is easy?” he said with an air of confidence that he would pass.

Tang Amo chuckled. “It’s just saying auspicious words. Heaven will hear it sooner, and when you enter the examination hall, it will bless you!”

Lin Yu smiled, and Tang Feng could only shake his head. Whether it was his marriage, having a child, or passing the imperial examination, Tang Amo believed it was the work of the divine.

On the third day of August, Wen Shu who had been away in the capital for several months finally returned. He still wore his gentle smile, but he had visibly lost weight, causing many in the village to secretly feel distressed for him.

The return of Wen Shu stirred up quite a commotion in the village. As he had just taken the imperial examination, there were many families coming to propose marriage to him. These proposals were split into two factions.

One group believed that Wen Shu had a great chance of passing the imperial examination, so they wanted to make their moves early. Several marriage proposals had come from the county town, much to the delight of the Wen family.

The other group thought that even if they just hitched onto some relative’s connections, it would still be beneficial. Regardless of whether Wen Shu passed or not, they had their eyes set on Wen Qing.

These two factions frequently stepped through the gates of the Wen family, and indeed, the doorstep of the Wen family seemed on the verge of being worn out.

“Yesterday, two more families went to the Wen family to propose marriage. I wonder if this time the Wen family will find a good match for their Ger.”

Tang Amo always paid close attention to the happenings in the village. Since Wen Shu’s return, Tang Feng and his family practically didn’t need to step out to know what was going on outside.

“Why do you say that, Amo?” Lin Yu had just washed his hair with Tang Feng’s help and was now sitting under the eaves, waiting for his hair to dry.

Tang Amo sighed. “That Ger, if I remember correctly, he’s almost eighteen this year. He’s talented and good-looking, one of the best in the village. But his mother has been delaying his marriage.”

It was true. Typically, Gers of this age would already be considered eligible for marriage in the village. Of course, Lin Yu was an exception, but someone like Wen Qing really shouldn’t be delayed like this.

“You don’t need to worry. If the Wen family isn’t in a hurry, you shouldn’t be either,” Tang Feng said as he walked behind Lin Yu, holding a dry cloth to help him dry his hair.

“Wife, your hair is so black and long, yet so coarse,” Tang Feng exclaimed, admiring Lin Yu’s thick black locks.

Lin Yu: …

Was he misunderstanding something? Why did Tang Feng’s words sound meaningful to him?

Knock, knock, knock, knock.

“Tang Amo.”

“Oh, it must be the floral arrangement made by your Zhang Amo.”

Tang Amo hurriedly set aside what he was holding and went to open the door.

Outside, Zhang Lei smiled as Tang Amo opened the door. “This is the peace floral arrangement made by my Amo. Let me bring it to you.”

Tang Amo happily accepted it. “You really went out of your way. From now on, if you need anything, just shout in front of your house, and we’ll all hear it.”

“It’s nothing, it’s not far anyway. I’ll take my leave then.”

“Alright, take care, and thank your Amo for me.”

Tang Amo happily closed the courtyard gate while holding the item.

“What’s that floral arrangement?” Tang Feng asked, puzzled, as he continued to dry the cloth.

Tang Amo showed Lin Yu the embroidered handkerchief shaped like a peace lock made by Zhang Amo and replied.

“I made a small pillow for Dou Dou. The elders often say it’s good to embroider a peace lock on top for the child, but there are fewer people who can do this nowadays. The other day when we were chatting, I mentioned this, and your Zhang Amo said she could do it. So, I plucked up the courage to ask her. Xiao Yu, my embroidery skills aren’t good. Can you see if this embroidery is okay?”

Lin Yu pondered for a moment. “Yes, but you’ll definitely need practice.”

Tang Amo’s eyes narrowed with a smile, admiring the bride she found for Tang Feng.

That evening.

“I checked the crops. I reckon another half month and they’ll be ready.”

Father Tang was beaming with joy. This year’s harvest was the best compared to previous years. Even after paying the grain tax, it would be enough for their family to get through the entire winter.

“I’ll let my father know as soon as the time is confirmed. He’ll come to help,” Lin Yu said, taking a sip of soup.

“The in-law has great strength. With his help, we’ll be able to harvest the crops in just two days.”

Indeed, Father Lin was a hard worker. On Lin Zhuang’s wedding day, Tang Feng saw Father Lin single-handedly carrying two large tables borrowed from another household. At that moment, he thought maybe his own wife’s industriousness stemmed from his father.

“Then let’s start by helping our in-laws with their harvest. There’s no rush for ours. After all, they started planting before us,” Tang Amo said with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll talk to them after I finish my meal. This soup is delicious,” Father Tang praised after finishing the soup in one gulp.

“It’s made from honeyed fruits,” Tang Amo replied.

“Of course, I know it’s made from honeyed fruits, but it’s definitely not the kind of flavor your skills can produce,” Father Tang daringly remarked.

Honeyed fruits were a common fruit in the Holy Jade Dynasty, used to make soups that turned white and had a refreshing taste. They were perfect for summer soups.

Tang Feng and Lin Yu were eating their own food on the side, not getting involved in the conversation between the two.

“When are we going to the east?”

There were only a few honeyed fruit trees in the east of the village, but they were large and abundant in fruit. One fruit was enough to make a pot of soup, so the villagers couldn’t finish them all at once.

Tang Amo’s eyes flickered as he pondered, but he didn’t respond.

Father Tang noticed Tang Amo’s hesitation and chuckled, “Are you off to see the kittens again?”

Tang Amo’s fondness for cats was well-known in the village. The Wang family in the east had a large tabby cat that recently had a litter of kittens. Whenever Tang Amo had free time, he would visit them. However, he preferred kittens over grown cats, so he never kept any for himself.

“Why don’t we get a dog instead?” Lin Yu suggested. “I heard from Zhang’s family that their relatives have a breed of dog that stays small, gentle, and loyal. They just had a litter of puppies, and they’re very well-behaved.”

“Really? There are dogs that don’t grow big?” Tang Amo’s expression showed genuine surprise at this new information.

Father Tang chuckled, “Not that they don’t grow big, but even if they do, they’re still quite small. Don’t you get it?”

“Shut up!” Tang Amo intervened, not appreciating the teasing.

“Now that your due date is approaching, let’s wait until the baby is born before we consider getting a pet,” Tang Feng suggested after some thought.

“Alright, alright, I’ll also drop by Zhang’s house to inquire about the dog, just to see what kind it is,” said Tang Amo eagerly, undeterred by Father Tang’s skeptical expression.

One day, as Tang Feng was leaving school, he ran into Wen Shu standing outside the schoolhouse.

“We have a school in our village now,” Wen Shu remarked with a smile.

“Yeah, the kids don’t have to run to other villages anymore,” Tang Feng agreed.

Wen Shu had indeed lost a lot of weight; Tang Feng could see his clothes billowing in the wind.

With a somewhat embarrassed expression, Wen Shu looked at Tang Feng. Sensing that he had something on his mind, Tang Feng suggested, “How about we go inside the schoolhouse and chat?”

Inside the schoolhouse, there was a room where the teachers could sit. Three tables were placed, with various items scattered on them. Tang Feng’s table was exceptionally clean, with nothing on it except for a potted orchid.

Once they were seated, Wen Shu spoke up, “I wonder if I still have a chance to teach with everyone?”

Tang Feng was taken aback. Initially, when Father Tang went to invite Wen Shu, the Wen family politely declined, citing his pursuit of becoming a Graduate.

“The Graduate exam results haven’t been announced yet, have they?”

Wen Shu smiled bitterly. “Without going out, I don’t know my true worth. I’ll have to ponder over it for a few more years.”

The author has something to say: “Who’s enjoying themselves?”

Meanwhile, Tang Feng and his classmates were in the middle of a physiology class. After the male teacher finished his lecture, he asked, “Students, if anyone still has any doubts, feel free to ask the teacher.”

At this moment, Wu Zhu raised his hand.

He asked: “Teacher, can men and men be together?”

Asking this question in an all male school, the male teacher’s expression still remain the same, “Of course they can.”

Wu Zhu got excited and then asked further, “Then when making love, does the male on top feel better or the male on the bottom feel better?”

As soon as this question came up, the whole class buzzed with excitement, but oddly enough, Tang Feng in the corner was still dozing off.

The male teacher urged everyone to quiet down, then walked over to Tang Feng’s side and gave him a gentle nudge, mentioning that Lin Yu wasn’t “feeling well” today and was resting in the dormitory.

Tang Feng was awakened by the push, and the male teacher gestured for him to stand up, saying, “You answer that student’s question.”

Tang Feng glanced at Wu Zhu, who repeated the question.

After a moment’s thought, Tang Feng replied, “When you pick your nose with your finger, is it the nose that feels good or the finger?”

The classmates, along with Wu Zhu, pondered… “Hmm… how interesting… I kind of want to try that and see which feels better… but which one actually feels better?”

I ask you all, how many of you are picking your nose right now?

(This small theatre is adapted from a joke.)

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