I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 45

Chapter 45

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For Ming Yu’s question, Xie Yixiu was not worried at all, and pointed to another place outside the river valley with his clear joint finger, “We don’t need to ambush here, the place where our soldiers really ambush is here!”

“!” The place pointed out by Xie Yixiu did not match the river valley just now, which was simply two places that were far apart. Is Xie Yixiu really not mistaken?

Ming Yu jumped over and grabbed his hand, Xie Yixiu was caught off guard and couldn’t dodge, so for a while he lost his calm appearance and was a little at a loss.

Ming Yu didn’t care, “Hey! Tell me quickly, what the h*ll are you thinking? ”

Xie Yixiu’s head was full of black lines, he didn’t care about the distinction between their statuses, and scolded: “You let go of your hand first, what kind of scandal are you doing by tugging and pulling?”

“What are you afraid of? You’re not a little girl, will holding hands make you devote your life to me or something? I don’t have as much trouble holding a girl’s hand as you. Tsk, tsk! Why does a real man haggle over every ounce for? In the end, are you a man or not?” Ming Yu’s mouth didn’t spare the person. 

“…” Xie Yixiu really had nothing to say, this person, how does this person look like a Wang Ye? Is-is it possible that he’s this unrestrained and bold to women as well, holding their hands as he wants?

Thinking of this, he felt a little panicked in his heart. This feeling was inexplicable, he couldn’t figure it out himself.

It’s inevitable to say that he thought too much about this. Ming Yu really treated him as a buddy. How could he be so formal with the ettiquette. In later generations, weren’t good brothers puttinng their arms around each other’s shoulders? Not to mention, he has been in public baths many times.

In other words, he was not that casual.

Under Ming Yu’s questioning, Xie Yixiu’s originally cold and indifferent face finally had a look of helplessness, “Let go first, otherwise I won’t be able to speak.” 

Ming Yu only let go of his hand, and looked at him with a smile. For the first time, he saw a different expression from Xie Yixiu’s indifferent expression. Such a handsome face, isn’t it a waste to be tense all day, it’s better this way, people should naturally have joy, anger, happiness and sorrow. “Don’t only make one expression all the time, otherwise, you will really become face paralyzed over time.”


Li Man and Wang Si staggered to the back of the team, and the two of them looked lean and hungry, not much different from the rest of the team.

This was a squad of only a dozen to twenty people, all of them more or less wounded, tired and hungry, so they were not even willing to say a word.

It wasn’t known how long it took, but the person who took the lead in front finally spoke, “We’re arrived!” 

“Huh? Arrived? We’re finally here.”

The people behind rejoiced, someone came to Li Man’s side and said with a smile: “Well, if they can take us in, we won’t have to worry about anything anymore.”

Li Man also had a smile on his face, but he accidentally moved the wound on his face. He cursed in his heart: These smelly boys, they are really ruthless.

While nodding in response to this man’s words, he pretended to be worried: “Brother Li, do you really think that they can take us in?”

Li Da smiled, “It must be possible, otherwise what are we doing here?” 

Li Man relaxed his heart when he heard this, “That’s great.”

Wang Si next to him asked curiously: “I heard that as long as the brothers come here, they can eat enough, it’s true.” 

Li Da said in a low voice, “You don’t know yet, do you? The big leader here is powerful, have you heard that Ningshi Village outside Liangcheng was robbed? That’s what the big leader here did.” He looked around, and at the end, there was no one else, “Hai! No one in Liangzhou would not envy such a powerful skill, they must have robbed a lot of money and grain this time. If we can enter such a force, no matter what we will obtain some soup to drink, right?”

Wang Si exclaimed, “That’s good, we can drink soup, so we don’t have to go hungry.”

“That’s right.” Li Da smiled, “The government doesn’t dare to deal with them, so let’s lean against the big tree to take advantage of the cool shade.” 

“Brother Li, these people are really so powerful. Those officers and soldiers are really powerful, we have lost dozens of brothers. Now everyone is still injured, look at our group of scattered remnants. If we go to seek shelter like this, will they be willing to take us in?” Wang Si still didn’t believe it.

“Don’t worry.” Li Da nodded and affirmed, “Didn’t Leader Song already speak? As long as they come to him, they will not be refused. As a leader, his words naturally counts, otherwise why do you think he can improve so much in just two years? Wasn’t it because all parties have been taken in when defecting to him. Now in the entire Liangzhou, who else can compare with leader Song? He grabbed from wherever he wanted, he didn’t even put the government in his eye. ”

Speaking of government office, Li Da shrunk his neck. They were so miserable this time, they met the troops of the government office. It was also strange, usually, these soldiers were unwilling to deal with a small group of bandits like them, but this time they were chased and beaten by soldiers, which was really unlucky.

Li Man and Wang Si looked at each other, the corners of their mouths couldn’t help twitching. Although they sneered in their hearts, they didn’t show it on their faces, “That’s great, we won’t have to suffer this sullenness in the future.”

As he spoke, a voice came from the front. But they didn’t see anyone, instead they heard a voice asking: “Stop! Who are you? ”

The person leading the front hurriedly said: “We are all people on the same path, my name is Qiu Dayuan, and I specially brought my brothers to join leader Song. ”

The voice did not speak again, it seemed to go to report. It took a long time to reply, “Let them wait for a while, someone will come to check on the situation.” 

Everyone did not dare to move, but fortunately, after a while, a bearded man brought a small group of people over. They were checking to see if they carried weapons with them. If they were going up the mountain, they must not bring weapons with them. When the inspection was completed, each of them was given a black cloth towel, they were to be blindfolded before they could go up the mountain.

On someone else’s territory, how dare these twenty or so people, remnants of the defeated army, dare to resist?

Li Man and Wang Si also went up the mountain with the others.

The road up the mountain was winding and rugged. At first, the two of them thought about remembering the way, but halfway through, they already understood that the person who came to lead the way intended to circle them, and they were blindfolded, so it was impossible to remember clearly.

Discovering this, the two did not panic too much. They had already expected this situation before they came, in any case, as long as they mixed up in the mountain and completed their task, it would be a great achievement.

After walking for about the time make half a cup of tea, the people in front finally stopped, they had arrived. Then someone removed the cloth scarf over their eyes. Li Man raised his hand to cover his eyes, the strong light stimulated his eyes, making him a little uncomfortable. When he got used to it, he saw that his position was a wide flat land.

“Wait here first, someone will come to settle you down later.” The bearded man who took them up the mountain said and left with the people.

Everyone was talking about it, they had never seen this kind of battle. The people who were originally full of confidence and were determined became a little flustered at this time. “What do they mean by that? Didn’t they say that it’s best to make friends with leader Song’s chivalrous heart? And that as long as we come to join him, he will warmly welcome us? But what’s with him throwing us here now? ”

“We’ve been walking all the way, we’re so hungry that we’re already pressing our chests against our backs, we’re just hoping for a meal here, why doesn’t it look like that now?”

“Yes! Didn’t they say that leader Song is anxious for justice and righteousness, and is thirsty for merit? Wouldn’t it be disappointing for us coming here to seek shelter?” 

“Stop!” Qiu Dayuan shouted, everyone did not dare to say more, one by one they all lowered their heads. He glanced around, there was a majesty and momentum emanating, after all, there were dozens of brothers under him, being the boss, he still had a little aura

“We came here to join another, can you see what you all look like? Do you think this is your own turf? Nonsense!” Qiu Dayuan was also irritable in his heart, so he spoke even more unceremoniously.

Li Man had been observing the surroundings since he came here, he knew that others could not just ignore them, there must be someone staring at them in the shadows. Sure enough, behind the woods not far away, a figure flashed. He already counted in his heart, and he casually tapped Wang Si’s arm with his finger a few times, telling Wang Si what he had found. This secret method of communication was learned in the guard camp, it was the secret contact information that Wang Ye personally taught them. Except for the people in their escort camp, no one else would know.

Wang Si didn’t even look at the other party, but nodded faintly, indicating that he understood.

After Qiu Dayuan said this, everyone was silent, and for a while only the sound of rustling wind blowing leaves was heard.

“Hahaha! I’m sorry to keep you waiting for a long time, there are too many affairs to take care of. I’ve offended everyone, I hope you all will forgive me!” Before the person arrived, the voice had arrived, a shrewd and thin middle-aged man came over, smiled and cupped his fist and saluted.

Qiu Dayuan didn’t even dare to speak, the middle-aged man smiled kindly, “Since you are here to join our great leader, please follow me.” 

Listening to his words, everyone seemed to have taken a reassuring pill since they were impetuous just now. Leader Song made a name for himself on the road and it was not a waste of fame, look at his subordinates and one would know, how could he be as unbridled as them? Thinking that they could follow Leader Song to make some achievements in the future, they couldn’t contain their excitement.

This time they finally saw Song Qingfu, although he had nothing special to look at, becoming the big leader of a force, how can he be good. He has been in a high position for two years, and he naturally has an awe-inspiring aura to himself.

Everyone did not dare to be presumptuous. They kept silent.

“You can come to join me, I naturally welcome you. Since you are here, everyone will be good brothers in the future. But ugly things are ahead, when you come up the mountain, you should worship me as king. If you dare try draw your own forces, if you agree outwardly and oppose inwardly and cause the brothers to kill each other, don’t blame the bloodthirsty broadsword in my hand.” Song Qingfu said with a smile, but there was a chill in his voice.

“Leader Song, rest assured, since our brothers have come up the mountain to defect, naturally they are under the command of the leader. If you have any order, we will never dare to disobey.” Qiu Dayuan cupped his hand and promised, “If everyone dares to disobey, I, Qiu Dayuan, will be the first to not spare him.”

These words were both a sign of loyalty and a warning to those below, everyone had no objection, and they all solemnly agreed.

Song Qingfu was very satisfied, “Very good, I believe everyone also knows the rules on this road, all those who defect need to pay a certificate of submission. Brother Qiu, are you willing? If you don’t want to, I won’t force it, just go down the mountain on your own.”

They came to seek shelter with difficulty, they couldn’t just drift along anymore, they wanted to find a big backer, so they didn’t have to live a precarious life. If they go down the mountain at this time and ran into the soldiers, won’t it be just a dead end? Song Qingfu was not a difficult person, there was indeed this rule on the road, so this requirement was not excessive.

Immediately everyone promised and swore loyalty.

Li Man and Wang Si followed and responded on the surface, but in private they observed without a trace, they were chess pieces arranged by Ming Yu. They must integrate here as soon as possible, and investigate intelligence anytime and anywhere.

At this moment, a figure not far away attracted Li Man’s full attention. This person was very familiar, it was not easy to forget at a glance, this familiar peerless style was Song Lian he had seen in the capital. It’s just that this person disappeared two or three years ago, why did he suddenly appear here?

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