Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 67

Chapter 67

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Time passed quickly, and before they knew it, July 16th arrived.

Hu Qiang’s wedding brought joy not only to his family but also to Wu Zhu. In his mind, whenever a man in the village got married, it meant one less competitor for him.

Sometimes Tang Feng really wished he could crack open his head and see what was inside!

Wen Qing’s Amo of the Wen family had long made it clear: their Ger would only marry into wealthy families or into families of scholars. Considering this, it seemed like there were no wealthy families in the village at all.

With such standards, it was unlikely that Wen Qing would marry someone from the village. Yet, Wu Zhu seemed to regard all unmarried men in the village as thorns in his side, making Tang Feng wonder what kind of mind he had.

Hu Qiang, dressed in a vibrant groom’s attire, looked even more majestic with his tall, sturdy frame. As long as he didn’t speak, Tang Feng couldn’t help but see him as a towering, responsible man.

“Do you think if I suddenly disappear now, will my mom kill me?”

“Disappear? Absolutely not!” Wu Zhu panicked, hastily adding, “It’s not just about killing you! She’ll beat you to death, then revive you, and beat you to death again!”

If Hu Qiang were to run away at this moment, the marriage arrangement might be ruined, leaving him with fewer competitors!

Hu Qiang’s back tingled at Wu Zhu’s words. “You’re scaring me! My mom treats me well! She wouldn’t do as you say.”

Wu Zhu’s nose twitched with hesitation.

“Just think about it. Your mom has been looking forward to the day you marry, and then you suddenly run away on that very day! Leaving the poor bridegroom to deal with a mess alone. Do you think your mom won’t kill you? If it were me, I’d definitely beat you within an inch of your life!”

“What do you mean, even you would beat me to death? You little scoundrel, trying to take advantage of me?!” Hu Qiang wasn’t foolish; he swung his arm and gave Wu Zhu a smack.

Tang Feng shook his head; Hu Qiang was about to get married, yet he still had such a temperament? It seemed like Hu Amo had figured him out, which was why she found such a bride for him. This bride would surely be able to discipline him well, preventing him from thinking about Wen Qing anymore. That wasn’t a bad thing.

Since the bride hailed from the town, Hu Qiang had to go to the town to bring him back to Xiao Qingshan Village. The journey there was lively, and the journey back was even livelier, as there were many people accompanying the bride from his side.

So, this day kept everyone busy for quite a while, but everyone was in high spirits. After all, this bride was coming from the town, and it had been a long time since someone from the town had married into their village.

Wu Zhong family’s new bride was now second to last. He was from Niushan Village, which was wealthy. Just because of his origin, he could easily connect with many elders in the village, and they were willing to be close to him, hoping to arrange good marriages for their Gers or relatives through him.

“I think he’s not bad. Look at his physique, he seems like a delicate Ger!”

Hu Qiang’s face also showed some embarrassment. He scratched his head sheepishly. He never expected his mother to find him a bride from the town, and judging by his physique, he wasn’t bad either. He couldn’t be an ugly Ger, he thought.

“Oh, you just went to town to welcome the bride, why are you acting like this as soon as you’re back?”

“What are you saying! If I don’t have a good drink with you today, will you forget your lesson?”

Hu Qiang was provoked by Wu Zhu’s words, feeling both ashamed and angry.

“Who’s afraid of who? Today isn’t my wedding day. If you drink yourself under the table again, don’t even think about the wedding night!”

Wu Zhu wasn’t one to back down, raising his voice defiantly.

“Tang Feng, let’s accompany him and have a good drink!”

Tang Feng wasn’t keen on messing around with them. After all the hustle and bustle of the day, he was indeed a bit tired. Besides, Lin Yu’s pregnancy was already well advanced, and he hadn’t come today. He needed to go back and be with him.

Lin Yu and Tang Amo were making baby carriers at home. After the baby was born, they needed to use the carrier to carry them.

“When Ah Feng was born, there were no elderly people at home. His father was supposed to help, but often ended up causing more trouble. So, I had to handle almost everything myself, including these baby carriers. I ended up breaking several in a row!”

Tang Amo now felt like it was just yesterday.

Lin Yu trimmed off the excess threads with scissors, admiring Tang Amo’s words, “Taking care of children isn’t easy.”

Tang Amo slapped his thigh, “Exactly! Especially when they start walking, my goodness, it’s like both him and I suffer. And men always think we’re just taking care of the children, what’s so tiring about it? I get angry just hearing that now.”

Lin Yu had experience with raising Lin Wen, so he knew how tough it was.

Being seven to eight years older than Lin Wen, Lin Yu had helped a lot with his upbringing. Taking care of one toddler while being a semi-toddler themselves was quite common in rural households.

“What’s making you angry?”

Tang Feng walked into the hall just in time to hear Tang Amo’s last words.

“Is the celebration over so soon?”

Lin Yu shifted aside, making room for Tang Feng and asked.

“It’s getting lively now. I went to town for a bit today, feeling a bit tired, so I decided to leave early.”

“And your father?”

Tang Amo inquired.

“When I left, he was chatting with Uncle Hu. He should be back soon. What are you all making?”

Tang Feng tugged at the half-finished baby carrier.

“Baby carriers, for carrying Dou Dou. From now on, try to carry the baby more often yourself, don’t always let your wife do it.”

Tang Amo took the opportunity to encourage Tang Feng to experience the joy of carrying the child.

“Sure, I like this color.”

To everyone’s surprise, Tang Feng didn’t resist. Instead, he pointed to the baby carrier Lin Yu was making and said, “I like that.”

Tang Amo raised an eyebrow. “If you like it, I’ll make two more for you.”

Finally, the men would know whether carrying a child was an easy task or not.

Meanwhile, Father Tang and Father Hu were happily smoking tobacco together.

“I thought your son, Tang Feng, would be the last to get married. I never expected you to have a grandchild on the way now, while my son is just getting married.”

Tang Feng’s previous frailty was something he couldn’t bear to look at, but now he’s become not only a scholar and a doctor but also a father.

Father Hu sighed with emotion.

Father Tang, with a hint of pride, said, “Life is unpredictable. Who could have imagined? But you’re not doing too bad either. At least better than the Wu family. Old Wu used to boast that he’d be the first to become a grandfather.”

“What are you saying about me?”

As soon as he was mentioned, Father Wu appeared, a dry cigarette in his mouth, and plopped down beside them.

“You said before that you were going to be a grandfather.”

Father Hu chuckled.

“Of course, I will be. Just a little later than you all. But don’t get too proud. My wife has already set his eyes on a family, and when the time comes, hmph, we’ll see whose family has more grandchildren.”

Father Wu was also quite formidable. His previous boasts hadn’t come true, but now he was already planning new strategies.

While Wu Zhu was busy competing with Hu Qiang in drinking, he had no idea what was about to happen to him.

A few days later, when Tang Feng returned from the medicinal fields, he saw Hu Amo, Tang Amo, and Wu Amo chatting in the hall, as they had been doing for the past few days.

It was afternoon, and there wasn’t much going on. Lin Yu was lying on a bamboo mat, enjoying the coolness.

After washing his face and hands, Tang Feng opened the door, took a large palm-leaf fan from the cabinet, and sat beside the bed, gently fanning Lin Yu.

“What are they talking about again? It’s been several days, and the three of them are always huddled together,” he asked Lin Yu.

Lin Yu shifted position, as the spot he had just been lying on had become too warm from his body heat. Finding a cooler spot made him more comfortable.

“You didn’t know, did you? Wu Amo has her eye on a Ger and is thinking of going to propose marriage, but she’s not sure whether to tell Wu Zhu.”

Tang Feng smirked slightly, his movements swift. “Which village is he from?”

“Songshan Village.”

Tang Feng nodded approvingly. “That’s good. You rest, I’ll fan you.”

Already feeling extremely sleepy, Lin Yu nodded vaguely in response to Tang Feng’s words and soon drifted off to sleep.

Tang Feng kissed him on the forehead and then rested his head on his stomach, listening intently. Suddenly, Lin Yu let out a muffled groan, and Tang Feng felt a slight push against his ear as the baby moved around inside his belly.

“You’re quite strong! When you come out, you can do whatever you want, but for now, be calm. Your Amo is sleeping,” Tang Feng said, though he wasn’t sure if the baby understood.

His words prompted Lin Yu to open his eyes, feeling a bit helpless. It seemed like both the little one inside him and the big one outside were mischievous in their own ways.


As Tang Feng was about to head home after finishing teaching, he was called back.

“Zhou Wen, is there something on your mind?”

Zhou Wen had been under Tang Feng’s tutelage for quite some time now and was a bright and sensible child. Tang Feng quite liked him.

“Is what you said earlier about not imposing on others what you don’t want for yourself mean not to force onto others what you wouldn’t want yourself?”

Tang Feng hadn’t expected Zhou Wen to remember a casual remark he made during teaching. “Yes, that’s something said by a man named Confucius. You’ve understood it well. What’s on your mind?”

Zhou Wen looked puzzled. “Master, if I see someone forcing onto others something they themselves don’t want, what should I do?”

Tang Feng was taken aback for a moment, then smiled. “If you’re willing, let’s discuss it while we walk.”

The classroom was crowded and it was better to be cautious about such discussions.

Although Tang Feng didn’t know what Zhou Wen had seen, since it was a student’s question, as a teacher, he was naturally willing to help clear up any confusion.


Zhou Wen obediently followed Tang Feng towards the direction of the Tang’s house.

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