I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Ghost Mountain Villa 34 Part 1

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In the dim and cold wine cellar, the crew and participants huddled tightly together in a group.

A few bolder staff members and guests held wooden sticks torn from the rotting racks as makeshift weapons, clutching them in front of themselves. They stared in fear at the blood-red humanoid creatures, step by step, leaving bloody footprints as they drew closer. In the intermittent flashlight beams, they got closer and closer.

They swung their wooden sticks haphazardly, shouting loudly with all their strength and courage, trying to intimidate the monsters.

However, their trembling bodies and voices filled with choking sobs betrayed them mercilessly.

An ice-cold, sticky hand suddenly grabbed the ankle of the male guest standing on the outermost side.

The male guest shuddered and slowly lowered his head to look.

He saw a blood-red humanoid figure with only its upper body remaining, dragging its intestines as it crawled on the ground. Its upturned face slowly twisted into a bloody and fleshy smile, and its voice was coarse and hoarse.

“Swallow my flesh and blood, let me become your… your skin, I like it very much.”

The male guest widened his eyes in terror, and the wooden stick in his hand fiercely struck the ground where the creature was: “Ahhhh!!!”

The sudden and horrifying screams threw the already panicked and frightened individuals into complete disarray in the darkness, unable to see the location of the monsters. The psychological defenses they barely maintained collapsed entirely.

Many no longer heeded Zhang Wubing’s hoarse and desperate shouts, instead crazily scrambling towards the stairs in a desperate attempt to escape.

However, the moment they stepped onto the stairs, a blood-soaked, icy hand grabbed their ankles, pulling them into the heap of blood-red humanoid monsters scattered around.

They desperately reached out to struggle, but they were still overwhelmed by the monsters pouncing on them one after another, slowly dragged into the pile of monsters.

In the sea of blood-red, only a pair of gradually hopeless and terrified eyes were left exposed.

But those who were still standing with Zhang Wubing didn’t fare any better. Despite possessing special constitutions, Zhang Wubing, unlike Yan Shixun, didn’t have the ability to capture ghosts and ward off evil spirits. He couldn’t protect everyone in this moment of crisis when the ghosts were swarming.

People were continuously seized by the monsters and dragged into the darkness.

No matter how they attempted to rescue, it was futile. They could only watch in horror as their familiar companions were swallowed in despair by the blood-red tide.

“Director! Director, think of a solution quickly!”

An Nanyuan shielded Bai Shuang behind him, swinging a wooden stick to keep the monsters away as she shouted desperately at Zhang Wubing, “Didn’t you already know Brother Yan for a long time? Haven’t you learned anything from him?”

Zhang Wubing cried like a puppy, saving people around him while gasping for breath, “Do you think that’s as easy as picking cabbages? I’m not like Brother Yan, who’s a freak and knows everything. At most, I know a few phrases Brother Yan uses…”

Halfway through his crying, Zhang Wubing suddenly stopped.

He might not be skilled in capturing ghosts and warding off evil spirits, but he had seen his Brother Yan do it! Even more than once, he had experienced it dozens of times and could vaguely recall certain changes in feelings brought about by certain incantations.

Yes, his Brother Yan had given him an amulet before, just in case he died in some corner one day!

Seeing Zhang Wubing not saying anything, An Nanyuan panicked and yelled, “Director, say something!!!”

Zhang Wubing trembled like a sieve but still struggled to search in his pocket, fumbling for something.

An Nanyuan was about to lose her temper, “Director, please don’t grope yourself in this critical moment! If you continue, we’ll all be stuck here!”

“No, no,” Zhang Wubing explained in a fluster, “Brother Yan gave me a talisman earlier. I rolled it into a thin stick and put it inside this hollow jade pendant. It seems like it’s for exorcism. I’m looking for that.”

An nanyuan’s expression instantly brightened. “Then find it quickly!”

However, the more urgent the situation, the more likely mistakes would occur. 

No matter how Zhang Wubing searched, he couldn’t find the jade pendant that should have been hanging around his neck. He broke into a sweat in a hurry.

Because Zhang Wubing stopped attacking and stood still, not moving much, he immediately attracted the attention of the humanoid monsters around him. 

They silently crawled on the ground until they got close to Zhang Wubing, then pounced on him——

Zhang Wubing quickly tore the chain from his neck, held it high over his head, and tightly closed his eyes in fear, too scared to look around. Following Yan Shixun’s actions he remembered from his memory, he shouted loudly, “Gre-Gre-Gre-Great Lord, Buddha, Bodhisattva, please protect me! Ahhhhhhh, what’s behind me, I forgot, ahhhh!”

An Nanyuan, who had just been elated, exclaimed, “Director, why are you so unreliable? How could you forget such an important thing! Remember it quickly, remember it quickly… Ahhh, they’re pouncing again!”

However, the monsters only paused for a moment when the jade pendant appeared. As soon as Zhang Wubing opened his mouth, the fear they had just displayed dissipated completely, and they lunged at him again.

Standing not far away, the director’s assistant, who had been attracted by Zhang Wubing’s actions, saw this scene and grinned, revealing her pale, ghastly teeth.

Closer, closer.

All the people were about to be devoured by them, becoming their new hosts.

Roles were reversed between the living and the evil spirits. The evil spirits would assume the identities and skins of the living, walking in the mortal world in their place, consuming their loved ones as nourishment, deceiving the spirits and gods, and “living” on…

But at that moment, a steady, deep, and magnetic voice suddenly echoed from the boundless darkness, enunciating clear words at a deliberate pace.

The voice resounded like a bell, profound and clear.

“Tai Shang Lao Jun, Pu Zai Wan Fang, Dao Wu Bu Ying, Shun Zhi Ze Ji.”

All the blood-red monsters that had been rushing towards Zhang Wubing and the crew suddenly froze, trembling with fear, unable to move or escape.

“Lei Ting Sui Xing, Ni Zhi Zhe, Xiong!”

In that instant, the jade pendant held high by Zhang Wubing emitted a dazzling golden light, instantly illuminating the entire wine cellar as bright as day, exposing all darkness.

The yellow talisman paper rolled up and stored in the hollow jade pendant spontaneously ignited, turning into a wisp of ethereal white smoke that dispersed into the air.

The white smoke, like a brush and the air as paper, smoothly drew out the incantation, manifesting it in the air with majestic power that intimidated all directions.

The blood-red monsters let out heart-rending screams. 

It was as if they had been ignited from within, and the flames swiftly burned them into massive fireballs. Through the brightness, you could even see every vein and muscle on their humanoid bodies.

The assistant director, who had been coldly observing from the side, seemed to sense something and displayed a fearful expression as well.

It abandoned the pile of monsters and fireballs that filled the entire wine cellar and turned to run up the stairs, attempting to escape from this place.

However, after it had run just a few steps, the entire mansion, along with the wine cellar, began to shake violently. The walls emitted a series of unbearable “crack” sounds, and huge cracks rapidly spread, as if they were about to collapse at any moment.



The walls and ceiling began to fall, with massive, shattered boulders plummeting toward the monsters in the cellar, yet it seemed as if they had eyes, evading every living human from the production crew.

The blood-red humanoid monsters and those transformed into fireballs didn’t even have a chance to wail before being instantly crushed into a bloody pulp by the boulders.

Amidst the thunderous collapse, dust and debris filled the air.

A pair of long, straight legs clad in black Martin boots confidently stepped through the rubble and rolling dust, treading steadily up the stairs leading into the cellar from outside the wall.

One foot happened to kick the running assistant director, immediately stepping on him.

With a firm step, Yan Shixun casually crushed the blood-red body, its human skin torn and fallen, making the assistant director scream in agony.

“Shut up. Your voice is like a broken gong. It’s unbearable.” Impatient, Yan Shixun raised his foot and stomped heavily on its head, causing the skull to hit the ground with a resounding “thud.”

All its screams immediately ceased, shivering under Yan Shixun’s Martin boot just like the living humans who had been captured earlier, filled with both fear and despair.

Just like the living person who had been caught by the blood-red monsters earlier, they were filled with fear and despair.

However, the tables had turned, and now the humans were in the dominant position, looking down on everything.

The evil spirits were trampled underfoot, too terrified to speak.

Yan Shixun surveyed the wine cellar, looking at the disheveled appearance of the people present. He couldn’t help but sneer and ask, “Didn’t you see the vila collapsing? Are you planning to bury these things along with you?”

The members of the production team, who had just narrowly escaped death and were shocked by the successive unexpected events, gradually regained their composure.

When Zhang Wubing, An Nanyuan, and the others heard the familiar voice and looked in its direction, they saw Yan Shixun standing on the stairs.

The light penetrated through the dust, falling into the cellar from behind Yan Shixun.

The tall and handsome young man stood there condescendingly, looking at the blood-red monsters as they died one by one. His face carried a mocking expression. He exuded an arrogant and unrestrained aura, yet it also carried a powerful force that reassured everyone.

In that moment, Zhang Wubing’s nose tingled, and he burst into tears again.

“Brother Yan, wuwuwu, you finally came. They all bullied me, wuwu…” Zhang Wubing was crying with a face full of snot and tears. He opened his arms and rushed towards Yan Shixun, seemingly wanting to give him a warm hug.

However, Yan Shixun agilely and disdainfully avoided him.

“Zhang Dabing, wipe your face for me. Ugh, it’s disgusting.”

The interaction between Yan Shixun and Zhang Wubing was so ordinary that it resembled the interactions between familiar people in everyday life. This gradually eased the excessively tense and fearful emotions that had gripped the people who were initially shocked and bewildered.

Bai Shuang was even so excited that her eyes turned red. “We’re saved! We’re saved!”

Yan Shixun casually lifted the neck of the evil spirit and walked up the stairs without looking back. “I didn’t expect you all to have a hobby of burying ghosts with you. Well, you can play by yourselves; I won’t bother with you.”

“Tsk, the preferences in your circle are really strange.”

Only then did everyone wake up from their daze. They hurriedly followed Yan Shixun up the stairs, and those who had lost consciousness were carried out together in a rush.

“Boom, crash——!”

Just as the last person was stepping out of the cellar, the entire cellar collapsed with a deafening crash, raising a cloud of dust. 

Many people were so frightened that their legs went weak. After narrowly escaping death, they suddenly lost all their strength and sat dazedly on the floor of the living room.

However, An Nanyuan was sharp-eyed and noticed that the appearance of the mansion had changed from when they went to the cellar.

Both the red and white colors had disappeared.

The modern traces had also been erased.

The mansion now looked like it had returned to its original appearance from a hundred years ago, exuding luxury and opulence from the past.

A white figure of a woman stood quietly in front of the sofa, silently watching the backs of the crew members.

An Nanyuan’s eyes widened instantly. “Holy crap! A ghost! Brother Yan, there’s a ghost! Help, help!!!”

The crew members, who had just breathed a sigh of relief, also quickly turned to look and were instantly terrified by the white ghostly figure standing behind them.


However, the white ghostly figure did not rush forward with a terrifying appearance as everyone imagined.

Instead, she appeared timid and fearful, as if she had mustered the courage to come forward, only to be startled by the reactions of the people around her. She immediately retreated, wanting to return to her safe place. She stood there in confusion, not knowing what to do.

Among everyone, only Yan Shixun remained calmly in place.

“Let me introduce you, this is the mistress of the mansion, Xi Shuang.”

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