I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Rainstorm Wild Temple 13 Part 1

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Bai Shuang was awakened by a sharp scream. She suddenly opened her eyes while lying in bed, her heart pounding with vigilance as she looked around.

There was no difference from before falling asleep. The room was dimly lit with no light. Looking out through the window, it was still the suburbs – pitch-black.

The heavy rain struck the glass with such force that it almost seemed like it would shatter it. Instead of the reassuring feeling of rain making it a good day to sleep, it made her nervous, fearing that the glass might break.

In this suburban environment, being enclosed felt comforting.

Bai Shuang looked worriedly at the relentless downpour outside, wondering if she would be able to leave here safely after daybreak. The events in the bathroom tonight involving the actress and Yan Shixun’s attitude had left her feeling anxious.

With these thoughts in mind, Bai Shuang sighed and turned her head to check on the actress, Rourou, whom she had forcibly made her roommate.

To her surprise, Rourou was not asleep. She lay on the other side of the large bed, curled up, with her hand clenched into a fist near her mouth, continuously biting something.

Under the sound of the rain, if one listened closely, one could hear the sound of “chewing” coming from Rourou’s mouth.

Bai Shuang found it strange and asked, “Ms. Rourou? Rourou? Can’t you sleep? What are you doing?”

However, Rourou didn’t pay any attention to her and continued her actions, but they became increasingly frantic and agitated. Even the sounds she made were filled with undisguised impatience as if she were venting her emotions through the biting motion.

Bai Shuang was a bit annoyed by Rourou’s attitude of ignoring her. She thought Rourou might be showing her superstar temperament again. Unable to hold back, she reached out to push her and said, “Brother Yan said we’ll leave at dawn. If you don’t sleep, I won’t wake you up.”

But as her hand touched Rourou, Bai Shuang froze.

Under her palm, it didn’t feel like the warm and elastic softness of human skin, but rather a furry texture—icy, rigid, and sharp enough to make her recoil in shock. She stared at Rourou in amazement.

Rourou also noticed Bai Shuang’s touch and stopped her biting motion. She slowly turned her head to look at Bai Shuang.”

Bai Shuang narrowed her eyes, using the faint light from outside the window to finally make out what Rourou was doing.

Her face was deathly pale, her eyes fixed, and her lips and chin were smeared with fresh blood, giving the appearance of a gaping maw.

And that blood was still dripping down from her mouth, soaking her chest in red, vividly contrasted against the white sheets, making it even more striking.

It wasn’t until now that Bai Shuang could see where those subtle nibbling sounds and the blood at the corner of Rourou’s mouth were coming from.

— Rourou was actually gnawing on her own fingers!

Bai Shuang could even see something white and bone-like amidst the blurry mess of flesh in Rourou’s palm. It looked like the wound had gone deep enough to expose the bone.

However, despite such an injury, Rourou seemed completely oblivious to pain, still chewing on whatever was in her mouth.

The only thing that could end up in her mouth and cause it to bleed was the flesh and blood from her own fingers that she had bitten off.

Bai Shuang made a sharp inhale, feeling a cold rush of air entering her lungs, sending chills down her spine. She immediately exclaimed, “F*ck!” and instinctively rolled out of bed, disheveled, and stumbled a few steps away.

“Rou-Rourou, your hands are covered in blood. Doesn’t it hurt? Or do you have some kind of sleepwalking condition?”

Bai Shuang, with her hand on the doorknob, turned to look at Rourou with vigilance, ready to flee at the slightest sign that something was amiss with Rourou. She was prepared to open the door and escape at the first sign of trouble.

But Rourou showed no interest in Bai Shuang.

She just glanced at Bai Shuang for a moment, then continued to lower her head, focusing on gnawing her fingers. With her mouth full of bloody flesh, she mumbled incoherently, “Claws, sharpen, claws…”

Bai Shuang watched in horror, feeling a phantom pain in her own fingers. She stared helplessly as Rourou chewed her fingers to a bloody mess, her heart trembling, holding her breath, afraid of catching Rourou’s attention.

At this moment, she has already confirmed that Ruoruo must have encountered some serious problems. It’s very likely that it happened in the bathroom at night.

Bai Shuang quietly grasped the doorknob and planned to open the door and leave quietly.

——Brother Yan said that his dream of murdering people might have been a joke, but this roommate of hers, she looks like she could easily commit murder!

However, just at this moment, Ruoruo, who had just seemed vacant and sluggish, suddenly raised her head and looked sharply at Bai Shuang.

Bai Shuang was so scared by those vacant, lifeless eyes that seemed like decorative glass beads that she stood there dumbfounded, forgetting what she was supposed to do.

But Ruoruo grinned, revealing teeth smeared with blood and even shreds of flesh stuck between her teeth, and she gave Bai Shuang a sinister smile.

“Claws, sharpened.”

Before Baishuang could understand the meaning of this sentence, Ruoruo suddenly sprang from the bed and rushed towards her, her hunched body agile, not at all like a delicate actress but more like an animal that had been hunting in the mountains for years. She extended her white, bony claws towards Bai Shuang.

Bai Shuang gasped and, in her fear, her potential erupted. She swiftly moved aside, dodging Ruoruo’s clawed hand.

The spot where she had been standing was now a hole in the door, and a chilling wind blew in from the corridor, making all her sweat turn cold.

Because her hand was stuck in the hole in the door, Ruoruo couldn’t focus on attacking Bai Shuang anymore. She was solely focused on trying to free her hand from her own claw, even though her wrist was repeatedly torn open, and she was bleeding profusely. She seemed completely oblivious to the pain.

Bai Shuang watched this scene with a trembling heart, on the verge of tears. But just as she looked around for a way to distract Ruoruo and run out of the room, the corner of her eye suddenly caught sight of something. Right under the bed where they had been sleeping, a pair of crimson eyes were emitting a faint, eerie glow.

That thing didn’t know how long it had been watching her. It was very likely that it had been silently waiting under the bed since they turned off the lights and prepared to sleep. When she was just attacked by Rourou, that thing was also watching, its eyes filled with cold malice and greed, fixated on her back.

At this moment, when it noticed Bai Shuang’s gaze, it knew it had been discovered.

So it slowly crawled out from under the bed, its furry paw leading the way, its claws as sharp as daggers, gleaming with a bloody red light.

As if it didn’t know how much flesh and blood it had already torn apart to become that shade of red.

Just at this moment, Rourou finally withdrew her paw from the door opening and turned to look at Bai Shuang.

Who was caught between two enemies.

Cold sweat trickled down Bai Shuang’s forehead.

After a brief standoff, both sides simultaneously swung their paws at Bai Shuang—

Bai Shuang quickly slipped through the gap under Rourou’s arm and rushed to the nearby door. She forcefully turned the doorknob and rushed out, immediately grabbing a chair to block the door from the other side.

From inside the door came a pounding sound, and a furry paw reached out from the freshly torn hole, scratching wildly.

Bai Shuang quickly stepped back to avoid it but accidentally bumped into a soft body.

When someone’s nerves are highly strained, they are most easily frightened by unexpected events nearby.

In that split second, Bai Shuang felt like her soul was about to fly away, and numbness spread throughout her body from head to toe. She opened her mouth and exclaimed, “Ah…”

“Ahhhhhh… Huh? Bai Shuang???!!!”

However, before Bai Shuang’s scream could escape, she had only uttered a syllable when she heard a terrified scream coming from behind her, from the very thing she had bumped into. It called out her name as if it knew her.

In Bai Shuang’s mind, many unsettling images flashed by.

What do they say about not looking back when someone calls your name at night, or your shoulder’s yang energy flame will be extinguished? And not responding when someone calls your name in the middle of the night, or your identity will be replaced?…

But before Bai Shuang could finish her thoughts, the person behind her forcefully pulled her stiffened body close and cried out with a trembling voice, “Hollywood movies don’t lie! Can it be that I’ve really encountered a teammate at a time like this? Being able to escape with you is truly amazing!”

Bai Shuang: “…?”

“An Nanyuan?” she cautiously inquired.

She received an enthusiastic response.

Bai Shuang turned around and finally saw that the person she had bumped into was indeed An Nanyuan, and next to him stood a bewildered Song Ci.

But the current situation didn’t leave them much time to voice their respective doubts. Not only did the door in front of Bai Shuang make a “bang, bang!” sound, as if something inside was about to burst out, but also An Nanyuan’s adjacent door was being pounded on.

Bai Shuang and An Nanyuan exchanged glances and quickly pulled Song Ci along, running for their lives.

“Brother Yan! Brother Yan, help!!”

However, when they knocked on Yan Shixun’s door repeatedly and received no response, and when they were forced to break into the room in their desperation, they found Yan Shixun’s room empty, devoid of any presence.

Both of them stood there in shock.

Meanwhile, that thing had already used its sharp claws to shred the door and emerged from their room.

In the dimly lit corridor, they could vaguely make out that the furry creature was a huge, yellow rat-like creature that stood over one meter tall when upright.

An Nanyuan accidentally made eye contact with the creature. It immediately crouched down and began to sprint toward them on all fours.

He immediately turned and ran for his life, looking as if he were fleeing for his life.

“Brother Yan isn’t here, what do we do!”

“You’re asking me, I don’t know either! I can’t catch ghosts. Anyway, let’s just run for now! AAAAAAAAH, Brother Yan, where are you!”

The normally quiet and serene Mountain God Temple was disrupted by the frantic sounds of their running and footsteps.

The group quickly ran through the corridor and the hall, in the tense state of trying to escape, they didn’t notice that the main livestream screen was set up in the hall, directly facing their room, recording their entire ordeal.

It was supposed to be the time when there were the fewest people in the temple, midnight.

Because Yan Shixun had sent everyone to sleep, except for Anthony, there were no guests on split screens. The main livestream screen was set up in the empty hall, showing only the nighttime scenery and not the guests. So the audience found it quite boring and most of them dispersed to go to sleep.

Only a few scattered viewers were still waiting in front of the main livestream screen, preparing to fall asleep to the sound of the rain in the livestream.

However, the sudden shouts from the guests suddenly shattered the quiet, and it not only startled many viewers who were lying in bed half asleep but also made them angrily grab their phones to see what was going on.

And then, they came face to face with the face of an animal covered in fur.

However, unlike the cute animal images they had seen online and in zoos, this animal on camera looked grotesque and hideous. You could see muscles coiled beneath its fur, and its small eyes emitted a crimson glow, which in the dark environment, appeared particularly eerie and unsettling.

As a result, the anger of many viewers was forcibly stuck in their throats, overwhelmed by the fear of being stared at by those beastly eyes.

[F*uck! F*ck! Did I just go dizzy and see things? Did I just see a rat that’s several meters long run by?”

[I bear witness, my eyes aren’t deceiving me! This is absolutely astonishing! Even though I’m a child from the southern regions and have seen rodents bigger than cats, this is terrifying! Did you all see those teeth on that rat? My goodness, I don’t think we can call it a rat anymore; it should be called a monster.]

[Well, what I thought was going to be a hypnotic rain sound white noise has now completely scared me awake. [Image: Photo of a person looking world-weary and smoking a cigarette]]

[Ahhhhhhhhhh, please send more barrage comments! Where’s the bulletproof barrage when you need it? I just finished my homework, looked up, and saw this thing! I’m genuinely scared and now I’ve turned on all the lights in my room, and my mom is outside asking what’s wrong, but I’m too scared to open the door for her.]

[What on earth is happening? It’s not going to be like the Gui Mountain incident again, right? And was that Bai Shuang who just ran by? Was there someone beside her saying Brother Yan wasn’t here? What should we do? I’m so worried! If it’s anything like the Gui Mountain incident, they need Brother Yan to save them!]

[I just checked the program’s description. ‘In a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, leading everyone to appreciate the beauty of nature, to obtain a relaxed mood and healing.’… Come on, director, come out, let’s discuss the positioning of this program. I promise not to beat you to death. You call this relaxation??? I could perform an exorcism on the spot.]

[No, wait, you guys, look at the screen. What’s in the main hall now… What is that?]

Viewers who were busy sending barrage comments and comments, trying to release their fear through this medium, immediately refocused their attention on the screen after this reminder.

Some timid viewers cautiously covered almost half of their screens with their palms, peeking through the gaps between their fingers, ready to block the entire screen if something went wrong.

Then they saw, on camera, translucent red figures passing through the walls, moving slowly into the hall, and continuing to move forward. Their feet didn’t touch the ground; they were half-floating in the air.

Their faces were blurry, making it impossible to discern their specific features. They moved quietly and lifelessly, all heading in the same direction, without making a sound.

Shadowy, overlapping, ghostly apparitions.

Watching these red shadows passing through walls, even through tables and chairs, and being able to see things behind them, the audience froze, their eyes wide open, and it took them quite a while to finally react.

This, this must be the legendary ghosts!

Ghosts even passed through the live-streaming equipment, instantly covering the camera with a blurry, blood-red hue. The live signal became intermittent, and the images on electronic devices flickered and sizzled.

Among these ghostly figures, there were even young children. Due to their innate curiosity, they approached the camera when passing by, wanting to get a closer look at what this thing was.

Because the height of the children happened to align with the live-streaming equipment, all the viewers squatted in front of the main screen were caught off guard by the face of a lifeless corpse, pale and tinged with green.

The child’s skin had lost its elasticity and become rigid, but on the deathly pale face, the mouth was bright red, especially conspicuous against the white background. The child’s bluish-red veins spread across the face down to the eyes. The empty eye sockets revealed no eyeballs, only two black holes, directly facing the camera.

All the viewers felt as if the ghost child was right in front of their faces.

Some viewers quickly threw their phones away and scrambled into their blankets, trembling in fear.

Others were frozen on the spot by the ghostly figures passing continuously through the camera. They wanted to turn off their phones, but their hands were so stiff that they couldn’t press the buttons, leaving them no choice but to face this terror head-on.

It wasn’t until the ghost child lost interest in the live-streaming equipment and returned to the line of spirits, continuing to move forward, that some viewers slowly relaxed their stiff muscles.

But before the viewers could recover their senses, and before they could even send messages in the chat, they saw a figure emerging from the camera facing the guest room—a person with their head lowered.

The person had long black hair hanging in front of their face, concealing their entire identity, leaving the audience unable to discern who it was.

But from the person’s blood-stained white dress and slender figure, the audience could still guess that these were the two female guests.

Bai Shuang had just run past the main screen camera, leaving behind the other roommate……the actress named Rourou.

However, in stark contrast to the image of the elegant female star from before, Rourou was now barefoot, slowly staggering down the corridor. Blood dripped from her palms, staining the floor red along her path, and also splattering her dress.

Her limbs were pale and stiff, resembling a corpse, and the bits of flesh and blood seeping from beneath her hair-covered face had also rendered her clothes in a sorry state.

Suddenly, Rourou slowly lifted her head, and her black hair naturally parted to reveal her long-hidden face.

It was only at this moment that the audience noticed Rourou’s mouth was covered in blood and bits of flesh. She still had a sinister smile, lips smeared with bloody teeth, as she chewed on something while laughing strangely.

“Claws, claws… Haha, haha, my dreams are coming true, heehee.” Rourou mumbled incoherently, her stiff cheeks forming a smiling expression scarier than tears.

“I will become a star, all the crews, all the endorsements, hahaha… Those people will never look down on me again, that director and that guy surnamed Yan. I am a star, a star, heeheehee…”

Rourou continued muttering in this way, her mind unclear, and even her gaze was vacant.

She followed behind those red ghostly figures, moving slowly while talking to herself. Her once beautiful face was now contorted and grotesque, and she occasionally let out eerie laughter, echoing in the completely silent hall, making it incredibly eerie.

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