I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 29

Chapter 29

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As soon as he said this, the crowd stopped and thought about the same rationale. His Highness had them try their best, although the first confrontation was a bit difficult to draw, but losing was losing. They could always try harder for the next drill. They were all big Laoye Men, can’t they afford to lose?

Zhou Dadan stood up, craned his neck and said, “That’s right, next time, Lao Zi will rush in first to kill him without leaving a piece of armor left.” 

“Hey hey! You think you got it!? You rushing in first to send yourself to death is not even good enough.” Someone started joking.

“But to tell the truth, the Red-Robed Army is worthy of the soldiers brought out by our Great Yan’s Battle General, that imposing manner….tsk tsk!”

“Your words doesn’t compliment them, it just discourages and destroys your own prestige! The red-robed army is powerful, we are also not bad, just like His Highness said, there is no enemy that cannot be defeated. ”

“Hahaha! Well said! Who can say otherwise. ”

The crowd swept away their previous decadence and began to restore the morale from the beginning.

Not far away, Ji You and Cao Jian couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. The two of them belonged to the high ranking guest officials of the guard battalion. In the face of the confrontation between the new and old teams, the balance in their hearts was also somewhat difficult to have. In terms of the strength of both sides, it was impossible for the guard battalion to win against the Red-Robed Army, but they did not want the guard battalion to lose too badly.

They stayed in the guard camp for some time, and have slowly integrated into the team. In particular, Ji You can be said to have watched the soldiers of the guard battalion’s entire progress, slowly condensing from a mass of loose sand into a rope. Although it is said that Duan Wang cannot do everything himself, without Duan Wang, there would never be today’s guards.

The defeat of the guard battalion was long expected. It should be said that everyone has this psychological preparation, but when the real result comes, they still couldn’t accept it.

After the defeat of the guard battalion, the sluggish and dull atmosphere of the soldiers made Ji You a little worried. This spirit of a person is very important, let alone a team. If this defeat leaves a psychological shadow on them, in the future, this team will never be able to stand at the highest peak.

Looking at this group of people reconcile and still have the thought of joking, it seems that his worries were completely unnecessary.

“To be honest, this team is different from all the armies I’ve seen, what do you say? I feel that there is something very peculiar about them, something I can’t see or touch, but it seems to be real.” Cao Jian on the side pondered and said with a feeling of inexplicability.

Ji You smiled and nodded, Cao Jian felt it too. He thought about it carefully and there was a vague idea in his mind.

He remembered that when they first came here, everyone was full of complaints until Duan Wang gave a speech and calmed everyone down. Later on, he was sent to this guard camp and those days, he saw a completely different guard camp. He saw their changes with his own eyes, and he was deeply touched.

Today’s guard battalion was no longer just a dish of scattered sand; he saw trust, unity, and progress; there was competition and mutual aid. Everyone was more like brothers, relatives, who can mock each other and fight with each other usually, but could fully trust their teammates and give their backs to their teammates during battle. Sooner or later, such a group of people would shine brightly.

He didn’t understand why they could change so much in a short time, but the people behind them had put in a lot of effort. This way of guiding people, only a real broad-minded person can truly do this.

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