I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 90

Chapter 90

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The Jingwei Imperial Guards did not disappoint the public’s expectations. Soon, they followed the clues and thoroughly investigated the nails buried in Liangcheng one by one.

Ming Yu also did not startle the snakes but casually grasped a few. The rest of the people were ordered to be closely monitored, any incidents had to be reported promptly.

Next, Ming Yu delegated the matter of the river channels and horse farms to Xu Wen. Previously, Xu Wen had been overseeing the construction of the underground passages and the village, and now things were almost on the right track. The subordinates only needed to follow the established procedures to bring things to a close.

Xu Wen had excellent organizational skills and was adept at strategic thinking. Entrusting him with these matters was indeed the most appropriate choice.

Ming Yu had invested a lot of effort in this river channel, personally conducting on-site inspections with many hydraulic craftsmen. In the end, they identified the optimal waterway. When this river channel was completed, it would not only nourish the horse farm, making the pastures abundant, but also irrigate the fertile fields of the plains. In the long run, it would be a beneficial endeavor for the country and the people. Spending some manpower and resources now was worthwhile for the future of Liangzhou.

The blueprint has been meticulously planned, and Xu Wen solemnly took on this task. For him, it was a significant test in which he couldn’t afford to mishandle it.

Next, Ming Yu busied himself with the military workshop, considering it a top priority. After all, having a strong military force was crucial to enhancing the defense capabilities of the border troops.

As for the protective shields, hook sickle spears, and the multi-thorned pikes, Great General Wei had already come to urge several times, the down payment had also been made. They hoped for an early delivery for practical use.

The necessity of protective shields and hook sickle spears goes without saying. When combined with the multi-thorned pikes, they proved highly effective against cavalry.

As the name suggests, the multi-thorned pike is similar to a regular pike but longer, with a densely packed array of long thorns at the front end. Just imagine, in a formation, enemy cavalry attempts a charge, yet before getting close, they encounter countless thorns standing tall. Who would dare to continue the assault? It’s as good as sending themselves to their doom.  

Although these items may be cumbersome with limited mobility, they prove highly useful in passive defense. Equipping the garrison troops with these tools can be a significant enhancement, especially since the primary responsibility of garrison troops is defense. In the past, garrison troops had no effective means against enemy cavalry; encountering them meant only retreating, and holding a pass securely was already considered quite good. Now, with this equipment, even when facing enemy cavalry in the field, they no longer need to flee at the first sign of trouble.

The garrison troops, equipped like ironclad turtles, leave enemies helpless with no effective countermeasures. Moreover, seizing opportunities, they can occasionally turn the tables and retaliate. Why not take advantage of such a situation?

When Great General Wei proposed training the garrison troops using the Guard Battalion and sought Ming Yu’s approval, he received an affirmative response. After several days of negotiation with Mo Jiang, they managed to persuade him, albeit with a condition: a trial period. If it didn’t work out, then they would part ways, each returning to their origins. Reluctantly agreeing, Mo Jiang finally loosened his stance, and the next day, the troops were sent over as promised. 

Due to the repeated admonitions from Great General Wei, everyone adhered to the rules of the Guard Battalion. If someone were sent back, there would be no need for them in the garrison troops. No one dared to act recklessly, and they all began their training in the Guard Battalion camps obediently. They started their careers in the Guard Battalion camps, learning training from scratch alongside the new recruits.

Among the younger generation of the Wei family, Wei Yuanhuan was considered outstanding. Although in the eyes of Great General Wei, he was far from perfect, considering the available options, he was the best choice. What else could be done? They bundled him up and sent him over.

Wei Yuanhuan was intelligent but somewhat arrogant. Growing up in a prestigious family like the Wei’s, not turning into a prodigal was already commendable. Being a bit competitive and ambitious as a young person was normal.

Although his grandfather had repeatedly urged him to train well and learn practical skills before coming, warning against breaking rules or laziness, Wei Yuanhuan outwardly agreed respectfully but still harbored some reluctance in his heart.


Wei Yuanhuan  was well aware of what the Guard Battalion was like. He had participated in the training exercises when the Guard Battalion faced off against the garrison troops. He had even been in the ranks, personally knocking the members of the Guard Battalion to the ground. He couldn’t understand why his grandfather would want them to come to the Guard Battalion and learn training from them.

He wanted to see for himself what there was to learn here.

At this moment, the Guard Battalion Mo Jiang was already regretting agreeing to Great General Wei. He must have been out of his mind when he agreed. It had to be the case.

Before him, Wei Yuanhuan raised his head and loudly asked, “Commander Mo, what’s the point of making us run with sandbags before dawn every day?”

They had been here for more than half a month, and all they did every day was run and stand in military posture. They couldn’t understand the purpose of such training. Would they just run away when facing enemies, or stand still and let themselves be killed? They really didn’t understand what kind of skills they were supposed to be learning from this.  

Mo Jiang gave him a cold glance, showing no intention of dealing with this troublesome fellow.

“Follow my command, start running!” Mo Jiang ordered. The group glanced at Wei Yuanhuan at the front, exchanged glances, and hesitated about whether to follow the order.

A hint of a relaxed smile appeared on Mo Jiang’s face. “Refusing to follow orders, huh? Fine! We made an agreement with Great General Wei. Those who don’t follow orders won’t stay in the Guard Battalion. The main gate of the Guard Battalion is over there. You can all leave if you want.”

The words of Great General Wei were still fresh in their minds. How could they dare to go back now? The first person at the front immediately started running, and the others followed, jogging along with the new recruits of the Guard Battalion.

Wei Yuanhuan coldly snorted. Was Mo Jiang trying to intimidate them? He was not someone who could be easily scared. Keeping a composed expression on his face, he said, “Commander Mo, I’m not refusing to follow orders. I just have some doubts and seek clarification from Commander Mo.”

Wei Yuanhuan’s tone was neither humble nor arrogant. If Mo Jiang couldn’t provide a clear explanation, it would be a failure on his part. The Guard Battalion had military regulations, and subordinates had the right to seek clarification from their superiors, who were obliged to provide reasonable explanations for the soldiers.

“In training, following orders is the top priority. The Guard Battalion doesn’t need those who won’t follow orders,” Mo Jiang stared at him. “Understood? If you’re unwilling to obey orders, please leave!”

Wei Yuanhuan licked his lips, gazing at Mo Jiang. Slowly and deliberately, he said, “Yes, I am willing to follow orders.” He smiled at Mo Jiang and whispered, “After the training, I hope Commander Mo can clarify my doubts.” With that, he turned and ran towards the direction of the formation.

Mo Jiang’s head throbbed slightly. Once again, he regretted agreeing to Great General Wei. If these were new recruits, he could train them as he pleased without the hassle of dealing with these experienced soldiers.  

Mo Jiang’s regrets were now useless, he could only hope that these soldiers would eventually leave on their own accord. However, he didn’t know how Great General Wei had instructed them. It seemed a bit challenging to get them to voluntarily give up.

Mo Jiang didn’t pay much attention to Wei Yuanhuan’s words. Others might consider his status, but Mo Jiang wouldn’t. Did he think his time was so abundant? He was busy every day, and did Wèi Yuánhuàn really expect him to patiently wait to address his doubts? Naive.

Without waiting for Wei Yuanhuan, Mo Jiang went straight to report the progress of the past month’s work to Ming Yu.

After listening, Ming Yu nodded approvingly. These new recruits were indeed doing well.

When the topic turned to the new recruits, Ming Yu couldn’t help but think of the garrison troops that Great General Wei had sent over. He casually inquired about the situation.

Mo Jiang, feeling awkward, hesitated before saying, “Your Highness, could you ask Great General Wei to take his men back?”  


“What’s the matter?” Ming Yu asked.

“These guys, being in the military for so long, are used to saying one thing and doing another. They’re slippery and cunning. Compared to the new recruits, it’s like night and day,” Mo Jiang explained.

Such soldiers were not easy to lead. Although the new recruits might not know much, they were obedient and straightforward. They followed orders without question, making them much easier to handle.

These seasoned soldiers, on the other hand, thought highly of themselves and didn’t take basic training seriously. Mo Jiang couldn’t help but think of Wei Yuanhuan, who had already dared to challenge the rules. If he were to be punished according to the Guard Battalion’s rules, it would be like admitting defeat in front of him. That was absolutely unacceptable.

Ming Yu curiously listened to Mo Jiang’s grievances and couldn’t help but burst into laughter in his heart. However, since he had set the trap for Mo Jiang himself, it wasn’t fair to mock him now. He could only comfort him with a few words.

“This, I’m afraid, is not realistic. Great General Wei put a lot of effort into sending these people over. He won’t easily agree to take them back. Besides, didn’t you agree on this? Wait for three to five months, and when the time comes, this matter will naturally pass,” Ming Yu advised.

Fortunately, he had listened to Xie Yixiu’s advice and let Great General Wei talk to Mo Jiang himself. Otherwise, he would be the one with a headache now.

It was a moment of weakness back then that led to agreeing to this request. Now he had to taste the bitter fruit he had sown. Fine, it was only a matter of a few months. It would be best to get through it quickly and breathe a sigh of relief. In the future, he wouldn’t let such things happen again.

“Commander Mo, in fact, I think there’s no need to indulge them. If they are not satisfied, well, let fists do the talking. Beat them until they submit. There’s no need to be upset with them,” Ming Yu suggested.


It made sense. The more they indulged those soldiers, the more unruly they would become. Even though they pretended to respect Great General Wei due to his orders, their true thoughts might be different. Mo Jiang clenched his fist. Wang Ye was right; giving them a good beating would set things straight. With this decision, Mo Jiang felt a bit lighter.

Returning to the Guard Battalion camps, it was already dark. After handing over his horse to the guards, Mo Jiang was about to enter his tent when a dark figure suddenly appeared.

Mo Jiang was momentarily stunned but immediately went on high alert. Then, he heard Wei Yuanhuan ‘s mischievous voice, “Commander Mo is a busy man. I’ve been waiting for you for quite some time.”

Mo Jiang’s expression remained unchanged, but his clenched fist made audible cracking sounds. Very well, they came to him voluntarily, very conscientious indeed.

“Come with me!” Mo Jiang coldly dropped a sentence and walked straight into the main tent.


Wei Yuanhuan spat out the grass root in his mouth and followed Mo Jiang into the tent, wearing a smug expression. He was eager to see how Mo Jiang would explain himself.

Mo Jiang took off his cloak, tossed it aside, and without looking back, asked, “Why are you looking for me?”

“Commander Mo, we came to the Guard Battalion to learn combat skills against enemies, not to spend our days running and standing in formation, thinking that’s enough to defeat the enemy. So, I don’t understand why Commander Mo has us training in these things. Please give me an explanation…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a sudden gust of wind swept towards his face, and Wei Yuanhuan was barely able to dodge it in time, thanks to his years of training. However, as he avoided the upper attack, he failed to notice the lower one. His abdomen suddenly ached as a fist struck him, causing him to stagger backward several steps.

Wei Yuanhuan looked at Mo Jiang in disbelief. How could this person be so disrespectful, resorting to physical violence without any warning? 

Mo Jiang withdrew his hand, flexed his wrist, and smiled, “Come on, defeat me, and I’ll give you an explanation.”

Wei Yuanhuan was indignant, “You actually attacked without warning, ignoring the rules?”

Mo Jiang sneered, “Will enemies on the battlefield follow the rules?”

When it came to fighting, Wei Yuanhuan was never afraid. “Fine, let’s fight. Do you think I’m afraid of you?”

With that, they began exchanging punches and kicks in the spacious tent.

Wei Yuanhuan was from the main branch of the Wei family, someone groomed with special attention. Back in the garrison troops, no one dared to confront the young master of the Wei family in hand-to-hand combat. He was quite proud of his martial skills normally.

Mo Jiang wasn’t concerned about titles like “young master” now. In his hands, regardless of someone’s background, he would show no mercy. Determined to beat Wei Yuanhuan into submission, he wanted to see if this person would dare to be arrogant in front of him in the future.

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