I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 39

Chapter 39

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Due to the muscle injuries caused by horse riding, Ming Yu could only stay in the prince’s mansion to cultivate. There was no time to ask Xie Yixiu to learn horse riding for the time being.

But he was not idle, all plannings were methodologically arranged. He more or less controlled the general direction. The rest was left for the surbordinates to do. The people he selected were capable, but the ideological framework cannot be adjusted, and many things had to be left for him to make further adjustments.

So don’t be fooled by the fact that’s staying in the prince’s mansion, he was actually quite busy.

Just after reading a stack of document, Ming Yu stretched and rubbed his astringent eyes, when he saw Qingping walking in with a happy face.

“Why are you so happy today? Is there a happy event (could sometimes refer to wedding)?” Ming Yu asked jokingly. Qingping has been with him for the longest time. She was a person he trusted, in front of her, Ming Yu rarely puts on airs. The two got along with each other more intimately than relatives.

Qingping put down the ginseng soup in her hand and said with a smile: “There is indeed a happy event.”

Ming Yu was curious, “Oh? Is there? Let’s hear it.”

Qingping kept him in suspense, then pointed to the ginseng soup on the table, the meaning was obvious, Ming Yu had to finish the ginseng soup first. It can’t be blamed why she was observing him so closely. She had once noticed Ming Yu pouring the soup sent to raise the flowers and plants in the corner instead of drinking it, so she personally supervised him every time.

Ming Yu begged for mercy with a bitter face, “Spare my life! It’s fine to drink these things once in a while but there is no need to drink them every day, right? ”

Qing Ping stomped her feet, hating that iron can’t become steel, “Your Highness, you haven’t been eating well or sleeping well ever since you arrived here. While worrying about a lot of things, soon you might become thin beyond recognition. How can you make me be at ease like this?”

Ming Yu had a head full of black hair. Before he used to be plump, which isn’t normal, okay? Now this was just right. Thin was thin but with muscle, ugh! Although he was still a white cut chicken, once he stopped being busy he would train his body whenever he got time.

No matter how good things were, no one can stand eating it everyday. Ming Yu thought about how to obfuscate this matter, but Qingping already knew his thoughts, and wept, “Your Highness is making things difficult for me, I am not taking care of you well, it’s my fault, I will go take my punishment now.” 

Here it goes again, this was the same thing. Qingping has served him for too long, knowing that he is soft-hearted, every time she would use this trick to unwaveringly subdue him.

“Okay, okay, I will drink it.” Ming Yu was simply afraid of her, he took the bowl and drank it.

Qingping saw him drink it all, only then did she smile. She tidied up before talking about the happy event, “Your Highness, you don’t know, the seeds you planted have germinated in the mansion’s backyard. Its really unimaginable, Your Highness’s method was really useful. Logically speaking, this season is not suitable for growing things, but you made that thing that controls the temperature, that humidity thing. It’s really magical, it really made the watermelon seeds sprout. ”

“What?” After hearing this, Ming Yu immediately jumped up, “Aiya! Such a big thing, why didn’t you say it earlier?” After saying that, he had already ran out.

Qingping looked at Ming Yu rush out like the wind and couldn’t help but laugh and pout. In any case, it’s in the backyard so he can’t run far, there was no difference between going early and going late. However, Ming Yu had already run away thus he didn’t hear Qingping’s broken thoughts.

Ming Yu was really happy, this batch of seeds was painstakingly collected by Bu ATan. He asked people to carefully identify the seeds, put aside the ordinary and common, and then put away a few seeds that he didn’t know, ready to cultivate them, including the watermelon seeds that Ming Yu did know.

Ming Yu specially got watermelon seeds and asked local farmers, but none of them knew such seeds. In the memory of the original owner, there was no fruit called watermelon, which showed that in this world, there was no watermelon in the Great Yan Kingdom. This should be considered a foreign item, right? Although in later generations, watermelons were very common, in the current Great Yan Kingdom it was a rarity.

Ming Yu’s brain turned quickly, if the watermelon was cultivated, it would become their landmark fruit in Liangzhou in the future. Transported to a big city like the capital, such a rarity would be able to sell for a good price, anyway, he was also short of money, the things that can make money should not be done in vain. Who dislikes earning more money?

As soon as he thought of doing it, Ming Yu specificially opened up the backyard of the prince’s mansion and get a few experimental fields. When his plant cultivation suceeded, he could think of a way to distribute the methods for the struggling commoners to be able to earn money. Maybe it was more profitable than growing foodstuff. These were all money, all were treasures to make a fortune.

It’s just that now the commoners in the border areas don’t have enough food to eat, so it’s probably a little difficult for them to grow watermelons and make a fortune, right? His first priority was to fill the stomachs of the commoners. Ming Yu was worried, he thought about letting people buy grain from the grain-producing areas in the south, but the cost of transporting it so far was not small, and he was now short of money, which caused him to be stuck in a dead circle. Alas! He still has to wait until he earns money, in fact, the best way was to hope that the caravan can find high-yielding grain seeds and come back in order to solve the problem.

Everything has to wait now, he was still experimenting for the first time to see if he can plant the seeds. It was precisely because of this that Mingyu was so ecstatic after hearing the seed germinate.

He rushed all the way to the backyard, which has been transformed greatly by a craftsmen, one piece of land divided into several small pieces and squares. A glass shed was also built on it.

If others saw such a glass shed, they would be amazed at the wealth of the Prince’s mansion. The Great Yan Kingdom’s glass was a luxury item, only the imperial palace or the palace of the minister can use glass as tiles. However, looking at this, Duan Wang actually unexpectedly built such a large glass shed for a few seeds.

There were several old people next to him, dressed in coarse clothes with short builds. They were already old, but they were still in good spirits, simple and capable, experts in local farming.

When these people saw Ming Yu, they all hurriedly saluted. Ming Yu waved his hand and said eagerly: “I heard that everything has sprouted? Take Ben Wang to see it quickly. ”

One person smiled and said, “Wang Ye, do not rush, it has indeed budded, it is the batch planted in the third greenhouse that Wang Ye called watermelon seeds.” 

They have been planting the land for decades, but had never seen anyone who does not plant following the planting season like this. And this glass shed, it let the seeds be planted directly in the shed, but the crops are not in the open air so do they have to accordance to the season, turn the ground, plant the seeds, weed and apply fertilizer?

It’s almost turned cold during this time, won’t the seeds planted be frozen alive because of this? Wang Ye brought them in and said that he wanted them to help him grow something. They were very puzzled at that time, thinking that Wang Ye was a prince and nobleman who had just come from the capital, therefore it was normal for such a person not to understand the crop season of the countryside. Since Wang Ye didn’t understand, they can’t deceive him at will, can they? So they opened their mouths to persuade that no matter what, he would have to wait until the spring season when everything was revived before he could plant. Now there were only a few months left until the beginning of next spring, he just has to wait a little longer.

However, Wang Ye simply did not listen to their words, being willful. He made them plant the seeds as usual, and they just had to take good care of them.

Several people were helpless, but they can’t help it, after he’s Wang Ye; what Wang Ye said, who dares to disobey.

What’s even more magical is that Wang Ye actually let them grow things in the shed. This… This is not nourished by rain dew, so how do the seeds grow? How are seeds planted? They have been planting for years now, and this method was just an incredible thing to them.

Since they did not dare to disobey Wang Ye’s order, they had to accept the instruction. They might as well give it a try, if it really can’t be planted, it will cost them their lives. It will be impossible to let the seeds germinate.

The shed where they planted seeds turned out to be a different world. The cold wind was obviously howling outside, but as soon as they entered the shed, they could feel the warm breath, making people feel like they were in the small sunny spring in February and March.

At first, they didn’t know why, but later they heard from the craftsmen that this shed was built by Wang Ye with great effort.

The Dilong (Chinese herb) was installed under the shed. There were special people who could control the temperature, so that this shed is capable of holding in all seasons. This was simply unheard of, this… Wouldn’t it be possible to grow things all year round? If this were the case, the amount of food grown in a year would be one or two times more! At that time, will the commoners still need to eat sparingly and endure hunger all the time?

They all felt incredible and longed for such a day. With this in mind, they tried their best to grow the seeds.

Fortunately, the heaven will live up to the hopes of people with aspirations. Wang Ye’s method was really effective. Early this morning, when they came to check as usual, they actually found that sharp greens had emerged from the soil, and the seeds planted had really sprouted.

They told this good news to the head maid Qingping beside Wang Ye. It didn’t take long for Wang Ye to hurry here. It can be seen how attentive Wang Ye was about this matter.

Ming Yu entered the third shed, and saw that on the carefully cultivated mud ground, several delicate and tender seedlings were standing. He could see it at a glance on the black ground. Ming Yu stepped forward carefully, afraid that he would accidentally break this freshly unearthed seedling.

He crouched down and looked closely, these are watermelon stalks.

Miao, something that is very common in later generations, but has never been seen here, as long as it can be cultivated, I believe it can give everyone a surprise.

“I have been planting the land for decades, and have never seen this water…watermelon. Wang Ye, is the fruit really delicious?” An old man asked. Forgive him for living his entire life, but still not seeing as much as the young Wang Ye did. Wang Ye treated them kindly with good will so they were no longer restrained, thus they would ask him directly if they had any questions.

Since they came to the prince’s mansion these days, they have never been treated harshly. They were peasant men who had been living off the soil all their lives. They dare not even dream of doing this when they came to the prince’s mansion. The people in the powerful mansion were all a class above others. Originally thinking that they would tread on thin ice here, they did not expect that everyone in the prince’s mansion to be social and kind, even Wang Ye talked to them with an amicable manner. This flattered them. After living in the royal mansion for a long time, they did not treat themselves as outsiders, so not only did they do their best to do things, but also made conversation with Ming Yu.

Ming Yu laughed twice. Thinking of the taste of watermelon, he was a little hungry, “This watermelon is a good thing, it’s sweet and delicious. When the results are ripe in the future, you will all get a taste of it.”

Listening to Ming Yu’s words, these people looked at each other, how could they dare to eat such a valuable thing, but they were still happy in their hearts. No matter what, since Wang Ye liked them, they had to take good care of them, then they could also let Wang Ye get what he wanted when the time came.

“In the future, when the caravan returns, maybe more and better seeds will be brought back, and by that time, I will have to trouble all of you to take care of it.” Ming Yu said with a smile.

They all agreed but someone was anxious: “Wang Ye, the seeds that are brought back from the outside, I don’t know if we can keep them alive, and these little things are expensive. There is a saying that if a tangerine is born in the south, then it is tangerine, but if the tangerine is born in the north then it is an orange. If the water and soil are not enough, with different climatic conditions, the changes in many things are unknown. ”

These words spoke to the hearts of several people, and everyone looked at Ming Yu with anxious eyes.

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