I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Ghost Mountain Villa 18

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Yan Shixun had previously inspected the kitchen when he first entered the villa.

At that time, the kitchen, while retaining the style and habits of a century ago with its antique kitchenware, was well-lit and filled with signs of life. Steam rose from the large iron pots on the stove, and the countertops were stocked with spices and ingredients.

But now, the kitchen was covered in dust and cobwebs.

As he pushed the door open, a cloud of dust mixed with the musty smell of dampness rushed towards him. Looking into the kitchen, he found it completely devoid of ingredients, traces of human activity, or signs of life.

It had been only a short while ago that the steward had brought breakfast from this kitchen for everyone. However, within just a few hours, the kitchen had fallen into a state of disrepair. Even the iron pots had corroded and rusted, some of them shattered on the stove, making it appear utterly unusable.

The grip on the kitchen door tightened in the palm of Yan Shixun’s hand.

From the kitchen, he sensed an emotion that was markedly different from that of the old steward or the woman.

Unlike the intense resentment and malice exuded by the things in the villa, the lingering aura in the kitchen leaned more towards a mother’s concern and regret.

It was as if someone was gently and tenderly watching over the child they had nurtured from a young age.

Worrying about her not having enough to eat, fretting over her ability to take care of herself, fearing that she might be bullied… and even if she were facing an imminent threat from evildoers, she would unhesitatingly throw herself in harm’s way, stretching out her arms to shield her, with the unwavering intent to protect her.

Like a mother hen shielding her chicks.

Even in the face of a fierce old eagle.

For a fleeting moment, Yan Shixun’s consciousness felt dazed.

The light streaming in from behind him illuminated the dim kitchen, stirring up a cloud of dust and unearthing long-buried memories.

He seemed to see an elderly nanny, deftly handling ingredients in the kitchen. Her face beaming with joy as she prepared meals for her young mistress and “young master.” She would mutter to herself that when the “young master” arrived, the young mistress would be delighted.

It was as if, compared to herself, the young mistress she had watched grow up was more important.

Even more important than her own life.

However, as the food grew cold and the lamps flickered a few times, the nanny, who had been sitting in the kitchen with her head propped up, suddenly woke from her brief nap. But she never got to see the arrival of the “young master.”

In the night sky, the noise from airplane propellers filled the air. The distant city was illuminated, and the glow lit up half of the sky. Shouts and screams echoed from the city into the mountains outside, causing a sense of panic.

Amidst the deafening explosions, a group of bandits fled in disarray through the night forest. The light emanating from the villa in the mountains caught the attention of these hungry and weary individuals.

Their eyes gleamed with ferocity, and they swiftly charged towards the villa. They killed the gardener and the caretaker who tried to stop them and stormed into the villa.

Hearing the commotion, the nanny hastily got up from the kitchen and ran outside, seeking her mistress…

—Compared to the north wind, the sun has a way of making the living let down their guard.

It seemed that something in the kitchen was about to celebrate its successful scheme with the relaxation of Yan Shixun’s brows.

When suddenly, all the illusions came to a sudden halt.

Yan Shixun’s long fingers quickly formed seals in front of him, directing his energy towards the kitchen. He slightly lowered his head, and his expression was hidden behind the strands of hair that fell over his face.

Xuan Bing Dou Fa, Zhen Lie Gang Chang.

The five elements and the dual forces of Yin and Yang converged within the seals, creating a ceaseless cycle of power. They produced a formidable force capable of deterring all malevolence.

In his mind, Yan Shixun silently chanted runes that transformed into golden characters, scattering into the air. Rapidly taking form within the seals, they suddenly turned into a massive formation that charged forward courageously. It extended from Yan Shixun’s position all the way into the depths of the kitchen, like an inescapable net that ensnared everything.

Something that had tried to pounce on Yan Shixun during those few seconds of his distraction let out a sharp, piercing scream. It darted forward and frantically moved around, ignoring the intense pain from the burns caused by the runes. It did its utmost to flee the kitchen.

Yan Shixun slowly raised his eyes, filled with a chilling coldness, and looked towards the corner of the kitchen.

“I understand your intentions. But the gap between the living and the dead, whether it’s you or your mistress… both have long been forgotten a hundred years ago. Forcing yourself to stay in the world of the living will only bring more sorrow.”

His voice was calm, devoid of any fear that the entity had anticipated.

However, unlike Yan Shixun’s precise and fierce attack with his hand-seal, his words held no offensive power. They were more like the counsel of a detached, wise observer, addressing the pitiable soul caught in the puzzle who refused to see the truth.

“Even if you hate, even if you can’t let go, what good will it do? It’s better to leave.”

The wailing from the empty kitchen couldn’t shake Yan Shixun’s resolve. He continued, “Your anger has trapped your enemy, but it has also trapped you. You wander lost in the Ghost Mountain, not knowing the way out.”

“If you choose to let go of the past and embrace a new life, you need not worry about karmic retribution. I assure you, all the evil deeds committed by mortals are judged in the mortal realm, not in the afterlife. Murderers shall suffer various torments.”

Yan Shixun’s agile fingers, which had formed the seals, relaxed suddenly, and the spell dissipated into the air.

He gently raised his hand forward, his long fingers gesturing an inviting posture.

It seemed as if he was waiting for someone to take his hand.

“Do you wish to leave this place?”



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