I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 43

Chapter 43

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For the discussion outside, Ming Yu did not take it seriously at all, he was writing at this time, frowning from time to time, tilting his head and thinking for a while before continuing to write.

At this time, someone came over lightly, deeply afraid of disturbing Ming Yu, who was deep in thought, “Wang Ye, Master Xu is coming.”

Ming Yu didn’t raise his head, “Let him in, Ben Wang already said there is no need to report, just let him come directly.”

Before he finished speaking, Xu Wen had already walked in and saluted Mingyu.

Ming Yu waved his hand, still preoccupied with the things under his hand, “Everything is ready?”

Xu Wen nodded, “The basics are all ready, I have already brought it here.” After that, he took out a booklet and offered it with both hands.

Ming Yu glanced up and motioned for him to put it on the table, “Since you are sorting out these things these days, I think you should be more familiar with this, just talk about it first.”

“Yes!” Xu Wen organized the language and concluded with his mouth: “This group of bandits, led by Song Qingfu, is entrenched near Huanyan Mountain north of Liangzhou. This Song Qingfu was a minion two years ago, but later, for some reason, the original leader found him and began to promote him, so now he sits in the position of the second chief. Originally, there were many people who were not convinced, but he did a few beautiful things and slowly began to serve the public. A year ago, the original leader died of illness, and Song Qingfu directly sat in the position of the big boss.”

“Died of illness?” Ming Yu put down the pen in his hand, pondered, and asked, “Died of illness for no reason? Have you checked the matter of the original boss? ”

Xu Wen nodded, he had always done things meticulously, it was impossible not to check this, “I checked. The original leader fought with other forces two years ago because of the territory problem. Although he defeated the enemy forces, he did not go through it well. I heard that he was seriously injured at that time. It was at that time that Song Qingfu first appeared and won the attention of the original leader. ”

Xu Wen paused, saw that Ming Yu listened very seriously, and continued: “Just because of this injury, he died of illness in less than a year.” Speaking of this, he seemed to have thought of something, and asked in amazement: “Wang Ye, do you mean that there is something tricky in this? His death… How did I not think of this? ”

Ming Yu was a little embarrassed, he didn’t think that much, let alone say that. Young people’s imaginations were too much. But, with his previous experience, it should be the experience of dog blood TV series, this is indeed a problem.

Ming Yu nodded quietly. Before he could speak, he heard Xu Wen say excitedly: “I will go and check along this line, maybe we can really find out something useful.”

Ming Yu didn’t want to discourage him. After a while, he asked again: “What is the current internal structure of the bandits? How is Song Qingfu? Is he really convincing? ”

“Song Qingfu is from a beggar background, he only knows a few big words, and he acts in a treacherous and fierce style. He is ruthless, his heart is small, and he does not tolerate dissent. In the past two years, his subordinates have made small moves continuously, the means to exclude dissidents have emerged one after another, and now they have almost all fallen into one rule under Song Qingfu. However, any voice that opposes him would disappear directly in a short time. Like the old man who used to follow the original leader, he was basically cleaning up. Everyone dared to be angry but did not dare to speak, the rest were those who obeyed him. Those who obeyed him would prosper and those who rebelled against him would die. However, in the past two years, he did have the means to let his subordinates have a good life, and those who opposed him were silenced, now almost everyone is quite convinced of him. ”

Ming Yu pondered deeply. According to this, the position of Song Qingfu’s leader was already firmly seated. If he wanted to break up their power from within, he’s afraid it was not so easy.

But if there was really a problem with the cause of the original leader’s death, can they start from this side? “Then do you know what kind of person the original leader was?”

Xu Wen thought about it. “I have heard people say that this person was bold and benevolent, quite righteous and responsible, and can be regarded as a hero. The former brothers who followed him also thought of him well, but he died suddenly, and Song Qingfu rushed to the position, which made many old people have some complaints. ”

Ming Yu intended to start from inside and the outside, as long as there are rifts and differences within them, it will be much easier to deal with. Even if they were harmonious inside, they can create cracks themselves. It is still feasible to let Xu Wen check the cause of death of the original leader. If there is a problem with the cause of his death, that is good. If there is no problem, well, rumors are also possible of coming out of nowhere.

Just thinking about it, Xu Wen hesitated and said: “Wang Ye, in fact, there is another thing, I have always felt a little strange, but I don’t know if it is just my delusion.”

Ming Yu said with a smile: “Speak, there is no need to hide anything when you talk here.”

Xu Wen pondered for a while, but decided to say it, “I investigated that one of them called Mr. Song seems to have a high prestige, but he is not a leader, which is a little strange. ”

Ming Yu narrowed his eyes, supported his chin with his hand and said, “Mr. Song? What is his connection with Song Qingfu? ”

Xu Wen shook his head, “I don’t know, this person lives in seclusion, and there are only a few people who really know him and have seen him. It stands to reason that with Song Qingfu’s origin and temperament, if you want to sit in the position of the big boss, you can’t do it without some tricks, but this made me feel strange. Song Qingfu did not stand out before, why did he suddenly jump up in these two years? Is there someone behind him plotting for him? Is this person named Mr. Song? But I was incompetent, I really couldn’t find out more information about this. ”

Hearing that there was no more news to inquire about, Ming Yu calmed his heart. No matter who Mr. Song was, he just needed to go according to the plan. As for irrelevant people, it didn’t hurt to think about it. He thought about it and said soothingly: “You just pay attention to this person then. As for whether he is the person behind the scenes, it doesn’t matter, we will just wait for everyone to be caught in one net. ”

Although this person was a little abrupt and strange, he could not focus his energy on such a person. Xu Wen nodded his head, accepting Ming Yu’s view.

Immediately, he asked a little uneasily: “Wang Ye, do you have a way to deal with these bandits?”

Wang Ye had been inquiring about the news these days, he checked and sorted out documents, and also sent people to scout the terrain, draw maps and sand tables. He was busy night and day, forgetting food and sleep. However, there were many rumours outside, which made him have to worry, he only hoped that Wang Ye could come up with a countermeasure as soon as possible to destroy this gang of bandits so as to block the mouths of those outside.

“Well, soon.” Ming Yu said, and lowered his head to write. His plan has been completed about more than a half. This was the result of several days of discussion with General Xie, and when he finished supplementing the rest of the bits, he could hand them over to Xie Yixiu and let him see what was missing. He had to put it in order and plan it as soon as possible, so that he could implement it as soon as possible and try to catch all these bandits.

Xu Wen finally put his heart down, he believed Wang Ye, since Wang Ye said it will be soon, he was already sure.

After Xu Wen left, Ming Yu sent someone to call Commander Mo over. The information sent by Xu Wen was very useful. If you want to split the inside of the bandits, you must send clever people to infiltrate them, such candidates can only be selected in the guard camp.

The training items in the guard battalion were Ming Yu’s training methods combined with the later generations of troops, and under the advice and guidance of Xie Yixiu, the current battle methods have been integrated. In recent times, they have improved a lot.

This kind of training to break into the enemy, to gain the enemy’s trust, and obtain intelligence was a project that Ming Yu set up from the beginning. And lurking with the enemies to do things was easier than getting intelligence, the guards should be able to complete the task well.

If they cannot work together internally, it would be naturally greatly beneficial to their side, and the chess pieces placed may have unexpected effects at a critical moment. In any case, this pawn has to be put in with ideas.

After writing the last stroke, looking at the ink on the paper that had not yet dried, Ming Yu smiled with satisfaction, then stretched his waist. In the imperial palace of the capital, the Emperor was looking the urgently sent letter from Liangzhou, he was furious, and slapped the imperial chair, “A group of messy things, there are bandits near Liangcheng on a rampant, Liu Zhen, Wei Wuji what are these two people doing?”

Note: Liu Zhifu as expected was Prefectural Magistrate Liu, his full name is Liu Zhen 

Seeing that His Majesty was angry, everyone was cautious, for fear that one of them would accidentally meet this anger.

His Highness Ming Ye sat at the bottom, these days Imperial Father was not in good health, so he was here to assist Imperial Father in government affairs. He was the crown prince so concerning how to deal with government affairs, he needed to learn it slowly. Although he dealt with some trivial things, the real important things were still for Imperial Father to decide.

He was careful, trying his best to seek no merit thus seeking no fault. But he didn’t expect that Imperial Father would turn angry after looking at the letter sent from the borderland. He didn’t know what happened to the border land, that could make the Imperial Father angry like this, could it be that the barbarians began to attack again?

Thinking that Fourteenth Brother was still in Liangcheng, Ming Ye’s heart was aroused. If Liangcheng was in danger, what should Ming Yu do?

The anxiety in his heart naturally appeared on his face, he stood up, “Father, what happened to Liangcheng? Is it the barbarians? ”

The emperor glanced at him and handed him the letter, letting him see it. Ming Ye was worried about Ming Yu at this time, and did not shy away, he took the letter with both hands, and looked at it, ten lines at a glance.

The Emperor’s temper was not smooth, originally bandits were very common in the borderlands and there has been no effective way to govern them, but in previous years, they did not dare to be so rampant, so he turned a blind eye to it.

Now that the bandits were committing crimes around Liangcheng annd there was also his son Old Fourteen in Liangcheng, was his son’s safety still there? He didn’t want to hear bad news one day. It was precisely because of this that he was furious.

Ming Ye finally finished reading the first letter report from the vassal state, it wasn’t the attack from the barbarians and Fourteenth Brother was fine, so he relaxed a little. Seeing that there was a letter behind and that it was Ming Yu’s handwriting, he quickly opened it.

It turned out that Liu Zhifu and general Wei insisted on jointly writing a letter to the Emperor and requesting punishment. Ming Yu also had to write a letter to explain to the Emperor, trying to protect the two lords. One needs to know, this matter was not a minor matter. These two large civil and military officials in Liangzhou, their political achievements were still remarkable and there was still a tacit understanding in government affairs, if the two were convicted for this matter, no matter what, Ming Yu did not want to see it.

Therefore, he also sent a letter behind the letter, which could at least help the two of them speak, so that Imperial Father could punish them lightly, or the merit could be compensated. He did not know that the main reason why the Emperor was angry was because he was worried about his safety.

“Imperial Father don’t be angry, here is a letter from Fourteenth Brother. I ask Father Emperor to look at it.” Ming Ye presented Ming Yu’s letter.

When the Emperor heard there was a letter from Old Fourteen, he was stunned for a moment. He was so angry just now after reading the report that he didn’t find Ming Yu’s letter that was sandwiched behind.

After receiving the letter, it was indeed the handwriting of Old Fourteen, making threatening scratch marks just like him, the words cannot be fake.

“Imperial Father, don’t worry, I’m living here fine without lacking anything. It’s just that there is a shortage of money….”

As soon as the letter began, the Emperor already found it angry but also laughable. This son, he really couldn’t handle him, where could there be a prince who complains all day long? He’s afraid that others will probably think he is cold and hungry. He’s already a Wang Ye now, yet he’s still so unstable, how can this be! He deserves to be poor, who told him not to jump into the nest of blessings, but to jump into the chaff pile. This is called self-inflicted sins!

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So he worshipped him from the bottom of his heart, valued him, and worshipped him as a god.

But later, he hated his pretense of being noble, partial, selfish, and insensitive and distant.

His good teacher… Wearing the fake skin of great benevolence and righteousness, but deep down in his heart, he was very tired of the filth in his bones and blood.

That’s later later.

He simply gave his god “beep-“.

After that, Yu Chengzhi turned into a cat and returned to the sect.

Although this cat liked to get into the clothes of his master, gnaw him, bite him, be moody with him, open its teeth and dance with its claws, and repay him, as if there was some deep hatred.

Master Venerable still tolerated this little thing.

Even lightly poke its forehead and laugh.

He whispered: “You seem so similar to him…”

…… As a result, Yu Chengzhi found that half of his life was really ridiculous.

“The world is innocent, only I am not… Is that right? ”


“Teach me how not to hate you.”

* Small theater

The man’s tall shadow fell from behind, his arms were tightly locked, his voice was low, and his tone was deplorable: “Good master, apprentice likes cat cubs the most… From today on, you will try to help your apprentice conceive one, okay? ”

Gu Huaiqu’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly, he secretly clenched his fingertips.

The man scoffed, resting his chin on his shoulder, “Apprentice knows that Master Venerable is a man. ”

“But why don’t we try…”

“How do you know that Master Venerable’s body can’t conceive a child?”

“White Moonlight transmigrated as the Cannon Fodder [farming]” by “painting the East Building after he accidentally died”. Qin Yaochuan became a small cannon fodder for a scumbag gong and despicable shou. His parents died early and he was heavily in debt.

On the first day of transmigration, Qin Yaochuan encountered bandits attacking the village. It was hard to survive, but he found that he was about to participate in the children’s examination!

Fortunately, he had not forgotten it and he also had the memory of the original owner.

After overcoming difficulties all the way, he won the title of top scorer of the examination, only after seeing the emperor did he know that the original owner was actually the prince who had been left behind among the people.

All princes: Steal the throne?

Qin Yaochuan: No, I just want to be a petty official.

He thought I could spend this life safely, but he didn’t expect that someone actually wanted to rob his sweetheart!

Qin Yaochuan: The throne can be thrown away, but Chu Linlang must be mine!

Qin Yaochuan had a secret, his luck in collecting medicine after he was reborn was bursting, and he could find even precious medicines.

He liked the male side character in the book, the medicine immortal Chu Linlang. He heard that the other party had a peerless appearance and a cold temperament, no one can enter his eyes, the proper flower of Gaoling.

Later, Qin Yaochuan took the flower home by his luck that was comparable to a herbal surveyor.

Others say that Chu Linlang is unattainable and indifferent, only Qin Yaochuan knew that the other party was as deep as the sea, falling in love with someone, he would be willing to give his life for the other party.

In the past, when Qin Yaochuan sent a precious herb, Chu Linlang would look at him squarely.

Later, Qin Yaochuan casually sent a flower, and Chu Linlang would be happy all day.

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