I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Rainstorm Wild Temple 16 Part 1

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In the early morning, a time when everyone should have been asleep, the ground at the Mountain God Temple suddenly trembled violently, as if an earthquake had occurred, causing things on the tables to fall to the ground.


Several loud sounds followed, muffled as if they struck at the hearts of the people.

In a small house next to the main hall of the Mountain God Temple, two villagers who had been standing by the window, looking outside, became excited and even their breaths quickened because of these sounds.

“It’s the Mountain God, the Mountain God has descended,” one of the villagers said, gripping the window frame, his voice trembling with excitement.

“Kill him! Mountain God, kill the one who disrespected the God! Let that intruder who dared to enter the main hall at night see what happens when you offend the Mountain God.”

The other villager laughed heartily, despite the rain curtain and walls separating them, he seemed to see everything clearly as if he were on the scene. “It’s time to offer sacrifices to the god! Mountain God, please take a look at the offerings we’ve prepared for you. Are you satisfied with this year’s harvest?”

Behind the two villagers, a middle-aged man with a hunched back slowly approached the window. As he walked, his originally ugly and sleazy face gradually sprouted yellow fur, turning into a furry face with two erect, furry ears on top.

His exposed skin also began to grow fur, and his hunched body lost its human appearance, evolving into a leg shape more accustomed to crawling like an animal.

He had turned into a giant yellow wolf.

The yellow wolf moved its mouth, revealing sharp, yellow-stained teeth, with the flesh on its face pushed together, creating a grotesque and ugly smile.

“Perfect timing, tomorrow is the Mountain God’s birthday. These people have come at just the right time. The Mountain God will surely be pleased with the offerings we’ve prepared for him, and he will grant us wishes.”

The two villagers breathed heavily and eagerly, their faces filled with fanaticism and anticipation.

“Mountain God, Mountain God!”

“Your most devout believers have been waiting here for you to grant our wishes!”


The villagers’ voices were drowned out by the sound of heavy rain, unable to reach the main hall.

Inside the main hall, at this moment, dust filled the air, making it impossible to see the exact situation.

The once smooth porcelain tiles on the ground were now split open by a massive axe, with coarse and deep cracks extending all the way to the entrance of the main hall, nearly splitting the earth beneath.

As rubble and dust were sent flying, it permeated the entire main hall, shrouding it in a hazy grayness, making it impossible to see where Yan Shixun, who had originally been standing there, was.

Occasionally, in the murals, a few figures seemed to freeze when they witnessed this scene, showing a mixture of astonishment and sorrow, as they turned away, unable to bear watching any longer.

The towering gilded statue slowly straightened its posture, its enormous hand gripping the axe handle, forcefully pulling the deeply embedded axe from the earth, causing shattered stones to spray onto the surrounding murals, creating a flurry of fine impacts.

The eyes of the statue, like enormous glass orbs, glanced around but found no traces of anyone in the dust. Satisfied, it retracted its weapon and prepared to return to the altar.

However, at that moment, a slender, black figure suddenly burst forth from the dust, heading straight for the statue. It landed on the axe’s sharp blade, then gracefully leaped onto the statue’s broad arm.

Without waiting for the statue to react, this person immediately used the statue’s arm and shoulder as a jumping point, agilely leaping onto the statue’s head and standing there proudly.

The person had sharp, handsome features that exuded a wild and unrestrained aura. Their slender, upturned eyes sparkled brightly. A bright red scar ran from the corner of their eye to the end of their eyebrow, a wound inflicted by flying porcelain shards just moments ago.

Blood slowly flowed from the wound, staining the corner of their eye a deep red, accentuating their audacious demeanor.

It was none other than Yan Shixun, the person both the statue and the figures in the mural believed would die from that strike.

He nonchalantly wiped away the bloodstain from the corner of his eye, allowing his vision, previously obscured by blood, to become clear once more, while the back of his hand remained stained crimson.

Yan Shixun’s mocking smile pulled at his light red lips without any concealment: “Indeed, an evil god. How can there be such a thing in the Mountain God Temple? It truly insults the divine position of the Mountain God. Ha.”

“Come, let me see what you really are, daring to shamelessly sit in the Mountain God Temple and accept the worship of believers.”

He sneered, his eyes filled with contempt. “Revealing yourself when the wind and rain come, protecting the mountains and rivers with your body— being a Mountain God, are you even worthy?”

Yan Shixun stood on top of the statue, looking down at everything in the Mountain God Temple from above. It was grand and expansive as if he could see to the end of mountains and rivers with a single glance.

His handsome face was solemn, and the corners of his blood-red eyes and eyebrows carried a sharp arrogance.

His slender figure was like a blade, firmly inserted into the statue, guarding the clear boundary between good and evil.

Under his feet, it seemed that not only demons and evil spirits but even the evil god—

Could be killed.

Compared to Yan Shixun, the overly massive statue was slow and clumsy in its movements. It only felt like someone had run past in front of it, and when it angrily raised its weapon to attack, that person had already disappeared from its sight. It could only wander aimlessly in the main hall, searching in vain, unable to see the blind spots in its field of vision, unable to find Yan Shixun standing on top of its head.

Clearly, the towering statue was filled with power and intimidation, but it was acting like a headless fly—absurd and comical in its confusion.

While the statue continued to be tossed up and down, Yan Shixun’s feet remained steady on its head. It didn’t look like he was being pursued or attacked; it was more like he was taming the statue.

The painted figures on the walls who had noticed this scene were stunned.

They had believed that the Mountain God was unbeatable, and their souls could only forever be imprisoned here, day after day enduring pain, regretting the foolish deeds they had done in their greed. But unexpectedly, someone could treat the statue as if it were livestock, not fearing the Mountain God at all.

This person, would he help them leave this place?

In the sporadic, formerly pitch-black eyes of several painted figures, the light reappeared.

One young woman among them urgently ran to a painting within Yan Shixun’s field of vision, her finger pointing anxiously behind him, gesturing as if there was something important she wanted to tell him.

Yan Shixun noticed this unusual painted figure.

But before he could fully grasp the meaning that this character wanted to convey, the enormous, brightly colored creature painted on the ceiling was infuriated by everything happening before his eyes. Its originally ugly face twisted into a hideous grimace, and its mouth opened as if it were screaming.

Although the creature painted on the ceiling, resembling a yellow weasel, did not make a sound, the god statue seemed to react as if it had heard something. Its previously chaotic movements came to a halt.

The anomaly at the feet of the god status caught Yan Shixun’s attention. He didn’t waste any time and, after losing the power of the incantation, remained on high alert. He would notice even the slightest movement.

In the presence of the evil god, he wanted to find a way to gain the upper hand, all he could do was utilize his brain and physical strength to the fullest.

Yan Shixun’s lowered gaze froze on the god statue. His muscles were tense, ready for immediate combat.

But the statue seemed to give up.

With one hand holding a giant axe and the other gripping a long spear, it turned its massive body and walked toward the rear temple hall. Every step left a heavy footprint, causing the earth to tremble.

In the corner of Yan Shixun’s vision, the animal on the mural continued to stare at him, observing his every move.

Finally, just as the god statue slowly lifted its leg to step onto the hall, the angle of tilt drew Yan Shixun’s attention partially away from himself. He adjusted his muscles to maintain balance.

In that instant, the creature opened its mouth wide and let out a piercing scream.

The god statue’s massive hand clenched its weapons, raising the long spear with the force of a thousand pounds, aiming it directly at its own head.

The long spear tore through the air with a sharp, deafening noise, carrying a chilling wind as it charged towards Yan Shixun.

Yan Shixun realized what was happening.

His extremely flexible body suddenly arched backward, rapidly descending, narrowly avoiding the long spear that passed in front of him.

He quickly raised his gaze to the creature above, locking eyes with it, despite its victorious expression and maniacal laughter.

The creature’s smile froze, surprised that it had been discovered.

It also didn’t expect that this human would have the courage to make eye contact in the face of death. He didn’t tremble, beg for mercy, or become as unstable as those before him, giving it a chance to strike.

Instead, this person’s eyes were filled with an ecstatic and frenzied fighting spirit. It was as if the more dangerous the situation, the more he relished the battle. The stronger the opponent, the more it excited him.

Regardless of who the opponent was or the gap between them, he had no intention of backing down from a fight. Even if the opponent was a god, as long as it was an evil deity, he would kill it on the spot.

——Yan Shixun’s eyes clearly conveyed this message to the creature.

The creature, which had never encountered such a frenzied individual, couldn’t help but shiver under the intensity of his gaze. 

Yan Shixun, who could instill fear in his opponent with just a look, didn’t linger for too long.

After confirming that there was indeed something above him and after conveying a message through the god stature beneath his feet, which served as the stature’s eyes, he immediately leaned backward, using the powerful core of his waist and abdomen to arch his slender body almost level with the top of the stature, then swung back.

At this moment, the long spear in the stature’s hand happened to complete a full circle above his head, but it returned to the statue’s hand without hitting anything.

The long spear was made of metal and did not appear to be hollow, judging by the forceful inertia it exhibited. It was a solid, three-meter-long metal pole with sharp hexagonal edges at both ends. Once it struck, it would surely cause severe bleeding. Even if one was lucky enough to avoid a lethal strike, being hit by this hundred-pound-plus heavy pole was a force that no human body could withstand.

Yet, Yan Shixun once again flawlessly evaded the stature’s attack, and this time, the long spear didn’t even graze his clothing.

Two failed attacks and the living was still standing on its head. Sensing the opponent’s disdain, the statue became infuriated and let out a loud roar.

The entire Mountain God Temple trembled as if in an earthquake.

Seizing this opportunity, Yan Shixun’s muscular legs instantly tensed and exerted force, allowing him to stand firmly on his lower body.

Then, with keen perception, he deduced from the trajectory of the statue’s hand that it was about to launch another attack. The long spear would soon sweep toward him again, relentless in its attempt to knock him off the statue’s head.

When Yan Shixun had previously chosen to descend onto the statue’s head while it wielded the enormous axe, it was because he had not panicked when the statue attacked him. Instead, he had quickly assessed the statue’s structure and calculated its approximate attack power and methods when it made close contact with him.

At that time, he had concluded that while the statue possessed immense strength, it lacked agility, making it incapable of intricate movements. Additionally, because of the heavy metal used in its construction, the statue’s movements were sluggish, with significant blind spots in its field of vision.

Without his current access to the power of incantations, he realized it was not suitable to confront an evil deity weighing several tons head-on without defensive tools and attack weapons, especially when the deity’s attacks were so powerful.

So that’s why Yan Shixun directly leaped onto the top of the statue, using the blind spots in its field of vision to conceal his own figure. He wanted to observe the movements and attack patterns of the statue in this open space, to find its weakness and launch a surprise attack at the right moment.

However, at that moment, Yan Shixun overlooked the animal paintings on the ceiling that had been motionless all along.

With these animals overseeing everything from the top of the Mountain God Temple, serving as the eyes of the statue, the disadvantages of the statue’s limited maneuverability and large blind spots were compensated for. It was as if there were two enemies now, no longer conducive to Yan Shixun’s tactics.

If he continued to stand on top of the statue, he would become a sitting target for the enemy, making it easier for them to attack, and he would fall completely into a passive position.

So, Yan Shixun made a quick decision, abandoning the ineffective approach and preparing to turn the tables, harnessing the power of the statue to become his own strength and take the initiative.

He swiftly adjusted his breathing, placing himself in a low-consumption and steady state, his breath almost completely hidden beneath the sound emanating from the statue, blending into the rain, making it impossible for anything to determine his condition based on his breathing frequency.

Then, Yan Shixun’s eyes locked onto the long spear in the statue’s hand.

In his highly focused gaze, the long spear raised high by the statue once again turned into slow-motion frames, with residual motion trails in the air. Even before the long spear reached him, he had already predicted its landing position.

Yan Shixun’s body leaned forward slightly, with every muscle in his body flexing in a controlled manner, concentrating all his strength on his waist, abdomen, and legs.

He was like a top-tier predator in the darkness, patiently and silently focusing on his prey, waiting for the moment of opportunity.

Finally, the long spear approached the top of the statue, almost about to strike Yan Shixun’s legs fiercely—


Yan Shixun’s gaze sharpened, and he pushed off the head of the statue with his Martin boots, using the force to leap into the air.

His disheveled hair, blown swiftly by the wind, gathered behind his head, revealing his handsome forehead and overly bright, sharp eyes.

And his clothing fluttered in the wind with a rustling sound.

Like celestial warriors descending from the heavens, bursting forth with astonishing momentum and ferocious power, they were capable of suppressing any malevolent spirits.

Yan Shixun’s strong waist and abdomen allowed him to make subtle adjustments to his posture in the air. His gaze remained locked on the long spear, and his brain rapidly calculated his landing point based on the curvature and trajectory.

The sensation of being airborne didn’t make him panic; he seemed born to soar in the sky. The rapidly passing wind and the sensation of weightlessness around him only served to transform the surging adrenaline into an exhilarating combat spirit. He became someone more terrifying than demons, someone who could make his opponents tremble in fear.

He twirled the spear in a circle above his head, then, under the influence of inertia, began descending with the apparent intention of returning to the height of the statue’s hand.

Just then, as Yan Shixun continued his rapid descent, he reached out without hesitation and grasped the long spear that was now within arm’s reach.


Yan Shixun’s slender and articulated fingers firmly gripped the long spear.

The statue felt a sudden change in the sensation it had in its hand and, with confusion, looked down, meeting Yan Shixun’s handsome face.

Yan Shixun grinned, revealing his slightly red lips, seemingly taunting both the statue and the animal figures on top of its head.

Then, with a forceful kick, he struck the statue’s abdomen. The hard sole of his Martin boot clashed with the metallic body of the statue, producing a crisp “clang.”

Yan Shixun leveraged this impact, took a deep breath, and with a sudden burst of strength, wrested the long spear away from the statue’s hand.

It fell heavily to the ground.

Yan Shixun rose from a crouched, cushioning position and stood up slowly.

With the golden spear, which stretched up to three meters, resting behind his back, his slender figure stood tall, exuding an unflinching determination and madness. He gazed slightly upward at the statue and the animals on the ceiling, wearing a fearless expression and a self-satisfied smile.

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