I Rely on the Collapse of the Character Setting to Survive in the Hands of the Male Lead Chapter 27

Chapter 27

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Lin Qingyang sighed in relief, tightly holding Lin Qinglan’s hand. She said, “Truly worthy of the eldest daughter of County Princess Yawen, my eldest sister.”

Suppressing all her pain, Lin Qinglan patted Lin Qingyang’s hand. “But I’m worried he won’t agree. Father… will he help me? I don’t want to make Mother worry again.”

Lin Qinglan wasn’t foolish. She understood that despite his disdain for her, the reason for not initiating a divorce was because their mother was still alive. As long as the mother was alive, Ying Wenlong had to consider the emperor’s face. Although divorce was possible in the Great Zhou Dynasty, it was often challenging for a woman to initiate, unless Marquis An Nan was willing to confront the emperor openly.

But would he?

Lin Qingyang, and even Lin Qinglan, had a good understanding of the situation. It was unlikely for the Marquis An Nan, with his selfish nature, to agree to something that would harm his interests just to assert the child’s legitimacy.

“Sister, rest assured, before bringing you here, Cousin had already figured out a solution for us.”

Lin Qinglan then remembered that Chu Lishu was still present, feeling ashamed to be seen in such a situation by her cousin, but now Lin Qinglan couldn’t afford to care about such matters. Her heart had already collapsed.

Seeing Lin Qinglan looking over, Chu Lishu nodded and said, “Cousin, rest assured, we will make suitable arrangements.”

Subsequently, Lin Qingyang led Lin Qinglan away, leaving Xu Wenze in the care of Chu Lishu.

When Xu Wenze woke up, he only saw Chu Lishu.

“Sorry, Brother Wenze, if you had rushed out just now, things would have become uncontrollable.”

Xu Wenze also calmed down and realized that he had acted impulsively before, “Thank you for stopping me, Brother Lin, and…”

“Eldest Cousin cried a lot and was taken away by Second Cousin. But they asked me to pass on a message to you.”

Xu Wenze was filled with guilt and dared not imagine what the siblings might say to him.

“We will keep this matter confidential. Eldest Cousin is willing to divorce and make way for your sister, preserving her reputation.”

Xu Wenze’s mind went blank, and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Anyone with a conscience wouldn’t accept such a proposal. His sister had already done something wrong to the madam of the house, and yet the madam was willing to step aside quietly without making a fuss. How could they even consider such an option?

“No! This is not right. It’s my sister who has wronged Madam Ying, how can…”

“You can go back and discuss it with your father. He should understand that this is the best solution for your sister. We hope your father will apply pressure on Ying Wenlong to justify the divorce on the grounds of marital discord. If you don’t handle it this way and choose any other method, the whole matter will be exposed. This is the most suitable solution we can think of. We hope Duke Wei Guo’s residence will consider it. But we only give you ten days.”

Xu Wenze was at a loss for words. The weight of guilt pressed down on him, making it difficult for him to lift his head. The victim was conceding, making way for the perpetrator. Even though they could have retaliated fiercely, they chose not to.

“I… I understand. I will discuss it with my father. Is Madam Ying really determined to get a divorce?”

In Xu Wenze’s view, the situation was clear. Xu Rui’er and Ying Wenlong were at fault, so Lin Qinglan could have easily stirred up trouble, making the Ying family admit their mistake and possibly securing Madam Ying’s position. Xu Rui’er had already lost her reputation, and she might end up becoming a concubine in the Ying family. Lin Qinglan could have asserted her dominance. However, he hadn’t expected Lin Qinglan to willingly accept a divorce. After all, her reputation would suffer greatly after the divorce.

“My eldest cousin also has her pride. Naturally, she doesn’t want to associate with that disgusting family any longer.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Wenze felt a burning sensation on his cheeks. Naturally, he didn’t want his sister to marry such a person. However, losing one’s virtue before marriage was even more unacceptable than going through a divorce after marriage. Xu Wenze now wished he could tear Ying Wenlong apart a thousand times. Ying Wenlong would certainly not let Xu Rui’er off easily. If their family didn’t apply pressure secretly, Lin Qinglan, who had already made up her mind, would definitely cause a scene with the divorce, and the secret would be exposed.

Xu Wenze never expected that Duke Wei Guo’s residence would be in such a precarious situation for the sake of a concubine-born sister.

He asked Chu Lishu to convey his apologies to Lin Qinglan and Lin Qingyang. That night, Xu Wenze forcefully took Xu Rui’er away.

On the other side, Lin Qingyang brought Lin Qinglan back, and as they reached the door, they heard a commotion inside.

Soon, Ying Xiaodie rushed out, visibly angered, and bumped into them.

“Where did you run off to? Look at the mess you’ve caused!” Ying Xiaodie held a fur cloak in her hands and unabashedly threw it at Lin Qinglan’s face.

Lin Qingyang reached out to intercept it. The cloak was black, and as his hand sank into it, he could immediately feel the warmth—a high-quality item. It was a gift Lin Qinglan had prepared for everyone, and it had already been delivered.

From inside the house, Lin Qingwei’s scolding voice could be heard, expressing discontent with Ying Xiaodie.

Ying Xiaodie quickly accused, “With so many siblings in your family, and ours having only me, using our family’s money to buy so many high-quality furs—aren’t we being taken advantage of? Does my eldest brother not care about you? Do you really think you’re the madam of the house?”

Lin Qinglan and Lin Qingyang exchanged glances, initially stunned, and then their expressions changed. Ying Xiaodie wasn’t just arguing; she was humiliating her sister-in-law and, by extension, the entire Marquis An Nan’s residence.

“Ying Xiaodie!” Lin Qinglan finally couldn’t hold back and shouted.

“Why? Are you going to yell at me now? Did I say something wrong?” Ying Xiaodie still hadn’t realized that her sister-in-law standing before her was no longer the person who used to indulge her.

Lin Qinglan trembled with anger. Etiquette didn’t allow her to use harsh words.

“Ying Xiaodie, have you gone mad from drinking? Is our Marquis An Nan’s residence comparable to your Ying family? Do we need to covet the small amount of silver from your family?” Lin Qingwei chased after her and spoke sternly.

Lin Qingyang nodded, feeling that Lin Qingwei made a reasonable point. If she remembered correctly, when Lin Qinglan married into the Ying family, she brought a dowry that made others envious. Did they really need to use the Ying family’s money for such trivial expenses?

Ying Xiaodie rolled her eyes and said, “You’ve got something for nothing, and you naturally talk without any pain? Since my sister-in-law married into our family, she should consider our Ying family. She’s wasting the family’s money and meddling in things that should be done by servants. She must have insisted on following Brother this time, otherwise, why would Brother bring her? While the husband is dealing with official matters outside, she tags along like this. What’s the matter? Isn’t she afraid of being laughed at? Is this the rule taught by your Marquis An Nan’s residence?”

Perhaps having suffered too much today, Ying Xiaodie didn’t care about logical connections and directly vented her frustration on Lin Qinglan, expressing all her grievances.

Lin Qingwei, unable to tolerate her explosive temper, said, “Eldest sister, you should discipline her properly. What is the Ying family? Back then, they begged to marry you. Now they’re everywhere, looking for faults with you.”

Ying Xiaodie couldn’t stand others bringing up the past, as if they were looking down on her. Speaking without thinking, she said, “Back then, we thought we were marrying a treasure. Our Ying family may not be much, but at least we have a clean and clear foundation! Pure and unblemished.”

It’s already quite clear what the implication is.

Lin Qinglan, who has just experienced betrayal, was particularly sensitive to these words and was deeply affected.

“Enough, shut up!” Lin Qingyang stepped forward when she saw Lin Qinglan struggling to cope.

Seeing Lin Qingyang approaching, Ying Xiaodie became even more infuriated. “Get away, you, a stinky man with a penchant for breaking the sleeves[9] and wanting to be a rabbit, what qualifications do you have to tell me to shut up? You should shut up! You should shut up forever and shouldn’t even live in this world.”

As soon as Ying Xiaodie finished speaking, there was a loud slap, and a resounding slap landed on Ying Xiaodie’s face, causing her face to be skewed.

The scene instantly fell silent.

Ying Xiaodie, in disbelief, covered her face and turned to look at the person who had slapped her.

Lin Qinglan, at some point, had already stood in front of Lin Qingyang. The hand that struck was still slightly trembling due to the excessive force used.

Everyone was in disbelief that the perpetually gentle, elegant, and poised woman would resort to violence.

“You dare to hit me?” Ying Xiaodie’s tone had changed.

Lin Qinglan showed no signs of remorse on her face; instead, it was filled with anger. However, this anger wasn’t directed at herself but rather for Lin Qingyang.

“You’re not allowed to speak about my brother like that.”

Lin Qinglan took three deep breaths before managing to say these words. Her face turned red, as if she was trying hard to appear fierce.

Those who knew her understood that this was her limit.

It was the first time Lin Qingyang had been protected by a woman in such a way. A warm feeling surged in her heart, and he couldn’t help but marvel at how deserving Lin Qinglan was of being his sister. Even in her weakness, she was willing to protect her brother.

Ying Xiaodie had never seen this side of Lin Qinglan before, and the pain on her cheek served as a constant reminder of what had just transpired.

“You…” Ying Xiaodie raised her hand, ready to strike back. Lin Qingyang had anticipated this and swiftly grabbed her hand, tossing it aside.

Ying Xiaodie stumbled back, finally accepting the reality that she was outnumbered in the Marquis An Nan’s residence.

“You all wait for me! Lin Qinglan, you’re finished! I’ll go find my brother right now, and I want you to kneel down and apologize to me!” Ying Xiaodie left with these harsh words, crying as she ran off.

“Sister… are you okay?” Lin Qingwei noticed that Lin Qinglan was not in a good state and approached to ask.

But Lin Qinglan had run out of energy, letting her younger siblings leave, only keeping Lin Qingyang.

Lin Qingxu and Lin Qingyao didn’t think much of it and left first. However, Lin Qingwei was agitated. When did her useless elder brother become so important in her sister’s eyes? Even their mother praised Lin Qingyang before, and now even her sister was doing the same. Lin Qingwei couldn’t accept it.

So they simply decided to stay and not leave.

The three of them returned to the room. Unable to hold back, Lin Qingwei said, “Sister, won’t you have trouble for hitting your younger sister-in-law just now?”

“It’s already fine,” Lin Qinglan replied. She sat down and called a maid to pack her luggage. The maid was puzzled, thinking that they would pack up everything, including what belonged to Ying Wenlong. However, to her surprise, Lin Qinglan only asked for her personal belongings and seemed to be preparing to leave overnight.

Frowning, Lin Qingwei asked, “Are you planning to confront Brother-In-Law?”

“No,” Lin Qinglan took a deep breath, intending to inform her own younger sister in advance. “Weiwei, elder sister is going to divorce.”

“What!” Lin Qingwei was shocked. She looked at Lin Qingyang, who showed no surprise, and asked urgently, “What happened? Everything was fine. Why divorce, eldest sister? Are you out of your mind? Even though that bratty Ying Xiaodie has a foul mouth, isn’t brother-in-law treating you well?”

“He treats me terribly!” Lin Qinglan exclaimed urgently, but the things done by Ying Wenlong were difficult for her to articulate.

Lin Qingyang naturally wouldn’t disclose anything to her, especially considering their plans. Lin Qingwei, with her impulsive temperament, was unlikely to keep a secret.

Lin Qingwei, puzzled, asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

“Eldest sister has suffered grievances in her husband’s family. Ying Wenlong never supports her, and because of our maternal grandfather’s relationship, he looks down on Eldest Sister. You also heard what Ying Xiaodie said. If they don’t usually talk about it in their household, how could they blurt it out so thoughtlessly? If a couple is not harmonious, seeking a divorce is also an option, especially since there are no children involved. Eldest sister doesn’t need to endure hardships in the Ying family,” Lin Qingyang explained with a subtle choice of words, thinking that as a woman, Lin Qingwei would understand.

But Lin Qingwei shook her head in horror, “What are you thinking? Isn’t it normal to suffer grievances in your husband’s family? Didn’t our mother endure grievances in Marquis An Nan’s residence? Mother’s grievances are even greater, and… and the matter of our maternal grandfather is an indisputable fact. At such times, we should be more accommodating. Second Brother, you are a man, and you may not understand. In situations like Eldest Sister’s, how can she find another after a divorce? And… and father will definitely not agree.”

“Weiwei, stop talking. I’ve already thought it through. The divorce is settled,” Lin Qinglan remained steadfast.

Lin Qingwei, however, was anxious like an ant on a hot pan. After hesitating for a while, she ultimately spoke her mind, “Eldest sister, actually, I think you are also at fault.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Qinglan was stunned, and Lin Qingyang looked at her with some surprise. After all, this younger sister usually only argued with her, but she had always been respectful to Eldest Sister,

“I know you’ve always loved cooking, but what Ying Xiaodie said today is right. It’s not something a madam from a distinguished family should do. It’s quite embarrassing. Moreover, when Brother-In-Law is working, you following him in and out will make people talk. I think it’s because Grandfather and Mother spoiled you too much in the past, that’s why you… are unrestrained. That’s why you feel upset in your husband’s family. You should reflect on yourself.”

Lin Qingwei had some unspoken words. In gatherings of women, there were naturally many gossips. Lin Qinglan had been married to Ying Wenlong for three years without any offspring, which had already drawn criticism. Now, she was entangled so tightly, making it even more embarrassing.

“I… this time, I really just wanted to visit you on the way. I didn’t…” Lin Qinglan’s voice had changed tone, and her warm-heartedness seemed to be frozen.

“Lin Qingwei, that’s enough,” Lin Qingyang rebuked in astonishment. “What are you talking about!”

Lin Qingwei wouldn’t heed Lin Qingyang’s words. She blurted out, “If it’s just about not living happily, then get a divorce. Have you ever considered us? You are the eldest sister of the Marquis An Nan’s residence. If your reputation is tarnished, it will affect me. What am I supposed to do in the future!”

This statement from Lin Qingwei was even more impactful than Ying Xiaodie’s. Lin Qingyang watched as Lin Qinglan’s face turned even paler, almost resembling a lifeless person. Initially, Lin Qingyang thought Lin Qingwei was just being protective, but now he felt a twinge of heartache. However, Lin Qingyang didn’t strike her down. He just felt that Lin Qingwei didn’t know the true suffering Lin Qinglan had experienced to speak like this.

“You’ve said enough, just leave. Eldest sister’s affairs are her own business, and you have no right to interfere,” Lin Qingyang said coldly.

“I won’t!”


When Lin Qingyang sternly ordered her to leave, Lin Qingwei’s sharp remarks surfaced again. “What qualifications do you have to scold me here? You embarrass me the most usually. Do you think people outside talk about you? I really wish you weren’t my real brother. Now you’re encouraging Eldest Sister to do something embarrassing with you. Can’t I say a few words about it?”

Lin Qingyang didn’t want to argue with her. He stood up, appearing ready to resort to violence.

Lin Qingwei was indeed furious but didn’t want to endure a beating for no reason. She got up and left in a huff, shouting before leaving, “If Mother finds out, it will worsen her illness!”

“Sister, don’t mind her.” Lin Qingyang felt his lungs ache from the frustration caused by his younger sister.

But Lin Qinglan’s expression had already changed.

Her sister was right. Now, with mother’s health deteriorating, once Concubine Xu took over, the future wouldn’t be good for her younger siblings in the Marquis’s residence. If she divorced now, it would make their situation even more difficult, especially for Lin Qingwei.

If she could endure a little longer, and have a proper talk with Ying Wenlong, maybe there was still room for resolution.

She could choose not to have children, welcome Xu Rui’er into the family, and even be a high-ranking concubine like Concubine Ru.

“Yang Yang, if… if I don’t divorce… I’ll endure it.”

Seeing Lin Qinglan speaking cautiously, Lin Qingyang was initially ready to get angry, but he softened when he realized that his sister was trying to make a difficult decision. She didn’t want to divorce, not because she didn’t want to but because she was afraid of hurting her younger siblings.

Perhaps she herself was the one to be sacrificed, and she didn’t want her younger siblings to follow her path.

“No, because I don’t want to lose my eldest sister,” Lin Qingyang said solemnly.

Lin Qinglan was taken aback, and then she listened as Lin Qingyang slowly explained why he wanted her to divorce, revealing the shocking plan even more terrifying than the contraceptive potion.

All the color drained from Lin Qinglan’s face.

“Get a divorce,” Lin Qingyang said again. “This is the decision I’ve made for you.”

Lin Qinglan couldn’t help but burst into tears again.

At this moment, Chu Lishu had already stood at the door, and Lin Qingyang could see him when he turned around. If it weren’t for Chu Lishu this time, Lin Qingyang wouldn’t have been able to save Lin Qinglan. He was truly grateful for him.

Chu Lishu nodded at him, indicating that everything was under control.

Although he didn’t smile, Lin Qingyang felt as if he had gained infinite strength and a deep sense of security. Knowing that this time, the male lead was standing by his side, it felt as if he had a protagonist’s aura. Even though he was exploring in this unfamiliar world, he felt confident because he knew he was gradually changing the fates of the people around him.

Changing her elder sister’s fate would also change Chu Lishu’s fate.

Thinking of this, Lin Qingyang couldn’t help but smile gratefully at Chu Lishu.

Chu Lishu was slightly taken aback. Why is he smiling at me again? His elder sister is clearly crying, why does he seem so happy to see me?

Feeling uneasy, Chu Lishu averted his gaze, avoiding the radiant smile from Lin Qingyang, and cleared his throat.

Earlier, Chu Lishu had told Lin Qingyang that once Lin Qinglan decided to divorce, she couldn’t go back to the Ying family. They had already made arrangements.

Shuncai had prepared the carriage earlier, and they would leave tonight after everything was packed.

Until the divorce, she would not see her family from the Ying residence again.

So, in the middle of the night, Chu Lishu and Lin Qingyang escorted Lin Qinglan down the mountain.

Lin Qinglan only brought her personal maid.

But just as they reached the foot of the mountain, they heard a chaotic sound, and the firelight in the dark seemed to carry a curse on lives.

In the end, Ying Wenlong still caught up.

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