I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Rainstorm Wild Temple 17 Part 1

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Yan Shixun had initially been wondering who had helped him out, but when he heard the voice, he quickly realized.

It was the assistant director who always seemed to annoy him.

He let out a cold laugh and pushed away the arm around his waist, saying, “Get lost. Can’t you speak like a normal person? A sacrifice? Why don’t you call it a love sacrifice?”

The man, who was quick to adapt, released the arm he had around Yan Shixun’s waist but didn’t let Yan Shixun move away from his embrace.

He chuckled softly, there was a tremor in his chest.

Even Yan Shixun, leaning against his chest, could feel a tingling sensation on his back from the vibrations.

“If I hadn’t managed to get you out in time, we might have become love sacrifices together. Although I didn’t expect you to have such romantic tendencies, I’ll keep that in mind for next time.”

The man didn’t get angry at Yan Shixun’s rather harsh tone; instead, he smiled and asked, “But it seems like I saved you. Don’t you have a couple of words to say to me?”

Yan Shixun rolled his eyes, feeling like their astrological signs were incompatible, and raised his hand to push against the man’s chest to free himself from his embrace.

However, the man seemed to have anticipated this, and his cold hand grabbed Yan Shixun’s arm directly.

“Do you still have the strength to stand on your own? You clearly needed some external support just now. So stubborn.”

“No need for your concern,” Yan Shixun huffed. “Thanks for what you did. I owe you one.”

In practical terms, this man had indeed saved him.

Although he had other ways to escape the range of the falling god statue, getting injured was inevitable. Being injured in such a dangerous and unknown situation would be detrimental to his combat capabilities and wouldn’t allow him to handle unexpected circumstances.

But because this man had done him such a big favor, it meant that they were now bound by karma.

And karma had to be repaid.

How annoying.

Yan Shixun rarely forms karmic relationships with others. Generally, anything that can be resolved with money or other Yin-Yang contracts, he promptly closes the loop to resolve the karma. Apart from his master and cases of prolonged companionship like Zhang Wubing, where the karma can’t be easily calculated, this person was the first instance where he couldn’t refuse the karma in time.

Although he felt annoyed, and even had a subconscious desire to perform an exorcism ritual upon seeing this person, Yan Shixun still said to him, “If you need help with anything, like dealing with evil spirits or ghost infestations in your home, you can come to me. You can also let me know if there’s anything else you need assistance with. Don’t misunderstand, I’m doing this to clear the debt I owe you this time.”

Unexpectedly, when the man heard this, he raised an eyebrow. His previously cold, statue-like expression suddenly became animated, with a hint of amusement.

“Well, I think you might not clear this debt in this lifetime…”

Dealing with evil spirits and ghosts….. in his “home”? There were probably too many to count.

However, if it was about other types of help, he was genuinely curious about the experiences and upbringing that had produced such an extraordinary human exorcist different from others. 

In the long years he had lived through, he had encountered countless human exorcists. Yet none were quite like Yan Shixun, not rigidly adhering to the rules of the heavens and earth but making their own judgments. None relied too heavily on the power of spirits and gods but rather on their own human strength to suppress the evils.

From the moment he entered the territory of the Wild Wolf Peak, he sensed that the local god was already compromised. Upon reaching the Mountain God Temple, he realized that the god worshipped there was no longer the true Mountain God of the area. That’s why he refused to enter even the main hall with the god’s statue, not wanting to soil his clothing with impurities.

The power of Daoism originally stemmed from the laws of heaven and earth.

When even the true god had perished for such reasons, this place had become like contaminated soil, rejected by the laws of heaven and earth. So, how could it respond to requests for assistance using its power?

Thus, from the very beginning, he knew that the exorcist named Yan Shixun would lose his power of divination symbols in this place.

However, he didn’t anticipate that, as he stood in the shadow outside the main hall, prepared to make an exception and enter to save someone, he would unexpectedly discover that Yan Shixun could confidently confront danger even without the assistance of heavenly and earthly powers, with an audacious and unwavering demeanor.

When the young man landed on the ground after leaping from the air, his heart, which had been ice-cold for too long, astonishingly paused for a moment and then, rare as it was, resumed beating.

The moment Yan Shixun touched down felt like a heavy weight on his heart. Those bright, razor-sharp eyes seemed to crash into his mind with unstoppable force.

Yan Shixun… a truly extraordinary figure he had never encountered before.

The man lowered his eyelashes slightly, his deep and dark eyes fixated on the young man before him, and for once, he was lost in thought.

Yan Shixun, on the other hand, didn’t notice the man’s distraction.

After making his promise, he redirected his attention back to the main hall.

Yan Shixun also didn’t pay much attention to what the man said.

He had encountered many people like this before – at first, they didn’t believe in the existence of supernatural entities and didn’t take his promises seriously. But when they truly encountered those things, they would naturally come seeking his help.

Their conversation didn’t waste much time.

Although it hadn’t been two minutes, having a point of support to rest on allowed Yan Shixun to slowly recover from his state of exhaustion. He regained some strength.

It was not much, but enough for him to stand without relying on external support.

—He really couldn’t stand physical contact with this man any longer! The chill made him want to raise his hand and punch him.

So Yan Shixun pushed the man away and started walking towards the main hall.

The once wide-open main hall now lay in ruins, with debris and dust scattered everywhere, making it difficult to see what was inside.

But Yan Shixun still remembered the young woman he had seen in the mural earlier. She had looked extremely anxious and had been gesturing urgently as if she had something crucial to tell him.

Furthermore, there was that old and worn small god stature. Due to the interference caused by the god statue, he hadn’t had a chance to confirm the situation there either.

Doubts lingered in Yan Shixun’s mind.

—The first time he had investigated the main hall before going to sleep, it was because the small statue hidden behind the god statue had made a sound that he realized there was another space behind the god statue.

As Yan Shixun had just calculated the angle for his throw, he suddenly became alert due to a sound.

At the time, the incident had happened abruptly, and he didn’t have time to investigate further. But now, in hindsight, those two sounds seemed remarkably similar—they both resulted from the stone statue colliding with the altar.

Could it be that the old god statue was trying to remind him of something?

This unusual feeling and sense of curiosity drove Yan Shixun to prepare to enter the main hall once again.

“Although I shouldn’t obstruct you, perhaps you should turn around and take a look?” 

A deep, serious voice came from behind him.

Yan Shixun’s long leg, about to step over the threshold of the main hall, suddenly hesitated. A foreboding feeling welled up within him.

He immediately turned around and widened his eyes.

——In the courtyard just outside the eaves of the main hall, there were countless shadowy red apparitions, standing shoulder to shoulder.

Torrential rain poured down, continuously washing the weathered blue stone tiles in the courtyard. Water flowed through the gaps, splashing and forming water droplets on the ground.

The red apparitions stood in the curtain of rain, their eyeless faces void of expression, gazing silently in the direction of the main hall.

They made no sound, and there were no signs of aggression. They simply stared quietly at Yan Shixun, and he had no idea how long they had been standing there.

Yan Shixun’s heart jumped, and a sense of absurdity surged within him, causing a slight sweat to form on the back of his neck.

If it hadn’t been for the reminder from the assistant director beside him, he wouldn’t have noticed the presence of these spirits at all!

But it shouldn’t be like this. Even though he had temporarily lost his powers, the muscle memory and subconscious intuition gained from years of dealing with spirits should still be intact. How could he have failed to sense these spirits at all?

Was it the heavy rain obstructing his perception?

No, the question should be: was it the rain that was the issue, or were these spirits themselves the problem?

Yan Shixun lifted his now serious gaze and looked at the red apparitions, who stood silently in the pouring rain.

The spirits sensed the gaze and slowly turned their rigid eyes in unison towards the courtyard, focusing on the only living person present.

Hundreds of icy and chilling glances, layer upon layer, fell upon Yan Shixun.

They also fell upon the handheld camera perched on Yan Shixun’s shoulder.

Tens of thousands of viewers crouched in front of their screens were instantly startled, shivering all over, with their scalps tingling. Under the shock, many even threw their phones away.

[Damn!!! What the heck are these things?! So terrifying.]

[There seem to be hundreds of those ghosts looking at us, all staring this way. Even though it’s through a screen, I’m starting to feel uneasy. I can’t imagine how Brother Yan, who’s there in person, is holding up. He’s incredible. And that assistant director, who would have thought he had such strength? He’s just standing there without a move. If it were me, I would’ve bolted long ago.]

[Thanks for inviting me. I was just slacking off at work, and I’m already scared to death. When the assistant director reminded Brother Yan, I was completely focused on the screen, waiting to see what was happening in the courtyard. Just at that moment, my boss barged into the room and called my name. It scared the living daylights out of me, and I screamed like crazy. My boss was baffled and said if I had any issues with working overtime, I should just speak up instead of giving him a heart attack. But what about me?!]

[Just the thought of those ghosts, who have been standing there watching Brother Yan since the beginning, gives me the creeps. They don’t even make a sound! If they had just made a noise, like the statue did inside the house, it would’ve been better. Just standing silently behind people like this is too terrifying, not knowing when they might strike. Turning around to check if there’s a ghost behind you is torture. I’m already huddled in the farthest corner of my house, making sure there are walls behind and on both sides of me, and no one standing there.]

[Huh? Are you seriously saying that you didn’t find the statue inside the main hall scary? You’re really brave (thumbs up.jpg). After watching that, I was so scared that I forgot to breathe. It wasn’t until Brother Yan landed on the ground that I suddenly snapped out of it and almost suffocated myself. I started breathing frantically.]

[Ahhhhhhhh, can you guys believe you’re actually discussing which one isn’t scary? Am I the only one who thinks they’re all terrifying? A statue suddenly coming to life, coming to life!!! And it attacks people! It’s so huge, it looks like it’s several meters tall, my fear of giants will never be cured in this lifetime.]

[I was initially scared by the statue, but Brother Yan is just too handsome (facepalm.jpg). Following that split-screen view was like watching a 3D movie, the excitement of it going up and down was just too exhilarating! It instantly pushed aside my fear; I felt like I had nothing to fear when I was with Brother Yan. Even if it’s a god, we can take it on. That feeling of excitement, man, it’s like I owned the whole world. I’ve never experienced such a profound feeling in my life.]

[I’m somewhat involved in this field. From what you’ve described, it seems like you’re inclined towards meditative states under the guidance of Taoist Yan Shixun. The mysteries within mysteries, the myriad doors – because Taoist Yan Shixun’s heart is resolute and unwavering, unafraid and undeterred, but steadfastly charging forward, coupled with your own affinity and good comprehension, you’ve also experienced Taoist Yan Shixun’s state of mind. I suspect that at that time, Taoist Yan Shixun may have thought that if gods can do evil, then god can be killed… It’s a complex feeling. My master used to say that I was too fixated on tangible things, but the Dao is formless. At that time, I didn’t quite understand what my master meant, but when I saw Taoist Yan Shixun, I suddenly had some insight.]

[Oh? There are insiders here? Taoist, don’t go! I just wanted to ask if the gods in other places also come to life QAQ. Waaaah, it’s too scary. I think I won’t dare to visit temples for the rest of my life. Aren’t there often lots of statues, big and small, in tourist spots like Taoist temples and Buddhist monasteries? Some even have murals. But after watching this show, I suddenly thought, what if those mural gods also come to life… Aaaahhhh!!!]

[Hahaha, isn’t this just a travel livestream? It’s like taking you to appreciate natural scenery. What’s wrong? Aren’t these attractions beautiful? The staff are working so hard, making things move on the walls and swinging big axes. Even the animals are putting on a show on the walls, demonstrating what’s terrifying. What more do you want? A bicycle? For those who said the show was boring before, come out now. Watch tonight’s live stream and tell me if it’s still boring? Is it uninteresting? Well then, I’d like to see what you find interesting. Is it the kind that can scare people to death?]

[…I’m sorry, it was me. I said the show was boring earlier, I was young and rash. I take it back. This show is quite interesting! (In the sense that it can scare people to death.)]

[Hahaha, as a longtime viewer who has been following since the Gui Mountain Villa episode, I can tell you that I’m not scared at all. I’ve already started watching the show as if it were a horror movie. Once you change your perspective, you’ll see that this movie is exceptionally well-made. I’d call it a shining example of Chinese horror films. It’s especially suitable for watching alone in the dark at night, with a perfectly immersive horror experience. (Secretly tossing away the tissues I used to wipe my tears and runny nose, no one will notice that I was scared to tears, plan successfully executed, cat giving a thumbs up.jpg)]

[Hey the person above, wipe away your scared tears and speak with confidence, alright? I know your ID. You were just in the comments saying that you jumped up and quickly closed the curtains, then hurriedly hid under the blankets after getting scared. Now you’re saying you’re not afraid? Hahaha.]

[Trembling, I just climbed out of bed shivering a moment ago, stretched out my hand to grab the tissues placed on the balcony to wipe my tears, but I didn’t dare to get off the bed. I twisted myself into various postures on the bed, extending my feet and hands, stretching like a bamboo joint, nearly breaking my waist, but I absolutely wouldn’t get out of bed. When that statue moved just now, I was already beyond self-control. My heart was clenched tight the whole time, watching the split screens of Brother Yan ascending to the heavens and going to the depths of the earth, fearing that he’d be harmed by that statue, especially when many times the split screen was right on the statue and the image above it, which looked like a rat… It’s too scary. In the middle of summer, I covered myself with several layers of blankets and still felt cold, shivering inside the blankets.]

[You must have been so scared that your blood rushed to your heart; it’s a survival instinct, right? When blood circulation doesn’t happen properly, that’s when you feel cold in your hands and feet. But honestly, even though I knew this, I was still terrified. It’s just that kind of thing – no one can endure it.]

[Did nobody mention the assistant director? He’s too handsome! I didn’t notice him before, it’s strange because there were so many people standing there. He’s like a shadow, seamlessly blending into the environment. Just now when he saved Brother Yan from behind, my goodness! It left me laughing until my ears went numb.]

[I actually noticed him from the beginning because of Brother Yan. It seems Brother Yan really doesn’t like him; they are giving each other a hard time in the car. I was wondering at that time, is being an assistant director such a tough job? Even though we can’t see his face, his body, and muscles, my goodness, it’s clear he’s not an ordinary person!]

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