I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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When Ming Yu woke up, his head was spinning. It was the hangover effect. He was a little dazed to see the strange environment when he opened his eyes. Later, he realized that this was his prince’s mansion in Liangcheng. It was not as delicate and richly ornamented as the ones in the capital, but it had a rough, wild, and bold style.

“Your Highness is awake?” Qingping’s voice came, then a pair of white hands opened the bed’s curtain. There was a gleam of bright light, somewhat dazzling to the eyes. Ming Yu blocked it with his hand, and narrowed his eyes, so that he could adapt to the direct light on his face.

“Oh, what time is it now?” Ming Yu asked in a lazy, hoarse voice.

Qingping had heard some movements, so she came to serve His Highness to get up. She had served His Highness for more than ten years, and naturally understood the habits of His Highness. Hearing the question at this time, she hurriedly replied: “Reporting to Your Highness, it’s already Sishi (9-11am) now.” 

“Oh.” Ming Yu stretched out his hand to rub his temples. Qingping had already walked around behind him and massaged it for him. The strength was moderate, making him can’t help but sigh. Qingping really was considerate.

Waiting for when Ming Yu got a bit better, Qing Ping said, “It’s because Your Highness hasn’t been drunk in a while, that’s why it’s like this. Your body won’t be able to stand it for a while. This servant had prepared honey water, Your Highness should be fine after drinking it.” 

After she finished speaking, she brought the honey water that was on the side and waited for Ming Yu to drink it.

Ming Yu drank half of the bowl in one breath, only then did he feel better, and his throat became less uncomfortable.

Thinking of what happened yesterday, he naturally recalled Gouzi. That’s wrong, it was A Bing now. Then, he asked casually about him. Qingping had always done everything meticulously. The matters that His Highness had given her, she did her best to do it well. So, naturally, there wasn’t any negligence, and Ming Yu also trusted her a lot.  

While serving His Highness to wash and change clothes, Qing Ping reported on A Bing’s arrangements. Ming Yu was satisfied and nodded: “That’s good, you watch over him for the time being. After I finish this matter here, I will make other arrangements.” For such a big child, it’s impossible to learn skills without reading, so, it won’t be too late for him to get used to life here before making arrangements. 

Qingping tidied Ming Yu’s belt and hung up a good deal of jade pendants and pouch sachets along the way. Mingyu didn’t like to wear these things, but after saying it many times, Qingping was still unchanged, thus he had no choice but to comply with her.

As the personal maid of His Highness, Qingping naturally had to dress His Highness in a proper manner. These were identity’s tokens, how could they not be worn? As His Highness, the prince, without these things on his body, wouldn’t it make people look down upon him? His Highness had never liked being served by others, so she had to be more careful on her own.

After taking care of everything, it was almost an hour before Qingping clapped her hands and let people bring out the meals. Ming Yu was starving. Qing Ping was very considerate and prepared some light side dishes and bland congee. Just looking at it, his mouth started to move. Just barely sitting down, a report from outside the door rang saying that Commander Mo had arrived.

Boss Qingping was unhappy. Commander Mo didn’t come too early or too late, but came when His Highness was just about to dine. He really knew how to choose his times. She was afraid that His Highness would just go out to discuss matters and would not be able to eat well. How can this be okay?

She had wanted to persuade His Highness to see him after finishing his meals, but she already heard His Highness let the person in.  She could only ruthlessly stare at Mo Jiang who had just stepped in.

Mo Jiang was speechless. He didn’t know how he had offended this great aunt.

Mo Jiang bowed. Ming Yu was already smiling and telling Mo Jiang to sit down and talk. Mo Jiang was there to ask for instructions on the arrangements of the five hundred guards. With so many people, it was impossible to arrange for all the guards to stay in the prince’s mansion to guard. Thus, regarding a place to settle them in, he left it to His Highness’s decision.  

Ming Yu took a sip of congee and said, “Go arrange an empty land outside nearby the city. Bigger is better. When the time comes, it could be made into a training ground. These Da Lao Ye Men (men) from the capital need to be trained properly. They, in any case, also originated as imperial guards. If they don’t learn even a bit of skill, then won’t they just flee at the mere sight of those barbarians in the future? How could this be called a soldier? How can they be worthy of the name of an Imperial Guard? They can’t just follow me in vain this time! Afterward, gaining a bit of ability could be considered one type of experience when they go back.”

How could the current Ming Yu know that those brats, who will be trained until they were screaming and wailing, who dreamt every night of growing a wing to fly back to the capital, would not be willing to return even when using a stick to beat them away a few years later. 

What Ming Yu said made sense and Mo Jiang couldn’t refute it. His Highness had already revealed some training content to him while they were still on their way. What troop formations, capture enemy tactics, physical training, those stuff were all things he had never heard of before. Cross-country long-distance running, capture enemy beating, they should be able to train a person’s physical fitness, but he didn’t understand the troop formation training. Who couldn’t stand in battle formation? Why did it need to be singled out to be trained? He thought that this was all imagined out of thin air by His Highness. Well, as long as His Highness was happy, what else can he say? Because these people had the two-year commitment from His Highness, they would follow suit no matter what. Moreover, he also felt that these things should be able to toughen them. Because he hasn’t practiced it yet, he didn’t know if it would be effective.

There was a malicious smile at the corner of Ming Yu’s mouth. He planned this for his subordinates with all his heart and soul. 

When Mo Jiang saw his expression, how could he not know they were about to brave his evil tricks? He could only silently mourn for his subordinates in his heart. Actually, in his heart, it’s not like he didn’t want to see that group of brats as a joke.

Mo Jiang nodded calmly, then discussed some insignificant things. Now that he had just settled down, he had to start everything from scratch, so many tedious things had to be arranged one by one.

After Ming Yu quickly drank the whole bowl of congee, he asked Qingping to take it away. Qingping frowned. His Highness had only eaten a few bites. Really?! He didn’t even let His Highness eat the food properly. She wanted to persuade His Highness to eat some more, but Ming Yu had already seen through her thoughts and said with a smile: “It’s enough. Just prepare some snacks later, and I’ll eat them when I’m hungry.”

Now that His Highness was going to discuss matters, he definitely was not in the mood to eat anymore. It was also good to prepare some light refreshments, so she just agreed, and ordered people to take the meal away. She gave Commander Mo a fierce glance before stepping out. How would Mo Jiang still not understand at this time. He stroked his head awkwardly. He was careless. He had forgotten that His Highness was drunk last night and only just got up now. Now that the matter was discussed halfway through, it was impossible to give up now.

After the two talked for a while, Ji You asked to see him. Ming Yu looked at the time and it was already late. He also thought that Little General Ji should be here at this time, and asked someone to let him in.

Ji You took a big stride forward and bowed to Ming Yu. He came to say goodbye today. He met Ming Yu and escorted him all the way. Now that his task was completed, he should go back to report the mission back.

Ji You explained his intentions. Ming Yu guessed it a long time ago. “This time we troubled General Ji a lot. Ben Wang knows that General Ji was also occupied with military affairs, and Ben Wang wouldn’t dare to keep you here for long. We prepared some silver rewards, think of it as Ben Wang giving it for everyone’s hard work.” 

When Ji You heard of this, how could he dare to accept it. He quickly declined: “Protecting Your Highness is Chen’s duty, how could I dare to ask for rewards…”

Before he finished speaking, Ming Yu interrupted him and said with a smile: “Ben Wang had always given out rewards and punishments clearly. This is what you people deserve. Moreover, there is one more thing I want to ask General Ji to tell your General Xie.”

Ji You’s heart thumped. What matter can’t he directly find their general to talk about, and instead make him the middle man to say? He was a little embarrassed, and afraid that things would be difficult to handle.

Ming Yu saw through his thoughts, and said with a smile: “Actually, it’s not a big deal. You just need to help me arrange a deal. It doesn’t matter whether it succeeds or not.”

“What is Your Highness’s matter?” Ji You’s heart revolved, and he still decided to ask.

Ming Yu was pleased. He folded his hands under his chin, “General Ji, you have also seen that our imperial guards are all brought from the capital, and their combat power is far less than the Red Robe Army. Therefore, Ben Wang would like to borrow two of Red Robe Army’s soldiers from General Xie to help train their combat ability. It won’t take long. It will be done in three to five months or half a year.”

After hearing this, Ji You was taken aback. He still had to borrow someone to help with training like this. He couldn’t help but say that this was really a trivial matter, but there had never been a precedent before. However, who in the Red Robe Army would be willing to come here to train these spoiled and indulgent Da Lao Ye Men? He didn’t say anything extreme, he only promised to help ask General Xie. As for General Xie’s answer, it didn’t matter to him.

How could he have known that his promise would be a pitfall for himself?

Ming Yu nodded, it’s good as long as he agreed. After Ji You left, Mo Jiang was puzzled by His Highness’s intentions. The army of the Great Yan Dynasty practically all set up a system of their own. Just like the frontier garrison under the jurisdiction of Great General Wei and the Red Robe Army under General Xie, they were two systems. Usually, they could not participate in their respective training, and only listened to the commander generals’ commands to arrange battle arrays. Waiting for the orders to be passed down, each acted according to the order, performing their own duties. Everyone minded their own business, thus, there would be no dispute or whatsoever.  

Because of this, Mo Jiang didn’t understand why His Highness would let the Red Robe Army generals participate in the training of the imperial guards of the mansion.

“Your Highness, isn’t it wrong like this?” Mo Jiang said euphemistically.

Knowing Commander Mo’s concerns, Ming Yu didn’t take it to heart. He waved his hand and said: “Don’t worry, the Red Robe Army has their strong points. They can fight against the barbarians, and their soldiers have never suffered defeat before. So, how could we not learn from their strong points? With such people’s encouragement, our imperial guards will grow up faster.” He mainly thought of the Red Robe Army fighting against the barbarians all year-round. With rich combat experience, casually talking about their own combat experience and the process would benefit everyone a lot.

Ming Yu’s explanation made Mo Jiang suddenly realize that he couldn’t help being ashamed. It turned out that His Highness had seen so far ahead. He was really short-sighted. In this case, he should try his best to train these people as soon as possible, so that His Highness’s safety can be a little more assured.

However, His Highness personally said three to five years’ time. After those three or five years, what should they do when these people return to the capital?

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