I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Ghost Mountain Villa 16

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Due to the consecutive incidents on the show, and with Yan Shixun himself confirming the existence of some unscientific entities within the villa, both Zhang Wubing and the staff were on high alert.

When the woman on the third floor screamed, the staff who were originally stationed in the first-floor living room and the room for injured personnel immediately rushed up, carrying first aid kits.

Zhang Wubing, who had been informed by Yan Shixun that last night, Bai Shuang had been bewitched by the female ghost using illusions and then possessed, took swift action. He rushed towards Bai Shuang’s room on the third floor, taking three steps at a time.

However, as soon as he stepped onto the third floor, running vigorously towards his destination, he suddenly felt his collar being forcefully pulled.

Zhang Wubing gasped, and the confident demeanor he had just moments ago vanished like a deflated balloon.

He was overcome with fear, trembling, and with a quivering voice, he cried out, “Brother Yan, help me!” He sounded like a pitiful person who had been exposed while trying to act tough.

Yan Shixun: “…”

“Don’t shout. Are you trying to call the spirits?” Yan Shixun said disdainfully. “Aside from the fact that you ran in the wrong direction, I’ve been standing right behind you. Why are you panicking?”

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Zhang Wubing finally turned his head carefully, afraid that it might be something disguised as Yan Shixun’s voice trying to deceive him.

Yan Shixun stood at the corner of the staircase, with the stairs leading to the fourth floor behind him. Light penetrated the floating dust and cast down from above, rendering the entire space dim and yellowed, like an old abandoned mansion forgotten by time.

In front of Yan Shixun, there were urgent inquiries and noisy voices of living people, full of vitality.

He seemed like a blade straddling the boundary between the living and the dead, standing on that line with his back to the supernatural and facing the mortal world.

Zhang Wubing looked against the light, squinting his eyes from the intense brightness, and even his vision became blurred. Yan Shixun’s tall and slender figure appeared as an indistinct black silhouette in his eyes, as if it were an untraceable shadow.

Even though Zhang Wubing was already familiar with Yan Shixun, he couldn’t help but be stunned by the scene before him. The sudden surge of thoughts in his mind left him momentarily dazed.

“Are you that scared that you turned stupid?” Yan Shixun looked at the speechless Zhang Wubing in amusement, then grabbed his collar and pulled him towards the other side of the third floor.

“Why are you running towards Bai Shuang’s room? Can’t you distinguish the sound coming from the right? Liu Yiyi is in the first-aid room on the first floor. The only person living on the right side of the third floor is Ding Xi.”

Only then did Zhang Wubing, who was being dragged away, realize what was going on. He urgently signaled to the staff who were following closely, “Go to Ding Xi’s room!”

The staff immediately sprang into action, and both Bai Shuang and An Nanyuan also opened their doors one after another, anxiously asking, “What happened again? Was that Sister Ding Xi’s voice just now?”

An Nanyuan directly followed Yan Shixun, acting as if he would follow him wherever he went. “Haven’t they said that young guys are full of yang energy? Brother Yan, if you want me to follow you, I’ll be of great use!”

Audience comments before An Nanyuan’s split screen: […]

[I used to think this kid could only sing, dance, and deceive little girls. I didn’t expect him to be so brave?]

[Sigh, this should be called recognizing the situation. He discovered how capable Yan Shixun is, so he came to cling to his thigh. But it’s better than the poor guy this morning. Yan Shixun told him not to go out, and what did he do? He went out anyway. Just to become scared out of his wits, serves him right.]

But everyone had already forgotten about managing the live stream and comments. They rushed to the door of Ding Xi’s room following Yan Shixun’s direction, urgently knocking on the door.

“Sister Ding Xi? Sister Ding Xi, are you okay? What happened?”

“Miss Ding, please open the door. Are you injured?”

Just as the group of people were desperately trying to find something to break the door open, similar to what Yan Shixun did in the morning, they heard the sound of the door lock being opened from inside Ding Xi’s room.

Then there was a slow, careful creak as the door opened a crack, and Ding Xi cautiously looked out from behind the door.

When she saw Yan Shixun, who walked confidently from behind the crowd and stood out like a crane among chickens, Ding Xi opened the door completely as if she had finally confirmed something. She burst into tears and hurriedly walked out of the room, rushing towards Yan Shixun.

“Mr. Yan, Brother Yan! Save me, please save me. There’s a female ghost in my room!” Ding Xi was clearly frightened, trembling all over, her makeup on her face was smeared from crying.

Yan Shixun raised his hand to block Ding Xi’s unstable emotional outburst and her attempt to throw herself into his arms. His brows furrowed when she mentioned the word “female ghost” and he instinctively looked inside the room.

From his point of view, he was facing the bathroom inside Ding Xi’s room.

In the mirror hanging above the sink, there was a fleeting streak of deep red, so fast that it seemed like an illusion, when one looked again, there was nothing there.

But Yanshixun knew this was no illusion.

—Because just yesterday, when he had entered his own room, he had also seen the same “illusion” in the bathroom mirror. The only difference was that in Ding Xi’s room, it was a flash of deep red, while in his room, it had been white.

It perfectly matched the overall color tone of the room.

After Ding Xi was somewhat comforted by Bai Shuang and the staff beside her, Yan Shixun immediately spoke up, “Don’t cry, first explain what happened.”

The others also looked at Ding Xi’s wide-open room with fearful eyes.

Just a few hours ago, it was Liu Yiyi who was found in trouble in the room next to Ding Xi’s, and now it’s Ding Xi. Could it be that the same thing had returned?

Ding Xi clearly linked her experience to Liu Yiyi’s gruesome condition and was scared out of her wits as she repeated her story.

After breakfast, she immediately retreated to her room and locked it cautiously. Since she had stepped on human bones while going up the mountain yesterday, she had been uneasy and afraid that there might be something unclean. Therefore, apart from the necessary program activities, she had been staying in her room.

Because of the morning’s experiences, a tired Ding Xi wanted to wash her face to wake herself up. However, when she lowered her head to get something in the bathroom and then raised her head again, she found that the entire mirror had turned blood-red.

Reflecting in it was not her own face.

Instead, it was the face of a seductive and sinister-looking woman.

‘Are you also with that Zhou Shi guy? Are you one of the people trying to kill me?’

‘Die, you bandits should all die!’

‘Die, and stay here to accompany me. Never go out to harm anyone again!’

The woman stared at Ding Xi with a gaze full of hatred, as she extended her blood-red nails toward the outside of the mirror.

The mirror’s surface rippled, creating concentric circles as if the woman’s sharp, blood-red nails would reach out from the mirror in the next moment and grab Ding Xi.

Ding Xi, who was paralyzed with fear, couldn’t take it anymore and let out a piercing scream.


After listening to Ding Xi’s account, everyone fell silent.

They shuddered and nervously looked around, their tense nerves making them suspicious of everything.

Because of what Yan Shixun had said, they initially thought they would be safe as long as they stayed in their rooms. However, Ding Xi’s experience made them suddenly realize that even hiding in their rooms wouldn’t keep the supernatural entities in the mansion at bay.

Were they doomed to be trapped here with no way out?

One of the guests was even starting to feel a sense of despair.

“By the way, I couldn’t open the door no matter how hard I twisted the doorknob just now, but it suddenly opened,” Ding Xi hesitantly glanced at Yan Shixun. “When I think about the timing, it was about when you were walking over, Brother Yan.”

Yan Shixun, however, turned to Bai Shuang and asked, “Did you have a similar experience yesterday?”

“Huh?” Bai Shuang blinked her eyes and tried to recall. “I don’t think so. I was doing my makeup in front of the vanity, didn’t go to the restroom, and didn’t hear those words. But I did see a beautiful sister, maybe it’s the same one that Ding Xi saw? However, she was doing her makeup at that time.”

Yan Shixun nodded, and the vastly different experiences of the two made him realize something.

The different colors of the rooms in the villa were probably not arbitrary.

The woman named Xi Shuang harbored resentment towards Ding Xi, who stayed in the red room on the right, but she revealed her vulnerable side as a human to Bai Shuang in the white room on the left. Even after possessing Bai Shuang, she didn’t harm her.

Furthermore, Liu Yiyi, who also resided in the right-side room, was invaded by a monster wielding an axe.

According to Ding Xi’s account, the woman believed that Ding Xi and Zhou Shi were accomplices. Zhou Shi was the bandit who killed the woman…

Yesterday during check-in, the old steward introduced himself as Zhou Shi.

Yan Shixun looked back at the red room with a knowing expression.

—The blood-red color of the right-side rooms matched the color of those strange creatures. The entire right side was likely under the control of the steward and those creatures, which is why those creatures were able to harm Liu Yiyi. The woman named Xi Shuang mistakenly believed that Ding Xi and the steward were working together.

“Change rooms.” 

Yan Shixun said. “Everyone staying in the right-side rooms should move to the left-side rooms.”

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