I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Ghost Mountain Villa 6

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The villa outside the room was shrouded in pitch darkness, with only a faint, cold moonlight pouring in from the huge French windows in the hall.

Yan Shixun walked towards Bai Shuang’s room.

This villa had a history of over a hundred years. Despite undergoing renovations to better suit modern living habits, it had retained its original structure and decor.

The second and third floors of the villa, serving as bedrooms, were arranged in a U-shaped structure. Rooms on both sides were separated by a central courtyard with a high ceiling. The stairs and railings were made of wood, polished, and waxed to a shining finish. One could still faintly perceive the opulent and luxurious style of this villa from its earlier years.

But now, as one walked on the old wooden stairs, they creaked and groaned, making a “creak, creak” sound.

The silence reverberated through the spacious and quiet night, making it even eerier, sending shivers down the spine.

Since Bai Shuang had live-streamed herself singing in the garden that afternoon and had been active during dinner, Yan Shixun, though not participating in the afternoon arrangement of guest rooms, had noticed which room Bai Shuang was staying in. 

She was on the third floor, on the same side as Yan Shixun, conveniently positioned so that she was out of his line of sight when he looked out into the villa’s courtyard from his own room. Without going up personally, he couldn’t confirm whether Bai Shuang had truly disappeared, as the entity outside his door had claimed.

As Yan Shixun reached the third floor, he could see Bai Shuang’s room door wide open.

But the room was empty.

Yan Shixun stood at the doorway of the room and looked inside without calling out Bai Shuang’s name. He calmly examined the situation in the room.

The room was not lit, but from the dim light, he could see that the bedding had been used. The bed still bore the shape of someone having slept in it, as if the owner had just temporarily left and would return soon.

There were also several beautiful dresses scattered on the bed, and the makeup on the dressing table was left open, giving the impression that a girl had hurriedly dressed up and left.

The window was open, allowing the night breeze to enter the room and rustle the white curtains.

There were no signs of struggle or resistance; Bai Shuang had apparently chosen to leave on her own.

Yanshixun furrowed his brow and stepped into the room.


The wind rustled the wooden door, creating an eerie friction sound.

Just as Yan Shixun fully entered the room—


The door slammed shut abruptly, locking Yan Shixun inside the room.

At that moment, Yan Shixun felt as though he was experiencing a hallucination.

“She” sat at the dressing table, dressing herself in front of the mirror, happily preparing to meet her beloved with the most beautiful face.

Elegant dresses hung neatly on the clothing rack, yet none seemed to satisfy “her.” Hands adorned with bright red nail polish anxiously searched through the dresses but accidentally uncovered the elaborate embroidered costume hanging at the very end.

Instantly, a look of sorrow washed over “her” face.

The reflection in the mirror remained beautiful, but unfortunately, beside those captivating eyes, wrinkles had appeared.

“She” was no longer young, and “her” beloved had not visited for a long time.

Yan Shixun’s feelings seemed to overlap with the woman’s as they gazed at each other in the mirror.

When the woman picked up a golden pair of scissors next to her neck, Yan Shixun also picked up an item nearby…

“Get lost! Even if I’m eighty, I’ll still be in my prime. Sweetheart? I don’t give a damn about your sweetheart! Which idiot would be blind enough to not appreciate me?”

Yan Shixun grabbed a makeup brush left behind by Bai Shuang on the table, skillfully flipped it between his slender fingers, and pointed it directly at the mirror.


The soft brush, as sharp as a sword, pierced into the mirror, shattering the entire surface.

A woman’s resentful, high-pitched scream rang out.

The cracked lines covering the mirror cut reflected Yan Shixun’s face into a thousand shards, from which blood flowed out.

It seemed to foretell Yan Shixun’s gruesome demise.

Yan Shixun sneered and casually twirled the makeup brush, causing large mirror fragments to fall.

“Stop pretending.”

He coldly snorted, “Who are you trying to scare? If you’re so brave, come out of the mirror, and we’ll fight.”

All the hallucinations and illusions vanished into thin air.

The room was eerily quiet as if nothing had happened. 

Only the scattered glass shards covered the table, refracting the cold moonlight.

Yan Shixun’s gaze swept over the glittering fragments on the table, and he suddenly froze when he saw the bright red lipstick that hadn’t been twisted back.

When he had overlapped with the woman in the hallucination, he had noticed the delicate lipstick box in her hand and had glimpsed a name, albeit blurred.

Xi Shuang.

Was that the woman’s name?

Considering her clothing, belongings, and the preserved style of the surroundings.

It seemed likely that this Xi Shuang was the mistress of this century-old mansion.

Yan Shixun frowned and reached out to pick up the lipstick from the glass shards.

Xi Shuang, Bai Shuang, the only difference was in their surnames. Given the circumstances of Bai Shuang’s disappearance, encountering an apparition of that woman in her room raised many questions and suspicions for Yan Shixun. It seems like there may be a deeper connection or mystery surrounding these two women and the history of the villa.

If it were a coincidence, it would indeed be an incredibly uncanny one, wouldn’t it?

Yan Shixun surveyed his surroundings, trying to gather more information to validate his suspicions. 

However, at that moment, the previously silent room suddenly filled with haunting, ethereal laughter.

The woman’s voice was filled with deep sorrow and entangled emotions, cutting through the night, clear yet distant.

The lyrics of the old opera were profoundly emotional, and when sung by the woman, it felt as if it could bring forth tears.

“…Secretly looking, secretly yearning…

He was in tears… Sorrowfully teary-eyed,

I, half trembling…

…Unwilling to die for love, accompanying me to the grave”


As the lyrics reached certain points, the woman’s voice would half-swallow and then softly utter, as if whispering in a lover’s ear, making it difficult to discern.

The eerie singing in the deserted woods in the middle of the night sent shivers down one’s spine.

In the entire villa, only Zhang Wubing was awake, he was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat, wrapping himself in his small blanket and trembling.

However, Yan Shixun, who was directly facing the woman’s resentment and seemed to be watched by a pair of eyes in the darkness, listened attentively without showing any emotion. He clicked his tongue impatiently but, in order to understand what this entity was up to, he had no choice but to endure and keep listening.

As for fear?

Sorry, but that woman would be disappointed because he felt not an ounce of it. 

Right now, Yan Shixun just wanted to drag that thing out and give it a beating.

——What on earth is she singing? Some kind of haunting stuff? Making a racket like this in the middle of the night is disturbing, you know.

Yan Shixuan always couldn’t stand these slow, one-word-per-ten-second operas, but unfortunately, the one the woman was singing was too famous.

He had heard it many times from many old people’s radios while wandering the streets. He was so familiar with it that just a few lines of lyrics could tell him which one it was.

It’s ‘The Emperor’s Female Flower.’

It tells the story of a princess and her husband preparing to commit suicide together during a national crisis. However, the princess was afraid that her husband would regret it.

The lines the woman was singing were the psychological description of the princess when she saw her husband crying, thinking that he regretted it.

Yan Shixun listened to it with a furrowed brow.

He rolled his eyes. “Are you blind? Is this the kind of lover you have? Trash would be an understatement.”

As soon as he said this, the singing outside the window stuttered.

It was as if the woman was forcibly silenced, her words caught in her throat, torn between wanting to climb through the window and drag the arrogant young man who insulted her lover.

But it also seemed like she was fearing something, unable to approach the villa, and incapable of entering the room.

In the end, the woman forcibly suppressed whatever she wanted to say and remained silent.

She stopped singing altogether, and the room fell silent.

The gleam in Yan Shixun’s eyes shifted, and he raised an eyebrow slightly.

Unable to inflict any real harm on him, she could only rely on the mirror to create illusions, making him hurt himself. Even if her anger and resentment felt substantial, she still couldn’t bring herself to beat him…

Was it that she dared not enter the villa, or she couldn’t?

A hundred years ago, did something happen in the villa before the woman’s death that made the woman living here fear the villa?

Or was there something more formidable in the villa than the woman?

Yan Shixun’s thoughts raced as he walked toward the door, preparing to leave.

Bai Shuang was not here, nor was she in the living room. Where could she be at this time?

The door to the room remained tightly closed, just as it had automatically shut moments ago. Yan Shixun tried to turn the doorknob, but it didn’t budge.

Did it want to trap him in here? 

Yan Shixun sneered, as he took a few steps back.

Then his gaze sharpened. He took a deep breath, gathered his strength, and kicked the door with all his might.


The entire door panel shattered into pieces.

However, after the collapsed door panel, a deep red thing swiftly darted out from the darkness. 

In the blink of an eye, Yan Shixun reached out his hand and grabbed that deep red thing.

Then, a sharp and miserable scream echoed.

A wisp of pale blue smoke dispersed from Yan Shixun’s hand with a sizzling sound.

At the same time, there was also a smell of roasting meat.

And that thing, taking advantage of the split second when Yan Shixun was stunned, quickly abandoned the part caught by Yan Shixun and darted away.

He watched the rapidly retreating deep red thing and wondered, “?”

What is this? This thing is truly malicious. Did it know he had a light dinner and decided to tempt him like this?

Yan Shixun pressed down on his growling stomach, which had been stirred up by the tempting smell, and unhappily chased after it.

The deep red thing seemed unable to move through the air or vanish but instead ran clumsily along the corridor as if it were a tangible object.

Yan Shixun scolded, “Why are you running? You tempted me, now that I’m hungry, you’re running away? Do you have any morals?”

The deep red thing shuddered, didn’t even look back, and ran even faster.

Yan Shixun: …..****!

One person and one unknown thing had somehow reversed their roles.

The one who should have been scared and begging for mercy had become the hunter, while the originally confident hunter was now stumbling and fleeing in panic.

As the distance between them seemed to shrink, suddenly a nearby door swung open and forcefully separated the two.

And Yan Shixun collided head-on with An Nanyuan, who had just come out of the room. 

An Nanyuan had intended to go downstairs for a glass of water, but in the darkness, he suddenly saw a face approaching him, wearing a sinister and dangerous smile.

He was instantly terrified, and his eyes widened, “AHHHHHHHH…”

Yan Shixun acted swiftly, covering An Nanyuan’s mouth to muffle his terrified screams.

“Shut up,” Yan Shixun whispered, “If you scream again, I’ll eat you.”

An Nanyuan: “!!!”

Yan Shixun had a strong grip, and An Nanyuan, unable to break free, finally recognized the face that had left a deep impression on him during their encounter in broad daylight. 

An Nanyuan had been a member of a boy band, so he had seen many handsome idol group members. However, from the first moment he saw Yan Shixun’s face, with its delicate features and a touch of unruly charm, left an indelible impression on him.

Indeed, Yan Shixun was a top-tier beauty who could achieve fame and popularity solely based on his looks, even without any special talents.

Recognizing Yan Shixun, An Nanyuan finally breathed a sigh of relief, and his rapidly beating heart began to calm down.

However, he quickly remembered something and looked at Yan Shixun with a terrified expression.

Yan shixun looked at him in confusion and said, “I’m Yan Shixun, one of the guests. Don’t worry, I won’t really eat you.”

But An Nanyuan, whose mouth was covered and couldn’t speak, pointed frantically at his own shoulder.

There, a small camera was set up.

An Nanyuan: I’ve split the screen! I’m live-streaming right now!

Yan Shixun, who had also realized this: “…”


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