I Rely on the Collapse of the Character Setting to Survive in the Hands of the Male Lead Chapter 26

Chapter 26

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The saying goes, “Talking big is fun for a while, but explanations are needed at the crematorium.”

Lin Qingyang now found himself teetering on the edge of the crematorium, as his carefully crafted persona had just crumbled.

Shaken, Lin Qingyang leaned against the wall, feeling weakened not just physically, but emotionally.

“No…” Lin Qingyang didn’t care about Ying Xiaodie at the moment. He couldn’t let Xu Wenze misunderstand, and certainly not let Chu Lishu get the wrong idea.

But as he was about to explain, Chu Lishu withdrew his icy gaze, lowered his brows, and, without revealing any emotion in his eyes, calmly stated, “I’ll take my leave now.”

As if he were an outsider who didn’t belong here.

Watching Chu Lishu turn away and leave, Lin Qingyang’s heart skipped a beat. This was disastrous!

Disregarding everything else, Lin Qingyang quickly dragged his fatigued body, and with a heavy heart, caught up with them.

Passing by Xu Wenze, he could only manage to say, “I’m sorry, it’s all a misunderstanding.”

Xu Wenze’s emotions hadn’t shifted yet. He saw Lin Qingyang hurriedly chasing after Chu Lishu.

It was only when Ying Xiaodie alled out to him from behind that he turned his gaze away from Lin Qingyang and coldly looked at the woman before him.

Ying Xiaodie almost collapsed as she rushed to Xu Wenze and complained, “Brother Xu, did you hear that? Just now, Lin Qingyang actually said… he said… he has improper intentions towards you. You should stay away from him in the future and not let such a disgusting person influence you.”

Xu Wenze looked at the close figure of Ying Xiaodie and directly took a step back. This action hurt more than any words could.

Ying Xiaodie stumbled directly, propping up her face forcefully, “Brother Xu, didn’t you hear just now?”

“I only heard you speaking ill of Brother Lin and wanting to hurt him. I don’t need you to inform me of what kind of person Brother Lin is. Also… I’m not familiar with Young Lady Ying. Please don’t address me as Brother; it’s inappropriate.”

Facing the accomplice in her sister’s matter, Xu Wenze’s remaining patience with Ying Xiaodie had completely vanished. Now, he looked at Ying Xiaodie with eyes that could be described as almost disgusted.

Ying Xiaodie wasn’t oblivious; she just refused to admit it. However, she was still hurt at this moment.

“Brother… Young Master Xu, I did it for you.” Ying Xiaodie was already crying like rain.

“Do I need to make it clearer? In the future, please stay away from me, my family, and my friends.” Xu Wenze said ruthlessly.

Ying Xiaodie’s pupils contracted, finally unable to withstand the stimulation from her crush, she ran away crying.

On the other side, Lin Qingyang staggered to catch up and reached out to stop him.

If the male lead came to believe that he had been deceived and manipulated all along, Lin Qingyang’s fate would be in jeopardy. Lin Qingyang always knew that the male lead’s sore spot was betrayal and deception. The setup of secretly admiring someone was created out of necessity to save his life. After all, the male lead was a straight man, and there would be no interference in the future. However, if other deceptions were added to this setup, his own fate would truly be sealed.

“Misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding,” Lin Qingyang immediately explained rapidly, like a cascade of beans. “I was just irritated and deliberately said disgusting things to her. I don’t like Xu Wenze; I’ve told you that.”

“Why are you explaining to me? I know you said those things on purpose just to upset her,” Chu Lishu said calmly.

“Then… why are you leaving?”

“That’s a matter between the three of you. I’m an outsider; it’s not appropriate for me to stay.”

This explanation made sense, and Lin Qingyang found himself unable to argue. He could only look at Chu Lishu in a choked manner.

“Aren’t you angry?” Lin Qingyang asked with some doubt.

Chu Lishu suddenly chuckled. “Why would I be angry? Do I have a reason to be angry?”

Lin Qingyang took a step back, intimidated by the sudden pressure emanating from Chu Lishu. “No… no…”

And he said he wasn’t angry!

“However, cousin, you should be careful when saying such things. This time, we heard it, but if others hear it, your reputation will truly be ruined,” Chu Lishu remarked with a touch of sarcasm, his exquisite face looking as if he were mocking.

Lin Qingyang swallowed nervously and raised his finger, saying, “I swear I won’t make up things anymore. I promise.”

“Make up things? Not necessarily. At least more than half of it is true.”

Lin Qingyang was taken aback, and those beautiful phoenix eyes looked over with a smile. What should have been an enchanting glance now felt chilling.

“You indeed know well about Brother Wenze’s habits and preferences, still remember them to this day, and have indeed spent a lot of time with him. Bathing together? Sharing a bed?” Chu Lishu spoke slowly, as if emphasizing something, listing out the charges against Lin Qingyang.

The reason why Lin Qingyang knew these things were true was evident from Xu Wenze’s reaction when Lin Qingyang spoke those words. If it were entirely fabricated, Xu Wenze wouldn’t have displayed such a panicked response.

Lin Qingyang, sweating profusely, vigorously shook his head and waved his hands at Chu Lishu, using all his strength to express denial.

“Habits and preferences, well, when people live together, it’s inevitable to learn about these things. I also know everything about Qi Yan now! Bathing together? That was when we all went to the cold spring together to cool off in the summer. Didn’t everyone go together? You were the only one who didn’t go due to your health issues. Have you forgotten? And about sharing a bed… That was during the night when the head master organized everyone to observe the celestial phenomena. We all lay on the cool mat together, didn’t we?”

Fortunately, fortunately, these memories were still intact; otherwise, it would have been really hard to explain.

After speaking, Lin Qingyang carefully observed Chu Lishu’s expression, unable to tell if he truly believed him.

The little trust built during the day seemed to collapse in an instant.

In fact, Lin Qingyang could understand. His credibility with Chu Lishu was already low. In the morning, he claimed not to like Xu Wenze, and now in the evening, he openly spoke about his admiration for Xu Wenze, essentially making a loud confession to his admirer.

Upon reflection, even Lin Qingyang felt like a villain spewing nonsense. How could others distinguish between truth and falsehood?

But the male lead was intelligent; there probably wouldn’t be any melodramatic misunderstandings.

Seeing Lin Qingyang’s anxious expression, Chu Lishu knew he was worried about being misunderstood. However, Chu Lishu didn’t reveal anything on his face that could be analyzed.

Observing Lin Qingyang’s current distressed appearance, Chu Lishu felt a sense of relief.

“Oh, I see. It turns out that Cousin has quite the talent for being infuriating.”

Lin Qingyang felt anxious and somewhat stifled as he looked at Chu Lishu. Did his explanation succeed or fail?

Not far away, Xu Wenze looked at the two people with an unnatural expression. He had overheard their conversation.

Perhaps they were not aware of it themselves, but their current behavior resembled something significant.

Xu Wenze couldn’t step forward because the atmosphere there was something he couldn’t intervene in.

However, Xu Wenze’s expression quickly changed as he saw Ying Wenlong approaching with other gentlemen. It seemed they were planning to take their seats early.

But Lin Qingyang’s mind was completely focused on how to rebuild the trust of the male lead. He didn’t notice the situation behind him at all.

“Qingyang, why are you standing here? Why don’t you go inside?” Ying Wenlong spoke, approaching quickly and patting Lin Qingyang’s shoulder in greeting.

Lin Qingyang, weakened by his current condition, plus Ying Wenlong’s martial arts background, even a casual greeting was too much for him to bear at the moment.

Before Lin Qingyang could react, he lost balance and started falling to the side.

Ying Wenlong was startled, attempting to reach out, but felt someone else moving faster beside him. In a swift motion, that person extended their hand and caught Lin Qingyang.

Ying Wenlong was surprised by the speed of this reaction. When he looked up, he met a pair of eyes, black as a bottomless pit, sending a chill down his spine.

Among martial artists, sometimes, you didn’t need to use force. The gaze alone could tell if the other person was someone you could afford to provoke.

At this moment, Ying Wenlong’s instincts were telling him that he might have provoked someone he shouldn’t mess with, and he should retreat.

However, in a split second, he found it somewhat amusing.

Upon closer inspection, wasn’t this the little sickly cousin from Marquis An Nan’s residence?

By now, Chu Lishu had also retracted the sudden and uncontrollable killing intent, gently helping Lin Qingyang up. He frowned and asked, “Are you okay?”

Lin Qingyang looked embarrassed. “It’s just that I didn’t stand firm.”

“Is your body still not fully recovered?” Ying Wenlong could see that Lin Qingyang’s complexion wasn’t great, and he displayed the appropriate concern a brother-in-law should have.

“I’m really fine.” Lin Qingyang emphasized again.

Ying Wenlong, always impeccable in front of outsiders, showed proper concern for Lin Qingyang and then greeted Chu Lishu. He urged them to prepare for the seating arrangements and then left with the crowd.

Xu Wenze, afraid that he couldn’t control his emotions, had been secretly avoiding everyone until they left, and then he came out.

“Brother Lin…” Xu Wenze approached.

Lin Qingyang quickly apologized, but Xu Wenze waved his hand and said, “I know it’s a misunderstanding, no harm done.”

Lin Qingyang didn’t need to emphasize it again; Xu Wenze didn’t seem eager to hear it. It felt like being rejected.

Dealing with Xu Wenze seemed easier, too understanding, unlike someone else.

Lin Qingyang couldn’t help but glance at Chu Lishu.

Chu Lishu seemed to know he would look at him, raised an eyebrow, and his eyes seemed to say: “Any objections?”

Lin Qingyang could only awkwardly smile, a bit petty. Still, considering that Chu Lishu had supported him earlier, he decided not to make a fuss.

Xu Wenze’s expression turned serious. “Brother Lin, can we talk privately?”

Chu Lishu didn’t say a word but glanced at Lin Qingyang.

Having learned his lesson, Lin Qingyang pointed directly at Chu Lishu. “There’s no need to avoid my cousin. We both saw it this morning. If not for avoiding them, we wouldn’t have fallen into the water together.”

The look on Xu Wenze’s face gradually darkened. “I also saw them coming out of the same corridor. I questioned my sister, but she still denied it. However, it’s not about whether she admits it now.”

At this point, he looked at Lin Qingyang apologetically. “I know your sister is innocent in this matter, and I apologize on behalf of my sister. But I hope both of you can keep this confidential. It’s not good for anyone if it gets exposed. I’ll let my father handle this; he’ll take her home and confine her until she breaks off her relationship with Ying Wenlong. It won’t affect your sister’s life.”

Lin Qingyang felt more composed as Xu Wenze’s reaction turned out exactly as Chu Lishu expected.

“The situation is not as simple as you think,” Lin Qingyang said.

Xu Wenze frowned. “What do you mean?”

Directly, Lin Qingyang stated, “Your sister is here.”

Xu Wenze’s breath caught, and he turned around, ready to find her, but Chu Lishu reached out to stop him.

“Brother Wenze, wait. If you want to know the truth, don’t worry about your sister for now. If she won’t admit it, we can make you see it with your own eyes tonight,” Chu Lishu said slowly.

“What are you going to do?” Xu Wenze demanded.

“Help you see the truth,” Lin Qingyang said, his expression serious.

Xu Wenze saw the two of them so determined and had to go along with it.

Soon, the three of them returned to the main hall.

The young people at a table were surprised when they saw them.

Especially Xu Rui’er, astonished, said, “Brother, why are you here? Could it be… you really accepted Lin Qingyang’s invitation?”

Xu Wenze saw her displeased expression, “You can come, why can’t I? I did indeed come at Brother Lin’s invitation.”

Xu Rui’er blushed involuntarily, feeling as if everyone around was watching her. She had just solemnly assured Ying Xiaodie that she would not accept Lin Qingyang’s invitation. Wasn’t this a slap in her face?

“When did you become so close with the Second Young Master Lin?” Xu Rui’er asked suspiciously.

“If you’re going to ask like that, can you answer the question I asked earlier?”

Xu Rui’er’s expression changed, unwilling to face the imposing Xu Wenze. She stood up and said, “I don’t know where Xiaodie went. I’ll go find her.” After speaking, she hurriedly left.

Lin Qingyang and the others naturally took their seats, waiting for the banquet to begin.

Xu Rui’er searched for a while before finding Ying Xiaodie, whose eyes were swollen from crying. “What happened?”

“Rui’er, your brother… does he like Lin Qingyang?”

“How is that possible! My brother is not interested in men.” Xu Rui’er said in surprise.

“But he’s protecting Lin Qingyang. He wasn’t like this before. Even though Lin Qingyang’s intentions are so obvious now, he still defends him, and he speaks coldly to me.”

Xu Rui’er said angrily, “My brother doesn’t understand how to cherish a gem like you. Xiaodie, rest assured, my brother is not interested in men, and he hasn’t been engaged. As long as you’re patient, you’ll definitely become my sister-in-law in the future.”

After patiently calming Ying Xiaodie, Xu Rui’er eagerly inquired about what had just happened.

“I didn’t actually see Lin Qinglan, but Lin Qingyang said…”

Upon hearing this, Xu Rui’er’s face turned pale.

Ying Xiaodie quickly added, “We can’t trust someone like Lin Qingyang. We need to find an opportunity to ask my eldest brother about it.”

“If… if your eldest brother dares to let me down, I will never forgive him.”

“Don’t worry, not only will I not, but you are also my best sister.” Ying Xiaodie said, “Didn’t we promise each other? We are going to be even closer.”

The two women became emotional, holding each other’s hands, vowing to be lifelong good sisters, treating each other like sisters-in-law, and never having any conflicts.

Soon, the two of them composed themselves and returned to the banquet. When they saw Xu Wenze, Ying Xiaodie displayed a somewhat resentful expression, as if he were an unfaithful and heartless man. When looking at Lin Qingyang, she seemed to want to shoot daggers with her eyes.

Once the head master arrived, the banquet began. The rich and elegant dishes reflected how much effort Lin Qinglan had put into arranging this dinner for Ying Wenlong. Almost every person’s taste and preferences were considered, in line with the refined style of this group of scholars.

Lin Qingyang turned to look at the other table, where Lin Qinglan had already regained her composure. She sat gracefully next to Ying Wenlong, showing no signs of the effort she had put into arranging this meal. This only made Lin Qingyang feel even more sorry for her.

“Don’t look anymore; you have no strength in your body. Let’s eat.” Chu Lishu’s voice suddenly came.

Lin Qingyang snapped out of his thoughts, looking at the delicious dishes in front of him but feeling a lack of appetite. Despite being hungry, he felt nauseous, and sitting here for too long made him restless, with a sense of impatience coursing through his body.

Lin Qingyang didn’t expect that soaking in the cold pool would have such serious consequences. After this matter was resolved, he would obediently take leave for recovery.

However, a lingering doubt surfaced in his mind – was this peculiar condition really just a result of exposure to the cold?

As the banquet concluded, Ying Wenlong went to see off the scholars.

Xu Rui’er watched for an opportunity to slip away while Xu Wenze was engaged in conversation with others. She wanted to find a chance to talk to Ying Wenlong. This was a bit risky since they had agreed not to meet again after their encounter at the academy that morning to avoid getting caught by her brother. However, she couldn’t endure the uncertainty any longer. What if Lin Qinglan was truly pregnant? What would she do?

Unbeknownst to her, her actions were being observed. Soon, both Chu Lishu and Xu Wenze excused themselves, citing fatigue. As people left, only close relatives remained.

Lin Qinglan mentioned that she wanted to give them some gifts and asked them to wait a little longer. Meanwhile, Ying Xiaodie, probably following Xu Rui’er’s instructions, stayed behind to keep an eye on Lin Qinglan, preventing her from approaching Ying Wenlong unnoticed.

Lin Qinglan, oblivious to what her husband and younger sister were up to, expressed concern, “The weather is getting colder. I’ve prepared fur cloaks for each of you. You can put them on when it gets chilly while studying.”

Lin Qinglan instructed the servants to bring the prepared fur cloaks and then mentioned, “By the way, cousin has already left. Later, Yang’er, you can give them to him.”

However, Lin Qingyang stepped forward and said, “Sister, come with me.”

Lin Qinglan looked puzzled but obediently followed Lin Qingyang outside, thinking that he had something private to discuss.

Ying Xiaodie assumed it was a family matter between the siblings, especially since they were going in opposite directions. She paid little attention, trusting that her brother and Lin Qinglan would handle whatever it was.

“Yang’er, what’s going on? Is there something urgent? Why did you bring your sister with you?” Lin Qinglan asked, showing confusion. Lin Qingye led her around, passing through a corridor. Ahead, they saw Chu Lishu waiting, appearing mysterious.

Lin Qingyang suddenly asked in a deep voice, “Sister, is your husband treating you well?”

The question left Lin Qinglan momentarily stunned. Softness flickered in her eyes, “Even Second Brother is showing concern now. He has truly grown up.”

“Is he not treating you well?” Lin Qingyang frowned.

“No, I’ve always been in mutual respect with your brother-in-law,” Lin Qinglan truthfully replied. “It’s just that I haven’t had children, which is a letdown for him. Despite having concubines, he promised me that the first child must be legitimate to maintain my dignity. I’m grateful for that. However, our mother-in-law is very dissatisfied. Ah, matters of the inner courtyard shouldn’t be discussed with you. Don’t worry about it.”

Lin Qingyang had already figured out Lin Qinglan’s situation. Originally, she was a high-ranking noblewoman, and the Ying family should have provided for her. However, due to her maternal family’s troubles, they were now considered disgraced. Even with the backing of Marquis A Nan’s residence, Lin Qinglan’s status had plummeted. Moreover, she hadn’t had any children. Despite the surface appearances of being well-treated by Ying Wenlong, Lin Qingyang imagined that life in the Ying family these years hadn’t been easy for her.

“Eldest sister, no matter what you see or hear later, just remember one thing – you have me, your younger brother, to rely on.” Lin Qingyang gave Lin Qinglan a preemptive reassurance.

Lin Qinglan looked surprised but had never seen Lin Qingyang so earnest. She instinctively nodded and smiled gently, saying, “Yes, I have you as my brother.”

Soon, Chu Lishu ahead stopped his steps.

Lin Qinglan raised her head and found that they had circled around to the back of the guest courtyard, near the firewood shed.

Upon entering, Lin Qinglan was greatly shocked to find Xu Wenze there as well.

Seeing Lin Qinglan, Xu Wenze’s face immediately turned dark. He couldn’t understand why Lin Qingyang would involve his sister in this matter. Matters like this should be discreetly handled without involving his sister. That was the best way to protect her.

Lin Qinglan, upon realizing the situation, could only feel sadness and distress. Such revelations could create a rift between husband and wife, leading to unnecessary pain.

While Xu Wenze wanted to speak, Chu Lishu gestured for everyone to remain quiet. They approached a small window in the woodshed, looking out to a picturesque rock garden. On the other side, the garden was the place where people passed by when leaving the venue. Earlier, Xu Wenze and Chu Lishu had traced Xu Rui’er and found her waiting here. Hence, they had located the woodshed.

Lin Qinglan watched everything in bewilderment. Suddenly, she heard her husband’s voice from outside the window.

Not only her husband’s voice but also another woman’s.

“Rui’er, why are you alone here?”

“Brother Ying!”

“What’s wrong? We’ve only been apart for a while, and you’re already thinking of me?”

Lin Qinglan’s expression began to change, feeling a bit embarrassed. She instantly understood what Lin Qingyang wanted her to see, feeling somewhat reproachful as she glanced at him. In her view, he was still a child who didn’t understand the ways of the world. If her husband had another woman, did she need to catch them in the act? If Ying Wenlong was willing to take a concubine, she wouldn’t object; it wasn’t a big deal.

To make her aware of this process would be awkward, especially considering her brothers and sisters were present. If he became angry later, wouldn’t it cause trouble for Ying Wenlong? Nevertheless, Lin Qinglan was indeed a bit surprised. Given Xu Rui’er’s social status, how could she…

She didn’t want to think too much, intending to turn away and pretend she hadn’t seen anything.

However, she was stopped by Lin Qingyang.

Lin Qinglan frowned, planning to reprimand him in a low voice. Yet, she saw Lin Qingyang’s expression unusually serious.

At this moment, outside, Xu Rui’er couldn’t hold back any longer and complained, “Did you lie to me? Is Lin Qinglan pregnant?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? How could she be pregnant? Don’t let your imagination run wild,” Ying Wenlong replied, sounding genuinely surprised.

Upon hearing this, Lin Qinglan’s face changed slightly, and she stopped in her tracks. Why did her husband’s words seem like he didn’t want her to be expecting? Was it just to please a girl who hadn’t even entered their household yet?

Lin Qingyang and Xu Wenze both looked uncomfortable hearing this.

Meanwhile, Chu Lishu, who had been absent-mindedly standing by, suddenly paused. His eyes, filled with suspicion, turned towards Lin Qinglan. His black eyes flickered, and his eyebrows furrowed slightly, as if he had guessed something.

“But today she suddenly had unexplained nausea. Lin Qingyang spoke so confidently, and he mentioned that there would be significant changes in your house.”

Ying Wenlong comforted Xu Rui’er, “Maybe she just ate something that didn’t go well with her stomach. Don’t worry, I know very well whether she’s pregnant or not. You can trust me.”

“Don’t lie to me!” Xu Rui’er anxiously exclaimed, “If you lie to me, I won’t live anymore.”

“I promised you that I would marry you, and how could I let her be pregnant? My legitimate first son will definitely be born from you. Don’t worry, Rui’er. It won’t be long. Once her mother passes away, I’ll divorce her and marry you.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Qinglan’s face instantly turned pale, and she collapsed. Fortunately, Lin Qingyang quickly caught her.

As he helped her up, Lin Qinglan’s face was filled with shock and tears streaming down her face.

On the side, Xu Wenze wasn’t doing much better. He had initially thought his sister had a crush and was in a difficult situation, but he never expected her to be involved in a conspiracy to abandon the original wife.

This malicious plot shocked Xu Wenze. His sister’s involvement in such a scheme made him unable to face Lin Qingyang and his sister anymore. It felt like the prestige of their Duke Wei Guo’s residence had been completely ruined.

However, in Xu Wenze’s eyes, his sister was still young and naive, easily deceived.

Then, he heard Xu Rui’er ask Xu Wenlong, “But what if… what if she strongly refuses to divorce? Can’t you divorce her for three years of childlessness? Isn’t that a valid reason?”

Divorcing a wife based on childlessness implies blaming the wife for the lack of offspring, causing significant damage to the woman’s reputation and future. It could even lead to imprisonment if mishandled. Generally, divorce was pursued with mutual agreement rather than invoking such reasons.

Xu Wenze was dumbfounded. He hadn’t expected his sister to say such things.

However, Ying Wenlong on this side thought he couldn’t reveal the full extent of his wicked plan to this foolish woman.

“Rest assured, I have a solution. Don’t worry about it; just focus on your studies here. I’ll inform you when everything is settled,” Ying Wenlong assured her.

Although Ying Wenlong reassured Xu Rui’er, she still couldn’t help but express her concerns, “Are you really not going to let her have a child? I heard that your mother has been giving her tonic medicine. What if, before the divorce, you can’t control yourself? You promised me not to touch her. I don’t want to become a stepmother.”

“Why would I lie to you?”

“I can’t keep an eye on you.”

Lin Qinglan remembered last night when Ying Wenlong was holding her, speaking tenderly. Now, he had a completely different attitude. She felt a wave of nausea. What kind of person had she been living with for these three years?

“Alright, I’ll be honest with you.” To ease Xu Rui’er’s concerns, Ying Wenlong had no choice but to reveal the truth.

Upon hearing this, Lin Qingyang gradually realized that something was wrong. Instinctively, he looked towards Chu Lishu for guidance.

Chu Lishu, who had been observing, found that Lin Qingyang had been looking at them the whole time. When his eyes met Lin Qingyang’s gaze, Chu Lishu calmly shook his head with a serious expression.

Before Lin Qingyang could react, Ying Wenlong proudly announced, “The medicine my mother gave her was actually a contraceptive, not a tonic. So, she won’t get pregnant no matter what.”

This statement hit Lin Qinglan like a thunderbolt, ringing in her ears as if her soul had been pulled away. She stood frozen, forgetting even to shed tears.

Lin Qingyang took a sharp breath, quickly supporting Lin Qinglan, fearing she might collapse.

“Since Lin Qinglan’s grandfather was imprisoned, our family made an agreement not to let her bear the first legitimate son of our family. How could we let the stain touch the descendants of the Ying family? So, for the past two years, my mother has been claiming to provide her with tonics to help her conceive, when in reality, she’s been giving her contraceptives.”

Xu Rui’er’s voice followed, “Isn’t contraceptive harmful to a woman’s body?”

“Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do. It’s her own fault. If her maternal family weren’t like this, we wouldn’t have to stay married. We wouldn’t need to make her keep taking the medicine.”

“That’s true.”

Their conversation was straightforward, sending shivers down the spines of the four people in the woodshed.

Xu Wenze couldn’t help showing a sympathetic expression. In his heart, he both pitied and hated his younger sister for being infatuated with such a heartless man who treated his legal wife so ruthlessly. How could someone like that be trusted for a lifetime?

Lin Qingyang seemed to recall something. According to the memories of the original body, Lin Qinglan hadn’t always been unable to conceive. She had just discovered her pregnancy when her maternal family fell into trouble. Due to the chaotic circumstances at that time, coupled with his mother falling ill several times, Lin Qinglan often returned home. As a result, she lost the child inadvertently. Since the news of her pregnancy had not been announced, no one knew about the child she once carried.

The doctor’s conclusion was that Lin Qinglan was physically and mentally exhausted, leading to the inability to carry the child.

Hence, Lin Qinglan felt even more guilty towards the Ying family. Despite her husband’s intention to take concubines, she agreed to each one without causing trouble. Lin Qinglan had always thought that losing her first child and damaging her body was the reason for her inability to conceive. Her mother-in-law made her take medicine every day, and she felt like a medicine jar without any complaints. She continued to bear the reputation of being unable to conceive for three years.

Now, everything seemed to have a different answer. Was it really Lin Qinglan’s fault that she lost her child back then?

Lin Qingyang carefully observed Lin Qinglan’s expression, and she was stunned.

Pain, regret, resentment, and unwillingness almost filled every inch of her face. Eventually, everything turned into emptiness. It seemed like Lin Qinglan’s spirit had been torn apart. Her hand slowly moved down to her abdomen, and the sorrow of losing a child surged up again.

Even now, there was an unfinished baby’s bellyband under her pillow.

Lin Qinglan recalled the past when she announced her pregnancy and the joy it brought to the Ying family. The doctor confirmed a healthy pregnancy, and there was no need for her to take any medication. However, not long after her maternal grandfather’s incident, Ying Wenlong insisted that she take medication, claiming concern for the child due to her busy schedule.

Was it really a medicine to support the pregnancy? Lin Qinglan couldn’t have imagined that the person who caused the death of their child was none other than the child’s biological father. For over two years, she had been bearing the guilt as a sinner in the Ying family.

Why? Why did the Ying family, and especially Ying Wenlong, treat her this way?

The surge of emotions overwhelmed Lin Qinglan, causing her to gasp for breath and nearly faint. She felt her vision darken.

Watching Lin Qinglan’s distress, Lin Qingyang could only hold her tightly, providing comfort and strength. Lin Qinglan buried her head in Lin Qingyang’s embrace, suppressing her cries.

Meanwhile, the sweet words between Ying Wenlong and Xu Rui’er continued to float into the room.

Xu Rui’er was originally about to be comforted, but she suddenly remembered something more important and quickly told Ying Wenlong, “My brother is already suspicious of you. It seems like he knows something. I’m afraid that if we wait too long, he will break us apart.”

Ying Wenlong’s tone changed a bit at this moment, “It’s okay, he can’t break us apart.”

In Xu Wenzes’s heart, he was already disgusted with Ying Wenlong. Upon hearing this, he trembled with anger, and a cold smile appeared on his lips. Can’t break us apart? Where does Ying Wenlong get such confidence? When he goes back to report to his father, they will never be allowed to meet again. The innocence of his sister must be preserved…

“After all, you have been mine for a long time. No one can break us apart. Although you haven’t officially married into the family, in my heart, you have already been recorded in our family genealogy.”

This sudden statement, like an arrow, pierced through the rockery, directly hitting Xu Wenze’s heart, causing the blood in his body to seem to flow backward.

He thought he had misheard, looked up at the others in confusion, and instinctively felt that such misunderstood words should not be heard by others, as they might misunderstand the innocence of his sister.

However, apart from Lin Qinglan, Lin Qingyang and Chu Lishu remained extremely calm, as if they had known something in advance.

What did they see this morning? Xu Wenze couldn’t dare to imagine.

It couldn’t be true. His sister was, after all, a well-mannered young lady who had known etiquette since childhood. Even if she had developed a private relationship with someone due to complicated emotions, she wouldn’t…

Suddenly, Xu Wenze remembered that time in the mountains when the two of them were passionately entangled even in a situation where someone could appear at any moment. What if there were no one around?

Xu Wenze’s lips began to tremble. Clearly, such a situation was difficult for him to comprehend, impacting him in a way that instinctively made him deny it. He couldn’t fathom why his sister, who had always been outstanding and followed the rules, would disregard everything and engage in an affair with a married man. She wasn’t that lowly.

But Xu Rui’er’s voice, filled with shyness and annoyance, delivered another fatal blow to him. “You still have the nerve to say that. You exhausted me so much this morning. When I went back to bathe, I found bruises in several places on my body. Xiaodie had to apply medicine for me. You were not gentle with me at all.”

A coquettish remark, light and airy, yet it struck Xu Wenze like thunder, injuring his internal organs.

“How was I not gentle? I couldn’t bear to let you down throughout the entire process. Who knows, my flesh and blood might already be inside your belly. Can I not be gentle?”

Xu Rui’er, feeling both angry and embarrassed, retorted, “You’re bullying me again, you bad person.”

Unable to bear it any longer, Xu Wenze immediately tried to rush out, but Chu Lishu swiftly knocked him out with a chop.

Lin Qingyang had been stabilizing Lin Qinglan the entire time. When the people outside left, Lin Qinglan was finally released. “Sister, you can cry freely now.”

Lin Qinglan burst into tears immediately.

Lin Qingyang helped her sit down, holding her hand, feeling heartbroken.

When Lin Qinglan finally calmed down, Lin Qingyang spoke, “Sister, I’m sorry. I should have given you more time to accept this, but you’ll be leaving tomorrow, and the situation is urgent. I had no other choice. Sister, tell me, what are your thoughts?”

Lin Qinglan looked at Lin Qingyang, her gaze vacant for a moment. Finally, she found her voice, still gentle but now with a firm determination infused with resentment.

“I want a divorce.”

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