I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 41

Chapter 41

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Prefectural Magistrate Liu frowned, if there was really a way to deal with the bandits, they would not have to discuss it here.

“Wang Ye, I have investigated, this group of bandits should be Song Qingfu’s men who appeared only two years ago. Two years ago, they were just a small group of rogues. Later on, they had internal strife, and Song Qingfu rose above the others and took control of the whole team. I heard that this man was ruthless and quite thoughtful in his scheme. He had not committed any major crimes in two years. In the past two years, he had successively annexed and absorbed some small rogues, gradually showing his edge, making this team of bandits grow stronger and stronger, slowly becoming a relatively powerful force in Liangzhou. ”

Probably because the power had increased, the people had also swelled, so they unexpectedly attacked the villages around Liangzhou. Did they really think that the government had no way to catch them?

Prefectural Magistrate Liu briefly introduced the situation of the bandits, they had only learned this much. “After discussing with General Wei, he will send soldiers to chase and intercept this group of bandits.”

Ming Yu frowned slightly when he heard this, his white fingers lightly tapped the table. There was also a sense of powerlessness in his heart, haha! The thing happened yesterday and they’ve only discussed sending troops today. Just waiting for all of you to send troops, the bandits would be long gone to who knows where. Could it be that they would stay in place waiting for you guys to arrest them? 

“Send troops to chase and block, good! Very good! But do you know how many men they have? Where are they now? Liangzhou is so big, where will you go to block it?” Ming Yu almost laughed angrily.

“…” These words indeed stumped the two of them. This group of bandits were indeed cunning, Liu Zhifu* went to investigate the clues and discovered that the useful clues were basically gone. They not only erased the clues when they left, but even specially arranged a maze that seemed to be both true and false. He sent someone to track them down, but the result can be imagined. They’re being played like a monkey, Liu Zhifu was really angry in his heart.

Note: Liu Zhifu* will refer to Prefectural Magistrate Liu from now on.

The two were silent, the atmosphere in the hall became depressed for a while.

At this moment, someone came to report that General Xie was visiting, only then did he break the silence. Liu Zhifu glanced at Ming Yu, Ming Yu’s anger had subsided a little at this time. Since this matter had already happened, no matter how much resentment he had it would not help anything. He could only take a look on how to remedy it, so that everyone could come up with a rule. Thinking of this, Ming Yu waved his hand, and Liu Zhifu let Xie Yixiu in.

Because of the recent signs of being ready to move, Xie Yixiu had taken people to the front line to check the enemy situation before, and only returned today. He didn’t expect to hear about the robbery of bandits as soon as he came back. This matter implicated something huge, there were bandits on the rampage around Liangcheng, so can Liangcheng still be counted as a peaceful place to live? Obviously, it was impossible, this matter was really troublesome. The Emperor was furious, he was afraid that the implication was extremely wide. The consequences were unimaginable, if there was a remedy, it may be able to alleviate a few things. Thinking of this, he hurried over without even taking a sip of water, ready to consult with Liu Zhifu.

Xie Yixiu entered the door, saw Ming Yu sitting in the upper position, and was slightly stunned. He did not expect that Duan Wang would also come. Thinking about it, it made sense, this matter caused such a huge noise, Duan Wang had no reason to turn a deaf ear. He instantly recovered his expression, calmly saluted according to etiquette.

Ming Yu waved his hand, he was not in the mood to be polite at this time, and motioned for Xie Yixiu to sit down before speaking.

“The matter is already known to the public, we need everyone’s opinions for mutual benefit on this matter. Everyone will also voice out their own ideas and opinions.” Ming Yu said.

What other opinion could they have? It was nothing more than sending troops to capture bandits. But it had already been refuted by Ming Yu, so he didn’t dare to raise it easily at this time, so the two of them focused their attention on the newcomer Xie Yixiu.

Xie Yixiu looked focused. He had no intention of speaking, just carelessly rubbed the edge of the teacup with his fingers, as if he was contemplating. Everyone had long known his nature. If he was unwilling to speak, then no one could make him change his mind.

Ming Yu glanced at him, after he did not see anything from his face, he turned silent for a while before he broke the silence, and said: “Since no one will speak first, then Ben Wang will talk about his thoughts first.”

Ming Yu cleared his throat and said, “The matter of bandits must be dealt with severely and strictly. Ben Wang had asked Xu Wen to investigate and collect information about the bandits with all his strength, I hope that Liu Zhifu can fully cooperate.”

Liu Zhifu stood up, “I will definitely give my full support.”

Ming Yu nodded and continued: “Bandits have been a scourge for many years, now it is already a deep-rooted tumour. If you want to cut the grass and remove the roots, I am afraid that it will not be easy to do it for a while, so we have to kill the chickens to scare the monkeys. Since Song Qingfu came to visit like this, we will have to catch him first then catch everything in one net.” 

Liu Zhifu and General Wei looked at each other, didn’t Wang Ye mean the same thing as they thought? They just wanted to send troops to hunt them down, could it be that Wang Ye knew their whereabouts and was able to annihilate them in one fell swoop?

They did not dare to ask for a while, General Wei was itchy, and unconsciously landed his eyes to Xie Yixiu.

Xie Yixiu nodded, “That’s possible!”

“…” Liu Zhifu and General Wei.

Ming Yu’s face had returned to normal. At this time he couldn’t help but hook the corner of his lips. He supported his head with one hand and continued: “It is useless to blindly pursue them like this, the bandits are not dumber than us, that they would be stupid enough to wait for you to send troops to arrest them. Being able to successfully loot the village under everyone’s nose is enough to prove that there are still capable people among them. ”

The two nodded in agreement, Ming Yu’s words were very reasonable. Liu Zhifu said with a bitter face: “That’s right, but if you don’t send troops to arrest them as soon as possible, these bandits will only think that the government is afraid of them. I am afraid that they will be even more unscrupulous in the future.”

General Wei also agreed and said: “That’s right, if you don’t send troops to capture them at this time, there will be no way to take them in the future. What Wang Ye said, kill chickens to scare the monkeys and catch them all, how can you do it?”

“Who said there’s no way?” Ming Yu raised his chin and said very confidently: “With Ben Wang here, of course, I can do it.”

The two widened their eyes in surprise and made a gesture of deference.

“These are greedy and ruthless people. To deal with them, naturally one needs to have a perfect strategy. You must first understand the personality of their leader and the internal personnel situation before you can plan for the next step.” Ming Yu’s eyes fell on Xie Yixiu, “Ben Wang has a vague idea in his heart for the time being, the specific needs to be slowly improved, but I don’t know if General Xie has his own ideas?”

Hearing Ming Yu mention his name, Xie Yixiu came back to his senses, he just wanted to speak but was stopped by Ming Yu. A smile flashed in Ming Yu’s eyes, “General Xie doesn’t have to say it, it’s better for us to each stick to our own ideas for now and speak a word of confirmation in the end?”

Xie Yixiu also had a trace of interest. He nodded and agreed, then immediately someone brought pen and ink. Ming Yu bit the pen and thought for a while before drawing a word in the palm of his hand.

After Ming Yu finished writing, he looked defiantly at Xie Yixiu, who had not yet moved, and signalled him to start writing quickly.

Xie Yixiu’s eyes darkened, then he lowered his eyelids, lifted the pen, and also wrote a word.

Ming Yu couldn’t wait, walked over, the two spread their palms at the same time, saw the same words in Xie Yixiu’s hand as himself, Ming Yu was slightly startled, and then smiled: “Good! So it is decided. If necessary, I will ask General Xie for help in the future.”

Xie Yixiu’s eyebrows also eased a lot, “There is no need for Wang Ye to say more, I will help you wholeheartedly.”

With this promise, Ming Yu finally put his heart down and received the support of General Xie, which showed that this plan was very feasible. He had to perfect the plan, so when he returned home, he could gather information and start arranging it.

Liu Zhifu and General Wei watched blankly as these two people talked in riddles. They were extremely harmonious, and others had a feeling that they couldn’t insert any words.

Liu Zhifu was somewhat better. Knowing that Ming Yu had a plan and would definitely not avoid them, they would know sooner or later. But General Wei was impatient, he couldn’t see what the two of them were discussing, so he was a little itchy when he couldn’t get an answer. He kept looking at this and that, just hoping that they could solve his confusion. However, neither of them looked at him, leaving him to be anxious.

Liu Zhifu on the side secretly pulled his sleeves and gave him a look, which made him feel a little calmer.

Ming Yu had something in his heart, thinking that he had to hurry up if he wanted to implement it as soon as possible. Who knew when the next action of the bandits would be, they had to make a plan as soon as possible, and annihilate them as soon as possible, so that they can rest assured. He immediately did not stay any longer, directly left and returned home.

Everyone sent him off. General Wei grabbed Xie Yixiu, “What were you talking in riddles about just now? Is there a way to deal with the bandits? I say, you kid shouldn’t look blankly, speak it so everyone can hear!”

Xie Yixiu was leisurely for a long time before he came out with a sentence, “There is no comment on the matter of confidentiality.” 

“!” One sentence made General Wei so angry he wanted to curse at him. Fortunately, he knew Xie Yixiu’s nature, and he couldn’t really be angry with him, so he could only blow his beard and glare.

Liu Zhifu laughed, this General Wei. He’s already this old, yet he’s still angry with young people. It’s true that the more you live the more backward you will be. (like the older you are you get more childish)

Xie Yixiu also ignored him and saluted Liu Zhifu: “Lord Liu, after hearing the incident happened, Lord Liu was the first to rush to Ningshi Village, I wonder if I can lend the information collected first-hand to the next one?”

This requirement was not excessive, Xie Yixiu, as a general, naturally had the right to know. Duan Wang had already ordered himself to fully cooperate with the collection of information, in any case, he had to sort it out and send it over, it won’t cost anything to sort out one more, why not sell this favour?

Thinking of this, he readily agreed, “General Xie, rest assured, when my side is sorted out, I will send someone to send a copy to you immediately.” 

“Then thank you Lord Zhifu.” Xie Yixiu got what he wished for and left.

The purpose of him coming here was for this first-hand information. With this, he should be able to detect a little trace of the bandit, in case it might be useful in the future. Therefore, it was not for nothing. Unexpectedly, he met Ming Yu that also came for this matter, and Ming Yu’s thoughts were the same as him, which made him admire Ming Yu a little more.

After being in contact with Ming Yu for a long time, after his unobtrusive observation, he had given up the idea that there was someone behind Ming Yu. Some people were born to be this kind of evildoer, their ideas were incompatible with the world, but the unique insights could always make people have a breath of fresh air.

This cooperation, he hoped that they could work together to catch all the bandits in one net.

Maybe Liangzhou with Mingyu, can really change the current status quo. This change depended on this person, so he will protect this person no matter what.

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